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March 19, 2014


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Guest Speaker: Florian Osswald

Waldorf Education in a Technological World

Thursday, 3/27



Music Sharing Evening

Friday, 4/4

6:30 - 9:00pm 

Parent Meetings


Early Childhood

Tuesday, 3/25


High School

Tuesday, 4/1

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5th Grade Play

The Trojan War and The Odyssey

Wed., 3/26 9:30am

Thurs., 3/27 9:30am

Fri., 3/28 9:30am and 5pm


3rd Grade~ Glenbrook

3/21 -3/23


6th Grade~ Glenbrook



7th Grade~ Glenbrook



The Hartsbrook School presents a conversation with:

Guest Speaker,
Florian Osswald 

Waldorf Education in a Technological World
Thursday, March 27, 7:00-8:30pm
How do we balance Waldorf education's emphasis on the development of capacities in the child in a technological world filled with media and constant stimulation? Our students are part of that world even as they develop the capacities and the remarkable presence of mind we so value. Hear some leading thoughts on this topic from a Waldorf educator and bring your questions and observations for what should be a lively evening of conversation.

Florian Osswald is co-leader of the educational (research) section at the world headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland. Trained as an engineer and later as a Waldorf teacher, he taught mathematics and physics for 24 years in Waldorf schools in Switzerland. He has worked in various countries as an advisor to faculties and colleges of teachers.  He will visit Hartsbrook on March 27th and 28th to work with faculty, staff, parents and students.
Contact jpewtherer@hartsbrook.org  for more information. Join Us! Registration is not required.

Music Sharing Evening

The Parent Council has created a time and place to showcase many of our talented students.


Music Sharing Evening

When: Friday April 4th, 6:30 - 9:00pm

Where: Piening Hall


Hartsbrook's first Music Sharing Evening, organized by the Parent Council, is coming up quickly.  On Friday, April 4th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm Piening Hall will showcase the wide range of musical talent in our school - from beginners to experts.  This informal recital is open to all Hartsbrook students as performers, and we welcome the entire Hartsbrook community in the audience (a good time to get the 1st and 2nd graders excited about their future music classes!).


We are putting together the program now, so please email your student's name, grade and name of the piece to Randall to secure your spot.  You can also ask questions via email or to the parents who will be at the school at drop off on Friday.

We look forward to hearing your music!


Randall Spalding-Fecher, Parent Council Representative


PVTA Bus - NO bus service this week 

No service on Route 39 the week of March 17th.

Smart Lunches - Discontinued           

The last delivery day for Smart Lunches will be Monday, March 31st.  Service may be resumed when the program expands.  Contact Louise Spear with any questions.

Ultimate Season ~ Start Dates 

We'll postpone our first practices until next week, allowing time for the snow to melt, the ground to thaw and to dry out (hopefully!).  Participants should run and/or spend time passing with a friend each day.


Start Dates:
Varsity: March 24th
Intramurals: March 26th
Middle School Travel Team: March 27th

For all schedules: Hartsbrook Athletics Calendar
If you haven't yet completed your online registration or sent full payment, please do so immediately.  

Envisioning Hartsbrook's Future Together

On Wednesday, March 12, more than 40 members of the Hartsbrook community gathered for an all-school meeting to share ideas about how to realize our aspirations for Waldorf education at the school.  The meeting was hosted by the Board of Directors and gave the Board, Faculty Conference, and Parent Council an opportunity to work together on behalf of the school. 

The meeting began with an inspiring introduction by Arthur Zajonc, a Board member and one of the school's "Incorporators."  Arthur reflected on the early years of the school, its fundamental values, and its enduring commitment to making Waldorf education available to the children in our community.  This was followed by a brief welcome and call to purpose by Tupper Brown, Chair of the Board of Directors.

