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I seguenti Servizi Consolari necessitano di un appuntamento:

- Passaporti

- Cittadinanza

- Notarile

- Visti. 

Per i rimanenti servizi:

Lunedi 9:00-12:30

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Giovedi 9:30-12:00/14:00-15:30

Venerdi 9:00-12:30


An appointment is needed for the following services:

- Passports

- Citizenship

- Notary

- Visa.

For all other Consular services:

Monday 9:00-12:30

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Wednesday 9:00-12:30

Thursday 9:30-12:00/2:00-3:30pm

Friday 9:00-12:30




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Titoli di studio e Buoni postali:

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Per questioni di carattere generale: [email protected]


Cari italiani e cari amici dell'Italia,
in questo mese di rientro dalle vacanze estive il nostro pensiero va anzitutto alle popolazioni colpite dal terremoto del centro Italia che fatto cosý tante vittime e cancellato in pochi secondi paesi ricchi di storie e tradizioni. Numerose anche qui nel New England sono state le concrete espressioni di solidarietÓ e desidero ringraziare tutti coloro che hanno manifestato la propria vicinanza alle popolazioni colpite dal terremoto. A tale riguardo, segnalo che il COMITES (Comitato degli Italiani residenti all'Estero) ha lanciato una sottoscrizione popolare per aiutare le vittime del sisma. Chiunque volesse contribuire con una somma in denaro pu˛ farlo utilizzando i numeri di conto corrente indicati qui sotto. Tra le varie iniziative, segnalo anche la Serata di solidarietÓ organizzata dagli studenti italiani delle universitÓ del New England (NISA - New England Italian Students Association) che si terrÓ il 25 settembre presso il Ristorante Filippo nel North End. Seguiranno diverse altre iniziative nel corso delle prossime settimane in merito alle quali non mancheremo di tenervi informati.
In questa newsletter troverete diversi altri eventi legati al nostro Bel Paese. Desidero in particolare segnalarvi il primo di una nuova serie di seminari, organizzati in collaborazione con i Professionisti italiani a Boston (PIB), dal titolo "Visa Options and Requirements for Italians Living in the US" che si terra' il 20 settembre presso questo Consolato Generale.
Un cordiale saluto e buona lettura a tutti,
Nicola De Santis

Dear Italians and dear friends of Italy,
During this month which marks the return from summer vacation, our thoughts go first and foremost to the people stricken by the earthquake in central Italy with so many victims. In a few seconds entire towns, rich in history and traditions, have been erased. We have received so many manifestations of solidarity and I want to thank everyone who expressed their love to the people who suffered this tragedy. On this regard, I would like to inform you that COMITES (the Committee of Italian Residing Abroad) launched a Relief fund raising to help the victims. Anyone who wishes to contribute with a donation can do so utilizing the wire account information listed below. Among other initiatives I would like to bring to your attention the "Evening of solidarity" organized by Italian students in New England (NISA - New England Italian Students Association) to be held on September 25th  at the Ristorante Filippo in the North End. We will keep you posted on several other initiatives taking place during the next few weeks.
In this newsletter you will find many different events in connection with our Bel Paese . I wish to point out the first of a new series of seminars organized in collaboration with PIB (Professional Italians in Boston) titled "Visa Options and Requirements for Italians Living in the US" to be held on September 20th at the Italian Consulate.
Warm greeting and happy reading to all,
Nicola De Santis

For more information visit - www.usicboston.it


State of the Discipline: Italian Studies in the Early 21st Century

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Organized by The Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College, the Educational Office of the Italian Consulate inBoston, and MITA (Massachusetts Italian Teachers Association): 

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 - 9.30 - 3.30 pmLulu Wang Student Center - Room 413 Wellesley College - The first symposium, organized by Wellesley College in 2009, began a tradition of periodically examining the state of Italian Studies in the USA. This year, the symposium will host speakers from different academic and educational institutions who will present papers addressing the state of the discipline, including its present and future directions. This one-day colloquium is organized in two plenary single-paper sessions, which are devoted to a discussion of the state of Italian Language study and of Italian Cultural Studies, respectively. 

