Fall/Winter Edition 2014
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Atlas Cares!

On September 29th, Atlas presented the Lee Brown Founders Award for $2,500 to Loveland Village, a new planned residential community for adults with development disabilities.  The Lee Brown award is bestowed each year to an organization whose mission represents the values of Mr. Brown.
Employee Spotlight
Meet Stacy


Stacy has been a part of the Atlas Team for over 12 years. She spent the first 11 years with Atlas working as a Customer Service Representative in the Personal Lines Department.  Last year Stacy accepted a new position  in The Atlas' Community Association Division.  She continues to obtain experience and education in all aspects of the insurance industry for our clients who are always her first priority.


Stacy has been happily married for 23 years to husband Rick and they have a beautiful 15 year old daughter.  She also has a dog named Snoopy that was adopted from the Humane Society of Manatee 5 years ago.  In her spare time, Stacy enjoys the water and supporting her daughters dance team.

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Atlas has a fresh new look....

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and client resource center. Our new website offers a clean modern design and is easy to navigate across a wide range of devices. Please visit our new and improved site at  
www.atlasinsuranceagency.com and let us know what you think. 

Holiday Spirit

In the spirit of the holiday season and adhering to Atlas tradition, the partners and employees supported SPARCC and YMCA Foster Angles Program by donating new clothes and toys.  We also donated gifts for the residents of the Pines of Sarasota and collected 248 pounds of food for All Faiths Food Bank of Sarasota.

Why Business Interruption Insurance Is Necessary for all Companies


Major property losses from explosions, fires or similar events may cause financial hardship. Although most companies purchase property insurance to maintain protection against these losses, the income they lose if they have to close their doors temporarily could be devastating. If the business does not have proper insurance protection in place, they may not even be able to recover from their loss and in turn may have to close their doors permanently. In some cases, business interruption insurance is the only reason companies avoid closing their doors forever.


If income is lost due to suspended operations from damages or losses, a standard business interruption policy will pay for the lost income during that time period. In order for coverage to be applied, the loss must be caused by something the policy offers insurance against. Some examples include windstorms, aircraft, lighting and fire. Business income does not mean profits, so policyholders should only expect to receive their net income. This means they can expect the profit or loss the company would have received before income taxes. In addition to this, normal operating expenses would be covered. 



What drivers need to know to stay protected from deer collisions.


Safe driving is a must when deer are plentiful. During the spring and fall months of the year, it is common to see more deer on the road. Deer are difficult to see when it is dark, and they often dart out in front of vehicles at the last second. The vehicle body damage caused by hitting a deer can be very costly.

One research finding showed that the average cost of deer collision damage was nearly $4,000. The likelihood of running into a deer is higher when there is water or a forested area nearby. However, deer are also common in brush and plains, so drivers everywhere should be vigilant and take steps to prevent accidents.


Research shows that American drivers are three percent more likely to hit a deer in the following year than they were last year. During fall and spring, deer are much more common to see on the roads. This is due to fall breeding and plentiful food during spring months. These animals are most active around sunrise and sunset, which are both times when it is especially difficult to see well on the road.



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