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Si avvisano tutti i connazionali che dal 26 giugno 2012 tutti i bambini che viaggiano dovranno essere muniti del proprio passaporto.


Si invitano pertanto tutti i genitori che hanno i minori iscritti sul proprio passaporto di contattare il Consolato



Si informa che sul sito del Consolato e' disponibile il manuale pratico sulla doppia cittadinanza "To be or not to be an Italian citizen? That is the questionnaire!". Nel manuale sono disponibili tutte le informazioni utili per comprendere le modalita' di acquisto, riacquisto e la documentazione necessaria per ottenere la doppia cittadinanza.


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The newsletter aims to be a container of ideas which relies on your inputs and suggestion. We are open to publish and

communicate all events related to Italian artist, productions or themes.

If you are interested please contact; with details of the event by the 20th of each month.


La newsletter č un contenitore aperto al contributo di ognuno nel segnalarci eventi che includano artisti, opere o contenuti Italiani. Inviateci le informazioni relative all'evento entro il 20 di ogni mese a;  



The Public Charity "Friends of the Italian Cultural Center of Boston/FICCB" was founded in December 2012 with the aim of creating a Center of Italian Culture in Boston and, further, to ensure its management and operation. The non-profit organization is registered 
in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has the objective of promoting Italian language and culture as well as preserving Italian heritage in Boston. 

for more information please visit:


The Italian Home is a residential and day treatment facility for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children between the ages of 4 and 13. With state of the art therapies and around the clock nurturing, we help them to rebuilt their lives. Our goal is to reintegrate the children back into their schools, families, and comunities by giving them the tools to cope with their emotional scars. To learn more about Italian Home for Children visit or contact Dee Mullen at


Piccola Italia Preschool

Piccola Italia Preschool (PIP) č un asilo nido di famiglia situato a Newton, MA. PIP č speciale grazie all'enfasi sulla cultura e lingua italiana. Gli insegnanti utilizzano l'approccio di "immersione" dove l'italiano č il metodo d'istruzione. PIP accetta iscrizioni per bambini da 2.9 a 5 anni con opzioni di due, tre, e cinque giorni alla settimana.  

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Useful information and news

Cari Amici dell'Italia,


Buon Anno!!!


Cominciamo il 2014 con la TOSCA DI PUCCINI, il 19 gennaio al Sanders Theatre. E' una produzione della Boston Youth Symphony del Maestro Federico Cortese, fortemente sostenuta dal Consolato che con la BYSO vanta quattro anni di stretta collaborazione.


Proseguiamo con un importante momento di riflessione per la GIORNATA DELLA MEMORIA DELL'OLOCAUSTO. Quest'anno l'ospite d'eccezione sara' Susan Zuccotti e proietteremo una prima assoluta a Boston: il documentario "A Pause in the Holocaust" di André Waksman.


Il 31 gennaio, al Ryles Jazz Club, vi e' la seconda serata del FESTIVAL "SOUNDS OF ITALY", che avra' come protagonisti Marco Pignataro, Andrea Pejrolo, Tino D'Agostino, Sergio Bellotti e altri talenti italiani. Accorrete numerosi!!!


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Buona lettura!     

Giuseppe Pastorelli 

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Dear Friends of Italy,

Happy New Year!!!


We start off 2014 with PUCCINI'S TOSCA, on January 19 at the Sanders Theatre. A production by the Boston Youth Symphony of Maestro Federico Cortese, strongly supported by the Consulate in the spirit of a four year long collaboration with BYSO.


We continue with the commemoration of the HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY. This year's special guest will be Susan Zuccotti, and we will screen in Boston for the first time the movie documentary "A Pause in the Holocaust" by André Waksman.


On January 31st, at the Ryles Jazz Club there will be the second night of the "SOUNDS OF ITALY" FESTIVAL, featuring Marco Pignataro, Andrea Pejrolo, Tino D'Agostino, Sergio Bellotti  and other Italian talents. Do not miss it!!!


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Happy reading to All!

Giuseppe Pastorelli


Saturday, January 11 | 11:00am |Hills Branch Wellesley Library

'Art Matters' Lecture: The Italian Renaissance  


After almost 1000 years of 'dark ages', the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo led the way for a 'Rebirth' of learning, art and humanity. They helped to cast a bright new light on culture, and to rekindle a love of learning which encouraged science, new technology and a growing humanity. Join us at the Hills Branch Library for a look at their lives, their work, and a discussion of the Italian Renaissance. Free and open to the public. Generously sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries.


