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January 22, 2014


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Open Class Day

Wednesday 2/5


Viennese Waltz

Saturday, 2/8


High School

Open Class Day

Wednesday 2/13


Professional Day

EC- 8th Grade

Friday, 2/7

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Parent Meetings


Next Parent Council Meeting

Monday 2/10


2nd Grade

Wenesday 1/22
7 - 9 pm


3rd Grade

Thursday 1/23


7th Grade

Monday, 1/27


Class Activities


2nd Grade Play

1/21 ~ 1/24


High School Coffee House

Saturday, 1/25


Model UN

1/30 ~ 2/1


Ski Club on Friday!

Weather permitting


Basketball is in Season

Click for Athletic's Calendar

Prepare to Waltz!
The Eighth Grade invites all students, 7th grade and above, parents, alumni, and friends to join us for the annual Viennese Waltz.
Come and dance the night away with our musicians, Dan Kennedy and Susan Conger! Elegant attire is encouraged. Desserts and punch will be served.
TICKETS: Wednesday, Jan. 22nd at the main office, in person or by phone. Get your tickets early~ the new space is slightly smaller! Students - $15.00; Alumni and adults - $20.00; max of $50.00 per family. 
WHERE: Jewish Community of Amherst, 742 Main St. Amherst.
WHEN: 6:00pm with a lesson led by our waltz teacher, Emily Fox, followed by a grand opening waltz by the eighth grade. 
Dancing until 10:00pm.
The Eighth Grade thanks you for your support. 
Questions? contact Catherine Hopkins or Leslie Kellogg

Thank you!
Leslie Kellogg, Viennese Ball Coordinator
Catherine Hopkins, class teacher
Viennese Waltz ~
Ball Gowns Needed!
Do you have gowns from past Viennese Balls, taking up space in your closets? The 8th Grade invites you to bring your gowns in for sale or loan. 


WHEN: Monday 1/27, 3:15 to 4:15pm

WHERE: Outside the Eighth Grade classroom


The girls have agreed ~ all gowns should be long and flowing for dancing!


Please label gowns; name and contact information, if the gown is for sale or loan, and with sale price if needed.


Questions? Email: Cindy Bright 

Leslie Kellogg, Viennese Ball Coordinator
Catherine Hopkins, class teacher


Financial Aid Deadline ~ February 15th

Important Reminder that the Financial Aid deadline is  February 15th. Please make sure that you have completed your FACTS application online at www.hartsbrook.org. This application must be complete by this date. 
Email our Business Manager, Diane LeBarge or call (413) 586-1908 x104 if you have questions. 

Athletics Updates

Helmets Required For Sledding
All students are required to wear helmets (bike or preferably ski) when sledding on campus. If you would like your child(ren) to be able to sled, please bring in helmets to store with their outside gear! 

Basketball Season is in Full Swing!

Check out the Athletics calendar for games and practices. Athletics Calendar

January Support for the Survival Center~

Food Donations Please!

The Seventh and Eighth grades are continuing their support for the Survival Center with a January food drive.  Please add non-perishable food items - soups, pastas, nut butters - to our donation boxes in the lobby of Hartsbrook Hall and Piening Hall through the end of January.  The Seventh Grade will deliver the donations and get a tour of the facilities at the end of the month.

Thank you from the Seventh and Eighth Grades! 

Friday Morning Community Coffee ~ Join Us!

Please join us each Friday, after drop off, for Community Coffee. We'll have coffee, teas and on some mornings you may even find hot waffles!


Stop in to visit with friends, meet new community members and stock up on Scrip!

Karen Bates, Director of Development

Wednesday Pizza ~ Time to Reorder!

The Eighth Grade looks forward to continuing to provide  pizza.
Grades 3 through High School:
Order now for 1st week of February -1st week of May

Click for the:  PIZZA ORDER FORM
-It helps the Eighth Grade for customers to order for the whole term, however we will continue to collect weekly orders before school on Tuesdays.
-Pizza is ordered by 1:00pm on Tuesdays, no sane week orders can be added after that.
-Extras are generally available on Wednesday lunches. 
-There are no refunds for missed weeks.
-If a class will be away on a Wednesday, and the teacher informs us ahead of the order we will arrange for it to be delivered on another day.
-If school is canceled due to snow, pizza will be delivered on the following Monday.
Friday Pizza Grades 5-8:
The 8th Grade also offers pizza for Friday lunch for these grades. The order forms are done weekly and can be obtained from each class teacher and returned by lunch time on Thursdays. Thank you!
The Eighth Grade thanks you for helping us towards our wilderness canoe trip at the end of the year.

