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March 5, 2014


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Upcoming Events 


Angela Hanscom, TimberNook Camps

Critical Links Between Time Spent Outdoors, The Brain and a Child

Thursday, 3/6 6:30-8pm



World Cafe Event

Envisioning Hartsbrook's Future

Wednesday, 3/12 7-9pm 


Music Sharing Evening

Friday, 4/4 6:30 -9:30pm


Parent Meetings


7th Grade

Thursday, 3/6 7pm


4th Grade

Tuesday, 3/11 7-9pm

Class Activities


3rd Grade Play

Moses:  Child of the Nile

Wednesday, 3/5 9:30am

Thursday, 3/6 9:30am

Friday, 3/7 9:30am 


High School Play


Thursday 3/13 7pm

Friday 3/14 7pm

Saturday 3/15 2pm

Saturday 3/15 7pm 


You are Invited to a World Caf!
Envisioning Hartsbrook's Future Together

When: Wednesday, March 12th, 7 to 9pm

Where: The Great Room 



All members of the Hartsbrook community are warmly invited to a World Caf-style meeting on Wednesday, March 12, 7 to 9 pm, in the Great Room in Hartsbrook Hall.  Tea and treats will be provided.

The Board of Directors and the Faculty Conference are hosting the event - a work session for parents, faculty, and Board members to affirm our aspirations for our school and share ideas about how to realize them.

We will, in particular, be trying to think creatively about ways to increase enrollment at Hartsbrook.  What can each of us be doing individually - as parents, faculty members, and Board members - to engage our wider community as ambassadors of our school?  What might Hartsbrook itself do, institutionally, to deepen and enrich its bonds with our wider community?

These are large and challenging questions.  We will try to approach them by opening a path that leads from concrete aspects of our own experience of Hartsbrook to concrete forms of community engagement on behalf of the School.  What brought us to Hartsbrook?  What keeps us here?  In what ways might we share our Hartsbrook experience with others in our community?  And how might the School itself seek out new ways to participate in the broader life of our community?

This is an exciting time for Hartsbrook.  Last year, our school community came together to define our hopes for the future and to embody them in the Strategic Plan.  Now we are engaged in the process of working together to bring those aspirations to pass.  Please join us.


The Hartsbrook Board and Faculty Conference

Announcing: The Forest Classroom

Our Newest Early Childhood Program

We joyfully announce the opening of our Forest Classroom... a mixed-age, outdoor  based Early Childhood program for children ages 2.9 to 6+.

The natural world is a wise and gifted teacher. Young children need opportunities to connect with the wonder, beauty, tranquility, and integrative activities available in the great outdoors. These experiences provide an essential foundation for development and learning. 
We joyfully announce the opening of our mixed-age Forest Classroom. Our outdoor classroom will be the field and forest of our beautiful campus, nestled between the farmland and the Seven Sisters Mountain Range of the Pioneer Valley. We will spend our mornings outdoors and return indoors for lunch, rest and respite from extreme weather. 
For more information on the benefits of an outdoor education, be sure to join us for Angela Hanscom's presentation.


Tomorrow Night

Join us for An Evening Lecture...


The Critical Links Between Time Spent Outdoors,
the Brain, and the Child

A Presentation by Angela Hanscom of TimberNook
When: Thursday, March 6, 6:30-8:30pm

Today's children are constantly in an upright position. It is rare to find children rolling down hills, climbing trees, or spinning in circles just for fun. We've taken away merry-go-rounds, shortened the length of swings, and done away with teeter-totters to keep children safe. What we don't realize is that we are keeping children from attaining the very skills needed to keep them safe in the first place! Hanscom upends traditional thought and practice by revealing the critical links between the child, the brain, and the great outdoors.



Angela Hanscom is a revolutionary pediatric occupational therapist turned nature enthusiast--using the woods, river, and giant mud puddles to prevent disabilities. She is the founder of the unique and unconventional TimberNook camps that are spreading in New England - with the potential to go nationwide. Hanscom is also writing a book, Balanced & Barefoot, which discusses the critical links between outdoor play, child development, and academic success.


PVTA Bus News 


Bus Riders be aware: There will be no bus service on Route 39 the week March 17th-22nd.
 (It's college spring break week)

Good news!  After review, the Route 39 bus service is not recommended for changes. 


Registration for Spring + Summer Farm Camp is OPEN
Spring Camp Dates: April 21-25
Summer Camp Dates: Session 1- June 16-20; Session 2-June 30-July 3 (4 days); Session 3: July 7-11; Session 4: 14-18

Community Coffee ~ New Sponsor - Rao's Coffee!

