In this Issue, February 2016
Welcome to a New Year! 

Congratulations and thank you for being one of more than 10,000 commuters now registered at the Denver Regional Council of Governments' website, where you can find route information, a carpool partner and track your trips. Together, our efforts make the region a better place to live!
Who We Are. What We Do. 

A regional partnership between DRCOG and several transportation management associations (TMAs), Way to Go works to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and make life better for the region's residents. The organization has promoted better commuting options for employers and individuals for more than 30 years.  Way to Go staff works with companies and their commuting employees to educate and encourage the use of non-SOV (single-occupant vehicle) modes of transportation

Program staff also works with schools throughout the region to decrease school-based chauffeuring, resulting in reduced neighborhood congestion around schools and better air quality where children gather. 

In 2015, Way to Go worked with more than 1,000 employers and organizations, representing tens of thousands of commuting employees throughout the region. Here is a list of some of the free services that Way to Go offers: 
  • Customized employee commute surveys 
  • Commuter pre-tax benefit implementation for employers
  • Information and implementation tools for carpooling and vanpooling
  • On-site education programs including presentations and carpool/vanpool matching events
  • Commuting brochure information displays at work sites, including posters and flyers 
  • RTD EcoPass and Guaranteed Ride Home information

Please contact the Way to Go team to help your company with commuting options.
Inaugural Go-Tober Competition Makes Impact

In October 2015, the Way to Go program launched the inaugural Go-Tober smart commuting competition for regional employers. The competition's goal was to reduce the number of SOVs and challenge employees to try commuting options such as carpooling, transit, biking and walking (and then logging their trips on

Competing in categories based on size, 25 companies representing nearly 1,400 participants participated in one of three categories: 

1. Going Strong (winner: Key Equipment Finance) 
2. Going Big (winner: Gates) 
3. Going with Gusto (winner: Boulder County)

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who helped reduce SOV traffic! Go-Tober made a measurable difference. Participants logged 22,700 sustainable commute trips totaling 302,941 miles. They saved $87,570, reduced carbon emissions by 83 tons and burned nearly 1.7 million calories by walking and biking.

Way to Go is already planning this year's Go-Tober events ---  please contact us if your company is interested in competing this year.

Way to Go Champion Awards
The Way to Go Champion Awards recognize innovative commuter outreach efforts and programs that reduce SOV (single-occupant vehicle) commuting while increasing the use of sustainable transportation options.

Do you know a deserving nominee for a Way to Go Champion award? 
  • Way to Go Employer Champion Award (as many as three companies/organizations will be recognized) 
  • Community Champion Award (one individual) 
  • Workplace Champion Award (one individual) 
  • Commuter of the Year Award (one individual)

Hurry! The nomination period closes Friday, March 18. Self-nominations are encouraged. To nominate a company or individual, click here.  For more information, please email the DRCOG Way to Go staff.

Event Recap: Way to Go Tabor Center!

The My Way to Go website can also be used for fun! Last summer, Callahan Properties, the property management company for the Tabor Center in downtown Denver, used the website to create a 90-day non-SOV (single-occupant vehicle) commuting challenge for its tenant companies. More than 50 participants sampled sustainable commuting options and logged their trips.

The results were impressive! For 90 days, the participants logged 30,187 non-SOV miles, which included 21,533 miles by transit, 4,770 miles by bike, 2,981 miles by carpool, and 896 miles on foot. The 21,533 miles they traveled by transit is equal to starting a journey in Tierra del Fuego, Chile, and ending in Paris, France.

To celebrate, Callahan Properties rewarded the participants with prizes, such as a Samsung tablet, a Fitbit watch, $50 gift cards and RTD regional passes.

Are your office building's tenants up to the challenge? We can help you conduct a commuting competition. Please email the DRCOG Way to Go transportation specialists for more information.
Bike to Work Day - Wednesday, June 22

Last year, more than 32,000 people participated in Bike to Work Day and we had 248 breakfast or afternoon stations for refreshments hosted by a combination of small and large businesses, nonprofits, cities and counties and individuals.  THANK YOU to our 2015 hosts!

If you're a business, nonprofit or other organization, it's not too early to start thinking about promoting your business or organization by hosting a 2016 Bike to Work Day breakfast or afternoon water station. It's a great way to get visibility and to be associated with a healthful annual event.

If you are interested in hosting a station, sponsoring the event or getting your company involved in the Bike to Work Day Business Challenge, you are invited to attend the Bike to Work Day Open House information sessions held on Tuesday, April 5 at the DRCOG office located at 1290 Broadway, Denver 80203. Morning sessions (7 a.m. to 11 a.m.) and afternoon sessions (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) are available. 

