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Dear NCS family,


After a frenzied May--just like that--June hit.  And with it, June brought an empty campus, devoid of the student activity we crave.  Sure, there's a bit of activity--the weight room, open gyms, summer school, some camps--but it's all just an appetizer before the full meal we crave:  fall and the return of our students!  Until then, the NCS team is hard at work, preparing for what we hope will be the most productive, memorable year that your students have yet experienced.  And, below, in this summer edition of the NCS Spotlight e-newsletter, we hope to provide a bit of a sneak peek of what the new school year holds.


As we prepare our classrooms, ready the classroom rosters, update handbooks, review lesson plans, and the like--the Lord has been using this summer to clearly impress something on my heart.  It's simple, really.  But often, at least for me, I allow the tyranny of the urgent to supplant the priority of prayer and the discipline of God's word in my life.  And the reality is that all of our best intentions and grand designs for each new school year are for naught if we're not each--the school and the families it serves--centered wholly on prayer and the truths of God's word.  As we prepare for the amazing year ahead, I want to make sure that prayer and God's word remain central within all of our planning and efforts.

For this reason, I'd like to invite all those who are able to attend to a time of prayer for the new year.  We'll be meeting in the Cook Center on Tuesday, July 29th at noon to spend two hours in prayer, focused on our students, our teachers, and the coming year.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend!

As well, as we introduced in the last edition of the Spotlight, I want to remind all of our elementary families about our "Red Letter Summer" Bible reading plan.  Open to all of our families (not just elementary!), the plan represents an opportunity to introduce our students to the daily discipline of spending time in God's word--reading through the gospels this summer--while also allowing our entire school community the opportunity to hear the same things from His word.  Last week, in an administrative meeting here on campus, we all read through a chapter in Luke together--the chapter scheduled for that day.  It was so neat to consider that as we read that particular chapter in Luke, our students and families were doing the same!  You can download information regarding the Red Letter Summer here:



Grateful for the opportunity to serve this school and your family,


Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623)225-5573 (cell)

Summer Brings Opportunity to Improve the Campus   

Crews hard at work on a number of significant projects made possible by the generosity of NCS families and friends


"We're just getting started," explains superintendent Geoff Brown of the facilities improvement projects that are getting underway in the early stages of summer.  "Our families have been so supportive and generous--through efforts like the Jog-a-thon--that it has positioned us to make a real impact on campus this summer."


One of the projects which started right after the end of the school year was the construction of bleachers (pictured above) for the athletic field.  "The purchase and construction of the bleachers makes it possible to eliminate between $25,000 and $30,000 in annual bleacher rental costs," says Geoff.  "These bleachers will literally pay for themselves in just a few years.  This project was made possible by a large estate gift that was made to the school which put us in a cash position to make the purchase and eliminate those rental fees forever.  As well, the addition of a proper press box will allow us to televise many of our games going forward."


"Due to the Jog-a-thon," says Geoff, "we've also been able to make some improvements to our Early Education playground space.  Jog-a-thon participation and generosity from our Early Ed families literally tripled this year. The goal for Early Ed was to improve aesthetics and safety at the same time."



"All across campus," continues Geoff, "we're continuing to improve fencing.  In keeping with our Jog-a-thon goal to improve campus security, we started fencing installation as finances have allowed.  Last summer, we saw the installation of a significant portion of elementary fencing.  This summer, that will continue with new fencing that will limit access, especially on the secondary side of the campus."  (See picture below.)


As the summer moves forward, we'll use the Spotlight to keep our families posted on many other improvements already on the books--including a newly redesigned art studio with the inclusion of a new kiln to start a ceramics program.

Re:Equip Program Expands Technology Opportunities for NCS Students  

NCS makes a considered, significant step forward in keeping students on the cutting edge of educational technology


With three years of strategic planning behind the effort, Northwest Christian is using the summer of 2014 to move each division of the school--preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school--forward dramatically in terms of the technology rich resources necessary for students to be successful in the new paradigm of education.  "There's a looming digital horizon in education," says Geoff Brown.  "There's an imminent ground shift coming in which there will be a brand new paradigm for how education takes place.  We're not talking about ebooks or digital text books alone.  Though that's a small part of this new paradigm, the new reality is that students need to be prepared to learn, engage, and preform in a digital environment if they are going to be relevant in college and beyond."