Thank you to the Majkas, family of 8th Grader Lila and Cricket student, Jasmine, 
for your generous contribution to furthering community and connection of Hartsbrook families.
Join us Friday mornings, after drop off, for coffee, tea and  hot cocoa!
All parents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends are welcome.
Karen Bates, Development

Parent Meditation

Reminder: Parent Meditation is Thursdays, 8:30-9:00am in the South Mod.  You are welcome to join us any Thursday morning that works for you!
Brought to you by the Parent Council. 

Advertise in the Macbeth Playbill!

The producers of Macbeth (3/13, 3/14, and 3/15) invite members of the wider Hartsbrook community to advertise in our playbill.  Reach hundreds of audience members with your business card, display ad or well wishes to specific cast members! 

Rates:  Business card $25, half page $50, full page $100.

Deadlines: For reservations: 3/5.  For copy and art: 3/10

Health Forms

Avoid the end-of-summer rush for filling out and sending in mandatory health forms! We have included our required health forms for the 2014-2015 school year in the packet containing your Tuition Contracts. You will receive this packet shortly. We encourage you to fill out your child's required paperwork and send it in with the Tuition Contracts. Please be advised that students in nursery, kindergarten, and grades 4, 7, and 10 will need a recent health physical (within 13 months) on file in order to start school, so make your doctor appointments now. Many families have already been sending in a copy of their child's yearly health physical! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 


Jessica LaCroix, School Nurse

It's Almost Ultimate Frisbee Season!

Register Now

VARSITY ~ For High School Students

Tuesday March 18, 2014 at 3:30 PM EDT -to- Sunday June 1, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT


GRADE SCHOOL ~ Grades 5-8

Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT -to- Thursday June 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT


Celebrating Hartsbrook Writers and Artists!
Recently a number of middle school students submitted works of art and writing to the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards program sponsored by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Hundreds of young writers and artists participated, and now the awards have been announced.
Grace from the 7th grade, and from the 8th grade, Alena, Lila, Nick, Sylvana, Lindsey, Ayla, Jonas, Finn received recognition(s). There were Honorable Mentions, Silver Keys, and the highest honor, Gold Keys.
We are so proud of our young artists and writers!
Mrs. Hopkins, 8th Grade Class Teacher and Ms Damon, 7th Grade Class Teacher

MacbethA High School Production

Evening Performances: March 13, 14 and 15 at 7.30pm

Matinee Performance: Saturday, March 15 at 2pm


Rehearsals are in full swing for the High School production of Macbeth.


Co-directed by Tony Cape and Virginia McWilliam, the show is the first Shakespeare production in the High School and incorporates a number of innovative features. These include "supernatural" troupes of dancers, original music, and the division of the principal parts between two actors. Tony Cape commented: "We realized both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are split personalities in whom ambition and moral awareness are in conflict. We felt it would offer some soul protection for young actors if they shared the responsibility for tackling such dark roles".



$12 adult, $8 student, Family cap of $30


Tickets (but not seating) can be reserved through Caryn Hesse at the High School office. 413.587.0590 ex: 106

Kid Goats

Monday afternoon....despite the bitter cold and raw grey skies, Lilly the goat decided it was time to introduce her 2 kids to the world. Normally, early March can be typically a good time to have your animals birthing, but this winter has been no ordinary winter and this March has already defied expectations and hopes, seemingly held frozen in glacial time. 


Despite that, this brave new first-time Mom birthed a set of twins, a male and a female, as different in appearance as they are in gender, one black, the other white. When yet 24 hours old, they managed through one of the coldest nights of this winter (dropping down to -8F). A hot lamp provides a warm cozy nook for them to settle into with Lilly ever attentive close by. The first 2-3 days are critical ones for such little creatures battling the elements so the farmers and the 4th Grade will be vigilant to make sure that all is well for kids and Mom.



And who do you think trumpeted the clarion call to announce the arrival of the newest additions to the goat barn? Ever at the ready, dear Frannie, the donkey.


Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship

The Sheep Flock

An important aspect of good livestock management is to ensure that the system that supports them is sustainable, a word oft used, yet nowhere more relevant than in agriculture.


The farm can support only so many animals on its summer pasture, and only so many can be sustained in good health over winter by the limits of the barn and hay supplies. These are the realities of any good farm system and here at Hartsbrook.  In the autumn, choices are made as to which animals will stay and become the breeding stock or continue on as part of the flock that will provide us the fleece and wool for which these animals were selected.  


