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December 5, 2012

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Open Class Day
Thursday, 12/6
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7th & 8th Grade Chorus
NCMC's Holiday Choral Festival
Monday, 12/10 6pm
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Solstice Celebration
Thursday, 12/20 7pm
Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Northampton, MA

Winter Break
Half Day & Assembly 12/21
Break 12/24/12 - 1/4/13


Parent Evenings


4th Grade

Fri. 12/14



11th & 12th Grade Financing College Thursday, 12/6 

6:30 - 8:30pm






Coed Home vs. Great Barrington 12/11
Boys home vs. Swift River 12/13



December Reflections 


As the outer world moves into the season of dark and cold and as we near the shortest day of the year at the winter solstice, inwardly we celebrate the light and warmth that we can kindle to illuminate this darkness. 


At The Hartsbrook School we recognize this progression with a number of seasonal festivals. Last weekend, the Winter Garden was a beautiful pictorial and experiential reflection of this season for our youngest students.


This week, all classes will experience Saint Nicholas Day on December 6th, a celebration which comes to us from Holland. St. Nicholas brings apples to all and a chance to reflect on what has gone well and what can be done better in the way that is right for each class.  


This Saturday at sundown marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah in which we observe the miracle of how the menorah burned for eight days in the re-dedication of the Second Temple when there was only enough oil for one day. Many classes will have a menorah for eight days, in commemoration of how long the oil burned.


On Monday evening, 12/10 the 7th & 8th Grade Chorus will be performing with other young choral groups at the Northampton Community Music Center's Holiday Music Festival.


Next week, the second grade will bring us St. Lucia Day on December 13th. This comes from the Swedish tradition and we observe it with a procession of second graders offering St. Lucia buns to everyone in the school.  This is part of an overall theme in second grade which is to look at the higher and lower parts of human nature through the study of holy people and of the fables.


Candle illustrationMany of the older classes will also collect warm winter clothing and food through this whole season to help let our experience of inner warmth shine out into the world.


On the evening of December 20th we have the Hartsbrook Solstice Celebration at the Helen Hills Hills Chapel in Northampton. This extraordinary evening showcases the talents of current students and alumni. Bring your singing voices and join in the celebration!


And finally, our seasonal celebrations conclude on December 21st when we gather for The Hartsbrook School Holiday Assembly in the Piening Hall Assembly Room.


Keep your eye on our website for more news of all these events.


Best of the season to you!

Louise Spear, Faculty Chair



In Stock cards are available in the office. Use them to purchase your holiday gifts or give them as gift cards and Hartsbrook will receive a percentage of the sales.



Hartsbrook teachers are preparing to submit student work from grades 7 to 12 for the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Award.
Writing Entry Deadline: 12/14/12
rt Entry Deadline: 1/4/13
Interested students let your teacher know.  Grades 7 and 8 : Catherine Hopkins,  Jan Baudendistel. High School: Cherrie Latuner.

7th & 8th Grade Chorus Performs

NCMC Holiday Choral Festival  Mon. 12/10


Monday 12/10 6pm, Helen Hills Hill Chapel, Northampton

Support the 7th & 8th Grade Chorus as they perform at the Northampton Community Music Center's Holiday Music Festival. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than by hearing amazing choral performances!


The Hartsbrook School Solstice Celebration


WHEN: Thursday Dec. 20 7-8:30pm

WHERE: Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Northampton


Please Join Us -

All are invited to join the Hartsbrook School students as they celebrate the season with music, song and dance. Bring your singing voices and join in the celebration.


Friends, families and alumni are most welcome!

Japanese Day at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Japanese students in the high school class presented a skit at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Japan Day, in front of an audience of 150 people. It was a meaningful experience for all. Students explored artwork influenced by Japanese art and had in depth talks about several paintings. This was a great day for Akino, our exchange student from a Japanese Waldorf school, before she went home. We will miss you, Akino!


 Chieko Yamazaki, High School Japanese







The Body and Soul of Nourishment Part II


The second portion of October's Our Healthy Children workshop was a food preparation demonstration by Elizabeth Sustick, RN, RMT. Behind a table laden with bright, fresh and varied ingredients, Elizabeth told us about her professional food preparation beginnings as an apprentice in a busy macrobiotic restaurant in Boston. Her work as a nurse led her to pursue the connection between diet and health and she shared an accessible approach to family food preparation that incorporates deliciousness, nutrition, integrity, love and gratitude!   This approach is a balance between the extremes of a raw food diet and a diet of highly processed foods, common in many homes.


The items prepared included brown rice, rice custard, oat porridge, roasted vegetables, and steamed vegetables--simple, nutritious, fragrant, and visually appealing. Bringing the idea of food integrity to life, Elizabeth cut carrots on a diagonal so that each piece maintains the form of the whole and shared how a menu that includes carrots or sweet potatoes, broccoli, and kale represents the whole plant - root, stem, blossom, and leaf.


