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April 15, 2015 

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The Data Consortium consists of DRCOG members and regional partners with an interest in geospatial data and collaboration. The Data Consortium Newsletter is designed to improve communication among local GIS professionals and features updates from all levels of government as they relate to data and geospatial initiatives in our region. This newsletter is published quarterly.
DRCOG Starts Work on a Regional Zoning Map
Article provided by Ashley Summers, Information Systems Manager, DRCOG.  Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].

DRCOG is currently working with a consultant to create a regional zoning map. The consultant is compiling and reading the zoning codes for all jurisdictions in the DRCOG region. The goal of this project is two-fold.

First, the consultant will use the information to develop Floor Area Ratios (FAR) for each zoning type. This metric is used in UrbanSim - the DRCOG land use model - for determining where future development can occur.

Second, the consultant is putting together a crosswalk of local codes to a regional classification system. The regional categories are more general and allow us to make a standardized regional zoning map. The following categories are included:

  • Agricultural
  • Civic
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Use
  • Mixed-Use Commercial
  • Mixed-Use Residential
  • Office
  • Open Space
  • Residential Agricultural
  • Residential Low
  • Residential Medium
  • Residential High
  • Retail / Services
  • Airport
  • Utilities

Arapahoe County was the pilot for this project. e draft regional zoning map is shown here. We expect to complete the map for the entire region by August 2015.



Planimetric Project Update

Article provided by Ashley Summers, Information Systems Manager, DRCOG.  Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].

DRCOG is working with 25 regional partners and Kucera International, Inc. to develop regional planimetric data. This project will collect building roofprints, sidewalk centerlines, edge of pavement and other impervious surfaces (e.g. driveways).  We are attempting to collect regional coverage for many features, but the area may be adjusted based on contributions from partners (you can still contribute to the project!).

We are excited to announce that this data will be in the public domain and available in the Regional Data Catalog. Deliveries to DRCOG will be progressive and continue throughout 2015. expect to start offering data on our website in May/June.


If you have questions or would like to contribute to this project, please contact Ashley Summers at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].

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The next newsletter goes out in July. Please contact Ashley Summers at 303-480-6746 or [email protected] by June to contribute.

2015 Data Request and the Data Portal

Article provided by Ashley Summers, Information Systems Manager, DRCOG.  Ashley can be reached at 303-480-6746 or [email protected].

DRCOG sent a data request to member jurisdictions on January 21, 2015 asking for the following nine datasets:

  • Open Space
  • Zoning
  • Employment/Business Data
  • Building Permits
  • Bikes/Trails 
  • County and Municipal Boundaries
  • Special District Boundaries
  • Parcels
  • Buildings/Addresses 


The 2015 request was unique in three ways. First, we utilized a new application - the Data Portal - for the collection effort. Second, we built a dynamic link to Open Colorado from the Data Portal, incentivizing jurisdictions to make their data free and open to the public. Third, we partnered with the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) to gather and pass along the data that is mutually beneficial to both agencies.

Below is our preliminary report based on the submissions we received by the request deadline (each year some additional datasets are provided after the deadline for various reasons).

  • On average, we saw a 24% increase in the amount of requested data that was submitted, when compared to the response in 2014.
  • The vast majority of jurisdictions adopted the Data Portal submission method. The Data Portal currently has 70+ registered users.
  • Of the 298 datasets provided in the Data Portal, 234 (79%) were categorized as "open." Thirty-one out of 38 jurisdictions (82%) took the initiative to make some or all of their data shareable. This means that DRCOG is not limited to only using this data internally, but may also aggregate it and share it publicly in the Regional Data Catalog. This is great progress towards our goal of more open data in the region!
  • Twelve DRCOG member governments contribute to Open Colorado. Two joined the site after we issued our request and five others added to their Open Colorado contributions to accommodate the DRCOG request.
  • DRCOG will be passing along over 200 datasets to the Governor's Office of Information Technology. Jurisdictions that allow this pass-through of data only had to respond to the DRCOG request and now do not have to respond to OIT's request.

Overall, we feel that this year's data collection effort and the use of the Data Portal were a great success. Thank you all for your participation and support!



Contour Data Available!

DRCOG is hosting 1ft and 2ft contour data in the Regional Data Catalog. This data is a result of the LIDAR 2013 project (a partnership between FEMA, USGS, and DRCOG).

If you use the data for a project, we'd be interested in hearing how it worked for you. Please contact us with your story! 

GIS in the Rockies Announcement




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