Get competitive!

Station Organizers: Star stations

Make your station a star in one of two ways: 

1. Most votes on the Bike to Work Day website. The stations with the most votes on the Bike to Work Day website (with an average rank of at least four stars) will receive 2017 Star Station designation. (Consult page 22 of the Station Organizer Toolkit for more information.) 

2. Best station photo or marketing material. Submit photos of your station and participants, as well as examples of your marketing materials to The Way to Go team will select a winner (or winners). Practice your best poses and get those cameras ready! 

Be competitive! Designate a volunteer to ask riders to support your station by voting for it. Collect email addresses so you can send out a reminder (and link) for riders to vote for your station, or give bike commuters a printed reminder to vote for your station. Cyclists must be registered as participants on the Bike to Work Day website to vote. 

Company Coordinators: Business Challenge 

Are you registered for the Bike to Work Day Business Challenge? Have you dusted off a spot for the trophy you will win? 

Get your coworkers excited and engaged. Use the "invite others to join" link under the coordinator menu on your dashboard to cut and paste a link into a company email. This link will allow your coworkers to automatically associate with your company team. Recruit the most participants and you are on your way to winning! 

Interested in keeping the two-wheeled momentum rolling beyond Bike to Work Day? Our team is available to customize a program for you through the summer and into the fall. Contact the Way to Go team at

Keep it rolling,
The Way to Go team