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February 12, 2014


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High School

Open Class Day

Wednesday, 2/12


February Break

No School, 2/17-2/22

Friday, 2/14 Half Day and Assembly

~11:00 - 11:45am Grades 1-6 performances

~11:45am - 12:15pm Building Opening Ceremony w/ Grades 7-12
~12:15pm Building Blessing all school

Parent Meetings


Next Parent Council Meeting

Monday, 3/10


Class Activities


7th Grade Play

Wed. 2/12 9am +1:30pm

Thurs. 2/13 9am + 6:30pm



Ski Club on Friday!


Basketball is in Season

Click for Athletics Calendar

Friday Celebration
Assembly Day & Opening Ceremony
Help us celebrate the opening of Hartsbrook's new Early Childhood Building. This beautiful space will provide our littlest students a place of beauty and warmth for generations to come.

Friday, February 14th

Piening Hall

11:00am - 11:45am Grades 1-6 assembly

11:45am - 12:15pm Building Opening Ceremony w/ Grades 7-12
12:15pm - 12:30pm Building Blessing, all school and guests process to the new building.

As the lower grades student assembly is ending, we will have a presentation in honor of all those who helped bring the Early Childhood building to a reality and a celebration of our renewable energy project. At 12:15pm, we will go outside and be joined by the entire student body to encircle and bless the new Early Childhood Building. 


Refreshments and a walkthrough to follow.  


Hot Lunch! 

The senior class will offer a variety of hot items for lunch after the Opening Ceremony on Friday, February 14. The sale will be held under the Hartsbrook Hall canopy and will include soups, chili, breads and dessert. Proceeds will be used to,support the senior class trip to Costa Rica in April, where they will be volunteering at a wildlife refuge center.

 Everyone welcome, we look forward to you joining us!


Financial Aid Deadline ~ February 15th

Important Reminder: The Financial Aid deadline is  February 15th. Please make sure that you have completed your FACTS application online at www.hartsbrook.org. Your application must be complete by this date. 
Email our Business Manager, Diane LaBarge or call (413) 586-1908 x104 if you have questions. 

Registration for Spring Farm Camp is now OPEN

Registration for Spring Farm Camp is now OPEN.  Camp dates are April 21-25.  Young Farmers (aged 5 1/2 - 12 years) only. Online registration link can be found on the Farm Camp webpage:  Click Here for Farm Camp Registration


Registration for Summer Farm Camp will be open soon.

2014 - 2015 School Calendar

Here are the highlights of next year's school calendar. If you need details of other holidays or parent teacher conference days, please contact Louise Spear.
First Day of School - September 3
Winter Break - Dec. 22 - Jan. 2
February Break - Feb. 16 - 20
April Break - April 20 - 24
Last day of School - June 12 (June 11 for Early Childhood classes)

Enrollment News ~

Join the Outreach Task Force

Come join the Outreach Task Force and give the Valley an amazing Hartsbrook

experience! The Outreach Task Force is currently forming under the direction of Leslie Evans, Enrollment Director. Our task it to develop ideas and schedule events so we may share the richness, beauty, and strength of Waldorf Education while also giving students more opportunities to share their learning and talent. Come help us schedule art shows, performance art, science displays, parent teas, student volunteer opportunities, campus tours and more. 


For more information contact:  Nicole Thurrell, Enrollment Committee


Lessons from Children and Chickens

By Elisa Saltet, Hartsbrook Alumna

When I was a First-year student [First-year of Waldorf teacher training] hearing that Third-years teach whole weeks of Main Lesson I thought, "Fine for them, but unimaginable for me!" Our teacher assured us that the study we do in the first two years prepares us for the work in the third year. Recently, reading Study of Man in the weeks before my practicum I thought, "What a fearful responsibility it is to teach! I am not even close."


Somehow, along with these doubts I hoped that what my teacher said was true, that some of my learning would kick in to help me conquer my trepidation before the time came to stand in front of the children. The fact is, last week when I walked into the classroom with my lesson plan tucked under my arm, I was still in utter disbelief that I was about to teach Main Lesson! My main fear was, "What if I am not able to engage them?" The only comfort I could give myself was, "It will be such a flop that in two hours, at least I will know that I am not cut out for this."


I have been in the third grade at the Ceder Springs Waldorf School in Placerville, CA. The Third Graders are in their farming and math block. At the end of my first day the children showed me their chickens, which they had raise under a heat lamp in their classroom. I watched a child who could not sit still at a desk, sitting quietly with a chicken in his lap for several minutes, finally looking up to tell me her name and explain how she like to be petted . We teachers may not be able to bring this child to stillness, but his pet chicken certainly could!


