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Super Bowl Sunday


The Creamery has you covered for all your beverage and snack needs! We will have plenty of chips, salsa, french onion dip (both organic and Lipton), sour cream, Creamery Made pizza dough and toppings, crackers and delicious cheeses. Stop by our deli for buckets of Creamery Made chili, mac & cheese, hummus, and crunchy cookies. Calling ahead for larger orders is always helpful. 634-5560  


We suggest our own version of Supreme Nachos with black olives, sliced jalapenos, Field Day Organic refried beans, Drew's Medium Salsa, Bearitos Corn Tortilla Chips, and top with Sidehill Farm Sour Cream and Macadam Cheddar.


Choose from our many soft drinks, juices, and from our expanded wine selection. We have many local/regional craft beers to choose from and 12 pack samplers from Otter Creek and Baxter Breweries. We have recently added 30 packs of Bud and Bud Lite, and we have 12 packs of Bud, Pabst, Bush, Coors Lite, Bud Lite, Busch lite.


Click  HERE to see our recipe for roasting osprey. (AKA Seahawk)


Colds and Flu


The season is upon us. It is not too late to get a flu shot. See your doctor or visit a pharmacy that offers them. Many offer no or low cost flu shots based on your insurance.


If you do get a cold or the flu we have conventional, natural and homeopathic remedies to ease your symptoms and promote whole body healing. Remember that if you have the flu the best thing for you is plenty of fluids (to flush the body and keep it hydrated) and rest. Your body needs plenty of sleep to allow the immune system to do its job. If you are congested- a steamy shower will make you feel better. A spoonful of honey will soothe your cough (mix with a little lemon juice to ease the sweet if you like) but if you are looking for a little more support we offer:


Wiseways: herbal tinctures of echinacea,

Mama's Chest rub (a must have in Desiree's house- this herbal version of Vapo-rub is wonderful to help clear congested nose, head and lungs)


We carry Elderberry products from Honey Gardens, Quantum Health (Syrup and zink/elderberry lozenges), Sambucol, BT, and Emergen-C. Elderberry has long been used to promote respiratory and immune system health. It will soothe the throat and calm a cough. Read more about the wonderful benefits of Elderberry HERE


We also have on hand:

Boiron homeopathic remedies and syrups

Cough syrups from Boericke &Tafel, Quantum Health and Honey Gardens

Herbs: echinacea, ginger, garlic, peppermint, elderflower/elderberry, cinnamon

Herbal tea blends from Yogi Tea & Traditional Medicinals such as Gypsy Cold Care, Cold Season

Ricola lozenges

Lemon-Ginger-Echinacea drinks for rehydration and immune system boost

Fire Cider for immune system boost- it is a spicy concoction of raw cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, horseradish, chile peppers and more.

Vitamins: C & D3, Lysine-immune support

Conventional anti-inflammatory medicines for the cold/flu that has fever and body aches:

Tylenol Sinus/Cold

Contac Cold/flu


Motrin (ibuprofen)




For more information to help you through the season see:  


CDC - About Flu LINK HERE 

WebMD - Home Remedies for fast relief LINK HERE
Holistic Online - Herbal Remedies LINK HERE

Bagshare Sew for Creamery bags this Saturday



Our wonderful friends at the Bagshare Project will be holding a SEW this Saturday, January 31, 10 - 1. Please help us replenish The Creamery's supply of returnable, sewn-with-love, earth-friendly bags. No sewing experience necessary, people on hand will show you what to do! It's fun and easy. This sew will be held at the Cummington Sewing Center, located in the basement of the Cummington Community House.  


For additional information contact Peg at this LINK  


Cameras at the Creamery 


If you have been in the store in the last week or so you may have noticed our new security cameras. We are saddened that we had to take this step but unfortunately our losses from theft have been significant, and increasing. The majority of the theft has been of more expensive luxury items and crafts. Our choices were to increase our prices to cover our losses, or implement this deterrent. Cameras are focused on the parking lots and the store aisles and are feeding a digital video recorder. Videos of the preceding few weeks will be stored and can be reviewed if necessary.


If you do a Google search on shoplifting trends you will see some pretty depressing statistics; shoplifting losses amount to $35 million dollars per day in this country. This cost gets built into the prices that the rest of us pay. We are hopeful this deterrent will allow us to avoid increasing prices.


Ski Notchview and warm up at the Creamery



As we announced a few weeks ago Member-Owners of the Old Creamery Co-op who show their membership card at Notchview can enjoy 10% off skiing and snowshoeing fees. This weekend should provide the best skiing and snowshoeing so far this season.  


Notchview offers equipment rentals anytime and ski lessons on weekends. It has more than 24 miles of trails, grooming for both classical and skating styles of skiing. Skiers from beginner to advanced will find great trails to travel and there's even a loop for skiers and their dogs!


Notchview is one of 100 iconic places across the state managed by The Trustees of Reservations, a nonprofit conservation and preservation organization. Get more Notchview details HERE .


After an invigorating day on the trails, stop by the Old Creamery on your way home and enjoy a Creamery-made French hot chocolate, hot mulled cider, or other warmer-upper. One of our homemade desserts might tempt you as well.  

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