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Thanksgiving Fixin's: We have it covered!

Local, organic from Maple Row Farm in Ashfield
Butterkin (Pumpkin-Butternut cross. Great for pie!)

And, Red, Purple, and Gold organic potatoes
Conventional Blue Hubbard from Scott Farm, Ashfield
Pearl Onions

Thyme (go ahead, burst into song)
Haricots Verts
Parsnips (local if available)

And all of your other veggie needs. 

Shop locally this season

      This is simple economics.
Money spent for goods or services with local, independent providers recirculates locally and strengthens the local economy. When you shop at chain retail stores, 86% of that money will leave the local economy. For restaurants, eating at a locally owned establishment vs. a chain business has even more of an impact. SHOP LOCALLY!

To see some economic impact studies of shopping and eating at local businesses in several  communities, click on this
LINK. And for a very local story about keeping your money in your community, read on! 

An Old Creamery Co-op case study

Our Co-op's biggest expense is payroll, which is well over $500,000 per year and is 100% local. All of it clearly recirculates in the local economy. 

And we have written checks to more than 400 companies and individuals in the last two years for the products and services needed to run the Co-op. Where did we spend this money? New England and New York are home to over 350 of those suppliers, 300 of which were in Massachusetts. And 95% of those were in the 413 area code. 

Now that's keepin' it LOCAL!

Share the Season's Warmth

A critically important Western Mass. organization, Tapestry Health, has been providing essential services to those in need in our local communities for four decades. 

We are proud to support their annual drive to provide winter warmth to our neighbors in need. There is a drop-off box beside the card rack in the Old Creamery. Folks in the Hilltowns have made this box overflow in past years. So bring what you can to provide winter warmth to our fellow citizens (see the list of items in the graphic). 

And when you drop off your gifts of warmth, have a coffee or tea on us. And thanks!

We have a great selection of local apples for eating and cooking, at $1.39/LB


Northern Spy 





Last chance for pie orders
(This is in RED for a reason.)
Time is running out to order your Thanksgivings pies. Please don't wait till the very last minute to order. By ordering now, you'll help give our dedicated, incredibly busy bakers a break.  
See or call the cashier (634-5560) to order your pies.
Turkeys will be here next Tuesday afternoon

If you ordered a fresh Diemond Farm turkey this year it will be available for pickup after 1:00 PM next Tuesday, 24 November. 

Bulk Up for Baking at Home 
By the pound, in our Bulk Section 

Organic Sugar, $1.79 (BASIC everyday low price)
Sucanat, SALE $3.29
Walnut Halves & Pieces, $9.99 (BASIC everyday low price)
Organic Cashew Pieces, Raw, SALE $10.99
Pecan Pieces, $13.99
Organic Raisins, $3.49 (BASIC everyday low price)
Dried Cranberries, $4
Callebaut Chocolate Chips, $4.99 (Gluten-free, GMO-free, made in Vermont)
Flours, per pound

King Arthur Unbleached White, 59 cents (BASIC everyday low price)
Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour, $1.49
Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, $1.49
Organic White All-Purpose Flour, $1.99
Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flour, $4.99

Transportation in the Hilltowns is a real challenge!

The hardworking folks at Hilltown CDC want to see what they can do about it. Please invest a few minutes to take this survey. Your participation can make a difference!


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