It occurred to me that the Waldorf curriculum is much like that chicken. The teacher introduces it at a time when the child is ready to receive it, and the rest of the interaction is between the child and the chicken. As a learning teacher I experienced plenty of moments when I did not bring the right thing in the right way at the right time; I also caught a few glimpses of when it "works". It was the children who taught me in both cases. When I tried to show how many teaspoons fit into a tablespoon before they had moved enough in the morning, they showed me- by wiggling in their seats - that we needed to stand up and tap our toes. When I later illustrated the same concept within a story, the children sat still with eyes wide.


Yes, it is a big responsibility to teach children. It falls on us to bring the heat lamp, the grain, the story of life on a farm, the books and the pencils, and most of all, to sense when each element is needed. The gift of the Waldorf curriculum is that when we do this work behind the scenes, the children meet the piece of real life that speaks to them, and the learning and growth take place as the teacher watches in awe.


Elisa Saltet

Hartsbrook Alumna, recently finished her Waldorf teacher training.


(Sssshhhh...Adults Only Evening! Tee hee!)

Mark you calendar now, the Hartsbrook Carnival is returning!


When: Saturday, March 1st, 7:30 - 10:00pm

Where: Piening Hall


This is an evening to let your hair down, sing a song, do stand-up comedy, BYOB, and laugh together. AND it doesn't cost you a penny! Have you always wanted to read a poem to an audience? Write and perform a skit with your friends? Sing a folksong? Or a punk song? Or your own song? Here's your chance. Even if you'd like to just be an appreciative listener, we need you there.




If you have something to offer, please contact Polly Saltet

Parent Council ~ Music Sharing Evening

The Parent Council has created a time and place to showcase many of our talented students.


Music Sharing Evening

Friday April 4th, 6:30 - 9:00pm

Pienning Hall


On Friday, April 4th, the Hartsbrook Parent Council will host our first "Music Sharing Evening". This evening event will be an informal recital open to all Hartsbrook students.  For students, it is an opportunity not only to get more comfortable playing in public, but also to be inspired by what other students - including those from the High School - are doing with music.   For parents, it will be a wonderful showcase of the many talented students we have at the school, from the youngest learning "Twinkle Twinkle" on the violin to the High School composers and virtuosos. Individuals may play one short piece, and small groups (e.g. 2-5 people) are also welcome to perform.  

Details will be coming out soon about the program but for now block out  6:30 - 9:00pm and come join us to play, listen, and enjoy! Questions: Contact: Randall


Randall Spalding-Fecher, Parent Council Representative

High School Happenings ~

Protective Geometry

Projective geometry is a geometry that originates from the challenges of Renaissance artists to translate three-dimensional realities into two-dimensional spaces.  Taking a star as a starting point, these two drawings illustrate the use of projective techniques to form an ellipse formed by lines and an ellipse formed by points.


The hexagon net is a latticework that is initially formed by freely choosing three points on a line and then three lines coming from 2 of those points.


Steve Haendiges

High School Math Teacher


CPR & First Aid Training

Sunday, February 23rd 9:30am - 3:30pm

Location TBD


This CPR & First Aid class is designed for anyone caring for children. It will include basic life-saving techniques for critical situations as well as first aid treatments for common illnesses and injuries. Conventional treatment protocols as well as natural modalities including homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations will be discussed. This class is taught by Nicole Thurrell, Recreation Therapist and Wilderness EMT. Nicole served for many years as Health Director for a wilderness therapy program she co-founded while also working on an ambulance in Lake Placid, NY.


Heartsaver CPR

This Heartsaver CPR course teaches participants how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies in infants, children, and adults. This includes emergencies caused by respiratory issues such as choking and drowning as well as from cardiac issues such as electrocution, cardiac arrest, and stroke.


First Aid

This First Aid course is designed to teach participants to prevent, recognize, and treat the following illnesses and injuries: soft tissue injuries such as cuts, abrasions, and impaled objects, shock, head trauma, sprains, fractures, burns, severe allergic reactions, poisoning, bites and stings, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, frostbite, and infections. This course will be a classroom format combined with an experiential/practical component. In addition to the conventional protocols for treating the aforementioned issues, an emphasis will be placed on alternative modalities for treatment including homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations. Participants will be guided in assembling their own first aid kits to include homeopathic and herbal preparations.


Register Now

Sunday, February 23rd

CPR Only : 9:30am - 11:30am

Fee: $35.00


First Aid Only: 11:30am-3:30pm

Fee: $55.00


Sign up for both for $75.00


Half of all proceeds will be donated to The Hartsbrook School.




Please contact instructor, Nicole Thurrell with any questions (413) 775-3320.

