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October 15, 2015 

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The Data Consortium consists of DRCOG members and regional partners with an interest in geospatial data and collaboration. The Data Consortium Newsletter is designed to improve communication among local GIS professionals and features updates from all levels of government as they relate to data and geospatial initiatives in our region. This newsletter is published quarterly.
DRCOG Launches Denver Regional Visual Resources (DRVR) Site
Article submitted by Ashley Summers, GISP, Information Systems Manager and DRVR Project Manager at DRCOG. Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].
In early October, DRCOG launched a new online tool called Denver Regional Visual Resources (DRVR). DRVR is a repository of data-driven stories and infographics that explain the state of our region, focusing on transportation issues, employment and population trends, land use, and aging. These resources are meant to explain issues quickly and clearly, to provide a basis for discussion, and to inform decision-making.

DRVR is a public tool meant for a wide audience. Our goal is to empower anyone with an interest in local and regional planning topics -from local officials, to community and advocacy groups, to the public. It provides regional context and local insight on key topics supports data-driven decision making by showcasing important data topics in a compelling way.

Learn more here and check it out for yourself at

Participate in the 2016 Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP)
Article submitted by Ashley Summers, GISP, Information Systems Manager and DRAPP Project Manager at DRCOG. Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].
Every two years, DRCOG facilitates the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project to acquire high- resolution imagery for the entire Denver region. Planning is currently underway for the 2016 project.
Recently the DRCOG board approved the DRAPP selection committee's recommendation of the Sanborn Map Company, Inc. as the 2016 imagery acquisition vendor. Contracting has begun and project requirements are being finalized.

DRCOG also recently received bids for an independent quality control vendor. This vendor will make sure that every tile across our 7,000 square-mile region is checked and approved. Vendor interviews will be performed in mid-October and a decision will be made shortly thereafter.

DRCOG will begin signing up partners for the 2016 project in early November. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ashley Summers at [email protected].

Celebrate GIS Day with the City and County of Denver
Autumn is in the air and this can only mean one thing: GIS Day is right around the corner! This year's event will take place in the Wellington Webb Bldg Atrium (201 W Colfax Ave) on Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  The event will showcase a wide range of GIS products, tools and applications from Denver's GIS community.  Additionally, there will be a map gallery, interactive map displays, live music performances, presentations, cake and prizes!
Save the Date - Mile High Data Day
In today's open data culture, we have the ability to use data to tell stories, collaborate across organizations, and make data-informed decisions that have the power to improve the lives of others. The Piton Foundation's Data Initiative invites you to learn how to combine these elements and use open data to drive social change at the first annual Mile High Data Day, which is happening on February 19, 2016 at the University of Colorado Denver.

Join Denver's data community as we share best practices and strengthen our region's data culture. Mile High Data Day 2016 will include speakers, panels and interactive breakout sessions. More details will be available soon, but we hope you will plan on attending!

Planimetrics Data Available Now
Article submitted by Ashley Summers, GISP, Information Systems Manager and DRAPP Project Manager at DRCOG. Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].
The Denver Regional Planimetrics Project is starting to produce data! To date, 280+ square miles of coverage has been delivered to DRCOG. DRCOG and its regional partners are performing quality control checks on the data and working with the vendor to finalize the deliveries.  The pilot data - a 25 square mile area - is completely done and is available for you to download from our Regional Data Catalog.

The data includes building footprints, edge of pavement, parking lots, trails and sidewalks. All data will be public domain and will be made available for download from DRCOG's Regional Data Catalog as it is completed.

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New Data in the Regional Data Catalog
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