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Spring 2014
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Atlas Cares!

Blood Drive Goal
Our 2014 blood drives got off to a great start. We have yielded a total of 24 pints this year. Our next blood drive will be held on Wednesday, August 20th at our Sarasota office. For details call 941.366.8424.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Lisa! She moved from the Caribbean and has been active in the insurance industry for 28 years. Lisa received her Certified Insurance Counselor designation in 1994 and stays up to date with the latest insurance industry knowledge through continuing education programs. Lisa has been a Commercial Account Manager with the Atlas team for over 10 years specializing in Community Associations. Out of the office, she enjoys outdoor activities, hunting and classic cars. Lisa and her husband Jerry have been happily married for over 22 years.


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Protection Against Data Breaches


All Businesses Are at Risk

Any company's security and encryption can be hacked. If your business fails to protect this information against criminals both internal and external to your organization, you could be liable for damages.


A large business can afford the top attorneys in the country to defend its interests. For most small or medium-sized businesses, the attorney's fees involved in mounting a defense would be a very significant hardship.


Credit card thieves, hackers and extortionists attack not just large businesses, but medium and small-sized businesses, too. In fact, it happens every day. Servers in restaurants, for example, can swipe a credit card using a smart phone and a tiny reader they can carry in their pockets - or photograph your accounts receivable records. Advances in technology and business methods have also created new dangers for businesses. Thankfully, emerging areas of insurance and law are centered around cyber-risks.



How to Prevent Burglaries During Vacations


Before taking off on vacation, it is important for homeowners to make sure they will not return to an empty or ransacked home. Experts recommend several tips for avoiding burglaries while on vacation:


Give the impression that someone is always home. When they case neighborhoods for potential targets, burglars look for patterns. If they notice a home's lights are always off and mail or fliers are piling up, they know the residents are gone. Before leaving, ask that mail be held or forwarded temporarily. Ask a neighbor to remove any fliers or cards from a gate if applicable. It is also important to have lights come on frequently. Set timers for lamps in various parts of the house. Setting a television to record shows and turn on automatically can also be helpful. If there is grass in the yard, arrange for it to be mowed. Leave a few blinds or curtains partially open to give the appearance that someone is home. If there is a land phone in the home, lower the ringer volume so it is not audible outdoors. Also, make sure the volume on the answering machine is turned down low. 

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