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Call-in April 10 Seeks to Stop
Obama's Chained CPI Proposal


The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is mobilizing advocates across the nation in a Congressional Call-In day on Wednesday, April 10th, the day that President Obama releases his budget that will reportedly include cuts to Social Security through proposing to implement the chained consumer price index (or chained CPI).

NSCLC has long opposed the chained CPI as a "stealth benefit cut." NSCLC favors the CPI-E that would assure the purchasing power of beneficiaries as they age. It recognizes more accurately the higher costs faced by elderly households, something that the chained CPI does not do.
The Chained CPI will reduce benefits for all, but will particularly hurt the very old, women because they live longer, people with disabilities who became disabled early in life, and Asian and Hispanic Americans because they have higher life expectancy.  The harshest impact will be felt by those who are the most vulnerable, especially those who rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.
The Committee's goal is to flood Members of Congress with calls about the negative effects of the chained CPI.

NCPSSM's Legislative Hotline will connect callers directly to their Congressional leaders from one toll-free number: (800) 998-0180


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