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Dear NCS family,


Hard work.  Our campus abounds with it as students, teachers, coaches, and staff work tirelessly to attain those things that God has called us towards as a community and as individuals.  I love it when our students have the opportunity to see their hard work pay off--when they see the inevitable results of their labors.  The wisdom of the Proverbs points us towards this inevitability--and the realization that the Lord longs to bless the diligent.  We're told in Proverbs 14:23 that "in all toil there is profit". Proverbs 12:24 explains that the "hand of the diligent will rule".


In that light, the end of the first semester affords us the opportunity to commend the efforts and recognize the accomplishments of students who have seen the fruit of these truths within their own lives as they attain a position on either the honor roll or the principal's list.  In this edition of the Spotlight, I'm pleased to personally recognize and celebrate students who have realized the fruit of their diligence and we have included, below, both lists for fourth grade through high school.  My earnest congratulations are offered to each of these young people.  As well, to those who are still working to attain a position on either list, I would offer the encouragement that God's word offers to the aspirational:  "Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." (Galatians 6:9)


Elementary Honor Roll, 1st Semester 2013/2014 

Elementary Principals List, 1st Semester 2013/2014 


Middle School Honor Roll, 1st Semester 2013/2014 

Middle School Principals List, 1st Semester 2013/2014 


High School Honor Roll, 1st Semester 2013/2014 

High School Principals List, 1st Semester 2013/2014 



Grateful for the opportunity to serve this school and your family,


Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623)225-5573 (cell)

Jog-a-thon 2014 Launches with a Twist 

Annual effort still targets campus improvements but shifts student focus to emphasis on outreach


"These past two years, we've been so blessed as we have seen Jog-a-thon move our campus forward in terms of campus safety and technology," says superintendent Geoff Brown.  "Over the last few years, with God graciously providing through the annual Jog-a-thon, the school has been able to provide new shade structures, misters, fencing, and other renovations which have dramatically improved student comfort and safety."  In addition, as part of an aggressive multi-year technology plan, Jog-a-thon has allowed for dramatic improvements to classroom technology in terms of teaching tools and technology curriculum.  "The blessing of Jog-a-thon," continues Geoff, "is that we've been able to move forward in these areas while, at the same time, for the past two years we've seen the two smallest tuition increases in well over a decade.  Jog-a-thon allows for dramatic campus improvements while allowing for tuition to remain relatively low when compared to other private schools in the valley."



Three years ago, Northwest Christian began drawing 10% of Jog-a-thon and dividing it up in an effort to fund the service initiatives at each grade level.  "Recognizing that Jog-a-thon has the potential to be more than a fundraising campaign, this year we're moving a bit further in this direction.  We're working to shift our students' focus within the effort from prizes, incentives, competitions, and such towards service and outreach.  It's service and outreach that really has brought out the best in our students and we want to see Jog-a-thon work similarly--to be a tool that stretches and challenges our students to grow in their walks with Christ."  As a result, the school's Jog-a-thon incentive program has been radically retooled and a portion of the funds--those typically set aside to fund incentives, prizes, and such--are being committed to service initiatives that our students are passionate about.  "Our theme verse for Jog-a-thon this year is Acts 1:8," explains Geoff.  "Here, we see Jesus, in some of His final directions to His disciples on earth, commission them to be difference-makers in their 'Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth.'  In effect, He's commissioning them to make a difference both far and near.  As a school that is earnest about its Christian identity and mission, we want to do the same:  to commission our students to be difference-makers far and near."


Over the last two weeks and the next two weeks, in chapel, student leaders will be announcing what that will look like.  On January 22nd, the first beneficiary, the service projects at J.B. Sutton Elementary, was announced.  "This summer," says Geoff, "we're partnering with Calvario Church to present a VBS to the students at Sutton that we've been working to reach.  These funds will put our students in a position to make that happen.

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for announcements that will help our students understand these initiatives.  To see the first of the four Jog-a-thon videos that were shown in chapel, click on the link below.


Be The Change | JB Sutton
Be The Change | JB Sutton



Andrew Berles Wins ACSI Regional Third Grade Spelling Bee 



Event included multiple NCS students that placed well


After qualifying last spring, NCS 3rd grader Andrew Berles won the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee for his grade level.  The competition took place on January 17th at Paradise Valley Christian and featured students from Christian schools throughout the Phoenix region of ACSI and some from as far away as Flagstaff.