Hartsbrook Pork for Sale

Now is the time to order fresh or smoked pork cuts from our own pigs. This exceptional meat is only available once a year and now is the time. Our two pigs have been cared for by the Sixth Grade as they have taken on their daily work with the cows, feeding them grain and food scraps from our Homestead kitchen and campus, as well as over mature vegetables from the school garden; this varied diet produces meat of exceptional quality and flavor.


All cuts are packaged and frozen in quantities suitable for smaller households. The smoked meats have been naturally cured without the use of any preservatives and smoked over hickory coals. Please let me know if you would like to receive details of cuts and prices. Supplies are limited and as all cuts will be sold on a first come, first serve basis (and we usually sell out) please call ext.119 or   email: nrobb@hartsbrook.org

Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship Director

A Magical Evening of Dance!

The beauty of the ballroom, swirling couples, smiling faces, beautiful music, and delicious desserts warmed the Fellowship Hall of the JCA on Saturday evening. The Eighth Grade wants to extend great thanks to: the musicians, Dan Kennedy and Susan Conger; the Eighth Grade parents under the able leadership of Leslie Kellogg, for all the work and baking to make the evening so magnificent; to Chip Weems for pictures; Megan Owens for shepherding the class through the lessons and preparation; and especially Emily Fox who patiently and skillfully taught us to waltz and gave us confidence to open the Ball with a lovely first waltz. Thank you one and all!


More photos will be posted on the Hartsbrook Photo Site soon.

The Eighth Grade and Mrs. Hopkins 
Community Bulletin Board 

WRITING WORKSHOP: Woven Word Young Writers has limited openings in its Tuesday after school workshop for Session III, meeting Feb. 25-May 13 in Hadley. There are also openings in our Wednesday workshop for high school writers. Now in its 14th year, Woven Word builds on a wealth of experience in what makes young writers tick.  We offer an enriched creative writing setting which includes great prompts, lots of choices and a supportive peer circle. For more information, contact Lynn Bowmasteror visit us at: www.wovenwordyoungwriters.weebly.com.


PLANS FOR BREAK?  What are your children doing for February Vacation? How about an EXCITING journey that taps into their creative thinking skills and broadens their artistic horizons Multi-Arts camp runs from February 17-21, and we have full-day, half-day and one day options available. 14 years and older are welcome to apply as Counselor in Training To register visit: Multi-Arts.org


MINI VAN FOR SALE: 2008 Mazda 5 Minivan - $8300. Great family car in excellent condition. Silver exterior and black interior. Automatic, touring model. 87,700 miles, one owner, purchased new from the dealer. All records show regular service from the dealer. No problems with the car. Perfect car for carpooling!  deborasperling@comcast.net or call 413-320-9949 


STAY HEALTHY, CALM AND BALANCED THIS WINTER WITH YOGA! Enjoy small classes in Karen Sheingold's lovely Amherst studio in the woods. First class free. New students: 30 days unlimited classes for $60. Private and therapeutic sessions. See www.karensheingold.com. Or ask Janet Kaplan Bucciarelli, Lori Lynn Hoffer, Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields. Contact:karen@karensheingold.com  413-253-0313. 


WINTER BREAK CAMP Its time to sign up for Winter Camp (February, 17 - 22) and Summer Camp 2014 at Camp Glen Brook.Glen Brook is located in southwestern NH and has been weaving Waldorf ideals into a wonderful summer camp experience for 3rd - 10th graders since 1946. It is owned and operated by the Waldorf School of Garden City, NY. More info and to register:  www.glenbrook.org.


PUPPETS IN THE WOODS Summer Arts Camp with Beth Fairservis & Stephen Katz Ages 6-10, 9-3pm. June 23-27, July 21-25, Aug 4-8th. Our camp is a week long immersion into Nature and Theatre making.  We gather materials and stories from the woods, and then practice theatre games, make puppets, dye silks, make dances and sing songs to create a magical tale to share with friends and family on Friday. $300 per week. Register before Feb 30th for $250.  Contact Beth at bethbirth@crocker.com or 413-268-3588. www.pachamamapuppets.com

-- Loire Valley and Brittany (July 16-July 30): $3100 per person PLUS airfare
Registration deadline is February 15th.  Contact Madame Corbière or Madame Latuner to see the brochure.  E-mail for more information:


LOCAL ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture supports the body's natural rhythms.No needle options,flexible charges.  www.acupuncturewomencare.net inquiries: eskersource@gmail.com

FEBRUARY VACATION CAMP: Registration is open for Multi-Arts February Vacation Camp. Dates: February 17-21. Full week, half-days week, and one day only options available Place: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amherst for more info: www.Multi-Arts.org or call 413-584-7951  At Multi-Arts children embark on an exciting journey engaged in art, music, dance, theater and writing projects that tap into their creative thinking skills and broaden their artistic horizons.

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