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If you care about knowing what is in your food, You Must Act Now!


Many of our friends and neighbors have been working for years to advance a GMO labeling bill in Massachusetts. That bill (H.3996) has the support of a majority of representatives, but must get out of the Ways and Means Committee and onto the House floor for a vote before the session ends this month. If not, it is back to square one and probably another year before something happens.  


Please call and/or email:


Ways and Means Chair Brian Dempsey:, 617-722-2990


Ways and Means Vice Chair Steve Kulik:, 617-722-2380


Your email or phone conversation does not need to be long. Simply, say: (1) I'm contacting you about bill H.3996, the labeling of GMO foods. (2) Make some personal comment like "I need to know what I'm feeding my family," some comment about kids or grandkids, or your personal concerns. (3) Ask him (you'll probably talk with a staff person or voice mail) to help move this important legislation out of the Ways and Means Committee so it can be voted on by the House of Representatives.


Let's get our state to join with Vermont on this important issue. Thanks.

Ice Cream until 8:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays!


Beginning this Friday we will be serving ice cream at the Ice Cream Window until 8:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays (the rest of the store will close, as usual, at 7:30 pm). Bring the family for Bart's Homemade Ice Cream (and dairy-free sorbet) on a hot summer evening. Besides being locally made, all Bart's milk products are rBST free and they only use GMO-free cane sugar. Don't forget, you can now purchase books of ten ice cream tickets for the price of nine ice creams. The Ice Cream Window accepts ice cream tickets and cash only.


You may order ice cream through the window any time after 10 am. We may occasionally need to put a "closed" sign on the window if there is only one person staffing the deli, but you can order ice cream at any time at the deli counter.


In ice cream flavor news, Local Strawberry ice cream is in, and we are awaiting the arrival of Blueberry-Lavender, one of last summer's surprise hits. Coffee Heath Bar takes the prize for flavor to disappear in the fastest time! We can't have every one of Bart's amazing flavors all the time, but we will keep rotating in a great selection.


Grillin' This Saturday! 


Alice will be grilling again this Saturday. Last week's grilling was so much in demand that many selections were gone before they cooled off and made it into the store. Come around lunchtime so you do not miss out on these incredible summer treats. See Alice's full 2014 grilling menu at the top of THIS LINK.


Saturday Grillings for the remainder of the summer will be on July 19, August 2, and August 9.  


Come down and enjoy!



Meats and Fish:

We've got your home grilling essentials with Wheel-View & Crabapple Farms' grass-fed ground beef, Splendorview Farm lamb, Manda Farm chops and sausage, and Misty Knoll chicken legs, boneless thighs, and whole chickens. (Note: Alice uses all of these local meats in her grilling on Saturdays at the Creamery.) We have had continuous Cape Cod bluefish (the run has been truly impressive) and Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska. if you haven't had a chance to try them, this fish is fresh and delicious and perfect for a light summer meal.


New Products:  

After much  demand, we've brought in Tate's Bake Shop Cookies from the Hamptons, NY. And we have to admit--they are amazing and include two gluten-free options: Ginger Zinger (a buttery concoction with chunks of crystallized ginger) and Double Chocolate (a true chocolaty delight with lots of dark chocolate chips). There's also  a Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate that is the perfect blend of nutty whole wheat, buttery crispness, and dark chocolate chunks. These are so good, and they're flying off the shelf.



We have a new coffee on the shelf from Equal Exchange (a network of worker cooperatives) that would go great with these cookies, AND is a fundraiser for the Equal Exchange Congo Project; $1 from the purchase of each bag goes to the Panzi Hospital in DR Congo, which aids in the treatment of survivors of sexual violence.



While the strawberries were delicious and seemed fleeting this year, we now have local blueberries coming in. If you use Facebook, click HERE for a delicious Blueberry Ginger Shortcake recipe. We have local produce coming in fresh almost every day! The valley is supplying us with Hadley non-GMO sweet corn, cucumbers, summer squash, hothouse tomatoes, and zucchini. Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield is bringing us GORGEOUS heads of lettuce, bunches of kale, and rainbow chard. Local raspberries are upcoming in the next week or so.


New Cheese:

We brought in new goat cheeses from R&G in New York State--these are flavorful chevres including Orange Ginger, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Maple Chipotle. These unusual flavors add interest to any salad. We're also continuing to bring in Oma from Von Trapp (#1 in our Cheese Tasting this year!) and other popular favorites.


New Wines:  

We have doubled our wine selection! And we've brought in all types of wines from fancy Pinots to boxed Chardonnay. We now have wines from all over the world including South Africa, Slovenia, and South America, and there are also Certified Organic wines! Look for blue stickers on the tags of wines that either are certified organic vineyards or use organic grapes/practices in their vineyards. Some of our new favorites include Forever Young's Malbec from Argentina and Indaba's Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. So many new wines, so little time.

Camille Is Off for Her Spa Treatment

We took the old girl off the roof this week and sent her off for a vacation and a full makeover. Greensite Tree & Land donated their time and equipment to get her down, and the folks from Northeast Paints transported her to their shop.


Over the next couple weeks she will have a massage (patching cracks and breaks) and a full skin treatment (sanded, primed, and repainted), and we will be installing new lighting around her stall while she is away to show her off to all.

Without her iconic presence, it is proving difficult for us to provide directions: "When you see the building that used to have a cow on the roof....."

If you use Facebook, you can watch the video of Camille coming down to earth at THIS LINK.

We are most grateful to Kimberley Longey and Peter Lapointe for hosting a fundraiser party that raised the money for Camille's TLC.

Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


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