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January 8, 2013


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All School Open House

This Saturday 

1/11~ 10am - 12pm


Piano and Cello Concert with Danae and Gotthard Killian

1/18 ~ 3pm - 5pm!


Martin Luther King Day Monday 1/20


Parent Meetings


Next Parent Council Meeting

Monday 1/13


4th Grade

Tuesday 1/14


8th Grade

Tuesday 1/14


Bridge to 1st Grade

Wednesday 1/15



6th Grade

Wednesday 1/15



Ski Club Starts Friday!

Friday 1/10

The Faculty Conference

The Faculty Conference is the group that holds the responsibility for The Hartsbrook School's pedagogical functions. This group meets on Thursdays after school and it is composed of employees who have a long-term commitment to the school and are prepared to take on responsibilities beyond their particular area of work. New members this year are Elyce Perico (re-joining) and Thomas Heineman. Other members are Chairperson Polly Saltet, Jan Baudendistel (on leave), Tony Cape, Marie-Dominique Corbiere, Heather Damon, Rachel Kennedy, Meg Fisher-Krugman, Catherine Hopkins, Jeff Kalman, Rachel Kennedy, Cherrie Latuner, Virginia McWilliam, Valerie Poplawski, Nicki Robb, Jan Kees Saltet, Louise Spear, Jessica Stark, and Magdalena Toran.
Our main focus this year is refining the pedagogical part of the strategic plan. We pride ourselves on the rich program we are able to offer students but we still recognize that there are areas of the program that need further development such as the arts and practical arts, the world language program and educational support services.  Part of this examination is also to look at how we staff our programs to make sure staffing levels are sustainable. Each department - Early Childhood, the Elementary School and the High School - are looking at their top priorities with the Executive Circle also adding information about where they see gaps in areas that might move across departments. This feedback will eventually be synthesized into a sense of overall priorities.

A January project is to look at next year's program and staffing as there are always positions to be filled. Each year we ask the faculty to reflect on their positions in January and to let us know of any changes they would suggest and whether they plan to return.  Sorting through this input and making any necessary changes will occupy us through much of the spring. We will communicate major decisions through the Bulletin.
Louise Spear
Faculty Chair


Burrito Order Forms ~ Due this Week!

Burrito order forms are due by January 10th.  Order your burritos now for the winter and spring! The senior class sells burritos to help support their service trip to Costa Rica. For questions, contact: Thomas Heineman 
Click Here for: Burrito Order Form

Winter Session PVTA Bus Schedule

The PVTA bus which stops in front of Hartsbrook (Bus 39) will be in the Winter Session Schedule until January 20th which means it does not stop at Hartsbrook at dismissal times. No students will be dismissed to the bus until normal service resumes.

Seeking Host Family for Spring Semester

Host Family sought for an exchange student from China from January through June 2013. Yingyuan will be joining the 10th grade and needs a loving stable home to support his arrival and assimilation into our school and American life. You will receive room and board compensation. For more information contact Lara Radysh at ExchangeProgram@Hartsbrook.org

All School Open House this Saturday 10am - 12pm

Bring a friend to see your school or come and see what is ahead in the curriculum for your own child.  All ages welcome!
Contact the Enrollment Office for more information: 413-584-3198

Cricket on the Hearth registration is open!

This parent/child class meets once per week and is open to parents/caregivers with children ages birth to four years old. Join us for a teacher led morning that is educational, supportive and nurturing. 
Contact the Enrollment Office for more infomation: 413-584-3198

Parent Council Initiatives ~ Carpool Sign Up

A new and much requested Carpool Sign Up will be available during Friday morning coffee.  Find families in your area and sign up to share driving to/ from school.
Join together to save on gas and get to know your neighbors!
Please note: The car pool lists will be available in the enrollment office but the office is not responsible for managing edits/ changes or cancellations.

The New Early Childhood Building is Open!

Despite all the wet and messy weather and the two-hour delay for our first day back at school, the Early Childhood building opened Monday as planned.  The teachers warmly welcomed our youngest students to their new Nursery and Kindergarten classrooms.


Coming this Spring ~ Macbeth!

For the first time in the high school's history, this year's all-school production will be a Shakespearean drama- Macbeth, directed by the all-British team of Virginia McWilliam and Tony Cape. Our conception is still evolving, but we are committed to a modern dress production that incorporates substantial musical and dance elements, for which we'll ask the students themselves to take responsibility.


Macbeth is Shakespeare's darkest and most fast-paced tragedy and will present challenges for a young cast.  Nevertheless, we're confident the high school up to the task and are looking forward to the casting process that begins this week.


Mark your calendars-performance dates are March 13, 14 and 15, 2014!


