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Dear NCS family,


It's late on a Thursday afternoon and I've given up.  My left hand--my writing hand--is completely cramped.  I literally cannot write another word.  But, while my hand is cramped, my heart is completely full.


This morning, our school communication leader, Amber Perona, placed a pile of 'thank you' cards on my desk for me to sign.  They are the thank you cards that many of you will be receiving in the mail over the next few days, thanking you for all the time, energy, and resources that you invested in our recent "35th Anniversary 'Throwback' Homecoming".  I've spent the better part of the morning and now the afternoon signing my name.  As a result, my hand is completely cramped.  Yet, I can't remember a recent time when I've felt so much joy.

As I have worked my way through this pile of cards, so many of your names have come up.  In my mind's eye, I can so clearly see your family, your students, and the effort you've invested on behalf of the ministry of this school.  And, to be honest, I have a sense that as tall as this pile of cards is, we're probably missing quite a few for folks who we either forgot (sorry!) or who worked so covertly that we missed them altogether.  After a full day of signing cards and thinking about so many families who have worked so hard and given so generously, to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed.  And, I fully recognize that the scope of the sacrifices given so freely by our families is much broader than homecoming or any single school event.  As I sat this morning and this afternoon and signed with other members of the administrative team, we've talked about so many of you and how much we depend upon you to see the mission of this school accomplished in the lives of the students we serve.  As the day has gone on (my hand growing all the more weary!), the realization has dawned upon us that we could not do this without you.

So, at the end of day, you may (or may not--sorry!) get a 'thank you' card from me and the team this week.  But, you deserve so much more.  You deserve kids who love Jesus completely and who are spiritually, academically, artistically, athletically, and socially equipped to be difference-makers in their world.  And, after a day when we've remembered how much you give and how much you sacrifice for your kids to be here, this team is more completely committed to that goal than ever.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve this school and your family,


Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623)225-5573 (cell)

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Junior Bryce Jones and Others Illustrate Why the Sutton Thanksgiving Food Drive Means So Much 

Northwest Christian launches annual campaign to share the love of Christ with students at three needy elementary schools
 and receives support from BHHS Legacy Foundation


For five years running, in an effort led by Student Council, Northwest Christian School has been involved in providing Thanksgiving and Christmas blessings to at-risk students living well below the poverty level at three elementary schools in south Phoenix:  J.B. Sutton Elementary, Alta Butler Elementary, and Western Valley Elementary.  The vast majority of these students are part of the free-and-reduced free lunch and breakfast programs at these schools and in many instances these meals may be the only meals these students receive.  In addition to the holiday support that Northwest Christian students have been providing, students also have the opportunity to be part of service projects at the schools.  For example, this past summer, several NCS students and staff participated in a Vacation Bible School at Calvario (a Spanish-speaking church that serves the neighborhoods in which the three schools are located) to which these students were invited. 


Just as the NCS secondary grades were kicking off the annual funding drive to purchase turkeys for the the Thanksgiving meals that the school is assembling, the students received some exciting news.  Last Thursday night, of their own accord, members of our Student Council, led by junior Bryce Jones, made an appeal regarding this effort to the business men and women who make up the board of the BHHS Legacy Foundation.  The next morning, on Friday, Mr. Brown received phone calls from two different members of the Foundation board. According to those phone calls, the board was "overwhelmed"  by Bryce's presentation and deeply moved that a group of students would take on such a momentous effort.

In response to the presentation, the Foundation has agreed to provide Northwest Christian families with the opportunity to contribute to Legacy Connection (an Affiliate of BHHS Legacy Foundation) and be eligible for the Charitable Organization Tax Credit (formerly known as the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit).  These donated funds will then be used to purchase turkeys and other Thanksgiving meal items. In addition, the Foundation will match, dollar for dollar, the amount that each NCS family gives to Legacy Connection until the $14,000 NCS total goal is met.  For example, this means that families giving up to the qualifying limit of the credit for married couples who file jointly--a $400 donation (or up to $200 for individuals)--will see their contributions doubled in terms of blessings to Arizona's neediest while also being eligible for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.  Legacy Connection has also committed to matching gifts over the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit until the NCS food drive goal is met.  (As Arizona donors you are eligible for the Working Poor Tax Credit, plus you can also participate in the Arizona Tax Credit programs for public and private schools).  You of course should also consult with your tax advisor.

