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It's a challenge every shelter faces:  How to keep their rescues well-exercised and well-socialized to ensure they have the best chance for adoption when the opportunity presents it's self.  

Volunteers are not always available ... but this program broadens that scope of volunteers by inviting runners, hikers, walkers in to take the eager dogs out for a walk or a jog or a hike ... it's a total win-win!

Read more about how you could possibly start a similar program at your location here!




"Dear Animal Rescue Aid, thank you for all you do for so many rescue
animals and for the awesome beds!!  We were recently
 donate a couple of your amazing beds and would lov
a few more for our 60+ rescue dogs and puppies in our care.  This is a photo of a litter of little hound puppies pulled along with their mother from the Waynesboro Animal control on the day they were born.  They absolutely LOVED the bed as you can see! :) Blessings and Peace" ~

Samantha Holton  / Founder Girard Lifesaver Rescue (GA)


"This is little Chester loving his Animal Rescue Aid pet bed at the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas"  ~
Cindy Powell / Chautauqua County Animal Shelter (KS)

We give away 5 ARA pet beds each month!
If you'd like to be in to win ...
just email us a photo of one of your rescues 
enjoying their ARA pet bed ... 

Pet Beds:
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(Includes Shipping in Contiguous USA-Min Order 5 Any Size)

DNA 'vaccine' sterilizes mice, could lead to one-shot birth control

In follow up to the 'chemical castration' article we posted last month - we wanted to post this very exciting information we learned about recently by Lindsey Vansandt DVM, Phd - currently researching this cutting edge birth control approach ...

According to Lindsey ... this is a 'vectored contraception' approach and they're already showing success with this in mice and are moving forward with additional research now.

The researchers should know more in about 3-4 months and Lindsey will keep us informed of progress.

This will be HUGE if this is successful.  
If there's a 'one-shot' birth control solution we could finally get a grip on sterilization and overpopulation and the resulting pain, suffering and killing of animals that happens every day around the world.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Yup ... me, too ... but here's a list of things you can do (ANYTIME) that are important, pretty easy to do ... and once you check these off you may just be inspired to tackle a few more of the other things you had on that Resolution List of yours!:
  • Change your smoke alarm batteries - You'll be protecting yourself and your
    pets from a potential home fire. Install carbon monoxide detectors, too if you don't already have them installed.
  • Get your pets micro-chipped - If they're micro-chipped, ensure their information is updated at the Found Animals FREE database.  
  • Get your insurance for your pet.  A low cost insurance policy could mean the difference between providing life saving care for your pet or not if the time comes.
  • Most important of all - spend time with your pet!  It's proven to be good for your health!!  And if you have a dog that enjoys a good long walk or even a run - DO IT!  It's healthy for them and for you (just remember to protect them from heat, traffic and other hazards).
Best Regards,
Tracey French/Founder
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