Within the high school, this fall each student will be issued an iPad Mini--nearly 450 iPads in all.  Over the course of the last year and through the summer, teachers have been working through basic to advanced training that will allow them to facilitate new levels of learning and engagement with this new digital tool.  Teachers have been learning resources like Edmodo and Moodle--applications with profound implications for how students learn.

iPads are also making their way into the hands of preschool through middle school students.  In these grades, students will have access to classroom carts of iPads.  These iPads will be used to facilitate new and existing online resources that will enhance learning in the lower grades.  Other resources include Apple TV and new library resources which will allow students online access to books and research.  "At the same time, we have 220 new desktop computers," says Geoff.  "These are so much more powerful and so much faster than anything our students have worked with to this point."  (For more info on this development, please see the Intel article below.)

"Technology brings both risk and opportunity," continues Geoff.  "A big part of our attention within the last year has been committed to expanding students' online access to resources while protecting them from pitfalls.  To accomplish this, we've been working directly with Apple and they've steered us towards some very manageable, powerful solutions.  In terms of opportunity, however, our teachers are ready and excited to see where education is headed.  We've had several champions who have helped us so significantly.  Folks like Lisa Ehlers, Dan Gallagher, Garry Kaiser, Roman Nelson, Darryl Slaviero and others have kept us moving forward, bringing this effort to fruition."


Northwest Christian Prepares to Launch New Seven Year Guidance Program  


Beginning in sixth grade, students will be led through the process of learning His best for their lives


Rooted in Proverbs 3:5-6, Pursuing His Purpose is the name of a brand new seven year guidance program that represents something much more spiritually substantial than the standard college guidance program.  Representig a partnership between grade level Bible teachers and Brittney Meyer, the NCS college guidance counselor, Crusaders will be spending time in God's word and learning how the Lord reveals His will for their lives.  The program draws together Bible curriculum, an annual assessment strategy, online planning resources, and an annual action plan.


Beginning in sixth grade, the theme is "Understanding Who I Am in Christ" and students will be studying through a Mark Driscoll curriculum that tackles true identity in Christ.  Sixth graders will also learn how to use AzCIS, an online tool that helps guide students through college prep.   In seventh grade, the theme is "What is My Purpose?" and students will be participating in a facilitated study regarding the mission critical nature of their lives within God's plans.  As well, students will begin visiting different colleges and universities in state so that they can learn the basics of higher education.  With each subsequent year, Bible teachers will work with the guidance counselor to broaden student understanding both spiritually and in terms of preparedness for college.


The plan is rooted in a yearly focus that aligns with a student's maturity and self-understanding.  Each year's theme is also aligned with Bible curriculum and college prep resources.  These resources include a newly cemented partnership between Princeton Review and Northwest Christian (more in an article which follows).


More info regarding the exciting new "Pursuing His Purpose" program will be coming home in the annual family mailer which will be hitting homes early next week.

Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Athletes
MVP Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

MVP Orthopedics and Sports Medicine 081613     

Jog-a-thon 2014:  The Report    
New focus on missions and service produces a record response in terms of mailers submitted
Students after the Jog-a-thon Color Run

The annual Jog-a-thon fundraiser kicks off in February, reaches fruition with the Jog-a-thon event in March or April, and sees contributions come in all the way through May.  Now, in June, we're able to look back at the tallies and see what effect that "changing up" the incentive structure of the campaign had on the outcomes.  "I'm excited to report that focusing our students attention on Acts 1:8 and asking them how we could use Jog-a-thon to further mission and service really struck a chord," says Geoff Brown.  "We collected more mailers than ever, in the history of the school.  We focused on Acts 1:8 and identified areas where our students serve.  This included J.B. Sutton Elementary, Kids Kingdom in Imuris, the Liquid Hope clean water campaignin in Haiti, and Katie Wagner's Steppin' Out 4 Hope school project in Africa." 