Please email us to RSVP to the Open House, or to find out more about 2016 Bike to Work Day.   
Around the Region: U.S. 36 Expansion Complete

One of the largest construction projects in the state is complete. U.S. 36, between Denver and Boulder, now features express lanes that can be used for high-occupancy vehicles (HOV), tolled single-occupant vehicles and bus rapid transit (BRT), greatly alleviating congestion and providing U.S. 36 commuters with more choices. An exciting part of the project is the U.S. 36 Bikeway, a direct commuter highway for bicyclists.

To take full advantage of the corridor's multimodal options, 36 Commuting Solutions, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado High-Performance Transportation Enterprise, DRCOG and the Regional Transportation District (RTD), is offering incentives to entice solo drivers to switch to transit, carpools or vanpools. 36 Commuting Solutions offers a complimentary regional RTD 10-Ride Ticket Book (valued at $45), or a $75 cash incentive for new carpool and vanpool riders. Visit to learn more.

Around the Region:  RTD Quarterly News
New Bus Routes, Commuter Rail, Expanded Light Rail and More

U.S. 36 Corridor - RTD's Flatiron Flyer is here! 
The new bus rapid transit service between Denver and Boulder offers numerous options with faster and more convenient travel choices serving major destinations in Denver, Boulder and in-between. Buses travel on 18 miles of managed lanes along U.S. 36 allowing the Flatiron Flyer to avoid traffic delays and resulting in on-time performance and reliability. Learn more and view schedules.

Ride the Rails to the Airport
The University of Colorado - A Line is a 23-mile electric commuter rail line scheduled to open Friday, April 22. The trip from Union Station to Denver International Airport will take approximately 37 minutes and cost $9. Read RTD's fact sheet for more details.

New Commuter Rail, Expanded Light Rail and More
2016 is going to be an exciting year in regional mass transit. Three new RTD commuter rail lines (A, B and G) will open across Denver, Arvada, Westminster and Wheat Ridge, and light rail (the new R line) will be extended in Aurora.

North Metro - Route 8 - RTD's northernmost service
Route 8 offers weekday bus service to 144th and Orchard Parkway, serving the Orchard Town Center and St. Anthony North Health Campus in Westminster as well as the Lowe's and WalMart centers at 136th.

Transfers are available at the Wagon Road Park-n-Ride, including RTD's express route 120X into downtown Denver and the local route 120 travelling east and west along 120th Avenue.

For additional information, including route schedules and fares, visit, or call RTD at (303) 299-6000.
FLEX - Express bus service between Boulder and Fort Collins
The Colorado Front Range is more connected than ever with a new express bus service connecting Boulder, Longmont, Loveland and Fort Collins. 

This Monday-Friday bus service during peak morning and peak evening times is locally funded and made possible through Transfort, the Fort Collins transit program, and regional partnerships. 

Transfers to the RTD bus system are available in Longmont and Boulder. Additionally, FLEX provides mid-day service between Loveland and Fort Collins. The route and schedule is available at
Commuting vocabulary: What is Commuter Rail? 

What's the difference between commuter rail and light rail? Up until now, RTD's train system has consisted entirely of light rail. Now, most of the rail lines currently under construction are built for a new type of train. It's called commuter rail and the differences between the two are significant. Visit the RTD website to learn more.

Around the Region:  CDOT News

Interstate 25 North Express Lanes Project
This CDOT project will maximize the use of the existing highway infrastructure to expand the capacity of I-25 by adding one HOV/tolled express lane in each direction from U.S. 36 to 120th Avenue. In addition, the project will resurface the existing lanes along this congested six-mile stretch.

Express Lanes
The existing I-25 Express Lanes leading into and out of downtown Denver provide motorists with three options: Carpooling (free); paying a toll (as an SOV); or using the existing general-purpose lanes for free. Visit CDOT's website for more information

Bustang is a new inter-regional express bus service connecting commuters to Denver along the busy I-25 and I-70 corridors in a big purple bus.  Do you travel the Front Range from Fort Collins to Denver, or Colorado Springs to Denver to get to work? Or how about taking a scenic ride from Denver to Glenwood Springs? Visit the Bustang website to view maps, routes, schedules and to buy tickets.

2015 was Schoolpool's biggest year ever! Last year, more than 130 Denver metro area schools enrolled in the Way to Go Schoolpool program. The program provided nearly 18,000 families with personalized match lists and identified neighborhood families interested in forming carpools or finding biking, walking or bus buddies. We estimate that more than 6,000 school-related carpools formed, each representing participation by 2.6 families. On average, Schoolpool carpools operated 4.4 days a week and traveled 7.8 miles (one-way) to school.
Closing Notes

2015 was a great year for the Way to Go commuter education and awareness programs. Thank you for your dedication and energy, as well as your collective efforts to have a measurable, positive effect to make life better for our region's residents. This year promises to be filled with more educational events and multimodal transportation options for employers and commuters to explore.

Until the next newsletter, please stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.
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