To facilitate an open exchange of ideas, participants divided up into small, World Café-style working groups.  Discussion began with a series of three questions - What brought you to Hartsbrook?  What keeps you at Hartsbrook?  How can we share our vision of Hartsbrook more effectively with our broader community? - and ranged widely over a variety of issues, from personal experiences at Hartsbrook to enrollment at the school.  Two principal goals informed this discussion: to define the school's strengths in a clear and compelling manner, and to think creatively about how the school might carry these strengths more effectively into our wider community.

The meeting also included an update on the Strategic Plan and a "straw poll" that gave attendees an opportunity to express their sense of the school's strategic priorities during the ongoing work of implementing the Plan.  Please contact Board member Lane Hall-Witt if you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, or if you would like to offer your thoughts about the Plan and its implementation.  

Board member Ruth LeBar closed the meeting by reciting the founding verse for the first Waldorf School - in Stuttgart, Germany - composed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919.

Throughout the evening, emphasis was placed on recording the views expressed by all in attendance.  The Board has collected a large amount of written material produced by the attendees, which is now in the process of being transcribed.  A more detailed report on the meeting will be made available to the Hartsbrook community soon, when this task has been completed.

Thanks to all who joined in the work of the evening!

The Board of Directors and Faculty Conference




April and Summer Sessions 

Farm Camp at The Hartsbrook School offers children a fun learning opportunity to work hands-on with farm animals and to participate in a variety of agricultural craft activities.
SPROUTS: children aged 4-51/2 years (4 by start of camp)
YOUNG FARMERS: children aged 51/2-12 years ( 51/2 by start of camp)
CIT Program: Students aged 13-15 yrs (two 2-week sessions)
Spring Vacation Farm Camp
 (Young Farmers Only) 
April 21st - 25th


Summer Farm Camp

Session 1: June 16-20

Session 2: June 30-July 3 (4 days only~ $312)

Session 3: July 7-11
Session 4: July 14-18 
Counselor in Training (CIT) ProgramSession 1: June 16-20 & June 30-July 3               
Session 2: July 7-11 & July 14-18
All camp days are 8:45am to 3:00pm
Sprouts & Young Farmers $390 (Session 2: $312)
CITs$600 per 2-week session
Sibling discount $40 per week/ per sibling 


Contact: (413) 584-3198 with any questions.

Spring Farm Camp: REGISTER Here for Spring!

Summer Farm Camp: REGISTER Here for Summer!

Hartsbrook Lamb For Sale

We are offering for the first time to our school community an assortment of lamb cuts from our own Hartsbrook sheep. These animals have been raised on grass and hay along with a small daily supplement of grain. This combination produces meat of exceptional flavor and texture. All cuts have been packaged for the freezer in quantities suitable for smaller households.

Please let me know if you are interested in getting information on cuts and prices. This lamb will only be available while supplies last.




Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship

Hartsbrook's Land Stewardship Program ~

Featured Article on the Biodynamic Association Web Site

The Land Stewardship Program at Hartsbrook School

by Nicki Robb


The Land Stewardship Program at the Hartsbrook School has, like the school itself, grown out of the very soil upon which this school is planted. More than 20 years ago, the fledgling program was slowly finding its way into the life and learning of our students, beginning as field trips to a local bio-dynamic farm (Brookfield Farm CSA) to join in a variety of seasonal planting and harvesting activities, then expanding to other area farms, patiently waiting for the opportunity where a full program could start to be realized at the school itself. Fast forward to today, with an almost full curriculum in place that encompasses the kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, supporting students as they work and learn about the many pressing issues that affect our relationship with the earth.


Even the name has changed over these years to reflect the nuanced differences in how we think of connecting with the earth. It has taken many long hours of discussion and debate for the committee responsible for the oversight of the agricultural work at Hartsbrook (The Land Stewardship Committee) to find the right name that encapsulates all that we bring to our children and community through this program. What is the right word, term or phrase to use when the intent is to provide our students the tools with which to become sensitive, informed young citizens who are cognizant of the complex issues that challenge a healthy relationship to our ability to feed and nourish ourselves? We recognize that true understanding arises from a true connection, and so it does for each student who cares for an animal at the Farmstead, or learns how to grow a vegetable and plant grains, or overcomes the "stinkiness" of the composting class to marvel at the process of transformation, looks into a hive of honeybees while slowly growing to understand how essential these tiny creatures are to our very health and well being. 