"I am thrilled that for five years our students have provided these blessings for needy families," explains superintendent Geoff Brown.  "So much of scripture speaks to the Christian discipline of caring for the poor and we get the opportunity to coach our students through that within this project.  But more than that, what is happening is that our students' hearts are being shaped by the effort.  Students like Bryce are coming to a new understanding of who they are in Christ and what they are capable of accomplishing for His glory."  Across the campus, different stories are popping up and serving to encourage the school family tremendously.  These stories include... 

  • The fourth grader who took $20 that she had saved, purchased candy bars at the store, sold them in her neighborhood, and earned $115 which she committed to the campaign.
  • The group of preschool families who pitched in to purchase 100 Spanish/English Bibles to go into the 100 food boxes that the preschool is assembling.
  • The high schooler who felt led to cash their paycheck from their part time job and give all of the earnings to the turkey drive.

."So many stories like these are starting to circulate," continues Mr. Brown.  "It is so fun to see the Lord moving the hearts of our kids to accomplish His designs."


If your family is interested in supporting the food drive and seeing your donation to the project double, plus being eligible for the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit (formerly known as the Working Poor Tax Credit) please make your check payable to Legacy Connection or you can donate online at the BHHS Legacy Foundation website, (Click on donate now, go to the "donation type", within the pull-down menu, select 'Northwest Christian School Food Drive".)  Check also with your tax advisor.




You can also drop your donation off to the school office or mail it in to BHHS Legacy.  If you would like to do this, please download the tax credit form below:


NCS and Legacy Connection: Working Poor Tax Credit Form 



Generous Sponsors of Northwest Christian Athletes

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AZCAPE Honors Northwest Christian with Excellence in Education Award for "Program of the Year"  

The Kids Kingdom missions program wins top honors


The Arizona chapter of the Council for American Private Education (AZCAPE) annually recognizes outstanding private school programs and staff as part of their "Arizona Excellence in Private Education Awards".  On Monday, November 10th, Northwest Christian was excited to learn that its 'across-the-grades' work supporting the Kids Kingdom orphanage in Imuris, Sonora was recognized as "best in the state".  Over 200 nominations from private schools throughout the state were considered.  Other finalists included programs from Tesseract, the Summit School of Ahwatukee, Christ the King, and Green Fields Country Day School. 


The Kids Kingdom missions project is directed by the the school's 8th grade Bible teacher and Spiritual Formation Director Chris Gardiner and pulls together students from 2nd grade, 8th grade, and high school to minister to the needs of the 34 orphans presently living at the Mexican orphanage as well as children within the neighborhood in which the orphanage resides.  NCS students travel five to six times a year to the orphanage and work together to meet the spiritual and physical needs within the orphanage.  


A group of 25 eighth graders and six high schoolers had just returned from the orphanage the same weekend that the program was recognized.  On this particular trip, the students had been involved in leading a 'kids club' activity within the orphanage for both the residents and other children in the neighborhood, completed a fairly significant painting project, and distributed forty orange Home Depot "Homer" buckets full of basic cooking staples (flour, sugar, rice, etc.) to impoverished families within the community who attend the church associated with the orphanage.  On previous trips students have installed a computer network, constructed benches and church pews, done landscaping, built beds, served in a local soup kitchen, and been involved in helping Kids Kingdom build an actual church building in the neighboring community of Benjamin Hill.  "And," says Geoff Brown, "they play with a lot of kids.  A lot of kids!"  


This year's "Program of the Year" nomination comes on the heals of winning the honor last year with the school's "Liquid Hope" project.  "I was stunned by the Program nomination," said superintendent Geoff Brown.  "Believe it or not, this is the third year in a row that a Northwest Christian program has been nominated. Three years ago, the school was nominated for its elementary service learning program.  Last year, Liquid Hope actually won 'Program of the Year'.  To hear that this year we've been nominated again for a service initiative is so exciting.  I believe that this is the outworking of Matthew 5:16--as the community sees our students, moved by the love and light of Christ, serving those in need.  For all of the things that our school could be recognized for, this one--providing testimony to the love of God--is the one that is most important."
Northwest Christian School presents 
"For a Limited Time Only!"
Screwtape Academy is Available Online

Screwtape Academy
Screwtape Academy:  a film by NCS Fine Arts

For a limited time only!
View "Screwtape Academy" Online

Each spring, Northwest Christian High School offers students the opportunity to participate in a play/musical.  In the fall, however, the school attempts to provide aspiring thespians the chance to do something a bit unique.  There's been dinner theater at Arizona Broadway Theater, reader's theater, and the like.  This year, however, the school offered its students the chance to be part of a proper movie--titled "Screwtape Academy"--in conjunction with the film company Cabin Fever Films.  Students spent several weeks shooting film, editing, learning lines, and learning some of the technical work that goes into making a film.

