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2013 SA User Conference
April 9-11, 2013
Williamsburg, VA







An Intro to GD&T      

SpatialAnalyzer (SA) provides a wide variety of tools and techniques to measure and evaluate parts. When you require a standardized procedure, SA provides a full Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) package, which is available in both SA Professional and SA Ultimate packages.


It is not always necessary to import a CAD model containing GD&T annotations for evaluation. SA allows you to add GD&T annotations to a CAD model and provides the tools necessary to conduct GD&T analysis on points and geometry.


SA's GD&T module includes a wide range of capabilities. The base functionality, evaluation, and workflow can be broken into two categories. The first is GD&T design, which builds annotations and sets up an inspection. The second is the inspection itself, which walks you through the measurement process.  Click here to read more.

2013 SA User Conference
The 2013 SA User Conference in Williamsburg, VA is only two weeks away.  There is still some room left, so sign up today!  Registration is $150 per person.
Click here for more information or contact Jessica Ruff at with questions.
Bum Techno & SpatialAnalyzer®(SA) 
Masterpieces of art and architecture withstand the destructive forces of time, natural causes, and military conflicts with varying degree of success.  Bum Techno, a SpatialAnalyzer® reseller based in St. Petersburg, recently undertook the challenge of documenting the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt throughout the cathedral's restoration process.  Click here to find out how SA has helped Bum Techno with this effort.