Cricket on the Hearth registration is open!

This parent/child class meets once per week and is open to parents/caregivers with children ages birth to four years old. Join us for a teacher led morning that is educational, supportive and nurturing. 
Contact the Enrollment Office for more information: 413-584-3198

Parent Council ~ New Initiative!

Parent Meditation

Parent Meditation

Thursdays, 8:30 to 9:00am

South Modular Building

Starts this Thursday, Jan. 23


The Parent Council has created a time and place for Parent Meditation as a way for parents to support each other in finding quiet time to be with ourselves.  We invite all Hartsbrook community members to join us.  If you've never meditated, come 5 minutes early and we'll provide some basic instruction.


Meditation can help us, as parents, be less reactive and more thoughtful in how we respond to our children.  How might our parent community benefit, as well, from engaging in this practice together? Hartsbrook School founder and current Board member,  Arthur Zajonc writes eloquently;


"The wakefulness that results from contemplative practice can, when joined with inner equanimity and empathy, create the possibility for a new form of community life. ...With the birth of the silent self we step outside the particularities of our social self and become part of the human family. ...If we are able to bring this level of awareness to each other, if we can listen from the center of our being and speak to the highest in the other, then a new kind of relationship is formed, one based in freedom."  (Arthur Zajonc, Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry.)


Please come any Thursday that works for you.  Questions?  Contact Jennifer Hall-Witt

Reminder ~ Register your Stop & Shop Card Now!

Support Hartsbrook while shopping at Stop and Shop.  Each trip to Stop & Shop earns CASH for The Hartsbrook School.  This program runs from October to March so you can still make a difference!


REGISTER NOW ONLINE:  Log on to  www.stopandshop.com/aplus




Stop by the office or email VESNA your information and she will register for you!


Include your:

13-digit BONUSCARD Stop & Shop number

Last Name

Telephone Number


Also, don't forget to encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. Every little bit helps. Thank you!


Vesna,  Main Office

Have You Tried Smart Lunches?

Request for Parent input for Subject Teacher Reviews

Dear Parents,

As part of our professional development program at The Hartsbrook School, all of our teachers and staff have their work reviewed and evaluated by a Review Committee at three year intervals. The committee reviews all evaluative material it collects from internal and external visits to the teacher's classes, as well as input from parents and colleagues and a written self-evaluation from the teacher. At the review meeting, the committee meets with the teacher to consider various aspects of the work with students, parents and colleagues. Together, the committee and the teacher come to recommendations for the teacher's future work.


We invite all parents to comment on any aspect of your own or your child's experience with the subject teachers being reviewed so that we can have as vivid a picture as possible of the teachers' work with parents and students.


These comments will be read by members of the Review Committee, who will usually summarize them for the teacher. However, in the interest of fair employment practices, should the teacher ask to know the source of a particular comment, it will be shared. For that reason, do not consider your comments to be anonymous.


Subject Teacher Reviews 2013-2014


Date of Review Meeting            Teacher Reviewed           Review Committee

                                                                                                   (*Committee Chair)      

January 24                                   Margaret Evans              Valerie Poplawski*

                                                                                                   Magdalena Toran


February 14                                 Irina Yakub                       Valerie Poplawski*

                                                                                                   Elyce Perico


March 7                                       Megan Owens                  Louise Spear*

                                                                                                  Jessica Stark


Since we are not legally permitted to solicit or receive feedback electronically, we ask that you share your comments in writing or in person, either directly with the teacher involved, or with the head of the committee. Comments can be mailed or given to Vesna Vasovic at the main office.


If you have any questions, please call Valerie Poplawski, 586 1908, ext 111, or Louise Spear, 586 1908, ext 127


Thank you very much for your participation in our faculty review process.

Sincerely yours,


Valerie Poplawski

for the Teacher Development Committee

High School Happenings ~

History Through Architecture

The Seniors took a field trip last week to visit 19th century Holyoke, MA.


