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December 4, 2013


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Winter Garden

Early Childhood - 3rd Grade

Sunday 12/08


School Meeting ~

Proposed Tuition Model

Tuesday 12/10 7pm


Choral Festival

7th & 8th Grades Choir perforMore Info

Thursday 12/12


Solstice Celebration

Thursday 12/19 



Winter Break

12/23 - 1/3

Half Day 12/20

Assembly 12/20

Parent Meetings


Grade 1

Friday 12/63 1-3pm


Next Parent Council Meeting

Monday 12/16

Field Trips /
Class Events


6th Grade Play

December 11, 12 + 13




Ski Season~   See enrollment links below!

December Reflections

As the outer world moves into the season of dark and cold and as we near the shortest day of the year at the winter solstice, inwardly we celebrate the light and warmth that we can kindle to illuminate this darkness.  


At The Hartsbrook School we recognize this progression with a number of seasonal festivals. 

Hanukkah ~ Last Wednesday at sundown marked the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah in which we observe the miracle of how the menorah burned for eight days in the re-dedication of the Second Temple when there was only enough oil for one day. Many classrooms will have a menorah for eight days, in commemoration of how long the oil burned.


Saint Nicholas Day ~ On Friday, all classes will experience Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th), a celebration which comes to us from Holland. St. Nicholas brings apples to all and a chance to reflect on what has gone well and what can be done better in the way that is right for each class.


Winter Garden ~ This weekend, the Winter Garden will present a  beautiful pictorial and experiential reflection of this season for our youngest students.


Choral Festival ~ On Thursday evening, December 12th the 7th & 8th Grade Chorus will perform with other young choral groups at a Choral Festival at the Helen Hills Hills chapel at Smith College in Northampton.


St. Lucia DayNext week, the second grade will bring us St. Lucia Day on December 13th. This comes from the Swedish tradition and we observe it with a procession of second graders offering St. Lucia buns to everyone in the school.  This is part of an overall theme in second grade which is to look at the higher and lower parts of human nature through the study of holy people and of the fables.


Clothing and Food Drive ~ Many of the older classes will also collect warm winter clothing and food through this whole season to help let our experience of inner warmth shine out into the world.


Solstice Celebration ~ On the evening of December 19th we have the Hartsbrook Solstice Celebration at the Helen Hills Hills Chapel in Northampton. This extraordinary evening showcases the talents of current students and alumni. Bring your singing voices and join in the celebration!


Holiday Assembly ~ And finally, our seasonal celebrations conclude on December 20th when we gather for The Hartsbrook School Holiday Assembly in the Piening Hall Assembly Room.


Keep your eye on our website for more news of all these events.



Blessings of the season to all of you,

Louise Spear, Faculty Chair



Warm Clothing and Nourishing Food ~

A Seventh and  Eighth Grade Service Project

During the next two weeks, Dec. 4th to the 17th, the Seventh and Eighth grade invite you to help trim our warm clothing tree! Bring in warm mittens, hats, or socks to hang on the little tree in the Lobby of Hartsbrook Hall. Use a clothespin or clip to keep the pairs together. We will also have a box by the tree for canned goods and packaged foods. Items such as tuna, nut butters, beans, pasta and rice are especially appreciated. 


On December 18th, the Eighth Grade will deliver these gifts to the Amherst Survival Center. Please join us in helping to ensure that those in our community who need assistance, will be warm and well fed this winter season. 


Thank you,
The Eighth Grade, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Nickel
The Seventh Grade and Ms. Damon

Weather Delays/ Cancellations

In the event of weather related delays or cancellations, Hartsbrook will use the AMG alert system to notify parents. If you have not chosen a preference for notifications, please contact Diane LaBarge in the Business Office at dlabarge@hartsbrook.org. We will also post on the website,  change the message on the main school phone number and notify TV stations 22 and 3 which run notices on the air and on their websites.


Hartsbrook makes decisions taking into consideration the wide geographic area our families drive from each day. We do not follow the Hadley public school schedule as Hadley does not serve the same area. We also realize that parents in outlying areas will have to make their own choices about driving and encourage you to do so.

Smart Lunches ~ Starts This Week

Click here for Smart Lunch Ordering Information

This link can always be found on the website News and Events page.

Last Fair Requests, Please:

Pick up you pots, pans, baskets: You'll find them on the bench under the canopy.

Return lawns signs: Please collect and return the lawn signs that you put out for us!

The Winter Garden

Sunday, December 8th, Piening Hall Lobby

Sessions I and II (2:00 and 3:30 pm)

for children ages 5 and 6 and their older siblings (through third grade only)


Session III (5:00 pm)

for children in first, second and third grade

Every year at this time, the Hartsbrook School celebrates a unique festival now known as The Winter Garden.  This festive Garden was first celebrated in 1926 at Sonnenhof, an anthroposophical curative home for children in Switzerland.  Over the years, many Waldorf schools and anthroposophically based curative communities have adopted and adapted this tradition.

