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Upcoming Events

Parent Council Launch Meeting
Thursday, May 30th 7pm

Field Day
Wednesday, June 5th

Friday, June 7th
Final Assembly ~ 11am
Under the tent, all welcome!
Picnic on the Grounds until 2pm

8th Grade Promotion ~ 3pm

Graduation, Class of 2013 
Saturday, June 8th 10am
Class Activities
4th Grade Play
Loki and the Giants
5/28- 1:30pm
5/29- 9:50am + 5pm
5/30- 9:50am
Senior Play
The Sea
5/30-6/1, 7:30pm
Tickets at the door
Parent Evenings 


7th Grade Tonight! 
5/29 6pm ~ Dessert Social with Virginia McWilliam: High School Transition Preview
7pm ~ Parent Meeting

All Parents
Parent Council Launch Meeting
Thursday, May 30th 7pm


Ultimate Games 

Weekly Bulletin

May 29, 2013


Fresh Flowers & Flowering Boughs Needed for June 7th-8th

Can you contribute flowers to beautify our school for the upcoming 8th Grade Promotion and 12th Grade Graduation ceremonies? If so, please drop off your flowers on Thursday, June 6th, or Friday, June 7th, in the water buckets that will be under the canopy of Hartsbrook Hall. Thank you!


Please Return Uniforms by Friday!

Return all Varsity and Middle School ultimate uniforms to the Main Office by This Friday.


Children's Library ~ Please Return All Books

Once summer vacation begins, library books can always be returned to the Main Office.

Parent Council Meeting

This Thursday

All Parents and Council Reps Welcome!

Hartsbrook Hall Great Room, 7pm


Who should be there? You! All parents are welcome and encouraged to come.

Please take this quick anonymous survey and let us know what is important to you!  


Click Here for the Survey

This Week! Senior Play: The Sea

The Hermit's Shack
The Sea is a rare comedy by the controversial British dramatist Edward Bond. Born in 1934 in London, Bond has been one of the most successful playwrights for the modern stage in the world. In 1965, his ground-breaking play Saved was instrumental in repealing the British stage censorship laws, which dated to 1843. Like many of his later plays, it features graphic and shocking violence. Even The Sea, a comedy which dates to 1972 and is relatively light-hearted, has dark and explosive moments.
The play is weighty and philosophical ~ suitable for Grades 7 and up.


Thursday, May 30, 7:30pm

Friday, May 31, 7:30pm

Saturday, June 1 at 7:30pm


Tickets will be sold at the door. The dress rehearsal is on Thursday, May 30 at 2pm. Parents and others and welcome to attend.

The Executive Circle

The Executive Circle serves as a central hub at Hartsbrook as it coordinates all activities, consults with the Faculty Chair, stands in for the Faculty Conference during school vacations, and links with the administration of the school. The group meets each Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 - 3:00pm and is composed of the department heads - Magdalena Toran from Early Childhood, Jeff Kalman from the Elementary School and Virginia McWilliam from the High School - Faculty Conference Chair Polly Saltet, Operations Manager Frances Cameron and the Faculty Chair.

Here is an example of a current activity best suited to a group like this. Most scheduling originates in the Executive Circle, and we are currently working on the back-to-school meeting schedule for the next school year. Meetings are scheduled to begin the week of August 19th with a retreat sponsored by the Teacher Development Committee. Each department also has work and/or cubby days, student orientation, and faculty meetings that must be accommodated in the schedule. The Operations Manager will do a life safety inspection with the Hadley Building Inspector and Fire Chief in order to obtain our annual certificate of occupancy and this needs to be added to the week as town officials want to see the school set up for classes. And then there is the Back to School picnic, new employee orientation, regular employee and Faculty Conference meetings, etc. . . . All this requires many conversations, compromises on scheduling, and then communication to employees.
Louise Spear, Faculty Chair

Way To Go Varsity Ultimate Team ~ Hartsbrook Places 5th in the State!

Hartsbrook takes 5th Place in the MA Division 1 State Championships
Despite soggy conditions and major schedule upheavals, Hartsbrook's players kept their heads in the game and played some extremely skillful Ultimate. They faced the best Ultimate teams from across Massachusetts, including Sharon High School, Amherst High School, Abington High School and Andover High School in a 17-team tournament.
Many of these schools have over 1,000 students, while our team of 24 players comprises over half of our high school's total population!

