Just 3 Awesome Reasons to get ARA Pet Beds for your Rescues! :)
Check out Cowboy - 
our honorary Pet Bed tester ... 
He put this pet bed through its paces ... 
and he couldn't put a dent it :)

Cowboy at Hail Mary Rescue - puts his ARA Pet Bed to the test!
Cowboy ~ Hail Mary Rescue, Thibodaux, LA

Thank You, ARA!

"It's been nearly 2 months since I got an Animal Rescue Aid bed for my beautiful but energetic foster dog, Sparkle. 

She is happy and comfortable and there is not a single chew mark on the bed! UNBELIEVABLE!!   Beds did not last long before with her! I was tired of cleaning up bed parts, but equally concerned that she might ingest fabric and get an obstruction...worry no more! 

Thank you ARA!"

~ Marilyn Ganahl / Foster Mom
WAG (Williston Animal Group), Rapscallion to the Rescue, and 
         GPR (Gainesville Pet Rescue)

Mac-Daddy of Pet Beds!!

"LUV the bed...and most importantly so does Nix. This bed has been bomb proof. 

Nix is a good dog but is a tad board in his kennel and has taken out all his frustration on
his past bedding. He's gone through I can't even count number of blanket and stuffed beds, shredded .. didn't even last the night...and also tried numerous raised platform beds, which sadly didn't last long either. BUT .. this bed is awesome!! The bed is still intact, all four corners and the cover, all in one piece. 

Nix should be the poster dog for this bed, for sure. 
Can't thank y'all enough .. Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds are the Mac-Daddy of pet beds!!" 

~ Lisa Johnson / Ruff Dog Rescue (GA) 

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