As part of this shift in focus, the traditional incentives that were used to motivate students to bring mailers in were abandoned.  Instead, the money saved was pushed towards these Acts 1:8 initiatives.  "For example, we were able to contribute $2,700 to help fund the VBS at Calvario that we invited our friends from Sutton to attend," says Geoff.  "This week, we've had a dozen NCS students and faculty serving within the Calvario VBS, serving as part of that ministry team."  SImilar amounts of money are being contributed to student service initiatives in Haiti, Mexico, and Africa.  In Imuris, Mexico, the funds were used to underwrite a summer camp for the kids at the orphanage that NCS supports, Kids Kingdom.  "These funds are opening doors for our students to go out and do what they're learning about at NCS--to do the good work of the gospel.  Our students will be in Imuris this next year on several occassions as the school year starts.  As well, we're planning for a student mission trip to Haiti in the summer of 2015."


Beyond the service initiatves, the generosity of NCS families has also facilitated improvements to two of the stated objectives for Jog-a-thon 2014:  technology and campus security.  40% of Jog-a-thon's gross, almost $45,000, was committed to tech and an additional 40% was committed to security.  For security improvements, families will see the school continue the fencing project that it initiatied in 2013.  As well, additional security cameras are being installed on campus to assist in monitoring the school.

Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Athletes

Mike's SWAT Team 

Intel Provides Major Support for NCS Technology Program     
A grant from Intel provides personnel and resources to bring NCS tech program to an all new level



"Our friends at Intel have blessed the students in ways beyond our wildest imagining," says superintendent Geoff Brown.  "I can't begin to express how appreciative the NCS team is of their generosity and support."  Through the Experience Matters program, an Intel grant has been made to Northwest Christian that allows for Dan Gallagher to spend a whole year working within NCS, building and improving the school's tech offer to its students.  Dan served with Intel for over 31 years before retiring in December 2013.  His last position was Manager of Technical Staffing and Placement Services but three decades with Intel provided him with ample training and experience in building networks and outfitting organizations with the best resources possible.  Through the Experience Matters program, Intel allows members of its team to work with non-profits like NCS.


Dan's connection to Northwest Christian is more than professional.  It's uniquely personal as well.  Both of Dan's children have graduated from NCS.  His daughter, Amy, now serves with Hope4Kids International, the organization that NCS students travelled to Haiti with last summer.  His son, Danny, has followed in his father's steps and now works with a tech firm, Black Box, that handles cabling and fiber work.

Dan's projects at Northwest Christian include coming alongside the current technology team and preparing for the launch of the 1:1 iPad initiative in the high school this fall.  As part of the program, every student will receive an iPad Mini which will serve as a major complement within all classes.  In addition, Dan took charge of a project, working with AZ Strut, that facilitated the donation of 220 new desktop computers to the school.  "With that single donation," explains Geoff, "Dan allowed for all of our student labs to move from Pentium 3 and 4 devices to top-of-line dual core systems.  These new units are so much faster and so much more powerful than what we've had in the past." 

Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Athletes
CHM Group


Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Fine Arts Department
Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial   

NCS Announces New Partnership with Princeton Review
Northwest Christian students provided free and unprecedented access to college test prep courses and materials




Recognized nationally as one of the finest services available to students to assist in preparation for college and university, the Princeton Revew has just recently partnered with Northwest Christian as part of a unique, one-of-a-kind arrangement.  The partnership extends to every Northwest Christian High School student the access to online courses which speak to college preparedness in terms of the PSAT, ACT, and SAT.  Additionally, based upon G.P.A., students will have access to free (or very low cost) in-person courses that will take place on campus.   (For students with a G.P.A. of 3.75 and above, the in-person courses will be free.  For students with a lower G.P.A., classes have a reduced fee structure.) These courses will be coupled Princeton Review Assessments throughout the year which will allow teachers to monitor growth within their students.  Additionally, a free 9-hour PSAT prep course will be offered to the top 25 students in the Junior class annually.