All attendees are expected to read pre-circulated 'position papers' in order to facilitate discussion and intellectual exchange between presenters and participants on that day. 'Position papers' will be sent to all registered attendees before the end of September. The event is open to the public and registered teachers will receive a certificate of attendance granting 10 PDPs. For any further information or questions, please contact prof. Flavia Laviosa at [email protected] 

A fresh start for the Scuola di perfezionamento linguistico culturale 
In the first part of this new school year the Scuola di perfezionamento linguistico culturale for teachers of Italian will start (free for teachers of Italian in New England).
Recently initiated by the Educational Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and born  from  collaboration between five Departments of Italian at universities in Boston, the school aims at offering a continuous  support to teachers, in particular  to  non-native ones. This year the five face-to-face classes will be held at  Northeastern University and they will be integrated by five web-assisted online  activities, with online material and guided WebQuests. This is a way to support the teachers of Elementary, Middle and High schools that feel the need to enhance  their Italian - communicative and linguistic  competence In the following days, registration forms will be sent directly to  teachers.

VIDEO: Speciale Museo Harvard - RAI Italia  - Aired on 'Community' June 24th, 2016 from Boston Stefano Salimbeni

Friday September 9 through Sunday September 11 | 17 Porter Street, Cambridge

The 90th Italian Feast of S.S. Cosmas & Damian

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Saturday, September 17 | 4:15-6:30pm | 395 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

A bit about Boston's Tiffany Treasure built between 1899 and 1902 for businessman and art collector Frederick Ayer, the Ayer Mansion is the only surviving residence created by American artist and designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Named a National Historic Landmark in 2005, the Ayer Mansion exemplifies what one critic of the day called Tiffany's "dumbfounding versatility." At the Ayer Mansion, Tiffany-designed stone and glass mosaics, graceful metalwork, Favrile glass vases, custom furniture, intricate plaster work, elaborate art glass windows, and unexpected architectural flourishes all work together to create a cohesive masterpiece.
We hope you will join us for this wonderful tour and lecture of the Ayer Mansion and stay a bit to for our Champagne Social.

: Saturday September 17th

4:15pm Check In

4:30pm - 5:30pm Tour Begins

5:30pm - 6:30pm Chamgagne Social
Location: 395 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Monday, September 19 | 6:30pm | Consulate General of Italy | 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston

Incontro con studenti e ricercatori italiani a Boston

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Tuesday, September 20 | 7:00pm | Consulate General of Italy | 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston

Visa Options and Requirements for Italians Living in the US

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September 22 - January 16 2017  |  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum | 25 Evans Way, Boston

Beyond Words: Italian Renaissance Books 

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Rarely seen, exquisite Renaissance manuscripts and early printed books make this a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. Beyond Words: Italian Renaissance Books showcases over 65 Renaissance paintings hidden between the covers of rare books in Boston's libraries and museums. The works-remarkable for their beauty and jewel-like colors-will be on view at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston from Sept. 22 through Jan. 16, 2017.
At the heart of the show is a remarkable trove of illuminated manuscripts from celebrated Renaissance libraries. Written, illustrated, and bound by the hands of leading artists for popes, princes, and scions of Italian dynasties, they were produced as one-of-a-kind luxury items. Complementing the painted manuscripts are books from the dawn of printing including Isabella Stewart Gardner's own rare, first Florentine edition of Dante's Divine Comedy illustrated by Botticelli and the first copy of this edition to enter an American collection. All of the books in the exhibition shed new light on Renaissance patrons, artists, scribes, and printers from an era when the art of bookmaking reached its pinnacle.
The Gardner's show is part of an ambitious city-wide collaborative project entitledBeyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections, which is the largest ever exhibition of medieval and Renaissance books held in North America. The Gardner joins Harvard University's Houghton Library and Boston College's McMullen Museum as one of three venues which will simultaneously display 260 outstanding painted and printed books selected by a team of local experts from 18 Boston-area institutions. Read more here

Thursday, September 22 | 6:00-8:30pm | Great Room, 60 State Street, Boston

Celebration of distinguished honoree Claudio Del Vecchio, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Brooks Brothers Group, Inc.