We first visited Wistariahurst, the William Skinner mansion that is now a national historic site, to see how the "one percent" of the 19th century lived. The photo shows the classically designed Music Room that was added to the main house.

We then went down to the Mill District for a visit with Park Ranger, Charles Lotspeich, who gives a great lecture/demonstration of the mills, canals, and the lives of the tenement dwelling immigrants who built Holyoke.  The second photo is Mr. Lotspeich pointing out details of the main canal outside the Heritage State Park Center.



Robert Black, History Through Architecture

Create Your Own Story ~  Introduction to Art and Biography

Can you see yourself with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart?

Join us in a journey of self discovery through art. No experience needed. A play date!

February 2,  from 1pm-4pm  $35 

Great Room at Hartsbrook School


To Register: Stop in to the office or contact Vesna

For Questions: Contact Kathleen 413-320-1723


With Facilitators Kathleen Bowen and Amy Spalding-Fecher

Kathleen Bowen is a certified biography worker, coordinator and a founding board member of the Center for Biography and Social Art, fiber artist, adult educator and mother of two grown children


Amy Spalding-Fecher is a process oriented art facilitator, artist, architect, and mother of two growing women.


Coming soon: 

Aware, Awake and Alive ~ Art and Biography

Encountering Self  ~ 4 weeks in March. Tuesday mornings 8:45-10:30. $100

Meeting yourself through art. What lives in you? Can you see yourself? Where is your balance?

Awakening to Others ~ 4 weeks in April. Tuesday mornings 8:45-10:30. $100

Exploring empathy, temperaments and unexpected teachers in our lives. Almost every aspect of us has arisen as a result of this or that person having influenced our lives by helping us or teaching us something.

Embracing the Wisdom in Our Own Story ~  4 weeks in May. Tuesday mornings 8:45-10:30. $100

Journey into story and fairy tales as we find archetypal themes and windows to look through, to view and experience our own lives. Every life is an unfolding story.


Kathleen Bowen and Amy Spalding-Fecher

AWSNA Conference Coming to Hartsbrook

Each year the Association of Waldorf School
sof North America holds an annual conference for teachers from the North American continent. This year, for the first time,  the conference will take place at Hartsbrook from 
June 23 - 26. The theme is "Cultivating Humanness Within a Technological World," and the keynote speaker is Craig Holdredge, Director of the Nature Institute. Parents are welcome to attend the lectures for a small fee.


We'll be looking to our community to help out with event logistics so we will keep you informed as the time comes closer. This is the first time that Hartsbrook has hosted this event and we are excited about this opportunity.

Louise Spear, Faculty Chair

Around Campus

 For more photos, be sure to check out Hartsbrook Photo Site   

(See the back of your directory for the password or call the main office.)


As our teeth chatter today, here's a reminder of last weeks unusually warm weather!
And other fun:
Celebrating Our Community

Advent Calendars and Woolens Sales ~ Thank you!

THANK YOU, Hartsbrook Families, for supporting your school and for adding some warmth and delight into your homes this past season!
The combined total that YOU raised for your school through purchasing woolens and Advent/ seasonal calendars is: $725.00!  In just a few short weeks this was possible due to your enthusiasm and good cheer. It was all pulled together last minute but so many of you participated joyfully. Thank you, thank you! We hope to offer these wonderful woolens and calendars again next year!  ~ Beth Volkmann, for all the elves, gnomes and winter fairies who gleefully worked to make this happen.
Still available: 1 super-soft Balaklava (2-5y); 2 long sleeve 100% wool shirts (natural) (6y); 1 long sleeve shirt 100% wool (red stripe) (2y). ~ Contact:  Beth Volkman

Finding A Place In Nature Based Writing

High School Teacher Cherrie Latuner will be leading the workshop:

Finding Place in Nature Based Writing  
Hitchcock Center for the Environment  
Saturday, February 8, 9am-12pm 
Spend a Saturday morning in winter sauntering and writing. We'll walk the nature trails in search of prompts to memories and sensations, the relics that reopen the worlds we have known and recall the places we have loved. Once back inside, we'll sketch out those place-based memories-perhaps the beginnings of memoirs, stories, or poetry. No writing experience necessary, and all levels welcome. This is a generative morning, meant to enliven the senses and awaken our words.

