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October 17, 2012


The Hartsbrook School

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  Upcoming Events


Harvest & Land Dedication Festival 

Friday, 10/19

11:30 AM- 2:15 PM


Class Photos 

Thurs. Oct. 18


OHC - Body and Soul Workshop

Sat. Oct. 27

9 AM - 3 PM


Parent Teacher Conferences


Thurs. Nov. 1

Fri, Nov. 2


St. Martins Pageant + Lantern Walk

Thurs. Nov. 7


Parent Evenings


Wednesday, 10/17

3rd Grade

Wednesday, 10/17

8th Grade

Wednesday, 10/25

7th Grade

Monday 10/29


Field Trips 


2nd  Grade Apple Picking 

Oct. 18 

8th Grade to Plymouth + Boston

Oct. 22 + 23


Soccer Games 



Oct. 18
JVB @ Eaglebrook
VG @ Eagle Hill
Oct. 19
VB @ Eagle Hill
JVG Home vs Greenfield
VG @ Dublin
JVB @ Great Barrington
Oct. 22
Oct. 23
VG home vs. Stoneleigh Burnham
Oct. 24
JVG home vs 4 Rivers
Oct. 25
VG Home vs. Charlemont
JB Boys @ Charlemont
VB @ Charlemont
Oct. 26
JVG @ Greenfield Center


Strategic Planning Recap

Thank you to each of you who spent time with us and Kay Hoffman last week to focus on the goals and direction for our school.
If you did not make it to one of our meetings and you would like your voice to be included in our planning, please fill out our online survey before this Friday, October 19th. Thank you!

LINK to Strategic Planning Survey

- Strategic Planning Taskforce

- Jeff Kalman, Louise Spears, Noah Smith,

Rosemary McNaughton, Swansea Benham Bleicher


Friday - Please Join Us!

Dear Parents- We hope that you will join us to celebrate the gift of land so generously donated by Alexander and Olivia Dreier!  Harvest Soups, made by each of the grades, will be served to celebrate the season's bounty. Please also bring a bring a family picnic or pack a lunch for your child.  Thank you!  


Friday, October 19, 11:30 AM - 2:15 PM
Rain or Shine

11:30 AM -12:15 PM:  Grades (1-12) gather for a celebration of the harvest with presentations by Grades 3,4,5 and 6.


 12:15 PM - 12.45 PM: A Foundation Stone Address by Jan Baudendistel. Receiving the Gift of Land - Recognizing those who have made this gift possible.


12:45 PM: Picnic Lunch and Harvest Soup.  Grades 1-4 are dismissed to their families for picnicing, Grades 5-8 gather with their classes for picnicing. A Harvest Soup will be served to all. Each child or family should also have a picnic lunch.


1:15 PM: The Bell rings to invite the school community to gather under the canopy.


1:25 PM:  Walking The Land - Introduction by Nicki Robb. Led by a Scottish bagpiper, the school community, faculty, parents and friends will "Beat The Bounds" and celebrate this gift of land.



2:15 PM: Festival concludes (Note: Soccer teams will be dismissed as needed to attend their games).




 - Nicki Robb 


 Land Stewardship Director







Sunday, October 21st 9:00 AM

The faculty and staff of Hartsbrook donated monkey bars to the playground. Sunday we will get them installed - preparing the site will require the most people power, please arrive closer to 9:00 if you are able to help! No previous experience is necessary, but bring your favorite pair of work gloves. Tools and snacks provided  RSVP to Jeff Kalman, First Grade Class Teacher



Chip Weems will start taking class photos for grades 1 - 12 on Thursday, October 18th, if weather permits. Please dress your child as you would like to see him or her in the class photo. October 25th is a rain date or a date for classes that don't fit into the schedule on the 18th. Photos will be available on the school SmugMug photo website once they are done. - Louise Spear


Next week, Pizza's will be served on Wednesday as usual, however the 8th grade will be away Monday and Tuesday. ALL ORDERS must be in this Friday. Thanks for the supporting our sales! The 8th Grade.