News from the Grades ~

The Second Grade Performs "St. Ophelia"


News From the Grades ~

The Third Grade Performs "Moses, The Child of the Nile"

High School Happenings ~Macbeth

The high school ended its triumphant run of Macbeth on Saturday night, playing to a packed house of 150 and receiving a sustained standing ovation at the final curtain.  Led by our twin pairs of leads of Will, Eliana, Gaelen and Maible, the cast rose to the challenge of this demanding play in spectacular fashion. 


In all dimensions - set design, lighting, costumes, music, dance and, above all, acting - the production met the highest theatrical standards, and will remain a powerful experience for all those who were involved.  The directors extend their deepest thanks to all those who helped bring about the production.


Tony Cape and Virginia McWilliam 


For more photos, be sure to check out Hartsbrook Photo Site  > High School > General > Macbeth
(See the back of your directory for the password or call the main office.)  


Put On Your Apron Workshop Series
with Elizabeth Sustick RN

The Healing Basket Workshop


When: Saturday, April 12th,  1 - 4 pm

Where: 15 Manhan St. Northampton MA 01060

Cost: $35.00

What to bring: scissors, hot water bottle, hand towel, face cloth


"I never caught anything from an apron but love" 

- Author unknown


If you are interested in having a well-stocked first aid basket that will bring healing and smiles, using principles based on Anthroposophic Medicine, please join me for this workshop. We will explore the use of botanicals and homecare gestures for typical childhood occurrences that disturb well being, such as burns, bites, rash, restlessness, earache, cough, and sore throat. We will also use plant dyed felt to sew some simple healing basket items such as scissor, thermometer or band-aid holders. Adults only event.



Please send non-refundable payment in full to reserve your place for either workshop to:

Elizabeth Sustick,  Contact: 413 586 8083, esustick@gmail.com

15 Manhan St, Northampton MA 01060


Elizabeth Sustick RN has been an active member of the Hartsbrook School community as a parent, grandparent, teacher, board member, and nurse. With her son and husband she owns and operates Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant in Northampton.

Community Bulletin Board 


YOGA MONKEY KIDS CAMP: Yoga Sanctuary is offering a summer camp for children ages 5-10 this June 23rd-27th. Join Sara Rose for this spirited camp that weaves yoga and creative movement, storytelling, creative crafts and games into one fun and enchanting week! Come play, make new friends, and grow strong from the inside out. 413.585.9642 or email info@yoga-sanctuary.com.


THE MAGIC FLUTE: The Memorial Hall Association and your Local Cultural Council  invite your family to a FREE film presentation of  THE MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart.  This is the Metropolitan Opera's adaptation in English designed for children. SUNDAY, MARCH 30 AT 2:00 PM. Bring the family to this introduction to Opera.  Doors open at 1:30. Seating is first come, first served. The Memorial Hall Theater is located  at 51 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls. MORE INFO

UPCOMING CONCERT Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas will be at the Iron Horse, Thursday, May 1, at 7:00 pm.  If you saw them last year at the school, you know what a treat their concerts are. If you missed them, here's your chance.  $17.50 advance, $20 at the door. Call 413-586-8686 for tickets.  

WELCOME SPRING WITH YOGA! Enjoy small classes in Karen's lovely Amherst studio in the woods. First class free. New students: 30 days unlimited classes for $60. Private and therapeutic sessions, workshops, special classes. See www.karensheingold.com. Or ask Janet Kaplan Bucciarelli, Lori Lynn Hoffer, Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields. Contact: karen@karensheingold.com, 413-253-0313.