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Claudio Del Vecchio, an international business entrepreneur and industry leader, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Brooks Brothers Group, Inc.
, a premier retail and manufacturinggroup with a portfolio of highly specialized fashion companies composed of Brooks Brothers, Southwick and Carolee Designs. Mr. Del Vecchio is also Executive Director of Luxottica Group, the world's largest manufacturer of eyewear.
Mr. Del Vecchio came to the United States in 1982, and was instrumental in transforming Luxotti
ca into the premier factory-direct eyewear organization in the United States. He would later serve as the president of the Optical Industry Association. In 1990, Mr Del Vecchio directly oversaw Luxottica's public offering on the
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE - LUX). In 1995, through Luxottica's purchase of The United States Shoe Corporation, the company acquired Lenscrafters, the largest optical retailer in the United States, and Casual Corner Group stores, a retail chain specializing in women's clothing. Mr. Del Vecchio assumed ownership of Casual Corner Group in 1997. Read more... 

Sunday, September 25 | 5:00-9:30pm | Filippo Restaurant | 283 Causeway Street, Boston

Serata Solidarieta' Amatriciana Pasta Night

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Tuesday, September 27 |6:00pm| Boston University Law School | 765 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

In the European Night: Will the Union Survive?

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Join us for a lecture by cultural agitator, media activist and transdisciplinary philosopher Franco "Bifo" Berardi. Berardi is an Italian Marxist theorist and activist in the autonomist tradition. His work focuses on the role of the media and information technology within post-industrial capitalism. One of the founders of the notorious Radio Alice, a pirate radio station that became the voice of the autonomous youth movement of Bologna in the late 1970s, Bifo is the author of multiple works of political theory, including, among others, And: Phenomenology of the End (Semiotext(e), 2015), Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide (Verso, 2014), The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (Semiotext(e), 2012), After the Future (AK Press, 2011), and The Soul at Work (Semiotext(e), 2010).


The PIB Italian Saturday School for Boston Children | Scuola Italiana del Sabato PIB per Bambini dell'Area di Boston

Available fellowships for selected families available

The first and only full-immersion Saturday Italian classes in New England. School textbooks for optional homework. Professionally designed programs alternating comprehension, speaking, grammar, writing exercises and games. Mother tongue committed teachers. A Saturday joy for children and parents! Click for the PDF

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Through December 4, 2016 | Lois B. and Michael K. Torf Gallery (Gallery 184)| Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Della Robbia  - Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence

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Above: Andrea della Robbia, Prudence (detail), about 1475. Glazed terracotta. Lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1921.

Celebrate the beauty and liveliness of Della Robbia sculptures.

In the 15th century, Luca della Robbia (1399/1400-1482) invented a glazing technique for sculpture characterized by brilliant opaque whites and deep cerulean blues. Luca shared the secrets of his technique with his nephew and principal collaborator Andrea della Robbia, who in turn passed them on to his sons Giovanni, Luca the Younger, Marco, Francesco, and Girolamo. The Della Robbia family workshop flourished in Florence for about a century, producing expressive artworks for all spheres of life. Portraying both sacred and secular themes, it gained a strong presence in public spaces-from street corners to churches-and private homes. Production of sculpture using this technique lasted only about a century before its secrets were lost. Some of the most familiar images today of Renaissance Italy, Della Robbia sculptures have retained their original color and shine over the centuries.

"Della Robbia: Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence" presents these works as powerful, expressive examples of the best of Italian Renaissance art. The exhibition features about 50 objects, mostly from American collections but including six important loans from Italy, never seen in the US before. The Visitation (about 1445) from the church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas in Pistoia and the Brooklyn Museum's newly restored Resurrection of Christ (about 1520-24) travel to Boston along with a trio of nearly life-size works from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and a private collection. The exhibition of glazed terracotta Renaissance works by the Della Robbia and rival workshops spans a variety of formats-Madonna and Child reliefs, small- and large-scale figures, narrative reliefs, coats-of-arms, and still-life compositions-that demonstrate the range and visual impact of the groundbreaking Della Robbia glazing technique.