The Princeton Review partnership is an extension of the new Pursuing His Purpose guidance program that the school is launching this fall.  Overseen by NCS guidance counselor Brittney Meyer, Pursuing His Purpose brings together solid Bible curriculum and resources that will help to point students towards God's purposes for their lives while also equipping them to reach those objectives within their lives that they identify through prayer and time in God's word.


More information regarding the Princeton Review partnership and the opportunites available can be obtained by downloading the following:



Shine Dentistry and Orthodontics

Generous sponsor of the summer 2013 reading

  Shine Dentistry

Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Fine Arts Department

Mike and Ronda's The Place Restaurant 

   The Place Logo

5171 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308

(602) 896-9929

Middle School Math Cracks the Top Ten in AATM Competition
Annual algebra test allows first-year algebra students to compete in statewide contest

  AATM logo

May brought exciting news to NCS as the school learned that two Northwest Christian seventh grade students cracked the top ten list of the strongest performers in the annual statewide algebra contest sponsored by the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics.  The contest is open to all Algebra 1-2 students and took place on May 6th.  NCS 7th graders Alissa Jensen and Kenna Nagler tied and grabbed the spot together.  Northwest Christian joins only two other schools--All Saints Episcopal Day School and St. Gregory College Prep--with students in the top ten for the state.


The Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM) promotes itself as a leader in mathematics education, ensuring that all students have access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning.  AATM presents a comprehensive, collaborative math education community while also supporting math teachers who seek to implement best practices within their classrooms.


Within Northwest Christian, the opportunity for 7th graders to be involved in an accelerated math curriculum is about three years old.  Through placement testing, students who ably demonstrate aptitude are afforded the opportunity to move forward within math.  Once they demonstrate aptitude in math, these students can begin taking high school math courses as part of their 8th grade schedule.  "I am so proud of their accomplishments," says middle school principal Samantha Maszton, "and proud of a system that allows them to experience success.  I am very much looking forward to what these young ladies accomplish in the future." 

Generous Sponsor of Northwest Christian Athletes

Bell Road Toyota


Generous Sponsor of Northwest Christian Athletes

Barton Pure Pools

   Barton Pure Pools

Kindergarten Service Project Connects Students to Ronald McDonald House
NCS kindergarteners recognized for collecting the most pop tabs to benefit kids with illnesses and their families


As part of the Northwest Christian K-12 service learning program, each grade level, K-8, is paired with a service learning partner that allows opportunities for students to see, experience, and assist in areas of need within the community in ways that are tangible and meaningful.  (For high school students, over 40 such projects are available.)  For NCS kindergarten students, the service learning partner is Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization committed to meeting the needs of children with debilitating, chronic, and long-term illnesses while also providing support and resources to their families.  The organization has local chapters in 58 countries around the world with programs represented within 78% of the world's best children's hospitals, has raised over $200 million, and annually serves 7 million families affected by illness.

Ronald McDonald House Charities annually collects pop tabs--the little aluminum tabs on the top of soda cans--as a means of teaching kids about philanthropy and the importance of recycling while raising funds to help children and their families at the same time. Some RMHC Chapters raise thousands of dollars with their pop tab collections - up to $30,000.  For NCS kindergartners, the collection becomes a tangible way through which they can connect their own personal efforts to real need, thereby demonstrating the love of Christ in a developmentally appropriate way.

This year, NCS kindergartners were honored for winning the "Pop Tab Challenge", a contest sponsored by RMHC that inspired students to collect as many tabs as they could.  NCS kindergartners averaged an amazing 1.84 pounds of pop tabs per student!  That is a lot of pop tabs!  As well, and more meaningfully, that's a lot of demonstrable love and opportunities for learning to put the needs of others above your own.