SEEKING RENTAL HOME Waldorf professional family on sabbatical looking for home for rent near Hartsbrook Waldorf School, either a short term rental for the summer (May 1 - August 30) or a home available for long term rent from May 1 2014 - July 1 2015.  We are a small family of 3 and our son will be attending 6th Grade at Hartsbrook.  We have a 10 year old gentle dog as well.   We are a non smoking, vegetarian family.   Please contact adam_barrows@carleton.ca or call 613-830-9762

MATH TUTOR AVAILABLE Previous Waldorf math teacher with years of perience tutoring elementary school through calculus. My specialties are working with students to whom math doesn't come easily and with advanced students who need some more challenge. SAT prep also available.

GUATAMALA PROJECT: In August I will go to build a Bottle School with Hug It Forward. I am very excited to do something for children far away. I need to raise $1800 in order to go. I plan on bringing over a violin to leave there in hopes that the instrument closet will grow! Below is a link about the program and where you can contribute. Rebecca Rose MORE INFO 

KHALSA CAMP: Let your child spend their days outside in a safe and nurturing environment this summer! A unique program based out of Leverett, MA offers three sessions, each with their own theme--Nature Challenge, Cooperative Trust Building, and Expressive Arts. Woven throughout the weeks are camp activities: yoga and meditation, horseback riding, free swim and swimming lessons, challenging hikes, daily field trips and sharing circles. June 30 - August 15. Ages 5 - 13. Early Bird Discount if you register by April 15! Visit www.KhalsaCamp.net for more info. KhalsaCamp@gmail.com (413) 548-8855

WEST AFRICAN DANCE & DRUM CLASSES FOR KIDS A community class for mixed ages and abilities (Ages 5 and up). Help children build confidence in their creative expression, as we let our spirits soar to the rhythm of the drums! Dance Classes taught by Jai Fuller, Drum Classes taught by Harijap & Jai Fuller. Live drumming will accompany all dance classes! Mondays April 7th - May 19th at the Leverett Crafts and Arts Center. Drum- 3:30 - 4; Dance 4 - 4:45. Contact siri.om.stone@gmail.com to register or for more information. Discount available if registered by March 30.

MAINE ARTS CAMP  www.maineartscamp.com - a small, creative camp community, ages 8-16. Extensive programs in the visual arts, along with theater, cooking, dance, music, photography, film making and more. Non-competitive, high level instruction from teachers and professionals, limited enrollment of about 100 campers, lots of personal attention!


HARTSBROOK FAMILY LOOKING FOR FALL RENTAL in Amherst or Northampton.  Quality2-3 bedroom house or apartment.  Please email coxzanne@gmail.com


HADLEY-BASED RAW MILK COOP:  is looking for a few more people/families to round out our weekly driving rotation. We use Robinson Farm in Hardwick, which offers certified organic raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows. Mmmm good! Contact Ben Grosscup if interested. 


LOCAL ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture supports the body's natural rhythms. No needle options, flexible charges.  www.acupuncturewomencare.net inquiries: eskersource@gmail.com

SUMMER THEATER WORKSHOPS: Join Hartsbrook alums Olivia Holcomb and Emma Ayres of Village Theatre Co. this summer for theatre workshops for ages 5-7 and 8-12 at Grace Church Parish Hall in Amherst.  Create an original play in one week, a different theme each week - musical, comedy, legends, fairytales.   www.villagetheatreco.com  or christinestevens@me.com


JOURNEY CAMP: Inclusiveness and peace-building are the hallmarks of Journey Camp, which offers children a supportive atmosphere where it's easy to be themselves and make friends. Creative play draws on art, music and the outdoors. Sessions at Woolman Hill, Deerfield, and Taproot Commons Farm, Cummington. Click for More Information


FREE FILM SERIES: Zonta Club of Northampton's Free Film Series-held on the last Wednesdays of February, March and April - will build awareness and open up community discussions about teen dating violence; rape culture; sexting; provocative Facebook, SnapChat, and emailing; and many more important topics.  Parents and Educators will walk away with a better understanding of the daily struggles kids face and with ideas for discussing and tackling these important issues.

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