Four of our sheep were sent to market over winter, allowing us the opportunity to provide meat and sheepskins to our school community.  The meat is available now for purchase, (and of the best quality I have seen in a while) having been raised on both grass and grain. The sheepskins are being cured at a facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a small, family operation that is nationally known for curing hides.


For information about cuts and prices for our lamb, please contact me and I will email you a cut/price list.


Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship

High School Happenings ~

9th Grade Thermodynamics, Expansion of Alcohol vs. Water


We had two test tubes, one filled with water and one with alcohol, each with a rubber stopper and a glass straw.  The water was 70F, and alcohol 69F.  We marked the water, or alcohol level on the glass straw, and then placed the test tubes into Erlenmeyer flasks filled with just boiled water.  We watched as the liquids rose through the straws, and marked where they stopped.  The water took much longer to stop than the alcohol.  The two liquids' final temperatures were very close, 120F for the water, and 122F for the alcohol, but while the alcohol rose 18.5 cm, the water only rose 4.5 cm.

Conclusion - water is denser than alcohol, which we tested the next day by weighing them.

Nora Cooper
9th Grade 

High School Happenings ~

Optics and Modern Physics 12th grade block

In the 12th Grade block Optics and Modern Physics we borrowed a thermal infrared (IR) camera from the Smith College Physics department to observe the connection between the emission of infrared light and the temperature of objects.


The first image is a picture of the IR camera taking an image of a hot teapot.  Bright areas are hot, with the teapot sides reaching 140F and dark areas like the handle and tip of the spout are cool. The bright "shadow" of the teapot is actually its infrared reflection off the desk surface.  The other two pictures are a comparison of two adjacent windows on the north side of Piening Hall as taken on a chilly morning this week.  The first is latched, showing a minimum temperature at the window frame of around 40F.  The other is closed but not latched, and temperatures here dipped down to 27.5F, with a swath of inky dark coldness leaking in around the edge.  These types of cameras are used professionally for energy audits and water leak detection in buildings, and in inspecting for friction losses in industrial processes or for hot components in overloaded circuits.




Rosemary McNaughton
High School Physics

Waldorf Approach to the First Year 
of Life
with Magdalena Toran



: Tuesday Mornings 9-11:30am,  March 4th - April 8th 
Where: This class will be held at Grow, 150 Main Street, Thorne's Market

Cost: $130

During the first year of life children build a foundation of health that will stay with them throughout  their lives. In a safe and caring environment, we will work together to deepen our intuitive parenting so as to nourish our children during this formative time.    

Together we will explore topics that support your baby and your family's needs. Discussion will include: the importance of warmth, sleeping and waking, understanding your baby's cues, the benefits of rhythm and routine, exploring freedom of movement, and caregiving as a time for building relationships. 


Contact Grow for Registration, (413) 341-5282

Put On Your Apron Workshop Series
with Elizabeth Sustick RN

 A Little A' This "N" That, Natural Foods Cooking Class


When: Saturday, March 22nd, 1 - 4pm

Where: 15 Manhan St. Northampton, MA 01060

Cost: $35.00

What to bring: cutting board and knife, kitchen washcloth


My grandma, she can make soup,

With a little a' this 'n' that.

She can feed the whole sloop group,

With a little a' this 'n' that.

Stone soup! You know the story.

Stone soup! Who needs the glory?

But with grandma cooking, no need to worry.

Just a little a' this 'n' that.

- Pete Seeger


Learn to prepare simple and nurturing food for your family, using organic grains, vegetables and fruit.


The Healing Basket Workshop


When: Saturday, April 12th,  1 - 4 pm

Where: 15 Manhan St. Northampton MA 01060

Cost: $35.00

What to bring: scissors, hot water bottle, hand towel, face cloth


"I never caught anything from an apron but love" 

- Author unknown


If you are interested in having a well-stocked first aid basket that will bring healing and smiles, using principles based on Anthroposophic Medicine, please join me for this workshop. We will explore the use of botanicals and homecare gestures for typical childhood occurrences that disturb well being, such as burns, bites, rash, restlessness, earache, cough, and sore throat. We will also use plant dyed felt to sew some simple healing basket items such as scissor, thermometer or band-aid holders. Adults only event.



