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 We received this photo and our hearts just broke ... 
Please help us send this city animal shelter the pet beds they need.



San Bernardino City

Animal Shelter (CA)

- is run by the local 

police department. 

They house more than 100 dogs 

at any one time ... 

and have few resources 

to care for them.


We spoke to them today and they would be 

SO grateful to receive

Pet Beds for their rescues to replace the few broken ones they have ...


Please will you donate just ONE?



1.  DONATE a pet bed
(just $22.50/fully tax deductible).

If you're unable to donate -

2. Please SHARE via EMAIL


... someone you know may like to donate

and you'll have made that happen! 


Please CLICK to donate

 and give a San Bernardino Dog

"a hint of home ~ while they wait for theirs™"



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