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November 27, 2012

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Substance Abuse Prevention Presentation

 Parents of 6th-12th 


6:30 - 7:30pm



KG -3rd Grade

Sunday, 12/2 4-7pm


Thurs. 12/6



Thurs. 12/20



Parent Evenings


8th Grade

Wed. 11/28

6:30 - 9pm

3rd Grade

Thus, 12/6

7- 9pm



11th & 12th Grade Financing College Thursday, 12/6 

6:30 - 8:30pm






Deadline: Nov. 30th
Boys home vs. Swift River 12/13









Safe School Summit


A few weeks ago, I attended a Safe School Summit at the Smith College Conference Center along with 100 other school administrators, teachers and counselors from all over western Massachusetts. This event was sponsored by the northwestern District Attorney's Office and was a follow-up to the Massachusetts anti-bullying legislation.


The theme of this Conference was school climate which is where the anti-bullying research indicates that schools should spend their time and resources. See the article, Safe School Summit, for a mention of how beneficial it is to greet a student with eye contact and a handshake, as is done every day at Hartsbrook.
Massachusetts state colleges and universities are leading the way in doing anti-bullying and school climate research. A resource that was shared at the conference was a pamphlet produced by Dr. Elizabeth Englander of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) at Bridgewater State University called "That's Confidential" A Guide to School Confidentiality for Parents. This provides a helpful explanation of what schools can and can not share in a bullying or any other disciplinary matter involving students.


The MARC website has this and other resources worth sharing, including: "Common Mistakes to Avoid When Your Child is the Bully or the Target" and "What to do if Your Child is Being Bullied" which contains a useful discussion of what is bullying and what is just normal social conflict in children.


Louise Spear, Faculty Chair



This year's edition of the Community Handbook is now available on the school's website. The Hartsbrook School's anti-bullying policy is included in the Handbook.



First photos now available on the Hartsbrook's Photo Site

Berkshire East Ski and Snowboard Club - Registration Due Friday 11/30

We are pleased to invite all Hartsbrook families to participate in our annual ski and snowboard club at Berkshire East Ski Resort in Charlemont.  Discounted lift tickets, rentals and lessons are available to all members of Hartsbrook families during six consecutive Fridays from January 11th through February 15th, 2013.  Transportation will be arranged for children in grades 6-12 for an additional fee of $25.


Follow the link below for our online registration form.  Complete registrations and payment must be received by Friday, November 30th.  Make checks payable to "The Hartsbrook School" with "ski club" in the memo.   There will be no late registrations accepted.



If you have any questions email Megan Owens

- Megan Owens

Prevention Specialists Presentation - TONIGHT

November 28th, 6:30pm-8pm

As part of our commitment to the social and emotional health of our students, we have invited a group called FCD to work with students in grades 6th - 12th on substance abuse education and prevention. The FCD Prevention Specialists present the most up-to-date information available on the physiological and psychological effects of various drugs and provide a forum for discussing the issues relating to the choices people make. They do not tell students what to do but recognize that each student must make his or her own choice about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
FCD is unique in that the Prevention Specialists have achieved long-term recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions. Most began their own drinking and drug use in middle and high school and have experienced the pressures and issues involved in alcohol and drug use.
They will work with each grade separately. FCD is an international group which has worked with many schools and colleges, including the Great Barrington and Hawthorne Valley Waldorf Schools.

All parents and other community members are invited to a parent presentation by FCD Educational Services on Wednesday, November 28th from 6:30 - 7:30pm in the Piening Hall Assembly Room with refreshments to follow from 7:30 - 8:00
pm. The parent evening in the high school will start at 8:00pm to allow attendance at the presentation. FCD believes in educating the whole community, not just students, and provides sessions for parents and teachers as well as the work with the students.

Louise Spear and Virginia McWilliam

Get Holiday Shopping Done!
Submit Hartsbrook Scrip Gift Card Orders by 12/3

As a non-profit organization, the Hartsbrook School is able to purchase gift cards at a discount from various retailers and sell them back to the community at full value. With every purchase of a gift card, the purchaser is helping the school with no additional cost to the purchaser.  


Holiday Scrip Order Form

With snow in the near future and the Holidays around the corner, whatever your budget or need,
we have Scrip for that!


Snow shovels and de-icer?
Home Depot, of course, we have Scrip for that!

Jeans for your growing-like-a-weed teen?
Old Navy or Gap and we have Scrip for that!

The latest vampire story for your bookish boy?
Barnes and Noble, we have Scrip for that! 

If it's cloves and oranges, potatoes for your latkes or a gift basket for your neighbor..

Think Big Y, Whole Foods, River Valley Market, or Stop and Shop, and guess what? We have Scrip for that!

Don't forget that you can give Scrip cards as Holiday gifts.

