Registration is open: Let's go!

Three important things:
  1. Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, June 28
  2. Registration is open: Register now!
  3. Register and you could win prizes. Refer friends for a chance to win even more!
Food. Drinks. Fun.

This year, you'll find hundreds of bike-loving stations around the region that will be serving up great food, drinks and cool swag. Check the website to find a station near you.

Bike Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Bike to Work Day is brought to you by Way to Go, a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments. We'll help you plan your route, estimate your time, even give you tips on combining your bike route with bus or rail. Contact us.


How do I register?

It's simple! Go to the Bike to Work Day website at

I do Bike to Work Day every year. Why do I have to register again?

We clear our database each year and require users to re-register. We do this to collect the most accurate and up-to-date information. Because we ask for origin and destination zip codes as well as miles biked to work, the event statistics would become skewed if we retained records year-to-year and participants or businesses relocated and did not update their locations. The best way for us to obtain the most accurate information is to have participants register each year. The information you provide helps us better represent regionwide interest in bike commuting to local, state and federal decision-makers.

Why isn't the website recognizing my email and password as a registered user?

Although previous participants' email addresses remain on our mailing list, they are not saved in the registration database.

What if I don't want these emails? 

You have the option to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.