The Winter Garden is a spiral path build up of evergreen branches and moss, generously arranged with the earth's mineral gifts: crystals, beautiful stones, and seashells.  Symbolically, the spiral can be seen as the pathway of each child's life.  Each child enters alone upon this path.  As lyre music is played, the child carries a small bowl filled with moss along the spiral path to the very center and receives a rose.  As they journey out of the spiral, each child chooses a place to set the rose down, thus helping to fill the garden for other children who are to follow.  When all the children have completed their journey, a new picture is formed in the room: a festive, fragrant garden, filled with roses, a symbol of the heart and of love.  A story is then told.

Just as important to this picture being created by the children is the role played by the adults who are beholding and caring for them with each step they take.  We, who have taken a few more steps on our earthly journeys, can celebrate in wonder the children in our care.  As Earth moves toward its darkest time of year, may we open our hearts to the light and love within and all around.  And above all, may childhood itself be welcomed and celebrated at this time.

Valerie Poplawski, for the faculty

Parent Meeting on Proposed New Tuition Model~

Tuesday, December 10 at 7pm

Members of the school's Finance and Enrollment Committees presented a new tuition model to Parent Council members at the November 18th meeting. The proposed model would produce modest steps in the tuition from Early Childhood through grade 8 that reflect the progression of the program. Many of you will have received an email on this topic from your Parent Council representative.

The discussion of this proposal was lively and we would like to invite all parents to a presentation and discussion of this model on Tuesday, December 10 at 7 pm in the Great Room of Hartsbrook Hall. The proposal is still under discussion by both the Board and Faculty Conference.
If you are unable to make the meeting or have advanced questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact:
Dennis Szuhay:  wulsinszuhay@wans.net
Bryant Rother: bprother@gmail.com
Swansea Benham Bleicher: swanseabbb@hotmail.com
Nicole Roma Thurrell: nicole.roma@gmail.com
You can also reach out to your class(es) Parent Council Representative(s) to bring up comments, questions or concerns. 

Berkshire East Skiing~ LAST week to Register

Greetings Hartsbrook Families!

Winter weather is upon us, and it is time to sign up for Ski and Snowboard Club!  Discounted lift tickets, rentals and lessons are available to all members of Hartsbrook families.  

Complete registrations and payment must be received by Friday, December 6th.  Make checks payable to The Hartsbrook School with "ski club" in the memo.  No late registrations will be accepted. 


High School Students traveling on the bus! You must also submit a liability and permission form to the main office: 
Megan Owens
Athletics Director

Solstice Celebration

Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Northampton


Alumni, friends, family and the community are welcome to join us as Hartsbrook High School and special guests present an evening of dance, song, music, poetry and comedy in celebration of the Solstice.

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! Holiday Shoppers

Remember To Pick Up Scrip Gift Cards before you Shop!

The Hartsbrook School main office has gift cards for nearly every place you plan to shop. With every purchase of a gift card, 3-10% of your spending dollars goes back to the school.  You then use your gift card at retail cash registers (just like cash).  Taking this extra step can bring in so much money for the school - it doesn't cost you more than you were going to spend!


Some examples:  River Valley Market Co-op gives 5%, while Whole Foods gives 3%, Esselon gives 10% and LLBean gives a whopping 16%!!

With snow in the near future and the Holidays around the corner, whatever your budget or need... we have Scrip for that!


Snow shovels and de-icer?

Home Depotof course.


A new doll for your wide-eyed girl?

An American Doll card for you.

Jeans for your growing-like-a-weed teen?

Old Navy or Gap

The latest story for your bookish boy?

Barnes and Noble


If it's cloves and oranges, potatoes for your latkes or a gift basket for your neighbor.

Think Big Y, Whole Foods, River Valley Market, or Stop & Shop.


Don't forget that you can give Scrip cards as Holiday gifts.

How about Esselon, Cinemark, LL Bean, or Bertucci's?


Teenagers on your list?

I'll bet they would love iTunes or Amazon.com, and yes, we have Scrip for that!    


Pick up your desired Gift Cards at the Main Office or Friday Morning Community Coffee. 


For more information: 

SCRIP Brochure 

SCRIP Monthly Standing Order Form- Grocery 


For questions, contact Vesna in the Main Office (413) 586-1908 or Heidi Moskovitz (413) 219-1289.

Thank you,

Karen Bates for the Scrip Committee

Hartsbrook Pork for Sale ~

Just in time for the holidays

Now is the time to order fresh or smoked pork cuts from our own pigs. This exceptional meat is only available once a year and now is the time. Our two pigs have been cared for by the 6th grade as they have taken on their daily work with the cows, feeding them grain and food scraps from our Homestead kitchen and campus, as well as over mature vegetables from the school garden; this varied diet produces meat of exceptional quality and flavor.


