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The Old Creamery Co-op wishes everyone a continued Holiday season filled with Peace, Love, and Warm Friendships.

Our sale on wine and cheese will continue through the end of the year.

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A Holiday Message from Amy & Alice


It's been two years since you've heard from us in this Creamery email newsletter. We've so missed seeing you all in the Creamery daily, but have immensely enjoyed our brief visits when we've been there shopping or sporadically working. Pretty much every week, while we chat with Creamery customers, someone asks us what we think of the changes at the Creamery. We're pleased to take this opportunity to share our thoughts.


Five years ago we hatched an idea that our ideal Creamery ownership transition plan was cooperative ownership of this little store, which we felt already belonged to the community in so many ways. We are so proud of everyone who has stepped up in service to the ideal of a community-owned store rooted in our shared values.


The tenacious and herculean efforts of the Board of Directors during the Co-op development process were acts of selfless service and love. Committed new Board members have shouldered the responsibility of governance. Michael Kalagher, who served on our Co-op Steering Committee and then the Board of Directors, has continued to serve, above and beyond, as General Manager. We hear consistent praise from customers and staff. He is doing an excellent job juggling the countless balls and endless lists that comprise Creamery management. It's a joy to see Michael "on the floor", available to staff and customers. The Co-op is showing solid financial performance following a challenging renovation year. The email newsletters continue to inform and educate us about important issues like GMO labeling, local agriculture, and food-related topics. Staff members have become an even stronger team, bearing more responsibility, and continue to be that critical heart link to customers. Perhaps most importantly, you all, the loyal Creamery customers, have continued to show up in greater numbers, spent your precious dollars, shared good cheer, become member-owners, and offered feedback (please do!).


Our gratitude is huge, knowing that the Creamery will continue to evolve and be shaped by the caring hearts, creative minds, and idealistic values of the people in our hills. Our Creamery is in good hands and we are pleased and proud of the progress and the future possibilities of our Co-op.


And on a different note, we're off and running with our new adventure! We're in the very final stages of building Alice's Kitchen at Honey Hill Homestead, a catering kitchen attached to our home in Cummington. Click HERE to view our website and please add your name to our email list on the "contact us" page on the website! Alice's Kitchen offers catering, cooking classes, and a weekly prepared foods delivery and pick-up service. Our open house will be on Sunday, January 4 from 11:00-3:00 (call 634-5659 if the weather is bad; snow date is Jan. 11). Come see and taste what we're up to; we'd love to see you!





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Have a Great Holiday everyone! 


Your continued patronage supports the ongoing success of our community-owned, values-based cooperative. Thank you for supporting the Old Creamery. We value every contribution to the Co-op.



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