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Need a Special Centerpiece for Your Holiday Meal?  


We can order you a Goose, Duck, Ham, Pheasant, and more...   


Details HERE 


Must be ordered by December 15   


Need some shrimp for cocktails? Details HERE




Get together with a friend (or a bunch of kids) and make cut-out sugar cookies with Creamery-made Sugar Cookie Dough. It's made with real butter and unbleached flour and bakes up into delicious cookies that hold their shape beautifully. (Williamsburg General Store always has a great selection of cookie cutters if you're looking for inspiration.) Our cookie doughs are in the Grab & Go case.


We are now carrying our own Creamery-made Pie Shells in the frozen food case. They are available in both single and double crust in 8" aluminum pie pans. And don't forget our Frozen Pizza Dough, great for a simple meal during the busy holiday season. Grab some shredded mozzarella and a jar of marinara and you've got pizza. (You can also use the pizza dough to make crusty bread or rolls.)  


For those who don't have time to bake, it's time to order Holiday Cookie Platters! We bake an assortment of a dozen or more holiday cookies and pastries, and we will arrange them onto small ($10.99) and large ($16.99) platters. These make wonderful hostess gifts!


We'll also have eggnog cake, coffee cakes, and other holiday treats filling the shelves over the next few weeks.    


Order the above items ahead, as well as any pies, quiches, or other special-order deli items, to be sure to have your favorites for the holidays.

Orders to be picked up during Christmas Week need to be placed by Friday, December 19



Create Your Own Unique Holiday Appetizer Platter

Choose from Mousse Truffle, Duck and Cognac, and Foie Gras pates (from New York); Saucisson Sec air-dried salamis in Plain, Herbs de Provence, or Porcini; hard Molinari air-dried salamis in hot and sweet; and other assorted dried-meat sausages.

Cheeses include assorted Chevres rolled in dried figs or dried cranberries, Chevre logs with blueberry and vanilla, Vermont Farmstead Alehouse Cheddar, White Stilton with Mango and Ginger, Emmentaler, Double Gloucester Cottswald with onion and chive, and Delice de Bourgogne cakes.

Mitica pressed fig cakes with chocolate, chocolate-covered orange peel, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and olives make everything complete.





The US House of Representatives is about to hold its first hearing on proposed bill H.R. 4432.

This bill is a blatant attempt by Big Ag and Big Chemical to establish a federal prohibition against any state requiring the labeling of products that contain GMOs -- even though 90% of the population wants this. Most countries in the world already require it, and many states have passed or are working on labeling requirements.  



DO NOT let big money steal your right to know what is in your food. Go to THIS LINK and put in your zip code, name, and address to easily let your representatives in Congress know where you stand. Ask them to help stop this bill in its tracks!


Great Toys, Games, and Gifts

Now in the store: Suspend 
   A balancing game for ages 6 and up.  
(View a fun 30-second video HERE)

We also have heirloom games in gorgeous wooden boxes: jacks sets and Shut the Box (a fun dice game for one to six players), magic kits, magnetic shapes, beautiful wooden ABC blocks, and lots more.

Gift Baskets and Fruit Baskets to suit your holiday needs! Tell us what you would like to spend and we will build a lovely basket full of fruit, chocolate, dinner for two, local hero, wine, and dessert. We can build you the perfect present.

Purchase a Creamery Travel or French Press Travel Mug
and load up on discounted teas and coffees

Get 20% off our wide selection of teas and coffees to include with this gift to yourself or to someone else.

(Offer good now through December 24 and can be applied to up to $30 worth of tea/coffee purchases)

"The Creamery travel mugs are worth every penny. I traveled for over two hours and the coffee remained hot. The mug is superior to any I have used before, great design, the sip lip is thin, just right for enjoying a hot drink in this cold weather."  --Shirley Todd



ALERT! FDA Releases Food Safety Modernization Act, Round II 

The reissued act addressed many of the concerns raised during the first comment period but did not go far enough, leaving significant financial risks to small farms. We all want a safe food system, but the latest version of these regulations will not provide that.


These are complex issues that CISA, the Massachusetts Farm Bureau, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and the New England Farmers Union, among others, have issued alerts and talking points about, outlining the concerns regarding the critical flaws remaining in this proposed act.


Final comments on the reissue are due by December 15.


IF LOCAL FOOD IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, go to one or more of the links above  

and let your voice be heard.


Without many voices being raised NOW, we could be stuck with draconian laws that will bring significant harm and hardship to our local small farms and our local food system.














Have a Great Holiday everyone! 

Health Care Navigation Support
This Wednesday
December 10, 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  


Get the assistance you need to determine your health care choices from one of two certified insurance navigators from the Hilltown Community Health Center.  


Remember those in need at this time of year

The Old Creamery Co-op is proud to support the efforts of Tapestry Health again this year. Tapestry Health is a community-based nonprofit in Western Massachusetts that offers affordable, high-quality family planning services, reproductive health exams, STD screenings, HIV counseling and testing, needle exchange, insurance enrollment, outreach efforts, and a WIC nutrition program. Many of its clients are unemployed, poor, and/or homeless and cannot afford such basic items as clothing and blankets. As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, these clients face a long winter. Help Tapestry keep them warm during this time. 

Now through December 15, Tapestry has a large plastic bin for your donations just inside the west entrance to the store. Donate blankets or warm articles of clothing (socks and underwear must be new), and for "giving the heat" the Creamery will warm you up with a free cup of coffee, tea, or hot cider. Thank you.
Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


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