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 Our Expanded Wine Selection 


A frequent request from our member owners and supporters has been that we expand our wine selection. We are thrilled to report that we have just completed doubling your choices. Several customers have requested specific wines over the last few months and we have added those recommendations. To do this we had to sign on with additional distributors giving us access to additional choices.  


Our new suppliers, as well as our existing distributors, have been recommending wines for us to consider in our expansion. We have been busy tasting those recommendations. We had to make sure we were comfortable adding each new wine and we wanted to be able to provide advice based on experience. (It's a very tough job, but somebody has to do it)


We have added a boxed wine called Bota Box. These are quality California wines in environmentally friendly packaging. The three liter boxes sell for $24.99 and will last for weeks after opening as the wine is not exposed to air.  


To introduce the four choices we are offering (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay) they will be on sale for 10% off in July.  


The next time you are in the store have a look at all of our wine choices and let us know what you think.




As a sure sign of summer we were visited this week by this beautiful Luna moth. She hung out on our bulletin board long enough for a few folks to get some photos.  


Luna moths are nocturnal fliers so having our lights on all night at the entrance to the store had to be the lure.  


Read more at THIS LINK  


Ice Cream Window - Open for Summer


The Ice Cream Window is now open and we are offering a Sweet Summer Deal. 

Buy 10 Ice Cream Cones (or Cups) for the price of 9!


We are selling booklets of 10 ice cream "tickets". Buy a book of tickets and eliminate the need for cash when you go to our ice cream window. Pick your favorite size ice cream (Kiddie, Small, Medium or Large), buy a booklet and save money on your favorite scoops.  We scoop Locally Made Bart's Super-Premium Ice Cream! Ice cream tickets have no expiration date, and can be used only at the Old Creamery Co-op for scoops of Bart's Ice Cream. See the cashier to purchase a booklet. 


The window service is limited to ice cream purchased with cash or coupons. If you need to purchase other store or deli items, (Or to use a credit card) please come inside, order what you want and pay the cashier.


Mass GMO labeling bill must come up for vote this month 


Will Massachusetts declare its independence from the junk food companies and chemical manufacturers who're telling us we don't need to know what we're eating? The Mass GMO labeling bill has a broad majority of support in the State House, but if it doesn't come up for a vote by the end of the month, bill H.3996 will die. We don't have time to wait. It's time for Massachusetts to label GMOs.

Click HERE to quickly send a message to your State reps and ask them to make sure this bill comes up for a vote. Based on your address it will automatically send to your representatives. Thanks.

Celebrating Independence Day


We hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend with friends and family. If you need anything the Creamery will be opening at our normal times of 7:00 on Friday, 7:30 on Saturday, and 9:00 on Sunday. And we will be closing at our normal time of 7:30 PM.


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