How about Esselon, Cinemark, LL Bean, or Bertucci's?


Teenagers on your list?

 I'll bet they would love iTunes or, and yes, we have Scrip for that! 

As we have done in previous years, we are offering special scrip orders before the holidays. Use our Holiday Scrip Order Form to place your order, and turn it in to the Main Office by 3:30pm (dismissal time) on Monday, 12/3 and your scrip will be ready to pick up on Wednesday, 12/12.


Holiday Scrip Order Form

If you visit you will have even more choices. Pick and choose and we will order it for you so you can have it right in time for Holidays!


If you have any questions as to how this program works, call Vesna in the Main Office or Heidi Moskovitz.

Thank you,

Karen Bates for Scrip Committee



Save The Date -  Solstice Pageant


WHEN: Thursday Dec. 20 7-10pm

WHERE: Helen Hills Chapel, Northampton


Please Join us -

All are invited to join the Hartsbrook school students as they celebrate the season with music, song and dance. Bring your singing voices and join in the celebration.


Friends, families, alumni and are most welcome!

Astronomy Campout

11th grade Astronomy explores our place in the universe. We learn Greek and Roman mythology of the constellations and how to recognize them. We see how Copernicus revolutionized science and we explore our solar system, its planets and the sun. In explaining the energy output of the sun we encounter atomic fusion and follow the process that leads to the ends of the lives of stars. The expansion of the universe, the big bang and the production of heavier elements in supernovas shows us our stellar origins. Along the way, we make many night observations and camp overnight one weekend to see the span of the night sky.


Students had this to say about the course:


"More times than not, it left me feeling amazed and in awe of the marvelous and simply unfathomable universe we live in." Aubrey Cabot-Case


"I can sincerely say that my perspective of the universe is vastly different. Many questions that have roamed through my brain were answered." Gabe Voisin


"The Earth is tiny, and we are a tiny dot in the universe. So why do people have to be racists?" Eun Pyo Hong


"Overwhelmingly mind-blowing." Nora Yamazaki-Heineman


"The overnight was a magical experience. I felt so connected to my world -- and I've never been so cold in my entire life!" Alejandra Rojas


Chip Weems, Astronomy


The Body and Soul of Nourishment 

CornBeans As Thanksgiving approached, Dillon (my 3 year old son, member of the Little Wren nursery class) picked up on the anticipation and excitement and asked, "What do we do on Thanksgiving?" I found myself pausing to think of an answer that would satisfy his very concrete and action-focused perspective. Not being one who has ever eaten in any large quantity, a day where tremendous effort would go into preparing and consuming food wasn't likely to appeal to him. However, when he learned that there would be pumpkin pie, he was eager to participate. At 5:30am on Thanksgiving morning, he called out from his bed, "Mommy? Can we make the pumpkin pie now?"


The holidays are a wonderful time to experience the social and spiritual, as well as physical, nourishment that food can bring. This nourishment is something most parents want their children to experience year-round, which is why we put so much thought and effort into what goes on the table or into the lunch box.


I was fortunate to be able to join a number of Hartsbrook parents and staff and other community members for this year's first workshop in the Our Healthy Children Parent Education Series: The Body and Soul of Nourishment. On a chilly Saturday morning we gathered to hear, see, touch, smell, and taste the warming bounty of knowledge on this topic shared by Alicia Landman-Reiner, MD and Elizabeth Sustick, RN, RMT. We began with a lecture during which Dr. Landman-Reiner identified and explained five elements to consider in relation to food: Deliciousness, Nourishment/Nutrition, Integrity, Love, and Gratitude. She shared tips for each element, such as:

  • "Think like a child" when preparing food for young children in order to help them experience Deliciousness. Remember their size, and serve food to their scale (not an overwhelming quantity, but a few carefully presented items, respecting the child's spare aesthetic).
  • Allow your child to indulge in the sensuousness of food, which is related to Nourishment and Nutrition. Children benefit from experiencing the sensory world around eating: tugging a carrot out of the ground with the smell of the soil, the warmth of the sun, the color, the sound of a snap. Dr. Landman-Reiner referenced high-nutrient foods such as fermented dairy and fermented soy, green vegetables, beans, and sesame seeds, and recommended "relatively less meat, and relatively more plant-based proteins." And, "Treat-only status for refined flour and sugar." Protein consumed in the morning can help with attention. Eat warm food for a cold climate. Many cultural and family food traditions have nutritional benefits associated with them.
  • Integrity of food has to do with recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Each food is a whole, not a package of nutrients. For this reason, there are nutritional benefits to eating whole foods that supplements cannot provide. When we eat food that comes through a relationship, such as from a CSA or a Farmers' Market, we add to its Integrity.
  • Love includes eating in community. Meals can be a crucial time for connecting with others, and this connecting is part of eating well. As we face a growing obesity problem in the U.S., the experts' recommendations address behavior more than food: take the TV out of a child's world and eat a meal together.
  • Finally, Gratitude is the element of taking a moment to recognize the earth and the sun-being mindful of the sources of our food. Children relate well to the ritual of saying a blessing before a meal. And as one workshop participant pointed out, research shows that mindfulness leads to greater happiness.