Baked Brown Rice and Rice Custard - Bake rice (1 cup rice to 1 cups water) in a covered, ovenproof dish at 350 degrees until the water is absorbed. To make the custard, spread one cup of previously-cooked rice in the bottom of a deep baking dish, layer it with raisins to taste, and pour over this a mixture of 2 beaten eggs, 2 cups of milk and a dash of vanilla. Sprinkle cinnamon on the top and bake uncovered at 350 degrees until set.


Morning Oat Porridge - Preparation includes a crucial advanced soaking step that enhances the nutritional value. The night before it is to be served, mix oat groats with water (ratio of 1 part oat groats to 3 parts water), bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook (covered) for approximately ten minutes. Cool to lukewarm and add teaspoon sweet white miso per cup oats. Allow to sit overnight, then reheat before serving (do not boil miso, as this destroys the enzymes).


Kale - Steam kale until tender and then season it with fresh-squeezed orange juice and tamari. If you're not sure how that would go over with children, I can tell you that the youngest taste tester, a participant's daughter, was observed to go back for thirds, if not fourths!


The quiet star of the presentation was Elizabeth's suribachi. This Japanese cooking tool is a serrated bowl used to grind sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients. Roast sesame seeds in an iron skillet until popping sounds can be heard (shaking the pan to rotate the seeds). Grind sea salt in a suribachi, and then add the roasted sesame seeds and grind together. The serrated bowl releases the oils and transforms the seeds into a richly flavorful and nutritious condiment that makes anything it is sprinkled on irresistibly delicious. The grinding action of the suribachi is meditative and absorbing, certainly something to share with a young kitchen helper.


The ingredients used were organic or biodynamic, mostly local, and very fresh. Elizabeth gracefully prepared five or six dishes simultaneously, talking us through each step and fielding questions. My kitchen scene often differs - there's more rush than gracefulness, and at least a few of the ingredients are included because it's their last chance before the compost claims them. Though one of the workshop handouts describes the nutritional superiority of organic crops, an important message I took away is we all can do more with what we have by considering a few crucial concepts or including a few enriching dishes or ingredients. If what we have are conventional ingredients, or we are out of South River miso, or chocolate chip cookies present themselves as the perfect afternoon activity and bellies are too full at dinner, all is not lost. With as little or as much effort as we can muster, we can invite the elements of Deliciousness, Nourishment/Nutrition, Integrity, Love, Gratitude - and with a sprinkle of ground sesame seeds on top, we can satisfy our bodies and souls.


Jordan Abbott, Nursery Parent

Naturally Raised Pork For Sale

Now is the time to order fresh or smoked pork cuts from our own pigs. This exceptional meat is only available once a year and now is the time. Our two pigs have been cared for by the 6th grade as they have taken on their daily work with the cows, feeding them grain and food scraps from our Homestead kitchen and campus, as well as over-mature vegetables from the school garden; this varied diet produces meat of exceptional quality and flavor. Please let me know if you would like to receive details of cuts and prices. Supplies are limited and as all cuts will be sold on a first come, first serve basis (and we usually sell out) please call ext.119 or email me at nrobb@hartsbrook.org.

Nicki Robb
-Director, The Land Stewardship Program

Advent Calendar Fundraiser Was a Success!

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and purchase the beautiful advent calendars and support not just a lovely tradition in your family but your School as well! Over $500.00 will be donated to the School on behalf of YOU ~ the Hartsbrook Community! Next year we hope to have these for sale in time for the Holiday Fair!


If you still have a calendar payment outstanding please deliver the check to Vesna as soon as possible.


~ Beth Volkmann on behalf of the celebratory gnomes and elves that still exist at your Hartsbrook School

Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendars





Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendars are on the way! If you would like to reserve a copy, please email Beth Volkmann at volkmann@comcast.net. The cost is $14.95 and all proceeds (after cost) will return back to the Hartsbrook School. Limited supply of 10.


Local Holiday Performances


A CHRISTMAS CAROL-- 2 FREE Performances!

Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7:00 pm, The Jones Library, Amherst
Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 7:30 pm, Congregational Church, Florence

In this amazing solo performance, David Anderson of Walking the Dog Theater plays all the characters in Charles Dickens' beloved classic! 


Raphael's Madonna Images with Lyre Interpretation

Saturday, Dec. 29 at 6:00 pm, The Nacul Center, Amherst, $15

A meditative evening with music therapist Channa Seidenberg.


The Incarnation of the Logos: An Epic Tale of Christ's Coming to Earth, with Glen Williamson

Friday, January 4, 2013 at 7:30 pm, The Nacul Center, Amherst, $20 / $15 students & seniors

The story of Jesus' birth, childhood and youth as you've never heard it before. The Incarnation of the Logos harmonizes the conflicting nativity accounts of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and weaves the threads of many traditions into an intimate but also cosmic drama.