Through January 9, 2017  |  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum | Anne H. Fitzpatrick Fašade| 25 Evans Way, Boston

Maurizio Cannavacciuolo - A lecture on Martian History

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Maurizio Cannavacciuolo is the eighth Artist-in-Residence to create a temporary site-specific work for the Museum's Anne H. Fitzpatrick Fašade. A native of Naples, he has lived and traveled extensively in Asia, especially India and Thailand. His art explores the many ways cultural influences overlap and diverge in contemporary society.

Save the date: Thursday, October 13 | 7:00pm | CharlesMark Hotel, 655 Boylston Street, Boston

Cocktail Italiano - Professionisti Italiani Boston

Save the date: Saturday, October 15 | 7:00pm | Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts | 41 Hampshire Street, Cambridge

Bringing art song to Boston: Heaven and Earth: Italian Heritage in Musical Expression

Songs by Respighi, Donizetti, Catalani, Tosti, and Castelnuovo-Tedesco Featuring Celeste Godin, soprano; Britt Brown, mezzo-soprano; Rafael Helbig-Kostka, tenor; Junhan Choi, baritone; Stephanie Mao, piano; and Seoyon MacDonald, piano.
Pizza party at a classical song concert? Why not?!  Join us as we celebrate Italian Heritage Month with the Italian community in Boston! Enjoy delicious songs, wine, and pizza!


Eataly Boston is coming this fall but they are hiring now!

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Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (JICMS)

Founded and edited by Professor Flavia Laviosa (Wellesley College, USA) in 2012 and published by Intellect (UK), JICMS is the only English-language academic journal representing a forum for theoretical, methodological and critical debate on Italian film and media production, distribution, and reception. The journal enters the international publishing world as a platform for dialogue between academics, filmmakers, and cinema and media professionals. The journal includes critical articles, book and film reviews, notes on Italian film festivals, and a special section on independent filmmakers.

The journal dedicates a special issue  (Volume 4:2, 2016), edited in collaboration with Massimo Mascolo, to the historic and artistic celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the David di Donatello Awards (1956-2016) with testimonials, reflections, and interviews with the following professionals in the Italian film industry: Gian Luigi Rondi, Giuliano Montaldo, Nicola Piovani, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, Giuseppe Tornatore, Ennio Morricone, Emilia De Sica, Carlo Verdone, Giuseppe Battiston, Aldo Signoretti, Dino Trappetti, Luca Bigazzi, Francesca Calvelli and Paola Cortellesi. This special issue also includes several articles and the reviews of the films: Gian Luigi Rondi: Vita, Cinema, Passione di (Giorgio Treves, 2014); 50 Anni di David, 1956-2006, La storia per immagini (Massimo Mascolo, 2006); e La Grande Bellezza (Paolo Sorrentino, 2013).

This publication was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Accademia del Cinema Italiano and generous support of Wellesley College

2016 Arturo Falaschi ICGEB Calls for Fellowship Applications

ICGEB Calls for Fellowship Applications are now open 

click image to open pdf
Interested candidates should contact ICGEB Research Group Leaders and PIs to define a joint research project prior submitting the online application. For more information: www.icgeb.org/fellowships.html

