While our beloved pets will be warm and cared for this Holiday Season ... 
too many will be in shelters with no one to love them
...with no home of their own ... 

Please spare a moment to think of them 
and find a way to shop 
so your shopping will benefit them 
in some small way.  
Below are some easy ways to include them in your giving this Holiday Season.  

Thank you.  May God bless and keep you and yours safe this Holiday Season.

Please support Animal Rescue Aid at Amazon Smile when you shop this Holiday Season ... Just click on the ICON to the left of click here and every extra penny will go a long way to help pups in shelters this winter. 

 Thank you so much!

Even better ... visit Adopt-A-Shelter.com and access over 750 websites (Amazon.com, Best Buy, Macys, etc) to do your Holiday Shopping ... 
"Adopt" Animal Rescue Aid first and our Forgotten Shelters Program(TM) 
will benefit from all those extra pennies and it won't cost you a dime!

Thank you so much!
Looking for a BADASS stocking-stuffer 
for that 'hard to buy for' 
person on your list??

We partnered with SoulFoodMafia so you can purchase an amazing T-Shirt and 
DO GOOD at the same time!

Be sure to select ANIMAL RESCUE AID first so that we get the benefit of 8% of the purchase to benefit our Forgotten Shelters Program(TM) 

Soul Food Mafia is a human-conscious and eco-conscious brand whose products are made in ethical and responsible ways. 
Will you be her HERO?

Please donate a pet bed 
for a shelter pup this winter ... 
just $26.00 
and it's tax deductible 
(as applicable) ...


Please RE-ENROLL your account ANNUALLY so that each time your Kroger card is scanned at check out (for gas and for purchases) --- Kroger donates to Animal Rescue Aid.  

Each $$ donated allows us to purchase pet beds for small rural shelters that would otherwise never have pet beds for their rescues! 

Please visit Kroger and link your Kroger Plus Card to support Animal Rescue Aid [Our Unique NPO # 65208] 
Not everyone loves the holidays! :(

The holidays can be a stressful time for our pets ...when we're rushing around and we're stressed, they sense it and they can get anxious.  They can get particularly anxious if they think we are leaving them (you know how they can get when they see our suitcases coming out, right?)

Some tips to help keep our pets happy and healthy during the holidays:

Try to keep things as routine as possible - perhaps keep them to a room in the house they are comfortable in if guests come - so they are not unnecessarily stressed (particularly if they are not used to children.

Keeping them safe should also be a priority at this time of the year as this is a time when doors are often left open by accident during festivities.  Be sure they are safely behind locked doors when everyone is opening and closing doors and coming and going.  And be sure their collars and tags are up to date just in case they do get out.

Be sure no guests feed your pet people-food ... causing unexpected trips to the vet at
strange times of the day or night!   And be sure to make reservations early for your pet sitter or boarding facility if you plan to travel to avoid any disappointments.

And in the spirit of giving ... please don't forget the many animals who find themselves in shelters this Holiday Season ... with no one to love them ... Try to find time to volunteer at your local shelter for a couple of hours to brighten the day of a shelter animal and the shelter staff will appreciate it greatly too! :)

Best Regards,

Tracey French

Carrollton Dog Pound (MO)

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