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November 7, 2012


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Basketball Registration, coming soon! 



Hartsbrook Board of Directors - Welcome New Members


Bryant Rother
Prior to moving to western Massachusetts in 2005, I spent most of my childhood and adult life in New Jersey. I graduated from Fordham University in 1989 with a BS degree in finance. Over the last eighteen years, I have I been employed in the financial services field. 
My wife, Suellen Walsh-Rother, and I are Hartsbrook parents. Our daughter Olivia is in the 8th grade. Like many other parents, over the years I have volunteered for various Hartsbrook activities. Those include field trip chaperone, 3rd grade practical arts assistant, Long Range Planning
Committee, and most recently, high school basketball coach.

I am honored to serve on the Board. I do believe that "giving back" to the greater school community, that has shaped and affected the lives of our young children in so many incredible ways, is the right thing to do.

David Ranen
I have lived in the Pioneer Valley for thirty-eight years minus one year to teach outside of Boston. I have taught music, both choral and classroom, in the Amherst Regional Schools for thirty-two years where I also have served as a Guidance Counselor. I have a BA in Music Education and a MEd in Counseling. I have conducted both children's and adult choirs as well as teaching private voice.

I have been involved with Hartsbrook since the 2008-2009 school year when my daughter entered the High School as a 9th grader. During those four years I chaperoned trips, sat on parent committees, helped at fundraisers, and did vocal coaching for three incredible Hartsbrook musicals.
As a new board member I feel I can bring the viewpoint and voice of a teacher. I have devoted my professional life to helping early adolescents and young adults while working with faculty on setting safe boundaries for students. 

Jacqui DeFelice Jacqui DF
(joining the Board in February 2013)
I have been a member of the Hartsbrook community since my son Jordan (class of 2011) began in Erika Hollister's 1st grade class in 1999. The following year my younger son Vincent joined Mrs. Riahi's Kindergarten and I began working in the Ben Smith office as administrative assistant. Three years later I took over the position of Enrollment Director from Jessica Stark - last year's 8th grade teacher. This is a job that I held for nice years until my departure in November 2011.
Since leaving Hartsbrook last year I have been working with Arthur Zajonc (co-founder of the Hartsbrook School). The position that I hold at this time is Director of Operations and Advancement for the Mind & Life Institute,

I was delighted and honored to be asked to the join the Hartsbrook Board of Directors. My commitment to this school, this community and to the Waldorf Educational philosophy is central in my life. I look forward to working closely with the other Board members and the Faculty Conference to offer whatever I can from my experience as Enrollment Director and long-term parent to support the continued health of The Hartsbrook School.

Tony Cape
We would also like to welcome Tony Cape as one of the two Faculty Conference member of the Board. Tony holds a Master's degree from Cambridge University. His daughter was a member of the first High School class, and he has taught English and History at the High school full-time for six years. Prior to teaching at Hartsbrook he taught writing at Bard College and Yale University. He has also published four works of espionage fiction.

- Swansea Benham Bleicher for the Hartsbrook Board



CLASS PHOTOS - Nursery through 12th, are now available on the Hartsbrook's Photo Site. Kindergarten through 12th have both a formal and a silly. Have a look! Thanks to Chip Weems for capturing all those smiles.


VOTE FOR HARTSBROOK in the Florence Savings Bank Customer Choice Program and help Hartsbrook receive the greatest grant possible. Vote online or pick up a ballot in the office or at the Friday Scrip table.


VISITING DAY - Tomorrow! - Thursday 11/8 8:15am - 12:30pm 

PARENTS take this opportunity to visit classes in Grades 1- 12, join the High School for a mini-lesson, attend a Q & A session and enjoy an assembly showcasing student talents in grades 1-12! Come and get an inside view into our school.  MORE INFO


SOCCER TEAMS - Please wash and return jerseys + goalie gear to the elementary school office!


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This update of our website seeks to solve the immediate need to quickly find out "what's happening" at Hartsbrook. It is part of a longer term project to assess web technologies and improve communications.

If you find yourself looking for old bulletins to find out "what was that date again?!", try the website instead. There will be hiccups along the way as we try a new approach so let us know what information you didn't find or any problems you run into.


Thank you!

TOMORROW - Sign Up Now!

Fiddle and Cello Workshop and Concert

Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cellist Natalie Haas
flyer for Fiddle concertHartsbrook is pleased to be hosting this acclaimed international touring and recording duo on Thursday, November 8th.  An afternoon workshop and evening concert are scheduled.
Alasdair, Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie, sizzling cellist, display dazzling teamwork and a passion for improvising on the melody and groove of Scottish tunes. The duo frequently performs at the Iron Horse in Northampton. Sponsored by Stamell String Instruments  


WORKSHOP Thursday, November 8th: 2:00 - 3:20pm 
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall
Tickets:  $20 per person, free to Hartsbrook students
Open to parents, friends and the general public.