Please sign up for parent teacher conferences on November 1 and 2 via the main office for (grades 1 - 8), in the high school (grades 9 - 12), and in the nursery and kindergarten buildings for those classes. There will be childcare for school-age children available during the conferences- this will be outside, dress children warmly! Please sign up for childcare in the main office. Thanks - Louise Spear



The Woodworking program needs a yard cart-type of vehicle to transport the vast quantity of shavings we generate every week. If anyone has something like this in any condition for loan or donation, we would be most grateful. Also, I am looking for a scorp or inshave to use in the stool project. If anyone has one we could borrow, it would be very useful.  Questions: 413 253-1310. Thank you. Miles Herter, Woodworking


Hawks Sweatshirts / Sweatpants  - ORDER This Week!

Students and all Hartsbrook fans can purchase sweatshirts and/or sweatpants by filling out the attached Order Form and turning it in with a check to the front office of the elementary school by this Friday, 10/19.


Sweatshirts- $30: Dark green, cotton blend, hooded.

"Hartsbrook Hawks" and name (not required)

Sweatpants - $20: Dark green cotton blend with an open cuff.

"Hartsbrook" in an arc over your jersey number or will say "The Hartsbrook School" on leg.


You must pay in full upon placing your order, no refunds. Sample will be available at Friday morning coffee.


- Megan Owens
Althletics Director

10/ 26 First Annual Outerwear & Sports Gear TIOLI

"Take It or Leave It" & Bake Sale

 Looking for the next size up? Have a garage full of gear? Bring us your children's outerwear and sports gear that they no longer use, and let others get good use out of them! While you're at it, buy some baked goods to help our eighth-graders raise money for their class trip!


When: Friday, October 26th at 12:30 and 3:15


What: Winter Coats, Rain Coats, Fleeces, Snow Pants, Rain Pants, Snow Boots, Rain Boots, Skis, Snow Shoes, Cleats, Ice Skates, and more!


DROP OFF: We will be accepting donations from Wednesday, the 24th, to Friday, the 26th.


- Rebecca Busansky

for the 8th Grade Class

Nurse Perspectives 

Parents of students in ALL grades (even HS) are invited to check children's hair for lice or nits. Cases of lice have cropped up this fall, as they do every year, when the weather gets cooler. It is a good habit to do a head check at home for young children a few times per month as well as prior to returning to school after a vacation period. Older children should be checked periodically especially if they have younger siblings.


To put minds at ease: Lice CANNOT jump, fly or even swim. They are not even very good at running. Lice rarely (if ever) move from head to head during school, or casual contact but they do enjoy traveling on shared hats, scarves, hair accessories as well as during sleepovers, bed-sharing and snuggling.


Contact the School Nurse directly (x124 or 413-813-9383) if you have seen lice or nits or to request the nurse to check their children closely prior to or after treatment. A Treatment Plan is available from the School Nurse if needed or desired. The School Nurse will check younger grades regularly, but will only check older students (7th-12th grade) and adults individually and privately if requested.


Notification about treatment and findings of head checks are not distributed to entire classes or buildings and any such communication should come only from the school nurse, if warranted. Faculty and staff should refer all concerns or questions regarding possible cases of lice directly to the School Nurse.



- Eraena Meehan

School Nurse

Holiday Fair Highlights 

Holiday Fair Crafts Workshop
On Wednesdays, November 7 and 14 we will offer a Holiday Fair Craft Workshop to make the folded paper stars that so beautifully adorn the windows of our school during the Holiday Fair and afterwards. The workshop will be from 8:30 - 10:30 AM in the Handwork Room which is located upstairs in Hartsbrook Hall. Sixth grade parent Cindy Bright will be leading the workshop assisted by Faculty Chair Louise Spear. We will provide all supplies. This is a simple craft that anyone can learn and we welcome you all to come.

Holiday Fair Gingerbread Creations!

