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Names were drawn for the Weber Grill raffle this past Saturday, and the winner of the grill was none other than Kimberly Longey of Plainfield, past president of the Co-op board of directors. When we contacted Kimberly, she was elated at her good luck but requested that we draw another name. She likened her gesture to catch-and-release fishing.


Our next lucky customer was Bryan Makower of Brooklyn, New York. Bryan and his family stopped for dinner at the Creamery when they were bringing their two daughters to Shire Village camp. We are glad they stopped in.


Our second prize ($50 worth of grillable items) was won by Mary Jean Woodburn of Vernon, Vermont. Mary Jean was in the area visiting Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen when she and her friend stopped in for lunch. This was Mary Jean's first time visiting the Creamery and in her words, "What a great store!"


There were 439 entries in the raffle. Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to our winners!



Stock up on natural summer sweetness


Local from Ashfield    Three sizes     Limited time offer




Local Produce This Week  



Corn (non-GMO)



Black currants 

Summer squash and zucchini



Rainbow chard

Lacinato kale 

Red romaine

Green romaine

Greenleaf lettuce

Local cukes (pickling and slicing)

Hot-house tomatoes



(Note: All of the greens listed above were grown using organic practices.)


Big Picture Farm's award-winning Caramels are back! 



Made in Ashfield Using Pedal Power

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Just Soap  

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Ecologically responsible skin protection choices from Alba Botanica  


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No parabens, phthalates, or animal testing.

100% vegetarian ingredients.


Free of sunscreen active ingredients that may harm coral reefs.


Biodegradable, and spray-on choices are air-powered for a happy planet.



Help save GMO labeling efforts 


As reported in Reuters this week, the U.S. House Agriculture Committee approved an anti GMO-labeling law. The bill is being pushed to the floor for a full House vote within days.  


Polls show that at least two-thirds of us, and often 90% or more, support labeling and want to know what is in our food.


Let your representative know immediately that you do not want her/him to support this legislation. You can do that quickly and easily at THIS LINK.
Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


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