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Choose Your Own Member-Owner Appreciation Day, August 3-15


Now that your Co-op's liquor license application has been approved by the town of Cummington, we're waiting to hear from the state for its approval before scheduling   our closing with the bank and purchasing the Creamery! To recognize all that you, the member-owners of our soon-to-be Co-op, have done to get us to this wonderful point in our journey, we are holding a 13-day member-owner appreciation event thank you beginning Friday, August 3. All member-owners will receive a 10% discount on all items (excluding alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and newspapers) on the day of your choice starting this coming Friday, through Wednesday, August 15.


Come to the Creamery, stock up on all your favorites, buy those splurge treats, choose sale items for even greater discounts, and receive a 10% discount. Tell the cashier you're a member-owner and would like to use your one-day-only discount. You can come in multiple times on that day, but the discount applies to that day only. The cashier will write the date and the amount of your purchases on a coupon card that we will keep; you'll sign the card. It's that simple.


If your friends and neighbors aren't yet member-owners of our Co-op, please let them know that the opportunity to become a founding member-owner will come to an end, soon! By joining now through August 15, they can also take advantage of this member-owner appreciation event and save 10% on the day of their choice.

The Old Creamery Co-op will soon be a reality, thanks to you!




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Kimberly, Hattie, Michael, Susi, Sylvia, Patty, & Deborah,     

your Old Creamery Co-op Board of Directors;


Alice & Amy, proprietors   


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