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 Tuesday the 22nd Is Earth Day  


 Earth Day (and Earth Month) at the Old Creamery brings increased awareness to the many sustainable, fair trade, and "green" products and practices that are in place at the Old Creamery Co-op. Our expanding bulk section that includes spices and herbs, dry goods, bulk soaps, oils, and other liquids; the packaging decisions we make for the deli and bakery; our use of washable cups and tableware whenever possible; our elimination of paper and plastic bags and our commitment to the Bag Share Project; and our 100% recycling of food preparation waste and packaging that our deliveries come in are all examples of our ongoing commitment to the environment.



In our grocery department we are always looking for ecologically responsible companies to work with. Here are a few examples:


Nature's Path Provides many delicious organic and gluten-free cereals, frozen waffles, granola bars, and oatmeal. They are constantly searching out new products and working with smaller companies and cooperatives to bring us high-quality products at a reasonable price. Our staff members particularly like the Honey'd Corn Flakes in the Eco-pac bags (not too sweet at all, just enough to make the cereal not too boring) and the new Wildberry Frozen Waffles, which toast up nice and crisp, are gluten free, and delicious for a quick morning breakfast. We have our full line of Nature's Path cereals and oatmeal on sale all month.

Equal Exchange We continue to support and applaud the true commitment Equal Exchange demonstrates to fair trade around the world. They work with small cooperatives of farmers to bring us the most delicious chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, and coffees. They also stop to get the stories of the people they work with. Their teas are sourced, bagged, and boxed in their regions of origin--eliminating many links in the chain between farmer and distributor and making more jobs available in the communities where their foods are grown.


Acure Offers a line of "better than organic" health and beauty products that really stand out in a crowded field. Desiree, our grocery buyer, offers the following personal testimony: "For years I've been frustrated by so-called natural shampoos, conditioners, and skin-care products that dry out my hair and make my skin break out in a rash. The Acure line of products leaves my hair soft, shiny, and gorgeous every time and the skin-care lotions soak into my skin without feeling greasy or sticky. I've yet to get a rash after trying these for the last two months. I love them. Every ingredient is fair trade and organic, and reading the ingredient seems more like reading a food recipe as opposed to a list of unpronounceable chemical formulas that are in other products." See the Acure products on our shelves in the upside-down tubes. For an appreciation of Acure's commitment to your health and the environment, check out THIS LINK.


For the entire month we have many products in the store from ecologically responsible companies that are on sale for 20% to 40% off.  


 Mug Shots!


More than one Creamery regular has said, "I wish I had a nice travel mug so I didn't have to use a paper cup every day." Just in time for Earth Day, we now have these high-quality double-walled

stainless steel-lined mugs that will keep your tea or coffee hot for hours. We're keeping the price low to encourage the use of reusable cups; and don't forget, when you get coffee of tea in your own cup, you pay less--the cup will pay for itself in no time! As an extra-special deal, the new travel mugs (complete with the Creamery logo) will be $2.00 off on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22.


We've also just received a shipment of ceramic mugs with the Old Creamery logo. They are available for purchase and some will be added to our collection of mugs to be used in the café. While we love and appreciate the beautiful handmade mugs from local potters, we've decided we need to enlarge the mug collection so we have plenty available, even during the busiest times.


In honor of Earth Day and in keeping with our mission to promote environmental sustainability, WE'RE HAVING A CONTEST!


How many paper hot-cups do you think were used at the Creamery in the last 12 months? (Not soup cups, not iced coffee or ice cream cups, just the paper cups that are used for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.) Take a guess (random or calculated) and write it down with your name and phone number and put it in the jar on the checkout counter near the coffee bar. Entries will be accepted through Member-Owner Appreciation Weekend ending Sunday, May 4. Winners will be announced in the store on Monday, May 5. (One entry per person, please.) We'll also announce the magic number, as well as our cost to provide the cups and lids for one year.


THE PRIZES: The person whose guess comes closest to the actual number of cups will win one of our new travel mugs, and two runners-up will win Old Creamery ceramic mugs. In the event of ties, we will have multiple winners. (Creamery staff members know too much, so they're out of the running.)


So, what's the problem with using paper hot-cups? While they're better than Styrofoam, they are not as "green" as you might think. In order to hold hot liquids, the paper must be lined with some form of plastic. The current choices are PLA (a plant-based plastic made from GMO corn) or rPET (which is recycled plastic, from things such as soda bottles). While some large-scale composting facilities will accept both types of cups for composting, the PLA-lined cups are the ones considered "compostable" as they will break down more completely--yet, somewhere there are fields of genetically modified corn growing in order to make the lining for those cups. And this is leaving aside the question of where the paper itself comes from. And then there are the lids--more plastic or GMO corn.


Everyone needs a throwaway cup once in a while, but consider the advantages of choosing a reusable cup more often than not. 


 A Pipeline through Plainfield???


There is substantial community concern about a proposal to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline through many of our local communities. The company leading this effort is Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP). Executives from Kinder Morgan will be speaking at the Plainfield Select Board Meeting (drum roll for the irony) ON EARTH DAY!


The Select Board meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. next Tuesday, April 22, in the Plainfield Town Hall. We know the Town Hall will not handle the turnout, and we wonder if Plainfield will be big enough for the crowd? Camping overnight as if you were buying concert tickets might be required. 


 Co-op Annual Meeting a Week from This Sunday


If you are not able to make it to the Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 27, at 3:00 p.m. in the Cummington Community House, then drop your ballot off at the store or mail it in soon. We need your participation in our Co-op. 


 And Then It's Member-Owner Appreciation Weekend


Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, May 4, member-owners pick which day works best for them and enjoy 10% off* all day.


If you are not yet a member-owner, you can join the Co-op by that Saturday or Sunday and immediately take advantage of 10% off all day. Membership brochures can be downloaded using the preceding link or picked up in the store at the registers.


Thank you for shopping at the Co-op!


*As on other appreciation days, there are a few exceptions: tobacco, alcohol, newspapers, and Little Gallery items cannot be included in the member-owner discounts. 


Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


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