Dan Prindle at the Iron Horse Music Hall 1/23

Hartsbrook parent Dan Prindle will be headlining the Iron Horse Music Hall on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 7pm
Dan will be performing songs from his new album, "Where You Land". More info 
For tickets: click for tickets  or email dan@danprindle.com


All Hartsbrook Family Camping- Save the Date!

Wednesday 8/6 ~ Sunday 8/10, 2014

Each year Hartsbrook families chip in to rent the entire Indian Hollow campground in Chesterfield, MA for our own use.  Some families come just for the day, others stay up to all four nights.


Children bike through the woods and build chutes in the river.  Lounge in a chair, or sing along with guitars and fiddles while you roast a s'more. Enjoy hikes, swimming holes, ultimate and capture the flag in the open fields.  On our last night, following a communal bonfire, the High School students often sleep out under the stars in the field. 


For information, directions (Google and state Web sites are totally inaccurate), or to find out why this is my favorite event of the summer, contact Tim McNerney at 341-1379.  Mark your calendar and save the date.  


Organized by Hartsbrook families; not a school event. 

Camphill Community Development

 You are invited to join us in discussing how to bring a Camphill style community to the Pioneer Valley.  This is a follow up to the meeting with Richard Neal from Camphill, organized by the Homestead Community Farm group.


Date:                    Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Time:                   10:30 am-Noon

Location:             Prospect Meadow Farm Career Training

                             and Exploration Center,

                             62 Main St., Hatfield MA.

                             (behind the Hatfield Center Store)


-Discussions on next steps and the direction needed to build an intentional, farm based, life sharing  community for people of varying abilities.

-Establish an organizing committee to lead efforts to implement next steps.

Community Bulletin Board 

STAY HEALTHY, CALM AND BALANCED THIS WINTER WITH YOGA! Enjoy small classes in Karen Sheingold's lovely Amherst studio in the woods. First class free. New students: 30 days unlimited classes for $60. Private and therapeutic sessions. See www.karensheingold.com. Or ask Janet Kaplan Bucciarelli, Lori Lynn Hoffer, Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields. Contact: karen@karensheingold.com , 413-253-0313. 


SUMMER TOURS to FRANCE escorted by Lorey Johnson, French teacher at Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire for over 30 years.  Lorey has been leading tours for over 20 years.
-- Provence (July 1-July 14): $3000 per person PLUS airfare

-- Loire Valley and Brittany (July 16-July 30): $3100 per person PLUS airfare
Registration deadline is February 15th.  Contact Madame Corbière or Madame Latuner to see the brochure.  E-mail for more information:


LOCAL ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture supports the body's natural rhythms.No needle options,flexible charges.  www.acupuncturewomencare.net inquiries: eskersource@gmail.com

FEBRUARY VACATION CAMP: Registration is open for Multi-Arts February Vacation Camp. Dates: February 17-21. Full week, half-days week, and one day only options available Place: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amherst for more info: www.Multi-Arts.org or call 413-584-7951  At Multi-Arts children embark on an exciting journey engaged in art, music, dance, theater and writing projects that tap into their creative thinking skills and broaden their artistic horizons.


EMBRACING THE DARKNESS: A Seasonal Nature Retreat with Beth Fairservis and Kathleen Bowen Jan 26th 10-4 pm. This retreat offers you time to reflect deeply on your life within you and outside of you in the nurturing beauty of nature.  Kathleen and Beth will lead you gently through the day with contemplative experiences both in the yurt studio and in the surrounding woods. A nourishing vegetarian lunch of local foods will be provided. In the Woods Studio. Haydenville, MA. Cost: $75 For info/ registration: Beth Fairservis or 413-268-3588  

The Community Bulletin Board is for small classified-type advertisements. Each submission costs $5.00, is limited to 3 paid repeats and should be no more than 4 lines of text, about 45 words. Payment for Community Bulletin Board submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. Please drop off or mail payment, to The Hartsbrook School, 193 Bay Road, Hadley, MA 01035.  No charge for advertisements for free events or nonprofit organizations. Submit ads to: bulletin@hartsbrook.org.


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