Other NCS students also qualified and placed well.  In second grade, this included Isabella Cass and Zachary Scheer.  In fourth grade, this included Robert Greenberg, Luke Deal, and Ellie Maguire.  Fifth grade finalists included Cooper Vallerius, Lily Roman, and Caden Murphy.  Other third grade finalists included Logan Fagerlie and David Young.


Andrew Berles is in Mrs. Burleson's 3rd grade classroom and enjoys spelling as well as several other subjects.  He credits his strong finish to the fact that Mrs. Burleson works to provide "challenge spelling words" that he enjoys.


Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Athletes
MVP Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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Cheer Teams Experience Success at All Levels
High school cheer repeats State Championship while middle school cheer wins league championship


The Northwest Christian varsity cheer team competed in Prescott, Arizona's Tim's Toyota Center this past weekend, repeating their 2013 Division III AIA Spiritline state championship.  Against a strong field of competition, the girls finished with 1st places in All-Girl Stunt and Show Cheer.  As well, they took second Pom.  As a result, for the second year in a row under coach Dani Behrens, the girls took the Overall Award.  Northwest Christian athletic director David Inness was on hand for the competition and remarked, "It's intense!  These girls literally work hard for months, training with an intensity that would surprise most people.  And their state championship comes down to just a few minutes of pressure.  Our girls are incredible!"

Northwest Christian's middle school spirit line, coached by Debbie Webb, also experienced success recently, springing their way to the top in the "Spring It On" league competition this last week. Topping the returning champs and their rivals, Newell Barney Junior High (QCUSD), they received first place in 5-man stunt and first place in their overall division.  After the win, the team's veteran base, eighth grader McKenna McClure, said the team lived out their team verse, 1 Timothy 1:7, by representing Christ through work ethic and the treatment of their teammates and opponents in and out of uniform. McClure went on to say that she enjoys working hard to achieve and is looking forward to a higher level of stunting in high school and being involved with Northwest's varsity spirit line.





Two varsity cheerleaders, Casey Traut and Emily Boat, also enjoyed some additional memory-making experiences over the Christmas break.  The two traveled to London, England as "All American" cheerleaders.  They received the nomination and award at UCA cheer camp over the summer (along with Elaina Fenn and Sarah Meyers).  While in London they represented Northwest Christian, the state of Arizona, the UCA organization and the USA in cheerleading excellence.  The highlight of the trip was marching/cheering in the London New Year's Day Parade with hundreds of other cheerleaders from across the USA.




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Mike's SWAT Team 

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Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial   

Varsity Wrestling Wins First-Ever Trophy
Team places second in Queen Creek Invitational



In it's third year, Coach Jim James found his Crusader wrestlers performing very well at the Queen Creek Invitational Wrestling Tournament.  The team brought home the school's 'first ever' wrestling trophy, placing a close second to the first place Window Rock High School.  The broad field of competition included schools from across the state:  Pima High, Carl Hayden High, Arizona College Prep, Arizona Lutheran, Phoenix Christian, Central High, Salt River High, South Mountain High, and others.

Multiple Crusaders placed as tourney champions:  Tyler Predovich, Nate Brown, and Tyler Webb.  Additionally, several students grabbed medals for finishing very close to the top in their weight classes:  Logan Young, George James, Ben McGriff, Noah Ables, and Matt Tyrone. 

Generous Sponsor of the Northwest Christian Fine Arts Department

Mike and Ronda's The Place Restaurant 

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5171 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308

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Elementary Prepares for Fall Social Studies Curriculum Adoption
School looks to families to provide critical review of materials being considered



"As part of the Northwest Christian multi-year academic plan," says Don Moenich, NCS Director of Curriculum and Instruction, "we're cycling through all of the content area classroom curriculum and reviewing all of the materials that we present in pursuit of our academic objectives.  This year, we're taking a close look at elementary social studies in preparation for a proposed adoption in the 2014/2015 school year."  The current year review includes all curricular resources that are being presented in kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms.  The review was recently narrowed to three Christian publishers but the teachers and administrators involved in the selection have landed on the materials from Bob Jones University Press as their top recommendation.   

"The BJU Press curriculum has been recently revised with a powerful addition of Biblical Integration questions and connections imbedded throughout the text," says Moenich.  "They have brilliantly merged together the relationship between human history and the Christian faith.  This combination of resources allows our students to see and study social studies the way God views it and sheds God's light on society at large." 