I'd like to give special appreciation for both our departing seniors and coach Christian Johansen. You have all made incredibly positive contributions to Hartsbrook's sports teams during the past four years. Thank you for sharing your talents and leadership.  
Megan Owens, Athletics Director 

1st Grade Botanical Prints

Last week the first grade class worked on a new technique called "botanical printing" with one of the parents, Eva Camacho. Botanical printing is a technique where leaves are layered on a piece of cloth, and then bundled up and treated with moisture and heat. This results in magical impressions left behind by the natural pigments in the plant. In the morning the children collected some leaves, then positioned them on pieces of felt, made a very tight bundle, and put them inside a steaming pot for a few hours. The last step was to transfer them into a eucalyptus dye bath. It was great to see the children's faces as they opened their bundles. All the leaves left unique impressions in a variety of colors. Before the end of the year, you will be able to see a quilt made out of these bundles displayed in one of our school's halls.  


Thank you, Eva!

8th Grade Trip Aboard the Schooner Mary Day ~ Penobscot Bay, ME

Holbrook Island Refuge
Furling the mainsail

PoTLuCK ~ High School Arts and Literary Magazine

The Hartsbrook High School is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of our 8th annual arts and literary magazine


PoTLuCK - "Where everyone brings a different taste or flavor to the table."


Our student editorial committee has been busy collecting submissions of art and writing from our student body and compiling them into boundlessly bountiful lushes of literature and admirably awe inspiring art!


Don't miss your copy of the Spring 2013 issue of PoTLuCK!
Available for purchase during the last week of school- $5.00


Thank you!

Ian MacPherson, Conor Ritchie-Dunham, Eliana Moskovitz, Terra Szyhay and Maude Greggio

Farewell to Hartsbrook's Class of 2013


And off they go!


Vincent DeFelice: 

Union College- may concentrate his studies in Biology



Madeline DeWolf:

Will be working and attending Greenfield Community College


Meghan Drisko:

Marlboro College, interested in pursuing botany and biology



Jacob Garfinkle:

Bryant University, majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish with a focus on entrepreneurship.


Dunan Herman Parks:

Will be moving to NYC to find work in the arts



Meaghan Horak:

Massachusetts College  of Art & Design, Studying Film and Illustration


Kelsey Murphy:

Mount Holyoke College- is interested in pursuing Marine Biology



Elena Nietupski:

University of Massachusetts, Amherst- majoring in Theater


Jackie Ritchie Dunham:

Smith College. Gap year Kroka Ecuador Semester Program followed by time in Spain. Majoring in International Management and minoring in Performing Arts.



Robin Roblee Strauss:

Will be taking a gap year to focus on work and also travel in Europe


Oliver Smith:

Earlham College - will focus study on English, Biology and History



Samuel Stein:

Hampshire College- undeclared major


Sean Tousey Pfarrer:

 Holyoke Community College and work



Miles Wilhems-Tricarico:

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth- concentrating on Engineering and/or Computer Science



Community News

Hartsbrook Family Camping

Save the Date: July 7th 


One and all are welcomed to an enjoyable and relaxing place called Indian Hollow.

All members of our Hartsbrook family are invited up to Indian Hollow Campground in Chesterfield from July 7 (after 2:00) till July 11 (at noon).

The campground has bathrooms, fire pits, hiking/biking trails, a large field and a wide shallow expanse of the Westfield River to play in. We have reserved the whole campsite just for us!
You can bring your bathing suits and bikes for the day, or bring tents and coolers for a 4-night total break from your everyday stresses.

If you have any questions, please ask your class teacher, Louise Spear, Swansea Bleicher or Leslie Kellogg. 

Poetry Reading June 9th 


Please join Cherrie Latuner, Hartsbrook High Literature and French teacher, for a festive gathering and a reading of her new chapbook, Soon They Will Fly.