Early in November, the school rented the 600-seat Colossus Theater at the AMC Deer Valley 30 Theater and held a gala, red carpet premiere.  Because that event was completely sold out, and many were unable to purchase tickets, for a limited time, we're making the entire film available online.  

Click on the link above for your opportunity to view the entire film.

DVDs of the film will be available for purchase soon in the school office.
NCC presents 
Lights on the Lawn 

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Pursuing His Purpose:  NCS Students Already Working Through New 7 Year Guidance Plan
Guidance Counselor Brittney Meyer works with teachers to coordinate comprehensive guidance effort


After a year of planning, Northwest Christian has launched a comprehensive, seven-year guidance strategy designed to help students discover and pursue their unique God-given purpose.  Within its first full year, counselor Brittney Meyer is already seeing the fruit of the effort as students and teachers work through the different components of the plan.  These components manifest differently within the different grade levels.  Most recently, sixth graders have been enjoying career visits from different individuals within varied professions who illuminate their jobs but also talk through how they discovered God's leading and will.  This week, the eighth graders will be spending a day at Northern Arizona University where they will learn about the college application process and how best to prepare for it as they move into high school.


Other opportunities that Northwest Christian students are enjoying as part of the Pursuing His Purpose effort include:

  • The new "Lighthouse" partnership with test prep industry leader Princeton Review.  As part of this partnership, depending upon a student's GPA, a student can enroll in completely free Princeton Review courses--either in person or online.
  • New curriculum presented within Bible classes.  Though the curriculum maps are still being finalized by secondary Bible teachers, students are working through different curricular pieces which speak to issues like discovering their spiritual gifts and how to discover God's plan for your life.
  • Use of the Arizona CIS system.  Recently employed by the school, this new software resource allows for students to begin working through career interest surveys while developing individualized guidance plans that permit them to begin charting their course as early as middle school.
  • On campus and off campus college visits.  Already this year, as part of a multi-year plan, students have visited University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University, and Northern Arizona University.  Over the course of their middle and high school years, students will visit every major state university, each of the state's Christian colleges, a sampling of junior colleges, and military recruiters.  Additionally, Mrs. Meyer has organized on-campus visits universities from across the United States.
  • A strategic approach to standardized testing.  After time has been invested by a committee of Northwest Christian teachers, the school is beginning to adjust standardized testing strategies over the course of several years.  The multi-year process affords time for teachers to pull rigorous standards into their curriculum maps while more directly preparing students for success on high stakes tests in high school.
  • Personalized guidance coaching.  Working with Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Dennis, students continue to develop their high school four-year plans.  In addition, beginning in middle school, workshops are being presented which begin coaching students through guidance processes, understanding the college application process, pursuing scholarships, and the like.

For more information on this developing plan, you can can download the following:


Pursuing His Purpose Overview   


Below, sixth graders hear from Hannah Walworth, graduate of NCS, and RN at Phoenix Childrens Hospital in the Cardiac ICU unit.   


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Generous Sponsors of Northwest Christian Athletes
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Spotlight on Students
Two NCS Seniors Sign to Major Collegiate Baseball Programs
AJ Graffanino and Steven Butts are looking forward to leading another deep drive into State Championship tourney in their senior year


Above, NCS seniors Steven Butts and AJ Graffanino are pictured with NCH varsity baseball coach Rod Bair.  On Friday, November 14th, the two signed to significant collegiate baseball programs:  Steven signed to New Mexico State University and AJ signed to the University of Washington.  The two are strong leaders within a Crusader baseball team that ended the spring 2014 season as state-runners up and are looking forward to another strong season during their senior year.

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Free NCS Bumper Sticker!

Show your school spirit!
Please present this coupon in the school office to receive a complimentary NCS bumper sticker. 
Limit one per family.
Offer Expires: Offer available while current supplies last.
November 19, 2014
Vol. 5, Issue 3 

I Peter 3:18 

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.

Big Boys on Campus

The Monthly NCS Men's Prayer Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious, complementary hot breakfast and a time of devotions and prayer with men from the NCS community.

One Friday each month, throughout the school year, the men of NCS are invited to take part in a long-standing NCS tradition:  Big Boys on Campus.

The next Big Boys on Campus prayer breakfast will be:
Friday, December 12th, 2014
7:00 to 7:30am
Football field

NCHS Adventure Cru 

"The Rugged Maniac"

5K Obstacle Race 

The NCHS Adventure Cru wants you to join their 2014 team for the Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle race taking place on November 22, 2014!

