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As I write this it is hard to believe that today is the last day of spring! We are so happy to be sliding down the slope toward completion of our renovation project, and we're looking Sun forward to a fabulous summer. The new walk-in cooler and freezer have been installed, which will allow our kitchen staff to store their perishable foods in a separate area, greatly easing the congestion in the current walk-ins. Since I arrived in October, I have witnessed numerous frustrations regarding the lack of cold storage. What a joy it will be to have this extra space!


As we get used to our new space, please know that if you don't see something we used to have, likely it just hasn't found a home yet or its new home is not yet familiar to you. Products will be moving around for a bit longer. The candy, for instance, will not be permanently stocked on that metal rack as you walk in. We are building shelving for our baked goods, and the Cape Cod chips are back now that we have room for them once more! So again, please bear with us as we complete the renovations, and know we are so grateful for all your wonderful comments and suggestions!


As always, we want to hear from you! If you are not seeing products on the shelves you are looking for, please let us know. There is a Product Request List on a clipboard by the register, or you can drop us an email.


Happy Summer! And here's hoping the rains will come only when needed.


-- Karen, your Co-op's general manager


Locally Owned Businesses Help Communities Thrive and Survive Climate Change

Many Co-op members already know it, but it bears repeating (and spreading): "Cities where small, locally owned businesses account for a relatively large share of the economy have stronger social networks, more engaged citizens, and better success solving problems, according to several recently published studies.


"And in the face of climate change, those are just the sort of traits that communities most need if they are to survive massive storms, adapt to changing conditions, find new ways of living more lightly on the planet, and, most important, nurture a vigorous citizenship that can drive major changes in policy."


To continue reading this important article from Grist ("a beacon in the smog"), please click here.


Stay in Touch! We Love to Hear from You!

For questions about Co-op membership, product requests, or suggestions or other feedback, please send a note to We'll make sure your note is sent to the appropriate person and that you get a prompt response.


If you'd like to contact the Co-op's board of directors, simply send your email to Emails sent to this address are received only by the board.


To reach Karen Doherty, the Co-op's general manager, send an email to Emails sent to this address are received only by Karen.


If you're thinking of becoming a valued volunteer of the Co-op, you can reach Shirley Todd, volunteer coordinator, at There are many opportunities for volunteers. Emails sent to this address go directly to Shirley.


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Many items are on sale every week at the Creamery. Look for the brightly colored shelf tags. These items are 15%-45% off regular prices. We work hard to find bargains on many different items, including staple groceries, treats like chocolate, juices, refrigerated items, personal care products, and supplements. The shelf tags indicate when the sale price expires. Some sale items are one-time opportunities that remain on sale until sold out. Many are purchasing opportunities that can be replenished over several weeks at great prices. Enjoy the savings!

Your continued patronage supports the ongoing success of our community-owned, values-based cooperative. Thank you for supporting the Old Creamery Co-op as a member-owner, as a shopper, as a friend. We value every contribution to the success of the Old Creamery Co-op.



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