The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, pvmusegroup@gmail.com, (413) 549-0997. More info is also on our website: www.pvmusegroup.org.

Community Bulletin Board 

Pioneer Valley HABITAT FOR HUMANITY'S GINGERBREAD BUILD! Dec.8, 2012 at the Eastworks in Easthampton. Build a gingerbread house, individually or with a team. At 2:00 the building begins, at 4:00 the public is invited to bid and take them home. Call 413-586-5430 or 978-877-1818 to register, get sponsorship information, or ask questions. All proceeds go to the building of homes for working low-income families in the Valley! We look forward to Building homes, hope, & community with you!

GROUP EXHIBIT AND OPEN STUDIOS in Leverett at the Crafts and Arts building. Great holiday gift items can be found... pottery, glasswork and fine arts.  Hartsbrook parent Lori Lynn Hoffer will be participating. Saturdays: December 8/15/22 from 11am to 4pm MORE INFO


WOOL SWEATER REQUEST from Elisabeth Radysh. Many of the toys that I create are made from (mostly) wool sweaters. I would be most grateful and happy to recycle - transform - your gently worn, maybe shrunk or outgrown sweater into a new form of existence! Drop off possibilities: at the Holiday Fair at my booth (Nov 17) or after that with Lara Radysh at the office at Hartsbrook.


LOVABLE CAT NEEDS A HOME -Our cat, Tiger Lily, is getting lonely with her family being gone so much. She is very snuggly and loves to spend much of the day outdoors. She is gentle and playful with children and now that our children are grown, Tiger Lily would love more youthful company. Please call Caryn 845-558-7390 or stop by the High School Office if you can give her a good, new home. 


CHRISTMAS TREES -many varieties, cut-your-own and precut. Pages' Tree Farm/Green Diamond Systems, 125 Blue Meadow Rd., Belchertown (off Ware Rd., Rt. 9, opposite DPW yard), follow signs.  Handmade wreaths.  Hartsbrook grandparents--1989. Mass. "Tree Farmer of the Year".  Hours:  Sat. 8:30-4-30 and Sun. noon-4:30 starting Nov. 24 or by appointment:  413-323-4401, 413- 218-2932, or jzp@greendiamondsystems.com.


PARENTING FOR PEACE group study and practice with child educator Gina Simm at Pioneer Valley Cohousing Common House in N. Amherst. FLYER LINK. Gina will share the works of Inbal Kashtan, Parenting From Your Heart. Her parenting approach is based on the principles of compassion, connection and partnership. Contact Karen Bates for more information. 413-230-0215 or r.ki.eelah@gmail.com.


HILLSIDE CHRISTMAS TREE FARM Come and cut-your-own Fraser Fir, Balsam or White Pine (native species) Christmas tree in the beautiful hilltown of Chesterfield at Hillside Christmas Tree Farm owned by Hartsbrook Faculty Chair Louise Spear and her husband. We also carry pre-cut trees and wreaths which we sell in Chesterfield and at Atkins farms. We are located 5 miles from Williamsburg on Rte. 143 at 286 Main Rd. Open on week-ends.


BUCHE DE NOEL MADE TO ORDER - It is holiday time. French Buche de Noel  made to order, small 25$ serves six and large $45 serves 12.  Made by pastry chef Didier Voisin Call 256-0177 Gail Voisin


SKIS WANTED - We are looking for 2 pairs of modern downhill skis & boots for loan or inexpensive purchase: one for size 7 womens (38 Euro) boots, skis for someone 5'0"; another for a boys size 5-6 boot (Euro 37 or 38), skis for someone 4'8".    Also looking for XC skis with regular NNN bindings suitable for someone 5'4/115 lbs.  We have a new pair of girls traditional figure skates, Glacier size 3 (runs small) free to a good home. Contact Cindy at 413-548-4751.


CAR WANTED for local use by teen driver. Must be safe but need not be pretty. Can pay $2000-$3000.  Please call Jessica at 413-687-1811


IMPROVE YOUR DIET AND SAVE TIME - Green Garlic Natural Cooking - Julie Garren, Personal Chef and Educator.  Bring whole nourishing foods back to the table with personal chef services, classes, menu planning, and grocery store tours.  Expertise includes major food allergies, Weston A. Price, Paleo, and creative vegetables. Visit www.green-garlic.com for more information including all upcoming classes.  email: julie@green-garlic.com


FREE PARENT WORKSHOP- Talking About Sex - a workshop on age appropriate topics for parents of young children. Sponsored by Northampton Parents Center and Northampton Public Schools. Presented by Jane Fleishman a Healthy Sexuality Educator. Monday, December 10 6:30-8pm Bridge St. School. Preregistration not required (unless families need child care) Barbara Black bblack@northampton-k12.us

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