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Broth Blowout
Chicken - Beef - Vegetable 

(Regular or Low Sodium
32 oz. $1.99 each
Organic Juices

Apple Cranberry or 
Concord Grape
$3.69 each
Pomegranate or Tart Cherry
$5.89 each
Full Quart, 100% Juice, No added sweeteners
Produce Specials

Organic Green Leaf Lettuce 
$2.49 Head  

(Rule of thumb: The darker the fruit or vegetable, the better it is for you.)

Organic Blood Oranges 
99 cents each

The color comes from anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant and the same chemical that makes many fruits and vegetables bright in color. Brightly colored foods are generally the ones packed with the most cancer-fighting antioxidants. 
Blood Oranges are a powerhouse of nutrition.
Bulk Deals

Organic Red Quinoa $4.99  Reg $6.99
Organic Black Quinoa $4.99  Reg $6.99

Organic Raw Cashew Pieces $9.99  Reg $11.99
Organic Tamari Almonds $15.99  Reg $19.99

Selected Bulk Teas 50% 0ff 
(See top shelf in bulk jars)

Bumper Sticker Contest
Coming to a close

As of this Newsletter we have over 50 entries! 
(Just a few days left to submit yours)

We will announce the finalists and voting (by you the public) will begin on Member-Owner Appreciation Day, Feb. 28.
The winning vote-getter will receive a $50 Co-op gift certificate!
The suggestion box on top of the pastry case has a simple form for your submission, or you can send it via email to
(CLICK the link to send us your idea.)

   Tulips $7.99
     per bunch 

   Daffodils $2.99
     per bunch

We were temporarily sold out of the third edition ($8) of this local journal that  features works from many of our creative friends and neighbors.* 

(And CLICK on Stone Walls II above to find out more.)

Did your friends forget to tell you about this revived journal? 
Did you miss out on the first two editions? 

We have collectors bundles (all three issues) for $15.


**The fall (and third) issue of Stone Walls II, the revived local journal of art, history, and literature, includes works from Windsor poets Patty Crane, Colin Harrington, and Audree Distad; a history of Chesterfield's "Bisbee Boys" and stories by Norm Stafford, Shirley Winer, and Mr. "J.G.H," who tells of an 1856 Hilltown blizzard. Plus more poetry by Patty Kimura, Laura Rodley, Dennis Pollock, Donald Welch, and Rebecca Coletta; Plainfield history by Judy Williams; excerpts from Mary-Beth O'Shea's "Book of Days"; and art and photos by Walter Korzec (cover), Eliza Lake, Mari Hall, Richard Laurie, and Chris Ryan.
Member-Owner Appreciation Days
Sunday, Feb. 28, or Monday, Feb. 29 (Leap Day!)
(You choose which day will work best for you.)
Give us your member-owner number (or name) and enjoy 10% off* all day
Enjoy samples from local suppliers and Creamery-made goodies. 
*As on other appreciation days, there are a few exceptions: tobacco, alcohol, newspapers, and items from the Little Gallery cannot be included in the member-owner discounts.  
Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


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