Generous Sponsor of Northwest Christian Athletes

Arrow Security

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Security Guard Training, Firearms Sales, Self Defense, Air Taser Certification, Firearms Classes, Holster/Accessories, Firearms Simulator, Indoor Virtual Range   602.863.1022
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Farmers Insurance

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Shawn & Jenifer Kohner

AdvoCare Independent Distributor  

Northwest Christian School  has an exciting new offer for all students, faculty and their families!  A portion of each sale goes directly to our school!   If your family would like to take advantage of this limited time offer of fun in the desert, get a Pogo Pass today. 


A Pogo Pass is a one year membership to multiple Phoenix Valley Venues. Purchase  your Pogo Pass and enter venues for free as many times as it shows under each venue. Each person needs a Pogo Pass to enter. It is very easy to use, just print your card out immediately after purchase. If you have a smart phone, they can just scan your phone directly at each venue.      


Purchase a pass for each person at 

Use promotional code: NCS


With our school's code, you will receive your passes for $39.98, instead of the retail price of $99.95! 


We hope that your families will enjoy this special discount and have some affordable fun together as a family!

Questions? Sandra Markoos (Sales Rep) OR Staci Allen (Manager) (480) 862-2779  


June 20, 2014
Vol. 4, Issue 9  

Psalm 103:13 

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him."

Jog-a-thon 2014


Your support of Jog-a-thon works to make NCS a stronger school!  This year's Jog-a-thon targets are:


1.  Campus Security

2.  Classroom Technology

3.  Acts 1:8 Student Ministry Opportunities 


Your support is appreciated!  Please consider supporting the effort by visiting the following link:


Jog-a-thon 2014


NCHS Adventure Cru 

"The Rugged Maniac"

5K Obstacle Race 


The NCHS Adventure Cru wants you to join their 2014 team for the Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle race taking place on November 22, 2014!

Register at, and put down "NCS Adventure Cru" as your team name and register for the 12:45pm start time.  Once, you've registered, send an email to

All team members will receive a free Adventure Cru t-shirt to wear during the event!

Big Boys on Campus

The Monthly NCS Men's Prayer Breakfast


Enjoy a delicious, complementary hot breakfast and a time of devotions and prayer with men from the NCS community.

On the first Friday of each month, throughout the school year, the men of NCS are invited to take part in a long-standing NCS tradition:  Big Boys on Campus.

For the 2014/2015 school year, the first BBOC prayer breakfast of the year will take place on
Friday, September 5, 2014
7:00 to 7:30am

Barro's Pizza

Proud Sponsor of

Northwest Christian Athletes

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Arizona Christian



With Arizona Christian University's Degree Completion Program, you can finish your degree in less than two years!


*Choose from degrees in Behavioral Health, Business Administration or Christian Ministries

*Attend class only one night per week

*Work together within a cohort group

*Get college credit for life experience


If you're a working adult who would like more information about ACU's Degree Completion Program, contact Dr. Jim Ellis today at 602-386-4120!

Grand Canyon University

GCU Logo 121212 
 Northwest Christian School is a proud member of the GCU Canyon Christian School Consortium.

High school students (grades 9-12) who are accepted to attend GCU will receive a $5,000 (on-campus housing) or $2,500 (off-campus housing) CCSC scholarship at GCU per year for each year of attendance at NCS.  This could save students up to $20,000 on college tuition over the course of four years.


NCS parents also have access to an exclusive 10% discount, providing savings toward tuition and fees for online undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs at GCU. (Scholarships are available for campus-based programs. The CCSC discount cannot be combined with any other institutional aid offer or discount.) 

Follow NCS on Twitter


Follow NCS @NCSCrusaders  

New Early Ed Class and Infant Care


The new infant care program is underway and space is limited. A Tuesday and Thursday morning class for young three year olds has also just opened. The Mom's Day Out program for toddlers and the preschool program has several openings and spots will go quickly. We appreciate your referrals to family and friends. For more info, please contact Michelle Reddy at

National League of Junior Cotillions

NJLC pic 2 


for young men and women in sixth through eighth grade

Northwest Christian congratulates
Mrs. Patricia Richards


for being honored by the
National League of Junior Cotillions
with the
Cotillion Allegiance Award


an honor afforded to directors who demonstrate true commitment to students and parents within the community. 
Box Tops for Education
Boxtops for Education
The November 2013 box tops submission has earned a record $1570 for the school!  Thank you for your generosity and support!