Teachers previewed the materials and conducted extensive evaluations at each grade level of the materials.  Areas of text evaluation included alignment of the content to the Stanford 10 test, consistency with our Christian testimony, congruency with a true historic representation of God's design and workings in human history, support materials which include higher order thinking questions, and  listed strategies for better teacher instruction and student retention.


After teachers had reviewed materials and standards, ultimately, Bob Jones University Press received the nod and was voted as the top choice by all grade levels participating.  Teachers reported that BJU Press materials were best aligned with the current NCS social studies standards.


On February 12, a representative from BJU will be on campus visiting K-5 teachers to answer any questions about their materials.  The text copies will be available in the library for parent review during the month of February. Please stop by and look over the materials and let us know what you think. This process will culminate with the school board approval in March. 



Generous Sponsor of Northwest Christian Athletes

Barton Pure Pools

   Barton Pure Pools

Origins Debate
Ken Ham and Bill Nye



"Is creation a viable model of origins?" 


Creation Museum Founder and Answers in Genesis President/CEO Ken Ham will debate Bill Nye at the Creation Museum on Tuesday, February 4, at 7 PM. Bill Nye is the former host of the popular Bill Nye the Science Guy TV program for children, current Executive Director of the Planetary Society, and frequent pro-evolution guest on TV interview programs.


YouTube Promotional Video:


Live Stream sign up and Info:


Crusader Football Program Sees Several Signings

Kyle Shipp and Sammy Serwa sign on to new ACU Firestorm Football Program


Several Crusaders football players have recently enjoyed distinction while others have begun committing to play on the grid iron at the collegiate level.


Kyle Shipp, class of 2013, enjoys the distinction of being the very first athlete to contribute ink to a commitment (pictured above) to play for the fresh-out-of-the-gates Firestorm football program at Arizona Christian University.  Shipp was part of a Crusader football program that went to the Division V state championship three times, capturing the title twice.  He spent his freshman season playing for Western State Colorado University before making the decision to play for ACU.  Kyle will be joined at ACU by his Crusader team mate Sammy Serwa who has also just committed to Firestorm football.

Several other Northwest Christian athletes have been recognized recently as well.  Senior Will Gades was just named to the 2nd team of scholar athletes as part of the 2014 Arizona High School "Top 60" College Scholar Athlete Class.  Will was also named to the United Dairyman Association All American 1st team.  Senior Matt Delos was similarly awarded the 2014 Frances Kush Dedicated Student Athlete Award.

Look to the next issue of the NCS Spotlight for more Crusaders signing to play volleyball, baseball, and soccer at the university level.  


Make plans to attend... 

Hoopcoming 2014

Friday, February 7th 



Make plans to attend an evening rich with some fun surprises and new traditions: Northwest Christian's 2nd annual Hoopcoming.  With games starting at 1:30pm on Friday, February 7th, the evening will include a full slate of games for both men and women against the school's epic rival, the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks.  Proceeds from the evening, include all gate receipts and concessions revenues, are being committed to the memory of Northwest Christian senior Katie Wagner.  The beneficiary of the proceeds will be Katie's Stepping Out 4 Hope foundation.


Generous Sponsor of Northwest Christian Athletes

Bell Road Toyota


Registration for the 2014/2015 School Year Underway
Please make plans to attend the Northwest Christian Curriculum Showcase on Thursday, February 6th


  NCS Campus      



Current MDO/Preschool thru 11th grade NCS families received an email in mid-January that includes a link to re-enroll for the 2014-2015 school year. (Please do not go to the website. The website application forms are for brand new students only.)  The registration and emergency forms for the 2014/2015 school year will be due online on or before February 14th with a minimum $100 deposit per K-12th grade student.  The total to re-register a K-12th grade student is $205; a preschooler $100, and a Mom's Day Out student - $50.00. The balance is due via in-office payment on or before March 28th to avoid late fees. Re-registrations received after 2/14/2014 may be subject to wait list. Incoming kindergarten students will need to complete additional admissions steps. Please contact Michelle Reddy, Director of Admissions, at mreddy@ncsaz.or
if you have questions regarding re-enrollment for the upcoming school year. 


After re-enrollment has concluded on February 14th, any open spots will be available for new enrollment and new student applications.