Virginia McWilliam, High School Faculty Chair

and Tony Cape, High School Humanities

Hartsbrook Pork for Sale

Now is the time to order fresh or smoked pork cuts from our own pigs. This exceptional meat is only available once a year and now is the time. Our two pigs have been cared for by the 6th grade as they have taken on their daily work with the cows, feeding them grain and food scraps from our Homestead kitchen and campus, as well as over mature vegetables from the school garden; this varied diet produces meat of exceptional quality and flavor.


All cuts are packaged and frozen in quantities suitable for smaller households. The smoked meats have been naturally cured without the use of any preservatives and smoked over hickory coals. Please let me know if you would like to receive details of cuts and prices. Supplies are limited and as all cuts will be sold on a first come,first serve basis (and we usually sell out) please call ext.119 or   email: nrobb@hartsbrook.org

Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship Director

Solstice Celebration 2013

 For more photos, be sure to check out Hartsbrook Photo Site  >All School Events

(See the back of your directory for the password or call the main office.)



Why Waldorf?

Preparing for Life ~ A New Film

Produced by the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Los Altos, CA, the film:


 "Preparing for Life"


explores how a focus on creativity, resilience, innovative thinking and social and emotional intelligence over rote learning prepares students for our current times.


A great production. Watch now:


A few highlights:


"In any company it has to do with-  Can you think? Can you collaborate? Can you communicate?"


"What really counts is resilience, creativity, adaptability."  

"We have to differentiate between building skills, and building capacities.  Waldorf education builds capacities."
"It's the doing, the tasting, the creating, the making of the experiment from scratch.  It's not getting something pre-boxed." 

"It's a practical understanding of a different way of doing things that has been lost by mainstream education."

"We can look around the world today and see a lot of forty-year-olds who don't know what they're doing, because they were prepared for one thing and the world has changed.  The big picture is the key here, because we live in a time where we don't know what the world is going to be like in ten years, and they have to be able to think their way through it in a whole-systems way."
Celebrating Our Community

D&G: An Afternoon with DanaŽ & Gotthard Killian

D&G: An Afternoon with DanaŽ & Gotthard Killian

Piano-Cello-Flute and the Waldorf Movement in China

Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 3:00 pm

The Hartsbrook School, Piening Hall

Suggested donation at the door: $10 or what you can (donations help to cover the cost of piano tuning & refreshments for this event)


Australian pianist DanaŽ Killian and Swiss cellist & flutist Gotthard Killian perform works by Shostakovich, Messiaen, and Beethoven. What makes D&G's performances particularly exciting is that their work is informed by a keen interest in the healing and transformative forces within music. Their performances invite listeners to awaken to a deeper and more organic experience of musical tone. DanaŽ and Gotthard perform internationally and enjoy discovering and sharing new ways to explore the interplay between music and other arts, including poetry and eurythmy. 
Gotthard will also share some images and thoughts about the burgeoning Waldorf School movement in China, where he currently serves as a class teacher and as director of the full-time Waldorf Teacher Training at Spring Valley Beijing. He also acts as a musical-pedagogical advisor to emerging Steiner School communities in China. 
Refreshments will be served. 
Questions? Contact The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, 413-549-0997,  

Greenfield Spoken Word 1/21

High School Teacher Cherrie Latuner will be a featured reader at the Greenfield Spoken Word on January 21, 2014. Among other work, she will read from her recently published chapbook, Soon They Will Fly--A Meditation at Fitzgerald Lake

For More Info: Greenfield Spoken Word


In addition, she will lead the workshop:
Finding Place in Nature Based Writing  
Hitchcock Center for the Environment  
Saturday, February 8, 9am-12pm 
Spend a Saturday morning in winter sauntering and writing. We'll walk the nature trails in search of prompts to memories and sensations, the relics that reopen the worlds we have known and recall the places we have loved. Once back inside, we'll sketch out those place-based memories-perhaps the beginnings of memoirs, stories, or poetry. No writing experience necessary, and all levels welcome. This is a generative morning, meant to enliven the senses and awaken our words.
Community Bulletin Board 

Embracing the Darkness: A Seasonal Nature Retreat with Beth Fairservis and Kathleen Bowen Jan 26th 10-4 pm. This retreat offers you time to reflect deeply on your life within you and outside of you in the nurturing beauty of nature.  Kathleen and Beth will lead you gently through the day with contemplative experiences both in the yurt studio and in the woods surrounding. A nourishing vegetarian lunch of local foods will be provided. In the Woods Studio. Haydenville, MA. Cost: $75 For more information and to register please contact Beth Fairservis at bethbirth@crocker.com413-268-3588  

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