Calling Families, Grades, Grandparents and Alumni 

Gingerbread houses are auctioned off to benefit the school, and the highest bidder has a beautiful centerpiece for the holiday season. There is a great gingerbread recipe in the Hartsbrook Cookbook, Gnomes and Noshes. Copies of the recipe will be available in the school offices or can be sent to you by email. Contact Samantha Wood - 413-883-2883


Yarn Donations Needed

Jump rope making is a favorite activity at the Holiday Fair, and we are asking for donations of worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn (wool and cotton don't work well). JoAnn Fabrics sells great big skeins that are great for this project. Donations can be dropped off at the Main Office. Thank you!


Holiday Fair Baked Good Donations

Our hungry fair-goers look forward to all the treats and eats available to them! Whole pies, miniature bread loaves, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, corn bread, pumpkin loaves, ANYTHING is welcome and sought after to take home for the holidays or to enjoy on site! Happy Baking! Please remember NO PEANUTS or nut oils. Contact Tara Hoffman with questions, 413-423-4509

 Holiday Fair Committee Meetings are Fridays, at 8:45, in the Handwork Room. Stop in, or find a Fair Chair at the Coffee Hour to share and idea or get your questions answered.
Thank You!
And the Holiday Fair Committee 

New High School Program -

The Land Stewardship Practicum

The 10th grade Land Stewardship Practicum is a new class taught by Nicki Robb and Miles Herter, developed in response to the receipt of 36 acres of farmland now protected from development under an Agricultural Preservation Restriction, or APR. Students will explore the physical and legal best practices for managing diverse landscapes including meadows, woodlands and wetlands.


Working with loppers, machetes, saws, and scythes students have been clearing the land at the brook crossing on the path to Nibble Hill. For the 10th grade foreign exchange students and their American counterparts, Land Stewardship translates roughly as "lots of hard, muddy work," and each of them has added the words 'thorn, choking vine, invasive species, muck boots' and 'wet socks' to their vocabulary.   

Great work 10th Grade!



Will Harrison,10th Grade Student

- Miles Herter, Land Stewardship Teacher

The 7th Grade's White Mountain Trip

The Seventh Grade spent four glorious days under billowing clouds and occasional drizzles of rain, hiking, learning to use compass and maps to set a course, doing lots of team challenges, and of course, playing amidst the beautiful autumn colors of Crawford Notch and the Appalachian Mountain Club's Highland Center lodge.

7th Grade Hikers!


 In the words of seventh graders, here is a taste of what we experienced:  


All alone the sound of water - calm and peaceful; ~Cold mornings, cool hiking; cozy rooms; colorful trees; ~Fumbling, stumbling through the dark infinity of a night walk; ~Sitting alone in the forest - was not lonely at all; ~Leaves sparkling with rain and rocks blanketed in emerald moss;
Feeling proud summiting Mt. Willard, the wind blown fog parting for a view of the valley below; ~
Beautiful mountains spoke to me, through sun and shadow and rain; rocks just ended in nothingness -awesome; ~Mountain views shrouded in mist; hills that looked tie-dyed, all golds and reds and oranges - the atmosphere of autumn; ~Compass bearing straight across a flowing river - hopping stone to stone; ping-pong in the games room; ~Bushwhacking through the wilderness with just a compass and hearty supply of GORP;  ~Beauty of nature speaking to me through the chilled autumn breeze; ~I felt part of nature, surrounded by scarlet maples and golden beeches.


We thank our gallant parent chaperones and the skillful and fun AMC leaders, and we long to go back to the mountains!