Please send non-refundable payment in full to reserve your place for either workshop to:

Elizabeth Sustick,  Contact: 413 586 8083, esustick@gmail.com

15 Manhan St, Northampton MA 01060


Elizabeth Sustick RN has been an active member of the Hartsbrook School community as a parent, grandparent, teacher, board member, and nurse. With her son and husband she owns and operates Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant in Northampton.

Celebrating Our Community

This Weekend!  ~

Come see Hartsbrook Alumnus perform in



Myles Olmsted as Shrek, the Scottish Ogre
Sophie Kaplan-Bucciarelli as Princess Fiona's Mother
Sierra Hausthor as a Duloc Citizen

Fiona Herter as the nervous White Rabbit


SHREK THE MUSICAL at Amherst Regional HS. There are other Hartsbrook alumni who have helped create the show's amazing set, props, costumes & outlandish makeup.

Kristin Hall, Hartsbrook Parent, is the costume mistress while Penny Herter, Alumnae Parent, has let the dance choreography.  


Shows dates & times are March 6-8 at 7:30 & March 8 at 2:00.

For tickets: email arhsmusicals@gmail.com 


For more about the show read ARHS students put their stamp on Shrek The Musical


Alumna News ~

Principles and Consciousness of Nonviolent Communication 


COMMUNICATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT eight-week course on living the principles and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication in our every-day lives.

Tuesday evenings starting March 11th in S. Amherst. Taught by Hartsbrook Alum, Elana Davidson.  (8th Grade Class of 1993)

To register or for more information: Visit mytrueplace.com or call Elana at 413-259-4369.

Unfolding Terrain~

New Work by Hartsbrook Parent, Kathryn Fanelli


Artist reception:

Saturday, March 8th, 5-8pm


On view:

3/3 -4/4


The Loft Parlor, Easthampton MA

MORE INFO: www.theloftparlor.com


Congratulations Kathryn!

Community Bulletin Board 

HADLEY-BASED RAW MILK COOP:  is looking for a few more people/families to round out our weekly driving rotation. We use Robinson Farm in Hardwick, which offers certified organic raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows. Mmmm good! Contact Ben Grosscup if interested. 


SUMMER THEATER WORKSHOPS: Join Hartsbrook alums Olivia Holcomb and Emma Ayres of Village Theatre Co. this summer for theatre workshops for ages 5-7 and 8-12 at Grace Church Parish Hall in Amherst.  Create an original play in one week, a different theme each week - musical, comedy, legends, fairytales.   www.villagetheatreco.com  or christinestevens@me.com


JOURNEY CAMP: Inclusiveness and peace-building are the hallmarks of Journey Camp, which offers children a supportive atmosphere where it's easy to be themselves and make friends. Creative play draws on art, music and the outdoors. Sessions at Woolman Hill, Deerfield, and Taproot Commons Farm, Cummington. Click for More Information


EARLY CHILDHOOD ITEMS TO SHARE? Looking for a used inexpensive little table and chair or two for an infant/toddler. Also looking for someone to be a "pass-me-downs buddy" for any natural fiber clothing or objects that they may have outgrown. Respond to Emily unite4evernow@gmail.com 


MOVING SALE:  1. Cleats UMBRO brand  Size 12 worn-twice blue/black upper with white strip and white sole. asking $12 (compare at +$40retail)  2. Split-sole Dancesport shoe in Black  (never worn) compare on line $68. Asking $25 size 15* Contact Liza 


SUMMER ARTS: Become a Multi-Arts member  and secure your child's place in Multi-Arts for the summer.  Pay in 5 monthly installments $113, and know your child will be creatively engaged this summer doing art, theater, music, fashion design, dance and creative writing. Must sign up  BEFORE March 9th! 


AWARE PARENTING PARENT EDUCATION WORKSHOPS at GROW with Hartsbrook parent, Swansea Benham Bleicher. Learn the three reasons for misbehavior, ways to resolve conflict in a non-authoritarian manner, the pitfalls of punishments and rewards, and basic techniques for democratic discipline.  Three part series: 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, Mondays, 6-8 pm at Grow in Northampton, $60, call (413) 341-5282 to register  


FREE FILM SERIES: Zonta Club of Northampton's Free Film Series-held on the last Wednesdays of February, March and April - will build awareness and open up community discussions about teen dating violence; rape culture; sexting; provocative Facebook, SnapChat, and emailing; and many more important topics.  Parents and Educators will walk away with a better understanding of the daily struggles kids face and with ideas for discussing and tackling these important issues.

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