All cuts are packaged and frozen in quantities suitable for smaller households. The smoked meats have been naturally cured without the use of any preservatives and smoked over hickory coals. Please let me know if you would like to receive details of cuts and prices. Supplies are limited and as all cuts will be sold on a first come,first serve basis (and we usually sell out) please call ext.119 or email: nrobb@hartsbrook.org

Nicki Robb, Land Stewardship Director

Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble Visit - Thank you

Warmest thanks to the many people who pitched in to make the recent visit by the Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble a success. Three cheers to Catalina Arrubla, whose oboe playing filled the hall with a joyful sound. Our visitors were graciously hosted by Karin and Henning Winter, Catherine and Charles Hopkins, Jane Degenhardt and James Serhant, Margo Jansen, Polly Keener and Carol Anderson and the Saltets. The food was masterminded by Jennifer Storey and Elizabeth Sustick with contributions from generous parents and serving help from Liza Cabot-Case. Thanks, also, to the students who helped with set up and clean up, tickets and refreshments: Dana Kellogg, Jing Farlow, Aubrey Cabot-Case, Gabe Voisin, Kendall Jansen, Samantha Auletta, and Hannah Ballantine. Leslie Evans and Chris Sirard worked on advertising, and, of course, our own Fran Cameron, Ed Mann and Van Kolodin were awesome! The students and public were treated to beautiful, professional and uplifting performances that won't soon be forgotten.


Polly Saltet, Eurythmy

12th Grade ~ Main Lesson Block


The 12th-grade American Transcendentalists Main Lesson block explores the works of Henry David Thoreau, through the non-fiction account of his experiment at Walden Pond, Ralph Waldo Emerson, through his philosophical essays, and Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson through their poetry.  Each gave America a literature of originality and a view of the modern human's necessity for self-reliance, direct experience, and original perception of truth, especially through openness and relationship to the natural world. 

As part of the course, each 12th-grader prepares a lecture in the style of the great orator Emerson, expressing his or her interest in some facet of the creative, economic, or spiritual life of our time. Here are excerpts from the work of these Hartsbrook lecturers:


Having this 'humanness' means we must not forget we are allowed to be connected to each other, to be similar. The women born and raised 10,000 miles from me, the woman who has suffered more than I can even imagine, is still a part of you and me   

 ~Nora Yamazaki Heineman


When a person has a high quality of consciousness, when he is not fearful, [when] he is able to see a bigger picture and to discover Big Truths....when we each evolve to become more loving and compassionate, not only will our lives get better, so will everything else.

~Aubrey Cabot-Case


Saying "should"...makes us feel that we have limited choices. In fact, maybe only one choice....one that comes from our own judgment of what we think is right, secretly wanting the other person to solve problems in our own way.                         ~Eun Pyo Hong



Slow down, take a minute, clear your mind and be completely conscious of yourself, your body and what it is saying to you. If it has a problem it will say so. The question is, will you listen to it?                                                                 ~Gabriel Voisin



Dwelling in the past, upon our previous doings and misfortunes, hinders the mind's creativity and ambition, drags us down into a trap... and a whole new side of us comes out, a monstrous one.                                                            ~Eliana Moskovitz


In order to experience absolute beauty we must focus our minds to appreciate what is...already before us, in the moment, acknowledging ourselves as part of the natural world and not separate.                                                                          ~Lucie Latuner


Although we may not agree with everyone, it is important to at least look at everyone's opinion from their perspective. I think of a perspective as a line, millions of lines, infinite lines....All lines cross somewhere.                                                                           ~Sydney Shaw


Cherrie Latuner, High School Literature

High School Happenings

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the High School went to the Amherst College Planetarium to see a presentation on space exploration that was written and produced by 11th graders Kira, Becky, and Jesse as part of their Astronomy class. In what has become an annual tradition, after the show the whole High School walked to Panda East for a festive lunch to end the trimester.




Chip Weems

High School Science

10th Grade Play

 For more photos, be sure to check out Hartsbrook Photo Site  >All School Events

(See the back of your directory for the password or call the main office.)


Thanks to the cast, crew and parent volunteers who made the 10th Grade production of The Burial at Thebes such a memorable experience.
Tony Cape





Celebrating Our Community

Woolens and Stella Natura Calendars

WOOLENS ~ The winter wind is blowing and snow will soon follow. A special order of soft merino wool from LanaCare and Hocosa will be provided to the Hartsbrook Community to keep your children warm this winter. Samples will be on display in the Early Childhood buildings with order forms. All profits from the sale will be given back to the school so this is a wonderful opportunity to be warm of body and of heart! Orders will be collected until December 12 with delivery before the winter vacation. If you would like an order form emailed to you or have questions,  Beth Volkmann, for all the bundled up elves and gnomes still caring your for your school.

