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We asked you to donate a pet bed for
Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) ...
You did better than that ...
You donated 200! 



It began with the photo of a

puppy shivering at the

 Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) 


"I do not even know the words to express my gratitude for your help with the Dothan City Animal Shelter. I have never witnessed such a supreme act of kindness and generosity for this shelter. I could have never imagined that when I posted this girl's pic on Tuesday this would be the outcome for it.
We have named the sweet girl in the pic "Ara" in honor of you all.
The icing on this enormous cake would be that she gets adopted so I am networking her in hopes of finding her a forever home.
I, the shelter animals and shelter workers will be forever grateful to you all".

~ Joy Parkman


It was this photo of "Ara" SHIVERING  without a bed that went viral and found it's way to Animal Rescue Aid and into the hearts of our many compassionate supporters, who ultimately donated the 200 pet beds for this shelter.




"Ara" loved her new Animal Rescue Aid pet bed, but the wonderful news is that just today "Ara" left Dothan City Animal Shelter for her foster home  ... We wish sweet "Ara" much success and pray that her "foster home" becomes her "forever home". 

She SO deserves it ... as do all the animals available for adoption at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL)!


Please CLICK HERE and consider giving one of these wonderful animals a forever home of their own .... !               




We are so thankful to each and every single one of our supporters who donated these pet beds to the dogs of Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL),

but we do want to give special thanks to

Billy D. of Arizona who

personally donated 100 of the 200 pet beds that were donated!

We are so very grateful to Billy for this amazing gift

and for his ongoing support of Animal Rescue Aid

and our National Pet Bed Donation Program


As with all our supporters, Billy understands that pet beds

are more than just the obvious comfort for a dog in a shelter:

A pet bed makes a dog more relaxed

and in that way eases their anxiety and stress so they may be

more approachable and hopefully more adoptable

and that's what it's all about






January 20th, 2014 - Delivery of 200 Pet Beds

to the Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL)


"We are so very thankful to everyone for their kindness and support of our shelter. Municipal shelters are often overlooked for Humane Societies, so it came as quite a shock to us when I received the phone call. I certainly didn't expect that we would be getting 200 pet beds! Joy Parkman has become one of our most avid supporters of late, and we certainly love her dearly; she does so much for our shelter....I'm not sure who was the most excited between the two of us!  Our shelter staff watched with great anticipation as the UPS truck carefully backed his big brown pet bed-laden vessel up to our sidewalk. We ran out and started taking pictures of the driver unloading our packages of wonderment. Not too sure the UPS driver was so very thrilled about the photo shoot, but he's not the guy who delivers in my neighborhood, so I'm safe from any "misplaced" goodies that I personally order. When the smoke cleared, there they were....those lovely bright blue "get my cold butt off this concrete" miracles shipped from Atlanta.


I cannot express how much that my staff and I appreciate the money, the effort and the love that everyone has put into this project for the Dothan City Animal Shelter."

 Sincerely, Adrianne

 Sgt. A.E.Woodruff

Division Commander

Animal Services Dothan, Alabama Police Department





Saturday 25th, 2014 - Pet Bed Assembly Party!


 "We got all 200 pet beds for Dothan City Animal Shelter DONE! Local news came out and interviewed us and local radio was there broadcasting the whole time!

Huge success! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!!" ~ Joy Parkman 
Click for WTVY News Coverage





Pups On Beds!


Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video 1 
Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video 1
Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video 2 

Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video  2

Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video 3 
Animal Rescue Aid Pet Beds at Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) - Video 3




"A huge thank you from the Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL) staff 'n pooches. The beds were enjoyed by all. Even lil 3 lb pups were pulling themselves up on top of the beds. By 5 p.m. all pooches had figured out how to use them and were snuggled in for the night. We cannot thank you enough!! Your generosity will not be forgotten".~ Beth Faison Morrison / Dothan City Animal Shelter (AL)



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