Sunday, January 19 | 3:00pm |Sanders Theatre | Harvard University | 45 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA  

Puccini TOSCA   




 Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras' 7th Annual Semi-Staged Opera


Boston Youth Symphony

Federico Cortese, Conductor - Edward Berkeley, Stage Director  


Elizabeth Baldwin, Floria Tosca

Yeghishe Manucharyan, Mario Cavaradossi

Kristopher Irmiter, Baron Scarpia

Gregory Gerbrandt, Cesare Angelotti

Neal Ferreira, Spoletta

Ian Bowling, Sciarrone/ Jailer

Liv Redpath, Shepherd


Handel and Haydn Society Chorus - Boston Children's Chorus - Convivium Musicum

In collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Boston 



Click here to order your tickets online or call 617.496.2222

Sanders Theatre at Harvard University is located at 45 Quincy Street, Cambridge


"The performance of a full opera by a youth orchestra is an absolutely remarkable and rare accomplishment of which I am very proud. Opera is a fantastic tool for the musical and personal growth of our students because of the rich and intricate musical and psychological story lines that weave in and out of the music in ways that are not seen in a standard symphony." Federico Cortese, Music Director


Monday, January 25 | 1:00 pm | Museum of Fine Arts MFA, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston 
MFA SPOTLIGHT TALKS: Early Italian Keyboard



Dig deeper into a work of art with knowledgeable MFA staff. Take fifteen minutes to look more closely and discover stories, techniques and histories of fascinating objects in the Museum.
Free with museum admission. Click here for more information






Thursday, January 26 | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Boston University | George Sherman Union - Conference Auditorium, 2nd floor | 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Ma 
A Pause in the Holocaust 



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Friday January 31 |  8:30pm | Ryles Jazz Club | 212 Hampshire Street, Cambridge Ma

Sounds of Italy Festival - Mr. D Spajazzy - Italian Berklee Faculty Group
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Sounds of Italy is a musical festival celebrating Italian music excellence in the Greater Boston area.


The inventive and contemporary vision of young Italian talents living in the United States blends with the rhythmic and harmonic roots of the Bel Paese, with a clear American jazz influence - a mix that generates a new way of making music.


A concept developed by Pescara-native singer and composer Stefano Marchese, Sounds of Italy was made possible with the collaboration and support of big names on the international music scene such as Marco Pignataro, Andrea Pejrolo, Tino D'Agostino and Giorgia Renosto, as well as the Consul General of Italy in Boston, Giuseppe Pastorelli, and Bostoniano founder Nicola Orichuia.  

Each individual show will have the goal of offering a unique and exciting experience to the public. All through the different musical paths taken through the festival's first four shows, audience members will be offered a taste of the elective affinities of the Mediterranean spirit mixed in with the innovative outlook of jazz.

Register Now: Summer 2014  (June 24 - July 8)
Musica Vesuviana - Italian Music Camp 
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for more information
29th International Workshop 


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The work of the Sartori dates back to the post-war period (1945-47) when the Italian intellectual world renewed its desire to recover the origins of its cultural history. So the Italian sculptor Amleto Sartori started a long period of experimental research on the masks of the Italian Commedia, its characters and the construction techniques forgotten for more than two centuries, which was to bring him to the re-discovery, though it would be more precise to say the re-invention, not only of the ancient manufacturing technique for the leather masks but also of its artistic significance. Amleto died at the height of his activity, but he left his son Donato a heritage of cultural and technical knowledge which, keeping up the tradition of the ancient "bottega dell'arte", is carried out and perfected by adapting it to the needs of contemporary society. Donato started an intense collaboration with Barrault, Eduardo de Filipo, Strehler, Lecoq, Dario Fo and Peter Oskarson, creating masks for their performances. He dealt with experimental research in the field of sculpture and the graphic arts: his works can be found in various Modern Art Museums in Venice, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Paris and took active part in international cultural events with cultural activities. In 1979, together with the scenographer Paolo Trombetta and the architect Paola Piizzi, he founded the CENTRO MASCHERE E STRUTTURE GESTUALI. Set up as a multi-disciplinary research group, it studies the various ethnological, anthropological and spectacular aspects which involve the reality of the masks as a whole and, in a progressive evolution, it stretches beyond the creation of body masks and gestural structures and brings us right up to the environmental masking or urban masking. The Centre has held exhibitions, workshops and performances in the United States, South America, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, Africa, Indonesia and throughout Europe.
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