CONCERT Thursday, November 8th: 7:00 - 9:00pm
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall 
Tickets: $17.50 for adults, $15 for students and participants. 
Please call the High School at 413-586-1908 for tickets. 

  Holiday Fair 2012 - 10 Days and Counting


Hands and Hearts have been busy!

Thank you to so many already for all the work that's been done - organizing, handcrafting, repairing, designing, cooking and constructing.
This is truly a family run event.




Just a few weeks to go and you may be asking what needs to be done?


Hang the POSTER you received in your CAR- Families are our best advertising. Please put the poster you received this week in your car window! There are extras in the office.  LAWN SIGNS-  If you live on a high traffic street let Karen Bates know you would like a lawn sign, or stop in the office.

Commit to your shifts!  In addition to being great fun, this is our biggest public event and most significant fundraiser. We ask each family to take 1-2 shifts or volunteer in other ways that suits your family. Check in with your fair rep for what's needed. Thank you to all who have signed up so far.

Decide to make a Gingerbread house! Let Sam Wood know the name of your creation.  Houses can be dropped off on Friday 11/16.

Plan to make some Baked Goods for the parent run café.  Whole pies, mini loaves, cookies, brownies, ANYTHING is welcome; please no nuts or nut oils. Contact Tara Hoffman with questions, 413-423-4509. Baked goods will be accepted starting Friday, 11/16

Look in your Closets! We still need:
~ Beads for jewelry making. Let Penny Herter know.

~ Holiday lights, LED candles, long lengths of pastel or white fabric, silks for decorating.
Contact Marie Lauderdale.

Plan to Cut Greenery for Decorations: We need greens and branches including 8-10' tall pine saplings, 6'-8' Birch branches, loads of evergreen boughs, ivy, berries, seed pods. No bittersweet please! (It's invasive and just plain messy!). Drop off Thursday 11/16 or Friday 11/17.

High School Students - Saturday shifts have been posted in the HS.  Calling jump rope machine helpers, bus jesters, ticket takers and wandering fairies and elves. Contact Caryn Hesse.

Musicians of all Ages- We are looking to fill the Fair with music -there will be performances throughout the day around the fire, in the Food Tent and at the Bakery.  A special invite goes to students, alumni, family member and friends who want to share their talents.
Contact: Swansea Benham Bleicher. 

Entertainers- We have a few shifts left for King Winter, Town Criers, Brass Players.
Contact: Polly Saltet.


Know that Free Child Care will be available during set up hours on 11/16, details to follow.


Skip the lines- BUY TICKETS IN THE OFFICE starting MONDAY


Click here to see the list of class reps and responsibilities!

For questions, concerns or ideas, speak to your class Rep, call a Chair or stop in:
HF Committee Meetings: Fridays, at 8:45, Handwork Room in Hartsbrook Hall or stop at the Coffee Hour.


Time to draft up your plans, order your chocolate windows and slice almond roof shingles. All families, students and parents, are invited to build a gingerbread house to be auctioned off at the Holiday Fair. Houses can be any height but footprints should not exceed 2'x2' including the base the structure is on. Please use a sturdy base. All components must be edible but are not limited to sweets. Houses go home with the highest bidders - please explain this to your children so there are no surprises.


"IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME" This is a FUNdraiser. The more people who participate, the bigger the community contribution.


AND... THIS YEAR... A LITTLE DESIGN COMPETITION! Ribbons for a variety of categories. And, a special prize to the person or family who builds the house that gets the highest bid.

Here is a picture of Sam & Anja Wood's house from last year. They have big plans for this year. Dare to challenge them!


DON'T FORGET to register by sending the name of your house and the name & age(s) of the builder(s) to Sam Wood at For questions contact Sam Wood.

Paper Star Workshop - Missed today? Come Next Week

red folded paper starOn Wednesday, November 14 we will offer a Holiday Fair Craft Workshop to make the folded paper stars that so beautifully adorn the windows of our school during the Holiday Fair and afterwards. The workshop will be from 8:30 - 10:30 AM in the Handwork Room, which is located upstairs in Hartsbrook Hall. 7th grade parent Cindy Bright will be leading the workshop assisted by Faculty Chair Louise Spear. We will provide all supplies. This is a simple craft that anyone can learn and we welcome you all to come!

 Congratulations Varsity Soccer Teams

Congratulations on an excellent soccer season. All of our soccer players worked incredibly hard to develop their skills and become strong team players.  It has been exciting to see so much enthusiasm and determination on the fields. 