STELLA NATURA Biodynamic Planting Calendars ~ Several copies of this calendar are on hand for purchase. The cost is 14.95 and the profits return back to your school. Beautiful and informative, a must for many! "This Calendar has many aspects: a basic introduction to astronomy, a simple ephemeris, a planting guide, a star map, aid for following the movement of the planets in the night sky, and articles by nine different authors. All of these attempt to provide a true picture of the world outside us and ideas to assist in developing a healthy relation to that world." ~ Beth Volkmann, (I will deliver the calendars to each who requests one while they are on hand) 

A Christmas Carol

A CHRISTMAS CAROL, by Charles Dickens

Performed by David Anderson, Directed by Ted Pugh
Live music performed by the Hadley Lyre Ensemble
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm
At Northampton Friends Meeting House
43 Center St., Northampton, MA 01060
(appropriate for ages 10 & up)
Through drama and masterful storytelling, David Anderson of Walking the Dog Theater performs this holiday classic exactly as Charles Dickens wrote it, giving the audience not only the dialogue (in multiple London accents) but the descriptive passages as well. Anderson's rendition, directed by Ted Pugh, is a modern revival of Dickens' own manner of storytelling. Dickens gave performances drawn from A Christmas Carol and The Pickwick Papers throughout the Northeastern United States, from his arrival in Boston in mid-November, 1867 to his return to England in April 1868. Walking the Dog Theater's production, now in its 8th year, received high praises from Bruce Hallenbeck of The Independent, who wrote
of David Anderson's performance, "Amazing one-man show. . .what Dickens intended all
along!" The performance will include live music from the Hadley Lyre Ensemble.
For more information, contact The Pioneer Valley Muse Group at (413) 549-0997 or
Community Bulletin Board 

CHRISTMAS TREES:  Come visit Hillside Christmas Tree Farm in the beautiful western hilltown of Chesterfield for cut-your-own or pre-cut fraser firs, balsam firs or native white pine Christmas trees.. We also sell wreaths, roping and live trees. Hours are all day on Saturday and Sunday. Rt. 143, Chesterfield, 5 miles from Williamsburg - 413 296 4068.    We also sell our trees at Atkins Farms in Amherst if a drive to the countryside does not fit into your week-end plans. Louise Spear


PUT ON YOUR APRON WORKSHOP- Make and take home your own apron. Taught by alum parent handwork instructors Kathy Smith, Louise Spear and Elizabeth Sustick. January 5, 2014, 10-2 Hartsbrook Hall. $42 includes pattern, fabric & sewing notions. All skill levels welcome. Pre-registration required: esustick@gmail.com


VELVETEEN RABBIT: Starlight's Youth Theatre performs The Velveteen Rabbit, based on the children's novel by Margery Williams, at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, 125 West Bay Road, Amherst, MA,  on Saturday, December 7th at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Proudly presented by Starlight's first ever Children's Theatre class with 13 super-talented teen actors. Tickets are $5 ($4 for Eric Carle members) and are available at the door or may be purchased ahead at the Museum's Admissions Desk or by calling (413) 658-1126. Ticket price does not include Museum Admission.


EXOTIC YOGA RETREATS: blending the worlds of yoga and inner discovery with sensory experiences of visual beauty, health-giving sumptuous tastes, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure. Upcoming retreats / holidays... Happiness & Yoga in Costa Rica, 11-day South African Yoga Safari, Yoga & Detox on a private Greek Isle.  www.exoticyogaretreats.com 


FOR SALE 2002 Volvo XC70 (AWD station wagon) Well maintained, in good condition $4800. Contact Lisa Tucker Dorseytucker@gmail.com (413)268-0232

GREY MATTERS:  Protecting the Developing Brain To fully understand how young developing brains are impacted by alcohol and drug use, sleep, food and media, we must first understand the evolution of the brain and how it has adapted to environmental and social changes. What happens when mass media and technology evolve faster than our brains can adapt? This workshop will explain how the interaction between biological and environmental factors impacts brain circuitry and human behavior. Friday, December 6th, 8:30am-12pm Northampton Senior Center, 67 Conz St, Northampton, MA


WOMEN IN NATURE:  Her Wild Roots is accepting applications for their program beginning in February, 2014. If you have a longing to deepen your connection to nature, learn valuable skills in the outdoors and homesteading, and to have the support of a great group of women, then check this out:   www.herwildroots.comherwildroots@gmail.com, or contact Jeannie Bergstrom 413-367-2842 or Kathy Dean 413-625-2550. 


MILK COOP OPENINGS: Hadley-based raw milk coop is looking for a few more people/families to round out our weekly driving rotation. We use Robinson Farm in Hardwick, which offers certified organic raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows. Mmmm good! Contact Jonathan Evans (253-1234) if interested.

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