Piening Hall Assembly Room

Sunday, June 9th at 4:00pm


"This poem performs an act of communion as it mingle memories of the poet's mother with moments from a lake the poet loves to visit. A meditative process takes hold here: actuality speaks and the poet listens. Genuine delicacy informs the poet's insight into what has been lost and what remains. Cheryl Anne Latuner is wonderfully alert to the inclusiveness and transparency of the natural world, how it speaks for and to spirit."

- Baron Wormser, author of The Road Washes Out in Spring

Missing Nursery Containers?


Once upon a time the Little Wren Nursery and the Robin's Nest Nursery had matching rectangular Rubbermaid Bread Savers with red lids. Recently, the Little Wren's box went missing so we bought a new one. Now it too, is gone. If we buy a third, will it go missing too? Or will they both return? Please help us write a happy ending to this story and if you see our 9" X 13" containers, please send them home to the Nursery. 


Thank you - Meg Fisher and Sherri Gionet

Community Bulletin Board

FREE LEARN TO ROW DAY:  If you are thinking about rowing and would like to try it out, please join us on NATIONAL LEARN TO ROW DAY SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2013  8:00 to 11:30 a.m. Northampton Community Rowing Boathouse (no advance registration needed) Visit for further information and directions to boathouse.


READY, WILLING AND ABLE: Should any of the following be something you'd like to get done, but don't have the time for, give me a shout! Spanish Tutoring, Cello Lessons, Yard Cleanup, Vegetable Garden Start, Worm Compost Start, Paint Exterior/Interior Touch-ups, Moving or Personal Training. Cheers, Ben Purdon (Hartsbrook Alum - 8th Grade Class of 1999, son of Rebecca Rose) Contact: 413-320-1349 or


LOCAL MEAT AND POULTRY CSA: Hettie Belle Farm. Reserve your share now for this fall. Our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed. Our pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks are pastured and fed only certified organic grain, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. Monthly distribution in  Northampton/Florence or on the farm in Warwick (November-March). More details  at We do hope you'll join us and become one of our member families!


1 to 2 WEEK HOUSE-SITTING OPPORTUNITY in South Amherst, for an individual, a couple, or a family who is looking for a nice place to stay this summer, June 18th - 27th. Two friendly dogs, a large yard (with underground fence), two kittens (maybe), a beautiful pool and a great view are all part of the package. If interested, please contact Penny or Miles at 253-1310. 


SUMMER MUSIC LESSONS: Hartsbrook parents Dan Prindle (M.M. and Ph.D. Candidate in Music Theory) and Michelle Prindle (B.M. in Voice Performance) are offering summer music lessons in cello, bass, guitar, voice, or piano.  Lessons focus on instrumental or vocal technique, but can also include creative aspects of music-making: songwriting, composition, improvisation, or music theory.  Call 860.289.9547 or visit


CHILDREN'S ANIMAL WORLD: Children's Art Exhibition June 1 - 31, Opening: Thursday June 6 - 5:30 - 8:00pm. Chamber of Commerce in Amherst. Shows children's art work representing their love for the animal world. These creations express their hopes, imagination, and joy of being part of nature. All of them depict their inner world with a refreshing and joyful spirit. The work was created during the Multi-Arts spring camp 2013.


HARTSBROOK ALUMNI FOR HIRE: Two Guys and a Blue Goose Colten McCormick and Evan Mariani are Hartsbrook alums, now college freshman. Colten, (Hartsbrook K-9), attends UC Davis. Evan, (Hartsbrook K-8), attends Bryant University. We are 20 years of age and good hard workers (ask our past employers!) this will be our second year doing this type of work so we have more experience and knowledge of landscaping. We are up for anything; yard work, lawn care, spring clean-up, moving, and painting. Contact: Evan (413) 427-9895, Colten (413)-668-6841 or


PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS: Michelle Gardella (mother of Hartsbrook alums) lives with her family in an Airstream, traveling around the country, photographing love in all its forms. This summer she will be in Connecticut and the East Coast and would love to offer a special to all Hartsbrook families on her WILDlife sessions. Each session takes place in the great outdoors, and includes a handcrafted hardcover book (made with recycled paper of course!) and digital files for posterity and safe-keeping. All Hartsbrook families will receive 25% off! Contact: or  949-637-4686 


DRIVER NEEDED: Looking for a responsible adult driver (could be a college student) who wants to earn a little extra $ and & is available to start Fall 2013. The task is to pick up my 2 children from school and drive them to Deerfield. Once a week or more would be great!  Call or e-mail to discuss further, compensation provided. or 413-768-8180.