Both prospective families who are considering Northwest Christian and current families who are interested in more information on what next year will look like at the next grade level should make plans to attend the Northwest Curriculum Showcase at 5:30pm on Thursday, February 6th.The evening will include information across the grade levels regarding school curriculum, spiritual formation strategies, and extracurricular programs.  Teacher representatives from all academic departments as well as band, chorale, clubs and athletics will be on hand. Principals, the admissions director, and high school guidance counselor will be available to meet your family and answer questions. Campus tours will provided by our NCS Student Ambassadors who are a great resource for insight into our unique campus culture.


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Arrow Security

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Security Guard Training, Firearms Sales, Self Defense, Air Taser Certification, Firearms Classes, Holster/Accessories, Firearms Simulator, Indoor Virtual Range   602.863.1022

Shine Dentistry and Orthodontics

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  Shine Dentistry
Lauren Wilczynski Loves to Serve at Mexican Orphanage
Lauren and Chloe prep meals in the Kids Kingdom kitchen

Lauren is one of several who passionately serve within Kids Kingdom in Imuris, Mexico



Working two jobs, maintaining multiple honors classes as a straight A student while tutoring on the side, senior Lauren Wilczynski is nothing short of remarkable. Lauren knows the ins and outs of Northwest Christian, having attended since the school Early Education program. She hopes to attend Northern Arizona University in the fall of 2014, majoring in business. 


Lauren has also been a crucial cornerstone in Northwest Christian's partnership with Kids Kingdom orphanage in Imuris, Mexico. She has traveled there numerous times, helps to lead the middle school mission trips, and organizes all the food for both the students and the children. During the week prior to each trip, she and compatriot Chloe Warlick secure a budget from NCS Spiritual Formation Director Chris Gardiner, shop for the food, prep it, and assemble menus for over eighty at each meal.  She cherishes the relationships she has established at the orphanage and considers the kids there as a second family.  As of this writing, Lauren and Chloe are hard at work preparing for their next missions excursion to Kids Kingdom:  February 6 through 9 with over thirty eighth graders.


Lauren's favorite verse is Isaiah 38:17: "Behold, it was for my welfare that I had great bitterness; but in love you have delivered my life from the pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back." Lauren has wisdom beyond her years and has learned from the things she thought were detrimental for her, changed her for the better at a young age. She sets a distinguished example around campus with her determination, work ethic, and unashamed fire for Christ. It is students like Lauren that make up the unmistakeable community of Northwest Christian School. 



Josh James Prepares to Release Worship Album with Fellow Alum Justin Unger

2013 grad pairs with Bethany Bible worship leader for "Likewise Worship"



Pick up the new CD at

LIKEWISE WORSHIP with Josh James and Justin Unger 



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Farmers Insurance

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Shawn & Jenifer Kohner

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Northwest Christian School  has an exciting new offer for all students, faculty and their families!  A portion of each sale goes directly to our school!   If your family would like to take advantage of this limited time offer of fun in the desert, get a Pogo Pass today. 


A Pogo Pass is a one year membership to multiple Phoenix Valley Venues. Purchase  your Pogo Pass and enter venues for free as many times as it shows under each venue. Each person needs a Pogo Pass to enter. It is very easy to use, just print your card out immediately after purchase. If you have a smart phone, they can just scan your phone directly at each venue.      


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February 5, 2014
Vol. 4, Issue 6

Matthew 7:12

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Jog-a-thon 2014


Your support of Jog-a-thon works to make NCS a stronger school!  This year's Jog-a-thon targets are:


1.  Campus Security

2.  Classroom Technology

3.  Acts 1:8 Student Ministry Opportunities 


Your support is appreciated!  Please consider supporting the effort by visiting the following link:


Jog-a-thon 2013


Big Boys on Campus

The Monthly NCS Men's Prayer Breakfast

Change in the regular schedule!
This month, the monthly BBOC breakfast will be at Friday, February 14th, from 7:00 to 7:30am on the NCS soccer field.

Come join the men of NCS as they lift up our families, students, and teachers.

Enjoy a delicious, complementary hot breakfast and a devotion from NCS alumni Adam Mossbrucker.

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NCS Service Learning Program

Northwest Christian extends its gratitude to LifeWay Christian Stores for their support of NCS missions!

This past Christmas season, LifeWay shoppers were offered the chance to purchase a special Christmas gift for the kids at the Kids Kingdom orphanage in Imuris, Mexico.  They generously provided over 600 stuffed animals for the boys and girls in Imuris, Mexico.

Barro's Pizza

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Arizona Christian



With Arizona Christian University's Degree Completion Program, you can finish your degree in less than two years!


