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Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Ice Cream!


Bart's Homemade  


Yes, we do believe it will get warmer with every passing day. To get us all prepared we're stocking the shelves with sunscreen (careful of that tender winter skin!) and bug spray, just in case a 70 degree day encourages the black flies out. And then there's the sure sign of summer, Ice Cream.  


We are now scooping vanilla and chocolate Bart's Homemade with more flavors to be added as ice cream eaters come out of hibernation.  


And don't forget to ask for a scoop on your next piece of cherry (or apple or blueberry) Creamery-baked pie.



Bags and T-Shirts    

Modeled by Angie in our Deli 

Creamery shopping bags (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles) were introduced a few weeks ago for $7.50 each, or a mere $5.00 if you are a member-owner. These bags feel very much like cloth and can be tossed in the washing machine whenever they get dirty.




For a total fashion statement to accompany your bag, we now have Creamery T-shirts (and long-sleeve shirts, tank tops, infant creepers, and sweatshirts) for you to choose from.  


Our Third Tasting in the Series Is Sunday Night 


There are only a few seats left for our Vinegar Tasting this Sunday evening, April 13!   


Yes, vinegar. You will be amazed at what you might learn about vinegar. This tasting will focus on the history and production of balsamic vinegar, though it will touch on other important vinegars too. Alice Cozzolino will offer culinary tips as participants sample many outstanding vinegars and learn how to use them in a variety of ways.  


Preregistration is required. Sign up by calling 634-5560; by speaking with a cashier at the store; or by emailing 


We will take 10% off the price of any vinegar in the store following the tasting.

Expanding Our Bulk Liquids

A few weeks back, we  introduced bulk Organic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. This week we added Organic Sunflower Oil ($3.99/lb.) and Organic Gluten-Free Tamari ($5.59/lb.).

Also new for sale are decorative dark green bottles to protect your oils. You can also bring your own containers. The cashier will weigh your container while empty and give you a tare weight.   


Fill them with as much of these great products as you would like and pay by the pound.  



Enjoy the taste; enjoy the savings.


Don't Forget Member-Owner Appreciation Weekend


Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, May 4, are the next Member-Owner Appreciation Days. As a member-owner, you pick which day works best for you and enjoy 10% off* all day for yourself and your household associate member-owners.


In addition to the savings, there will be tastings both days featuring Creamery-made goodies and selected samples and tastings from our suppliers.


If you are not yet a member-owner you can join the Co-op by that Saturday or Sunday and immediately take advantage of 10% off all day. You can pay your membership in full or with small monthly payments. There are brochures with membership forms on the cafe tables and at the register. Return the completed form to the cashier with the payment you choose and that's it. You are now a member-owner of the Old Creamery Co-op!  


And thank you all for shopping at the Co-op.


*As on other appreciation days, there are a few exceptions: tobacco, alcohol, newspapers, and items from the Little Gallery cannot be included in the member-owner discounts.


Reminder: Co-op Annual Meeting Coming Soon


We look forward to your participation in the democratic process of managing your business, the Old Creamery Co-op. Our annual meeting will be held on Sunday, April 27, at 3:00 p.m. in the Cummington Community House. We need you there, we need your vote, and we need your active participation in our Co-op.


Thank you, and we hope to see you at the meeting. 


Stay in touch, continue to tell us what you think, and help where you can.


For questions about Co-op membership, product requests, suggestions, or other feedback, please send a note to


If you'd like to contact the general manager, send an email to

Would you like to volunteer to help the Co-op from time to time? Send a note to and Jack Nelson, our volunteer coordinator, will add you to our growing list. Jack will send out a call for assistance when we have a need.  


If you'd like to contact the Co-op's Board of Directors, send an email to   


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Your continued patronage supports the ongoing success of our community-owned, values-based cooperative. Thank you for supporting the Old Creamery Co-op as a member-owner, as a shopper, as a friend. We value every contribution to the success of the Old Creamery Co-op.



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