Earn cash for Northwest Christian every time you shop for groceries.  Clip box tops from hundreds of your favorite products and drop them off in the school office.  Each box top is worth 10 cents for NCS--that adds up fast!

NCS International Student Program
NCS International Students
Are you interested in hosting an international student for the 2014/2015 school year? 
Each year, NCS welcomes a limited number of international Christian students into the school's community.  Hosting families provide a meaningful opportunity to a young person looking for new opportunities. 
For more information, please contact:
Michelle Reddy
Director of Admissions

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The Fitness Institute

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Northwest Christian Athletes

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Hawkeye Landscaping 

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NCS Purple Pages

Purple Pages

Support NCS families by shopping for goods and services through Purple Pages!
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Proud Sponsor of the NCS "Biggest Loser" Competitions


Owned by NCS family: Wade, Janelle, Abby, Logan Moser

*Apply online for a FREE 14 day Pass!

6640 W Cactus Rd - Glendale

You are invited!

Valley West Women's Bible Study

Valley West Women's Bible Study
This non-denominational women's Bible study meets Thursday mornings on the  campus of Northwest Community Church.  Using Titus 2:3-5 as a foundation, VWWBS has been ministering to women for thirty years.  This is the place to find encouragement, support, friendship, and solid Biblical teaching.
September through April
9:15 to 11:15am
Free childcare for birth to 5 years
Moms in Prayer
Moms in Prayer 
Please come and join other NCS moms in praying for our school, our staff, and our children!
Wednesday mornings, resuming this fall, 8:00 to 9:00am, room C102 in the Cook Center.

For more information, please call Kathy LaBarbera, (623)521-2308 or Sherrie Walker, (623)221-2516.


Café Valley Bakery
Cafe Valley Logo   
Café Valley Bakery 
is a generous sponsor of several NCS community events
Desert Sounds of Wellness
Desert Sounds of Wellness is a generous sponsor of NCS Fine Arts
Teri Mock
(602) 386-7979
Desert Shadows RV Resort
Desert Shadows RV Resort
is a generous sponsor of NCS Athletics

Thrivent Financial

is a generous sponsor of NCS Athletics!   
Brenda L Hamer, FIC 
Financial Associate 
Built on the Rock Foundation
Built on the Rock Solid Foundation
Built on the Rock s a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation which is dedicated to the advancement of Christian education. Built on the Rock was founded in 2000 and  has been supporting Christian education ever since.

For more information on any BOTR program, including  "Outstanding Christian Educator" award program, the "High School Senior Scholarship" program, and the "Financial Hardship Assistance" program, please visit


Bling N Ink
Bling N Ink is a generous sponsor of NCS Athletics!  
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for the order form.


a NCS service learning partner

LifeStream Complete Senior Living offers a spectrum of retirement and senior living services including:
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
We have four
beautiful communities
to choose from:

Northeast Phoenix
Youngtown/Sun City
LifeStream Complete Senior Living is a non-profit organization driven by a desire to preserve seniors' dignity, independence and quality of life.
Special moments happen here everyday... Come join us!

Peoples Bank

is a generous NCS Athletics Sponsor

 Trina Nevrla
(800) 650-3300
Year End Tax Credit Opportunity


Donors may donate until April 15th to receive a tax credit on their 2013 Arizona Individual Income Tax Return.


We strongly recommend that you contact the individual STO's to determine what, if any, cutoff dates they have established.


If you have any specific questions, please contact the NCS Business Office

Diane Collicott,


Tom Hartzler,


For more information on how to contribute please click: 


Fall into His Story

fall into His story vert 081513  



Free NCS Bumper Sticker!

Show your school spirit!
Please present this coupon in the school office to receive a complimentary NCS bumper sticker. 
Limit one per family.
Offer Expires: Offer available while current supplies last.