What do we DO on Thanksgiving? We experience the body and soul of nourishment through the elements of Deliciousness, Nutrition, Integrity, Love, and Gratitude. Keeping these elements in mind as we feed our families, we can have a bit of Thanksgiving every day!


See next week's Bulletin for more about the second portion of the workshop, a colorful, fragrant, savory and sweet cooking demonstration (and tasting!) by Elizabeth Sustick!


Jordan Abbott, Nursery Parent

High School Arts and Performance Showcase

On November 19th, high school students shared their process and pieces created during woodworking, painting, and stone carving classes and the A Cappella group, the String Ensemble, and the Jazz band performed for all.

The a cappella singers clap through a lively piece



The junior class explored the use of color this trimester


On Ranging from recognizable forms, such as a foot or an egg, to the more abstract shoes of an idealized wave or a primitive mask, to shapes that emerged organically from the stone, the pieces are as unique as each of their creators. The sculptures are on display in the Piening Hall lobby 


ONE WEEK ONLY! Mon. 11/26 - Fri. 11/30

By popular demand and unceasing requests by former customers of the Seven Sisters Store! These calendars are unique, hard-to-find and speak directly to our Waldorf Community - and they are absolutely beautiful! 


WHEN? Monday, 11/26 - Friday 11/30.

2:30-3:30p Monday - Thursday, 12:00-1:30p Friday.


WHERE? Outside Hartsbrook Hall  


We have a longtime connection to the distributor of these calendars, the company has agreed to a bulk order to resell to our community as a FUNDRAISER for the School. 

 All proceeds (after cost) will return to the Hartsbrook School! Calendars run between $16.00-$26.00. Cash or check only. Limited Supply.

Beth Volkmann ~

Save the Date - CPR and First Aid Class


CPR and First Aid class offered Saturday February 2nd at Hartsbrook.  This class is designed for anyone caring for children - parents and teachers alike.  It will include basic life saving techniques for critical situations as well as first aid treatments for issues ranging from bleeding control and infection management to head injuries, shock, and hypothermia to name just a few.  Conventional treatment protocols as well as natural modalities including homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations will be discussed.  This class is taught by Nicole Thurrell, Recreation Therapist and Wilderness EMT.  Nicole served for many years as Health Director for a wilderness therapy program she co-founded while also working on an ambulance in Lake Placid, NY.  She teaches this course for parents, teachers, camps, schools, and healthcare professionals.

Registration coming soon!


A round of applause to our Holiday Fair musicians!

You filled our halls, the fire circle, and the whole campus with your joyful strains. Several guests remarked that everywhere they went that day there was music. We are especially grateful to our student musicians from the upper grades and the High School. Some of you stepped up impromptu and some of you practiced many hours for your performances. What a wonderful picture you gave of our talented student body! We all missed June and the Bee, the brother/sister duo of Hartsbrook alumni Elihu and Emma Ayres, who had to cancel that morning due to illness. We hope to see and hear many of you at next year's Fair. A special thank you to Swansea Benham Bleicher for rallying all these musicians and joining them on your fiddle!


Polly Saltet for the Holiday Fair Committee

Food tent:
Stephen Katz - cello


Conor Ritchie-Dunham - piano, voice
Elena Nietupski - ukelele, voice
Robin Roblee-Strauss - piano

Bakery Chamber quartet:
Catalina Arrubla - oboe
Dante Radysh - cello
Jacqueline Ritchie-Dunham - flute
Diana Brewer - violin


Strolling minstrels - voice, guitar, banjo:
Kenny Felder
Josh Sitron

High School Chamber Orchestra - Robin Pfoutz
High School A Capella - Joshua Harper


Bonfire Jam:
Fiona Herter - fiddle
Conor Ritchie-Dunham - fiddle
Andrew Laurence, Community Guitar - guitar, voice
Josh Sitron - banjo
Jason Melchiore - guitar
Diana Brewer - fiddle
Swansea Benham Bleicher - fiddle, voice
Jacqueline Ritchie-Dunham - flute
Nick D'Amato -guitar
Kenny Felder - voice


Community Bulletin Board 

Pioneer Valley HABITAT FOR HUMANITY'S GINGERBREAD BUILD! Dec.8, 2012 at the Eastworks in Easthampton. Build a gingerbread house, individually or with a team. At 2:00 the building begins, at 4:00 the public is invited to bid and take them home. Call 413-586-5430 or 978-877-1818 to register, get sponsorship information, or ask questions. All proceeds go to the building of homes for working low-income families in the Valley! We look forward to Building homes, hope, & community with you!


