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Forecast: Fair in Cummington!

Oh, yes, it's fair in Cummington this weekend--the Cummington Fair that is! There's sure to be something for everyone at this year's 144th Cummington Fair (click here for a complete schedule).


And don't forget to stop by the Creamery before, during, and after the fair. Enjoy a scrumptious Creamery-cooked meal from the deli case and some made-from-scratch soup with Creamery-baked bread. Grab a ready-to-go sandwich or rollup or savor a custom-made sandwich or panini. Top it all off with a decadent Creamery-made dessert; you might even want to top that off with a scoop of ice cream! Have a happy weekend at the fair!

Seeking a Bookkeeper

The Old Creamery Co-op is seeking a part-time bookkeeper. Candidates should have full-charge bookkeeping experience. The ideal candidate will work in a team approach with volunteer members of the Co-op's finance committee, a consulting finance manager, and an outside accountant to establish, maintain, and revise the Co-op's financial management systems over time. This is an immediate opening. Compensation and benefits will be dependent on experience and competitive with similar-type co-ops.  


For the complete job posting and a link to a detailed job description, please click here.  


Cheese of the Week!

This week's sampling cheese is Maxx 365. Hailing from Thurgau, Switzerland, Maxx Maxx365 365 is the elder brother of Scharfe Maxx; it's aged more than twice the time, 365 days! Maxx 365 is an original Swiss recipe using raw cow's milk and is produced in 15-pound wheels. Regular washings with a hearty herbal brine create a rind that is sturdy, rose colored, and wonderfully aromatic. Inside you'll find a smooth creamy texture owing to the cream added to the raw cow's milk, and an incredibly sweet buttery flavor with a hint of garlic ramp as you approach the rind. This cheese is perfect for your cheese board, and due to its melting quality it's excellent for creating pizzas and gratins. This cheese is delicious!


Come by the Creamery this Saturday and have a taste! You won't be disappointed! Remember, we'll take 10% off all day!

Supplier Profile: Two Degrees Food

You already know that the Creamery loves to sell products from people and companies that try to change our world for the better. One such product that the Creamery is proud to carry is the Two Degrees food bar. It's quite simple, and quite profound: for every bar purchased, this San Francisco company donates a meal to a needy child!


Two Degrees purchases nutrient-rich meals and medically formulated nutrition packs. Two Degrees Whenever possible, these are produced locally in the region they will be distributed. Its production partners hire local labor and source most ingredients from local farmers. The company has a network of nonprofit partners in developing countries, each of which has dedicated distribution channels for meals through health clinics, schools, and community groups in areas where children are suffering from chronic hunger or malnutrition. To date, Two Degrees has donated regionally produced meals to children in Haiti, India, Kenya, Malawi, and Somalia through Action Against Hunger, Akshaya Patra, IMA World Health, Partners in Health, Relief International, and Valid Nutrition.  


What's more, these food bars use quinoa, chia, and millet in every bar. They're vegan, gluten-free, low sodium, and non-GMO and come in a variety of flavors. And they taste great!


So why not slip a Two Degrees bar into your pocket (after buying it, of course) and head out to the fair this weekend. You'll be eating for two!

So Who Is Spending Big-Time to Derail GMO Labeling?

The folks at Grist ("A Beacon in the Smog") write again this week about big business's assault on the California effort to have foods with GMOs labeled as such: "As the battle to get genetically engineered foods (or GMOs) labeled in California--a battle that could very well have an impact on labeling nationwide--heats up, Big Food and Big Ag are working in concert to push back to the tune of $25 million. The fight centers around Proposition 37, the ballot initiative from the Right to Know Campaign that will go to vote in November."

Grist's article goes on to list the top 20 donors in the campaign to scuttle Prop. 37. You'll recognize the company names, and a brief Internet search will reveal the brands sold by these corporate behemoths. Click here to read more.


Alice's Recipe: Cabbage Lime Pickle  

Cabbage Kids
Photo by Anne Geddes

I saw many expressions of wonder and awe at the sight of the HUGE local green cabbages near the Creamery's register the past couple of weeks (only $1.99!!). Peri, our pastry chef, swore there were babies in some of them; I saw a few ears lingering close to the impressive cabbage heads, listening for murmurs from within the folds of leaves.


We've harvested beautiful heads from our garden. After we've put up a few jars of lacto-fermented sauerkraut, eaten lots of slaw, stir-fried cabbage with other garden vegetables, stuffed plenty of leaves with rice filling and red sauce, made and frozen lots of egg rolls, then I begin to wonder what to do next. When I run my cooking class series, the Indian cooking session is always the most popular. We prepare 15 or so different side dishes. When we sit down to enjoy our feast after the class, the favorite dish is often Cabbage Lime Pickle. This is a fresh-tasting side dish that fits with many different menus. It's a good way to use up a lot of cabbage, and the leftovers store well. It's a simple and quick recipe.


(Click here for a link to the recipe.) 


Following is one of a series of weekly articles in recognition of the United Nations' International Year of Cooperatives

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Tell the World You Own It!

A co-op is a business model that allows a group of people to combine their resources to meet their common needs. Grocery co-ops are one such kind of co-op. They are the true pioneers of the natural and organic food industry and they're deeply committed to providing delicious, high-quality, healthy food; supporting local, sustainable agriculture; and strengthening their communities. Cooperatives, including grocery co-ops like the Old Creamery, are much more than bricks and mortar stores. Cooperatives are built on the idea that local owners, not far-away investors, gain the benefits of business success. Simply put, cooperation is for everyone (to read more, click here).

Help Wanted!


Part-time Bookkeeper for Old Creamery Co-op. Immediate position. For more information and job description, click here.


The Old Creamery Co-op is seeking a General Manager. For information and job description, click here.


Some other job positions at the Creamery will open up at the end of the summer. It's your chance to be part of the stellar Creamery team and earn some extra moo-la (knock it off, Camille!). If interested, call the Creamery at 413-634-5560.


Part-time Cashier: Must be able to work hard and have fun; must be good with people and numbers. Talk with Alice or Amy for more information.


Part-time Deli Staff: Must be able to work hard and have fun; must be good with people and food. Talk with Alice or Carly for more information.


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