Accademia della Cucina Italiana

Commitment and Research for the protection of the traditions of Italian cuisine

Goethe disse "dimmi con chi vai e ti diro chi sei, e se so di cosa ti occupi sapro che cosa vuoi diventare".
L'Accademia Italiana della Cucina, ha lo scopo di identificare ristoranti italiani e di accertarne la qualita.
La qualita del cibo non puo essere isolata dalla qualita dell'ambiente, dal servizio, dalla conoscenza e gentilezza del personale. In sintesi, la vera esperienza italiana a tavola composta da tutti quegli elementi che contribuiscono a rendere la colazione un evento culturale e non una attivita mangiereccia, lo scopo non e' di sfamarsi bensi di ricordare odori e sapori autentici di una storia millenaria se pure in evoluzione. Gli Accademici condividono l'amore per la buona tavola e per la sana conversazione, l'Accademia riprende il pensiero di Goethe almeno nella sua prima parte tanto da celebrare lo stare insieme e nutrirne insegnamento. Al ristoratore, dedichiamo la seconda parte del pensiero di Goethe pertanto ci poniamo la domanda - di cosa si occupa principalmente il cuoco? Se si occupa della cucina allora l'amore per gli ingredienti e come innovarli rispettando la storia e la classicita della cucina Italiana, diventa l'attivita primaria. Tutto il resto e' business o peggio fuffa. I cuochi nel Medioevo erano organizzati e rappresentavano la propria gerarchia, con Enrico IV di Francia la gerarchia era stata suddivisa in aree di competenza con i "maestri chef, cuochi e porte chapes" dedicati a organizzare pranzi di nozze. Questi chef, alla fine del loro apprendistato avevano il compito di offrire 6 libbre di carne o pesce a ciascun membro della Confraternita e riceverne la critica. 

L' Accademia Italiana della Cucina a Boston ha visitato ogni tipo di ristorante "italiano" e piu di recente "Sportello" ristorante casual firmato Barbara Lynch su Congress Street. La pasta alla Carbonara risulta la pietanza piu falsificata all'estero e Sportello non ha fatto eccezione usando la pancetta al posto del guanciale e il parmiggiano al posto del pecorino, i rigatoni un disturbo alla vista. Tutti ricordiamo che la Carbonara nasce durante la seconda guerra mondiale come evoluzione alla pasta "Cacio e Pepe" propria del Lazio quindi in assenza di parmiggiano. Lo Stracotto di manzo e polentina (polenta) puo solo essere Piacentino altrimenti diventa un pezzo di manzo stracotto e questa seconda versione e' piu vicina al piatto offerto dalla Signora Lynch. La torta con fragole e mascarpone e' una ricetta della cucina italiana moderna ma la nostra attenzione era rivolta al "mascarpone" formaggio lombardo di latte vaccino acidificato. Il nome deriva da una espressione utilizzata nel '200 da un nobile spagnolo che assaggiandolo disse "Mas que bueno" cioe...piu che buono! La nostra tavola accademica ha invece apprezzato le fragole laddove non toccassero il formaggio dal gusto non definito e a noi ignoto. Per chiunque volesse far visita a Sportello, limitatevi agli antipasti buoni, semplici creativi. Il fiore all'occhiello le prugne ripiene e brindate con vini italiani di grande prestigio...quelli ancora non riescono a falsificarli in nome della creativita.

Let's Learn Italian-Impariamo L'italiano! - 
Are You Interested In Studying Italian?

Welcome to our Italian classes. Are you ready for an exciting and rewarding ten weeks studying the most beautiful language in the world? Our Italian  Level 1 classes are designed for beginners and Level 2 for more experienced speakers and readers of Italian. Classes are taught by native Italian speakers and will include a variety of communicative activities, short readings and and written exercises. During the ten weeks of study, participants will also study cultural aspects of Italy and its people.

ScheduleClasses are conducted in the evening from 6:30 -8:00 PM. Day classes and private lessons can be arranged.

Tuition: $250 for ten session (Total 150 Hours).
Location: C.A.S.IT., Inc., 37 Water St., Unit 4, Wakefield, MA 01880
Information and Registration: Call Steve (781) 640-3637; [email protected].org

C.A.S.IT Inc. (Centro Attivita scholastiche Italiane) is under the auspices of  the Consul General of  Italy, Boston.
37 Water St-Unit #4
Wakefield, MA 01880
Office Phone (781) 224-0532

Consulate General of Italy in Boston

Tel. 617-722-9201 - Fax 617-722-9407

[email protected] 


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