STAY HEALTHY and CALM DURING THE HOLIDAYS WITH YOGA! Enjoy small yoga classes in Karen Sheingold's lovely studio in the woods in Amherst. First class free. New students: 30 days unlimited classes for $50. Private sessions available. For details, For first-hand information, talk with Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields or Jean Zimmer. Contact: or 413-253-0313.


FELTED HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS WORKSHOP - Felt is the best ornament-making material because it's soft, natural and easy. We will make at least 5 different ornaments. Dates: Monday, 11/26, 9:30am - 2:30pm; Wednesday, 11/28, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Thursday, 11/29, 9:30am - 2:30 pm and Saturday, 12/1, 9:00am -2:00pm. For more information or to register, contact Eva Camacho at 202-270-0657 or Please indicate your preferred day. 


WOOL SWEATER REQUEST from Elisabeth Radysh. Many of the toys that I create are made from (mostly) wool sweaters. I would be most grateful and happy to recycle - transform - your gently worn, maybe shrunk or outgrown sweater into a new form of existence! Drop off possibilities: at the Holiday Fair at my booth (Nov 17) or after that with Lara Radysh at the office at Hartsbrook.


LAKE WILLOUGHBY RENTAL and LAKEFRONT LOT for sale in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 canoe and no TV. It sleeps 8 comfortably. Clear water surrounded by lushly wooded hillsides creates an expansive and magical setting making it an ideal location for family vacations. See Rental images or contact


Learn about Co-op Power  with Tim Holcomb 877-266-7542 Our mission is to promote a just and sustainable energy future by building community owned energy efficiency and renewable energy businesses. Get tips and advice on saving energy and money in your home. 1) No-cost Mass Save home energy assessments and 75% discounts (up to $2000) on weatherization and insulation of your home. 2) 40-50% savings on Solar Hot Water 3) Opportunities to participate in Community Owned Solar and Community Owned Biodiesel businesses.


LOVABLE CAT NEEDS A HOME -Our cat, Tiger Lily, is getting lonely with her family being gone so much. She is very snuggly and loves to spend much of the day outdoors. She is gentle and playful with children and now that our children are grown, Tiger Lily would love more youthful company. Please call Caryn 845-558-7390 or stop by the High School Office if you can give her a good, new home.


CHRISTMAS TREES -many varieties, cut-your-own and precut. Pages' Tree Farm/Green Diamond Systems, 125 Blue Meadow Rd., Belchertown (off Ware Rd., Rt. 9, opposite DPW yard), follow signs.  Handmade wreaths.  Hartsbrook grandparents--1989. Mass. "Tree Farmer of the Year".  Hours:  Sat. 8:30-4-30 and Sun. noon-4:30 starting Nov. 24 or by appointment:  413-323-4401, 413- 218-2932, or


PARENTING FOR PEACE group study and practice with child educator Gina Simm at Pioneer Valley Cohousing Common House in N. Amherst. FLYER LINK. Gina will share the works of Inbal Kashtan, Parenting From Your Heart. Her parenting approach is based on the principles of compassion, connection and partnership. Contact Karen Bates for more information. 413-230-0215 or


HILLSIDE CHRISTMAS TREE FARM Come and cut-your-own Fraser Fir, Balsam or White Pine (native species) Christmas tree in the beautiful hilltown of Chesterfield at Hillside Christmas Tree Farm owned by Hartsbrook Faculty Chair Louise Spear and her husband. We also carry pre-cut trees and wreaths which we sell in Chesterfield and at Atkins farms. We are located 5 miles from Williamsburg on Rte. 143 at 286 Main Rd. Open on week-ends.


BUCHE DE NOEL MADE TO ORDER - It is holiday time. French Buche de Noel  made to order, small 25$ serves six and large $45 serves 12.  Made by pastry chef Didier Voisin Call 256-0177 Gail Voisin


SKIS WANTED - We are looking for 2 pairs of modern downhill skis & boots for loan or inexpensive purchase: one for size 7 womens (38 Euro) boots, skis for someone 5'0"; another for a boys size 5-6 boot (Euro 37 or 38), skis for someone 4'8".    Also looking for XC skis with regular NNN bindings suitable for someone 5'4/115 lbs.  We have a new pair of girls traditional figure skates, Glacier size 3 (runs small) free to a good home. Contact Cindy at 413-548-4751.


CAR WANTED for local use by teen driver. Must be safe but need not be pretty. Can pay $2000-$3000.  Please call Jessica at 413-687-1811

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