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2013 SA User Conference
April 9-11, 2013
Williamsburg, VA









Relationships in SpatialAnalyzer®(SA) - Part 2      

SA enables users to utilize relationships between graphical objects, CAD models, and points to effectively align measurements from an as-built part to its nominal geometry.  In our previous newsletter, we reviewed several ways relationships can help you move objects in order to minimize error and compare ideal models to measured results.  Recent developments in SA relationships offer dynamic new capability -- primarily focusing on increasing automation and providing continual feedback to the user during the measurement process.  Read more about geometry relationships, point lists & graphical fit windows, and compound relationships for automationClick here to read the entire article on SA Relationships.

2013 SA User Conference
Have you registered to attend the 2013 SA User Conference in Williamsburg, VA on April 9-11?  Sign up before February 15 and your registration is FREE!  Need help convincing your employer to let you attend?  Click here for a sample justification letter.
2013 SpatialAnalyzer User Conference
2013 SpatialAnalyzer User Conference

Questions?  Click here for conferences FAQs or contact Jessica Ruff at jessica@kinematics.comClick here to register for the conference.
SpatialAnalyzer & Laser Trackers at Lockheed Martin
As metrology hardware has become increasingly more accurate over the years, the advancements in metrology software have increased in terms of accuracy and efficiency as well.
A significant advancement is the ability to use a laser tracker to measure the angle normal to a mirrored surface (prior to this advancement, theodolites were typically autocollimated to measure the angle normal to a mirrored surface). This can be accomplished by measuring a stationary SMR through the mirror, and then measuring the SMR directly. The question then becomes, what is the accuracy of such a technique?  Read on to find out more.