WOMEN'S ART AND NATURE RETREATS at Yurt in the Woods Studio. Beth Fairservis and Kathleen Bowen invite you to come on a journey of self discovery. Bring your challenges, hopes and dreams. Achieve new perspectives, renew awe and wonder. Awaken to yourself through Art, Nature, Story and Conversation, Haydenville, MA. July 28th - Mask Making, Aug 18th - Altar Creation, September TBA.  For more information and registration please call or email Beth at 413-268-3588


HARTSBROOK ALUM LOOKING FOR SUMMER PLACE TO STAY: Sara LePouttre, a Hartsbrook alumna  and daughter of former PE teacher Sean LePouttre, is looking for a place to stay this summer while she works at Brookfield and Small Ones Farms. She is willing to house sit or just pitch a tent on your land if you live close to these two farms. She will be using her bike for transportation. Please contact her at if you are interested in finding out more about her plans.


HANDWORK AT MY HOME: 2nd - 4th grade students. 1 hr is $25, 2 hrs. is $32 and 3 hrs. is $40.  I will provide materials. My son Gabe is my assistant. You can play in the yard, gardens or frog ponds or we could take a walk at Brookfield Farm. Call Gail Voisin (413) 256-0177.

SKILLED, EXPERIENCED BABY SITTER available during the summer. 14-year-old certified in babysitting through the Red Cross Babysitting program. I know advanced First Aid, and I have experience caring for children and babies. Good with all ages. Lots of varied babysitting experience, as well as experience as camp counselor leading games and supervising art activities. References available. Call Sofia at 413-341-3679 or

LANDSCAPE DESIGN & ORGANIC GARDENING SERVICES offered by Jeannine Haendiges, dba foliate. Licensed landscape architect and NOFA-accredited organic land care professional providing full range of landscape design services including consulting, master planning, planting plans, specialty gardens including rain gardens & green roofs, landscape restoration, hardscape and garden structure design, maintenance plans and organic gardening services. Background in sustainable design. Phone: (413) 687-9142


HOUSESITTING? Our lovely two- to three-bedroom home is available for rent from July 11 to August 3 for $500 per week. We need someone there to look after our very sociable cat and the gardens, (no lawn mowing, though). We're in Hadley, right across from the Hartsbrook School on a quiet cul-de-sac, with woods behind the house. Please, no children under 6, and no pets. Polly and Jan Kees Saltet 413.584.5256

TUTOR AVAILABLE for summer months: Rosie Pearson, current and longtime private tutor at Hartsbrook High School has availability during the summer. Tutoring work focuses on English language skills: improving writing and grammar skills for all ages; PSAT, SAT, and ACT study practice, TOEFEL study practice for non-native English speakers/writers. $40 per hour. References available. 413.253.9871,

BIXBY BROTHERS YARD WORK AND LANDSCAPING: Need help around the house or yard? Tucker, Reed and Evan are ready to help with the grunt work, heavy lifting, moving, mowing, raking or whatever you need. Call (413) 575-2103

VACATION HOME: Enjoy a beautiful family vacation Plum Island - north of Boston - in a barrier Island off of Newburyport consisting of national wildlife park and miles of quiet beaches -- great for birding, fishing, and biking, kayaking, boating and lazy beach days. 3 bedrooms, open floor plan,decks and water views. A few weeks still available. Special reduced rate for Waldorf families!

The Community Bulletin Board

is for small classified-type advertisements. Each submission costs $5.00, is limited to 3 paid repeats and should be no more than 6 lines of text, about 60 words. Payment for Community Bulletin Board submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. No charge for advertisements for free events or nonprofit organizations. Submit ads to:  



General Policy for the Bulletin:

No political or religious advertisements. No competitive program advertisements. No fundraisers. The editors will decide placement of advertisements and may edit for content and length. The Hartsbrook School retains the right to choose not to print any advertisement.

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