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We're just back from a wonderful time at the
in Daytona, FL
and want to welcome our newest 
ARA Donation Program Participants!
We're SO happy to have you join us!  We'll be sending you an email with your participant information 
and look forward to sending you 
Pet Bed and Pet Crate donations soon!
The EXPO is always a great opportunity to catch up with ole friends ... on the left below, Charlie Nickle of Hardin County Animal Services - visiting with his baby "Spur" and wonderful to make new friends ... on the right below, fellow exhibitor, Sara England of Sara England Designs - and her baby "Chance" who loved his Animal Rescue Aid pet bed so much we gave it to him when he left! :)




"So, tell me again ...  
How do we get those
Pet Bed & Pet Crate donations?" 

When your supporters ask - "How can I help?"

- let them know - SPECIFICALLY! 


We need X-number of pet beds before the end of the year/winter ....


We need X-number of Pet Crates so we can take more rescues

to adoption days ...

- then let them know you're a participant in the

ARA National Donation Programs and ask them to make a donation at on your behalf.   


That way your supporters know exactly where their donation $$ are going and exactly how they're helping. 

And because Animal Rescue Aid is a registered 501 (c) 3

their donation is fully tax deductible

so it's a win-win all around!


It's important to keep your supporters interested and engaged in the amazing work YOU're doing as a shelter/rescue group and, at the same time, showing them why you need the Pet Beds and Pet Crates!

  • Share Your News:  Send us an email with a photo (as often as you like!) with a few lines describing a recent rescue, a success story or particular challenge you're facing.  We'll post it to our Facebook page and share it in our Animal Rescue Aid emails.  People are more likely to help when they learn about the wonderful work you do for animals each and every day!
  • Get Specific:  Let us know exactly how many Pet Beds and/or Pet Crates you need. When we let people know you need 'just 5 more Pet Beds' to reach your goal, that encourages donations. 
  • Post/Share Photos:  Send us photos of the animals in your care laying on concrete floors (or where ever they are without Pet Beds!) so there's no doubt about what's needed.  One shelter shared a photo of one of their rescues in a crate that was a little too small for her and very quickly a kind person donated a large ARA crate for the pup!  A picture is worth a thousand words as they say - so do USE them!
  • Link to our Facebook Page: Link so your supporters will know more about our Donation Programs, see our successes and want that for YOU.
  • Link to our Website: Ask your supporters to visit Animal Rescue Aid to donate a Pet Bed or even to "chip in" on a Pet Crate on your behalf.  If you don't ask - people won't know what you need.  Your supporters want to help you - tell them HOW!

We've found that the groups that actively (and repeatedly!) get the word out via Facebook, email, website links, newsletters, etc - get the most Pet Bed and Pet Crate donations. 



We're fully committed to YOU and helping you get the Pet Bed and Pet Crate donations you need, so please contact us and let us know if there's anything we can do to help.   



National Donation Program Information


Large & Medium Pet Beds are just $22.50 Each/
Replacement Toppers just $8.50 Each
(FREE Shipping in contiguous USA!)
Click for Order Form
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42"/3-Door Pet Crates are just $85.00 Each/
(FREE Shipping in contiguous USA!)
Just $60.00 Each if picked up in Atlanta, GA
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Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Weekend!


Tracey Robinson-French~ Founder

Animal Rescue Aid


Animal Rescue Aid
8343 Roswell Road #405 / Atlanta, Georgia 30350