Hartsbrook's varsity teams continued their strong play through last week's River Valley Athletic League playoffs and championship games.  Hartsbrook's varsity girls' team took 3rd place after losing to Stoneleigh-Burnham in the semifinals.  Stoneleigh-Burnham went on to take the league title in the girls' division.  Hartsbrook's varsity boys finished the regular season undefeated and won each of their playoff games but lost to Dublin in the championship game. 


We are incredibly proud of the success of our varsity teams.  A tremendous thank you is owed to our coaches, Lainie Kennedy (girls) and David Bach (boys).


Megan Owens, Athletic Director

 Basketball Season is Around the Corner!

Practices will begin immediately after Thanksgiving vacation. I am happy to announce that we will have both a boys' team and a girls' team this year, rather than a coed team. Basketball is open to all students in 8th-12th grades. Registration forms will come out via email later this week.

See the calendar for game and practice schedules.
Visit to learn more about participating schools, sports, schedules, field maps for away games, and up-to-date match results for all league games

For more photos Hartsbrook Photo Site ~

A View into the Nursery

The nursery feels settled in its new home, rhythms swaying gently from play to tidy time, circle to story, indoors to outdoors, morning to afternoon.


Our new yard is happily yielding up its secrets. "Snake!" I heard a child say. I ran over and sure enough there was a striped garter snake trying its best to escape the noisy hordes by seeking refuge under a log. Children rolled the log back, and we all watched its tongue flicker.


Children have tied a thick rope to the bottom fence and created an instant ship that sails out across the green oceans of pastureland to the southeast, heading towards distant cows.

Others found a wonderful dent in the ground where ponies like to lie on their backs and kick their legs in the air. And so many have learned to climb the birch tree just about as far up as their teachers are comfortable seeing them go!


We've had fun grinding corn at the picnic table and walking to the Homestead to feed the chickens. "We're going on a Chicken Walk," we sang to an impromptu tune, and a passing high school student picked up the song and sang it back to us. "How does HE know our song?" children asked. Chickens are an especially satisfying animal, I think, for 3 and 4 year olds. They are wonderfully active, running and flapping and bumping into one another, and they come right up to the fence for their treat.


We also enjoy doing our laundry outside, something we rarely did in the Ben Smith yard, perhaps because it was so shady there under the big maple tree. Now our wonderful clothesline is perfectly placed for maximum sun and wind. Children have so many ways to hang laundry; we've had washcloths hanging from washcloths, a sight to behold! 


We are happy in our temporary new home and grateful to everyone who's had a hand in the making of it. Special thanks to Pat O'Connor for overseeing the internal transformation of the South Mod, and to parents and the high school for such a generous outpouring of effort creating our exciting play yard.


- Meg Fisher, Little Wren Nursery


 High School Highlights 

Math Garden

The Math Garden is a math conference based on the work of Martin Gardner, who specialized in recreational mathematics.  


9th graders (Ian, Lucy, Miles and Forest), accompanied by two math teachers (Ms. Freed and Mr. Haendiges) and Forest's dad, Fred, attended the 1st annual Math Garden at Monadnock Waldorf High School, organized by Hans and Marcy Schepker. At the end of the conference, the group went to Keene State College to see the exhibit "Folding Paper; the Infinite Possibilities of Origami" and attended the world-renowned Keene pumpkin festival, where there were 29,381 jack-o-lanterns!.



12th Grade Zoology Block

As part of our Zoology block, the 12th grade visited the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College. In class we had talked a lot about the human skull, and how it changes from infancy to adulthood. We observed images of infant and adult ape skulls and discovered that humans retain fetal characteristics much more than other primates.  


The staff of Amherst College was nice enough to bring out of storage complete chimp, human, and gorilla skeletons for us to study, which was amazing! We also held and drew cat, fox, beaver, and cow skulls. This trip really got our class thinking about evolution and how lucky we are that we evolved the way we did! 


- Elena Nietupski, 12th-Grade student

High School Halloween


Name That Teacher!
The High School hosted Monadnock Waldorf High School for a Halloween dinner and dance party. Parents helped make the dinner a success with making food in advance, cooking, serving, and cleaning. We had help from Rebecca Rice, Wayne Garfinkel, Karen Horak, Reed Wulsin, Maryellen DiLuzio, Jane Andresen, Katerina Noyes and Chieko Yamazaki. Monadock students were hosted overnight in the homes of the Andresens, the Ritchie-Dunhams, the Rojas/Arrubla family, and the Wulsin/Szuhay family. Thank you also to those who offered to host but weren't needed, some at the last minute. Apologies to anyone left off the list - there were many who helped in ways both small and large. Thanks also to the Hartsbrook 11th grade for planning and setup work, and students of both schools for a speedy cleanup.