*Choose from degrees in Behavioral Health, Business Administration or Christian Ministries

*Attend class only one night per week

*Work together within a cohort group

*Get college credit for life experience


If you're a working adult who would like more information about ACU's Degree Completion Program, contact Dr. Jim Ellis today at 602-386-4120!

Grand Canyon University

GCU Logo 121212 
 Northwest Christian School is a proud member of the GCU Canyon Christian School Consortium.

High school students (grades 9-12) who are accepted to attend GCU will receive a $5,000 (on-campus housing) or $2,500 (off-campus housing) CCSC scholarship at GCU per year for each year of attendance at NCS.  This could save students up to $20,000 on college tuition over the course of four years.


NCS parents also have access to an exclusive 10% discount, providing savings toward tuition and fees for online undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs at GCU. (Scholarships are available for campus-based programs. The CCSC discount cannot be combined with any other institutional aid offer or discount.) 

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New Early Ed Class and Infant Care


The new infant care program is underway and space is limited. A Tuesday and Thursday morning class for young three year olds has also just opened. The Mom's Day Out program for toddlers and the preschool program has several openings and spots will go quickly. We appreciate your referrals to family and friends. For more info, please contact Michelle Reddy at

National League of Junior Cotillions

NJLC pic 2 


for young men and women in sixth through eighth grade

Northwest Christian congratulates
Mrs. Patricia Richards


for being honored by the
National League of Junior Cotillions
with the
Cotillion Allegiance Award


an honor afforded to directors who demonstrate true commitment to students and parents within the community. 
Box Tops for Education
Boxtops for Education
The November 2013 box tops submission has earned a record $1570 for the school!  Thank you for your generosity and support!

Earn cash for Northwest Christian every time you shop for groceries.  Clip box tops from hundreds of your favorite products and drop them off in the school office.  Each box top is worth 10 cents for NCS--that adds up fast!

NCS International Student Program
NCS International Students
Are you interested in hosting an international student for the 2012/2013 school year? 
Each year, NCS welcomes a limited number of international Christian students into the school's community.  Hosting families provide a meaningful opportunity to a young person looking for new opportunities. 
For more information, please contact:
Michelle Reddy
Director of Admissions

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Valley West Women's Bible Study

Valley West Women's Bible Study
This non-denominational women's Bible study meets Thursday mornings on the  campus of Northwest Community Church.  Using Titus 2:3-5 as a foundation, VWWBS has been ministering to women for thirty years.  This is the place to find encouragement, support, friendship, and solid Biblical teaching.
September through April
9:15 to 11:15am
Free childcare for birth to 5 years
Moms in Prayer
Moms in Prayer 
Please come and join other NCS moms in praying for our school, our staff, and our children!
Wednesday mornings, resuming this fall, 8:00 to 9:00am, room C102 in the Cook Center.

For more information, please call Kathy LaBarbera, (623)521-2308 or Sherrie Walker, (623)221-2516.


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Café Valley Bakery 
is a generous sponsor of several NCS community events
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Built on the Rock Solid Foundation
Built on the Rock s a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation which is dedicated to the advancement of Christian education. Built on the Rock was founded in 2000 and  has been supporting Christian education ever since.

For more information on any BOTR program, including  "Outstanding Christian Educator" award program, the "High School Senior Scholarship" program, and the "Financial Hardship Assistance" program, please visit


Bling N Ink
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a NCS service learning partner

LifeStream Complete Senior Living offers a spectrum of retirement and senior living services including:
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
We have four
beautiful communities
to choose from:

Northeast Phoenix
Youngtown/Sun City
LifeStream Complete Senior Living is a non-profit organization driven by a desire to preserve seniors' dignity, independence and quality of life.
Special moments happen here everyday... Come join us!

Peoples Bank

is a generous NCS Athletics Sponsor

 Trina Nevrla
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Year End Tax Credit Opportunity


Donors may donate until April 15th to receive a tax credit on their 2012 Arizona Individual Income Tax Return.


We strongly recommend that you contact the individual STO's to determine what, if any, cutoff dates they have established.


If you have any specific questions, please contact the NCS Business Office

Diane Collicott,


Tom Hartzler,


For more information on how to contribute please click:


Fall into His Story

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Free NCS Bumper Sticker!

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Please present this coupon in the school office to receive a complimentary NCS bumper sticker. 
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