Register at, and put down "NCS Adventure Cru" as your team name and register for the 12:45pm start time.  Once, you've registered, send an email to

All team members will receive a free Adventure Cru t-shirt to wear during the event!

Arizona Christian


Colorado Christian University

Grand Canyon University

GCU Logo 121212 
 Northwest Christian School is a proud member of the GCU Canyon Christian School Consortium.

High school students (grades 9-12) who are accepted to attend GCU will receive a $5,000 (on-campus housing) or $2,500 (off-campus housing) CCSC scholarship at GCU per year for each year of attendance at NCS.  This could save students up to $20,000 on college tuition over the course of four years.


NCS parents also have access to an exclusive 10% discount, providing savings toward tuition and fees for online undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs at GCU. (Scholarships are available for campus-based programs. The CCSC discount cannot be combined with any other institutional aid offer or discount.) 


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Follow NCS @NCSCrusaders  

New Early Ed Class and Infant Care


The new infant care program is underway and space is limited. A Tuesday and Thursday morning class for young three year olds has also just opened. The Mom's Day Out program for toddlers and the preschool program has several openings and spots will go quickly. We appreciate your referrals to family and friends. For more info, please contact Michelle Reddy at 

National League of Junior Cotillions

NJLC pic 2 

NATIONAL LEAGUE OF JUNIOR COTILLIONS for young men and women in sixth through eighth grade

Northwest Christian congratulates
Mrs. Patricia Richards


for being honored by the
National League of Junior Cotillions
with the Cotillion Allegiance Award


an honor afforded to directors who demonstrate true commitment to students and parents within the community. 
Box Tops for Education
Boxtops for Education
The November 2013 box tops submission has earned a record $1570 for the school!  Thank you for your generosity and support!

Earn cash for Northwest Christian every time you shop for groceries.  Clip box tops from hundreds of your favorite products and drop them off in the school office.  Each box top is worth 10 cents for NCS--that adds up fast!

NCS International Student Program
NCS International Students
Are you interested in hosting an international student for the 2014/2015 school year? 
Each year, NCS welcomes a limited number of international Christian students into the school's community.  Hosting families provide a meaningful opportunity to a young person looking for new opportunities. 
For more information, please contact:
Michelle Reddy
Director of Admissions
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Valley West Women's Bible Study

Valley West Women's Bible Study
This non-denominational women's Bible study meets Thursday mornings on the  campus of Northwest Community Church.  Using Titus 2:3-5 as a foundation, VWWBS has been ministering to women for thirty years.  This is the place to find encouragement, support, friendship, and solid Biblical teaching.
September through April
9:15 to 11:15am
Free childcare for birth to 5 years
Moms in Prayer
Moms in Prayer 
Please come and join other NCS moms in praying for our school, our staff, and our children!
Wednesday mornings, resuming this fall, 8:00 to 9:00am, room C102 in the Cook Center.

For more information, please call Kathy LaBarbera, (623)521-2308 or Sherrie Walker, (623)221-2516.


Built on the Rock Foundation
Built on the Rock Solid Foundation
Built on the Rock s a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation which is dedicated to the advancement of Christian education. Built on the Rock was founded in 2000 and  has been supporting Christian education ever since.

For more information on any BOTR program, including  "Outstanding Christian Educator" award program, the "High School Senior Scholarship" program, and the "Financial Hardship Assistance" program, please visit



a NCS service learning partner

LifeStream Complete Senior Living offers a spectrum of retirement and senior living services including:
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
We have four
beautiful communities
to choose from:

Northeast Phoenix
Youngtown/Sun City
LifeStream Complete Senior Living is a non-profit organization driven by a desire to preserve seniors' dignity, independence and quality of life.
Special moments happen here everyday... Come join us!

The Place 

is a generous NCS Fine Arts Sponsor

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State Tuition Tax Credit Opportunity


Donors may donate until April 15th to receive a tax credit on their Arizona Individual Income Tax Return.


We strongly recommend that you contact the individual STO's to determine what, if any, cutoff dates they have established.


If you have any specific questions, please contact the NCS Business Office

Diane Collicott,


Tom Hartzler,


For more information on how to contribute please click: 

Extra Love T-shirts


We have extra LOVE t-shirts available for purchase, $15 for the Next Level and $12 for the regular. Adult and Youth sizes in Miss Perona's Office. Stop by today!