Fun in the Grades

2nd Graders enjoy apple picking at Apex Orchards!


Tanya Lax, 2nd Grade Teacher

Upcoming Alumni Even  

- Sierra Gamble Sings 



Saturday, November 10 

at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Amherst

5pm - Wine & hors d'oeuvres with Silent Auction, 6pm - Performance


Sierra Gamble, 2008 graduate of Jeff Kalman's 8th grade class, will be performing broadway hits as part of a fundraising effort.  She is raising monies still needed to attend the prestigious American Music and Dramatic Academy this February in New York City. Sierra is a exuberant singer and performer and the event promises to be fun and exciting.  


Please attend if you can or find out more on her blog:, Check out Sierra's flyer! or contact: or 413 367-2299

Alumna Concert 


On Tuesday, November 21, 2012, alumna Kiara Ana Perico will again offer Hartsbrook students a gift in the form of 2 concerts - a shorter one at 1:25 for students in grades 1 - 5 and a longer one at 2:15 for students in grades 6 - 12. Kiara is a highly accomplished violist and she will be playing Bach solo suite 1 in G Major BWV 1007.  There will be room for parents in both concerts as the students will not fill all the seats.
Kiara graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance  in 2011 and since then has been playing indie rock music with the Trans Siberian Orchestra, singer/songwriter Laura Warshauer and others. This fall she is on tour with Air Traffic Controller and Bleu. She will bring a little taste of this more contemporary music to the concert for the older students.
Thank you, Kiara! 

Community Bulletin Board 

REAL PARENTS, REAL DAUGHTERS WORKSHOPS hosted by Jackson Street School in Northampton and open to all: 2nd/3rd grade girls four Monday evenings beginning 11/12 and led by Rachel Simmons. Kindergarten/1st Grade girls four Wednesdays, beginning 11/28, led by Beth Grams-Haxby. For more details and to register, please visit and click on programs.  Space is limited.  You may also contact Julie O'Connor (Hartsbrook Parent and GLI Volunteer with questions).


FINE FIDDLES - We rent quality violins, all sizes, for reasonable rates! Fine Fiddles is in the Eastworks building in Easthampton and will deliver to Hartsbrook for your convenience. Call Alison: 413 230-8884, Karen: 413 320-9381 or Liz: 413 320-3370


TEEN YOGA CLASS -  Yoga Sanctuary in Northampton is offering a Teen Yoga Series!  These classes will offer a combination of yoga poses, meditation, creative movement, art, and music.  Series runs from November 7th - December 19th, Wednesday afternoons 4 PM - 5:15 PM (no class November 21st).  Pre-registration required - please call 413 585-9642 for more information!


ENJOY ROBUST HEALTH THIS YEAR with affordable healthcare from Asherah Allen, Lic. Ac,  Dipl. OM, L.M.T., offering Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Custom Blended Flower Essences.  Asherah offers family practice medicine and traditional and non-invasive acupuncture: laser and touch needle technique for kids and adults. or 413-584-8484 294 Russell St., Hadley


The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE -  Sustaining Poise in a Stressful World. Back pain, neck pain, stress, tension? Please join me for this hands-on lecture-demonstration. Overcome obstacles that prevent you from fully engaging in your activities. Ruth Rootberg, alumna parent gives two free workshops Wednesday. October 24, noon - 1:30 and Thursday, November 8 at 7pm. Jones Library, Amherst. Information: or 413 687-7566


Pioneer Valley HABITAT FOR HUMANITY'S GINGERBREAD BUILD! Dec.8, 2012 at the Eastworks in Easthampton. Build a gingerbread house, individually or with a team. At 2:00 the building begins, at 4:00 the public is invited to bid and take them home. Call 413-586-5430 or 978-877-1818 to register, get sponsorship information, or ask questions. All proceeds go to the building of homes for working low-income families in the Valley! We look forward to Building homes, hope, & community with you!


STAY HEALTHY and CALM DURING THE HOLIDAYS WITH YOGA! Enjoy small yoga classes in Karen Sheingold's lovely studio in the woods in Amherst. First class free. New students: 30 days unlimited classes for $50. Private sessions available. For details, For first-hand information, talk with Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields or Jean Zimmer. Contact: or 413-253-0313.


FELTED HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS WORKSHOP - Felt is the best ornament-making material because it's soft, natural and easy. We will make at least 5 different ornaments. Dates: Monday, 11/26, 9:30am - 2:30pm; Wednesday, 11/28, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Thursday, 11/29, 9:30am - 2:30 pm and Saturday, 12/1, 9:00am -2:00pm. For more information or to register, contact Eva Camacho at 202-270-0657 or Please indicate your preferred day. 


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