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Fact # 1 - 
 Winter's coming. 
Fact # 2 -
There's a shelter in your area
that needs pet beds.

Fact # 3 -

YOU can get them the pet beds they need

and you don't even have to get up off that sofa you're on! 

Seriously! :) 



It's as easy as 1 ... 2.... 3 ...



Just pick a shelter you want to support.
Email your friends and family, colleagues -
let them know you've decided to do a really good thing
for the animals at your local shelter
(let them know the name of the shelter you're supporting)
and ask them each to help you help the animals by going to
and donating just one
$22.50 (fully tax-deductible)
pet bed for a frightened shelter dog ...
Post the same message to your Facebook page
or any other social media you use
and ask others to share what you're doing. 
You'll be amazed at how people are energized by your
'good pet bed karma'
and that in turn will attract more good pet bed karma -
and before you know it
your shelter will be the happy beneficiary
of many pet beds for their deserving rescues. 
We'll ship the pet beds directly to the shelter
and send you a list of everyone who donated - so you can thank them directly if you'd like!
Easy as that and you're there in your PJ's enjoying another well deserved cup of coffee!



If not YOU .... WHO? 

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Please CLICK to donate

 and give a rescued animal

"a hint of home ~ while they wait for theirs™"



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