Notes to Pastors
Atlantic Coast Conference
June 19, 2014

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

Thank you for the leadership role you carry as an ACC pastor. From time to time you will receive the Notes to Pastors column.  Some items listed here are specifically for pastors, while other items may apply to additional ministry leaders in your congregation. Please pass along these items as appropriate.

Blessings as we serve together,
Brook Musselman
Atlantic Coast Conference Coordinator

Centered in Christ
Building Connections
Sharing God's Love


This phrase appears on various conference publications and is central to the vision of ACC. 


As a supplement to face-to-face greetings and conversations, we'd like to develop a more robust online church profile to help build connections and show how we share God's love. The profiles will represent each congregation on our web page and can be easily introduced on our facebook page, in addition to linking to your church's webpage. 


Help those from other church families get to know yours by filling out the form at this link, which we will use to create an introduction for your church.




ACC Summer Gatherings: Fellowship over Food


The ACC Ministers' Retreat scheduled for June 19 has been cancelled. In its place, groups from each ACC church are encouraged to host or attend a time of fellowship and sharing over a meal. The purpose of this engagement is to deepen personal connection between individuals from diverse member congregations and to emphasize that which is core to our shared faith. 


 Click here for more details and suggestions about how to get involved



Pastoral Wellness Program: Summer Tips


The Summer 2014 edition of Philhaven's Tips from your PWP is available. This edition includes tips for exercise and mental health, stress free summer meal planning,helpful relationship reminders and tips for a peaceful workplace. 



Revised Honorarium Policy


From time to time, pastors and congregational leaders ask whether ACC has an honorarium guide regarding the amount visitors speakers are paid. The attached ACC Honorarium Policy can be used as a guide how your congregation compensates visiting speakers. Congregations vary regarding their capacity to compensate visiting speakers. Some churches will view the guide as a minimum amount while others will view the guide as a maximum amount; which is understandable.


Honorarium Policy 



Anabaptist Renewal Circles National Conference


July 10-12

Weaverland Mennonite Church, East Earl, Pa.
Special early registration rate: $40/person ($60/person after June 15)
See the website for more information.



An Exploration of the Teaching Position on Homosexuality


On June 20-21, Lancaster Mennonite Conference is offering sessions that explore the Mennonite Church USA teaching position on homosexuality, led by Dr. Mark Theissen Nation, theology professor at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. See the flyer for more information. 
Jessica Crawford: Live Out Loud


 Jessica Crawford, of Bridgwater, Virginia, will be the speaker for this Fall's Mennonite Women Dinner on October 24 and will speak at Neffsville the following Sunday morning. Jessica will be available for further speaking engagments in the week leading up to these two events. Inquiries can be sent directly to Jessica at (540) 246-2344 or


 Jessica Crawford Biography and Speaking Points



Pentecost Sunday offering for Mennonite World Conference Assembly - June 8, 2014


The Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches of North America will host the next Mennonite World Conference Assembly in July, 2015. On Pentecost Sunday, June 8 (3 weeks from today), we will be gathering an above-budget offering so that members of our Anabaptist churches in the Global South can come to the Assembly. This offering is one way we can extend the same warm hospitality that many of us have experienced from sisters and brothers in other parts of the world



Convention in Kansas City


Are you getting ready for the 2015 convention in Kansas City, from June 30-July 5? If you've got questions about what convention is all about, and how it will interface with the Mennonite World Conference Assembly Gathered, check out this helpful list of frequently asked questions and answers.



Congregational Facilitation Available


Nancy Sauder from the Neffsville Congregation and Julie Dunst of Zion Mennonte are part of ACC's Facilitation Team and are available to facilitate congregational discussions in preparation for the Frazer Mennonite membership vote at the Fall Assembly. Nancy has worked in mediation and facilitation for more than 20 years and Julie holds a master's degree in conflict studies from EMU in addition to her experience as a mediator. If you would like help in discerning this need or to schedule a session, contact Nancy (, 717-569-1567) or Julie (,  484-955-4059).


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