- On behalf of the seventh grade
Mrs. Hopkins, Class Teacher



Hartsbrook Hawks Eye View

Who's in our League?
Hartsbrook's varsity teams participate in the River Valley Athletic League (RVAL).  The league's mission is to facilitate competitive league play amongst small schools in our region with an emphasis on sportsmanship and athleticism.  Hartsbrook was a founding member of RVAL, along with Charlemont Academy and Four Rivers Charter School.  In RVAL's first season our only league sport was soccer.  The league now has 11 participating schools, and sports include soccer, cross-country, basketball, ultimate and girls lacrosse.  Each season culminates in a championship event with trophies for first and second place schools and a sportsmanship trophy for the team that exemplifies the values of our league.  I am currently the league Chairperson.  
Visit RVALonline.com to learn more about participating schools, sports, schedules, field maps for away games, and up-to-date match results for all league games. 
- Megan Owens
Althletics Director
10/11/12  Boys Varsity Soccer Hartsbrook 5 / Four Rivers 3
After conceding two early goals in this match, senior Captains Vincent DeFelice and Jacob Garfinkel responded with excellent individual pieces of skill to tie the game up. Killian Kothschi added to his tally with a clinical strike, and Gavan Rice again led the defense along with senior captain Dunan Herman-Parks to finish the game with a 5-3 win. Dante' Radysh Bowman fought hard in the center of the pitch against a physical Four Rivers midfield, winning possession and making smart passes throughout.
- David Bach, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

For more photos Hartsbrook Photo Site ~


10/12/12 Boys JV Greenfield Center School 5 / Hartsbrook 2
The Boys Junior Varsity Team recorded their first loss of the season falling 5-2 to Greenfield Center School on Friday. Goals were scored by Steven Andrews and Finnegan O' Connor. Dana Kellogg and Caleb Kennedy split time in goal recording a combined 15 saves. After falling behind 4-0, Hartsbrook dug deep and held Greenfield Center School to just one goal in the second half while scoring two goals of their own. The loss puts Hartsbrook to 1-1 on the season.

- Brian Delisle, JV Boys Coach


 10/11/12 - Girls JV Soccer Four Rivers 8 / Hartsbrook 3

Ingrid Husemoller struck first for Hartsbrook, assisted by Lila Gaffney, while our back half struggled playing in unfamiliar roles as they filled in for traveling 6th graders. Four Rivers also fielded several older players who were a challenge to contain. Miranda Columbia had five athletic saves, but goals against were five as well, with many of their shots unopposed. In the second half, Alena Ayvazian came into goal and was given more cover after defensive adjustments. Lila scored two more, one assisted by Sylvana Szuhay. Defensively, Maya Caron-Award shifted impressively throughout the game in pursuit.


- Eric Bright, JV Girls Soccer Coach


10/12/12  Girls Varsity Soccer- Hartsbrook 6 / Four Rivers 1 

Eliana, Elena, Sophie and Sunhild each had a goal to put Hartsbrook on top 4-0 at the half.
In the second half, Four Rivers managed to get a goal, but Hartsbrook would continue to play well as a team. Sophie put in a reflected shot by Elena, and Sunhild took off on a breakaway to make it 6-1 Hartsbrook.  It was another great game for the whole team and Lucy had 13 saves for the game. This would be the first win against Four Rivers in several years. 


- Lainie Kennedy, Varsity Girls Coach

See the calendar for game and practice schedules.

AUDITIONS! Western District Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and Chorus

Massachusetts Music Educators Association

If you are an instrumentalist or singer, you may be interested in participating in one of the two Western District concerts comprised of western Massachusetts students. Senior Districts are for 9th through 12th graders and Junior Districts are for 7th through 9th graders.



To consider this opportunity, please visit the Western District website. Review the audition lists and requirements, fees.  Key dates:


Senior District registration:  Friday, October 19th

Senior Audition: Saturday, November 10th

Junior District Audition:  Saturday, December 1st


If you want to participate, the Sr. District registration deadline is right around the corner! Please complete a Student Endorsement Form (available in the office) and a check payable to The Hartsbrook School for $11. Please return both the form and check to the HS office no later than Monday October 15th.


For questions: Kelly Hudson 413-369-4797

- Virginia McWilliam

High School Faculty Chair


Upcoming Event - Limited Space!

Fiddle and Cello Workshop and Concert at Hartsbrook

Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cellist Natalie Haas
Hartsbrook is pleased to be hosting this acclaimed international touring and recording duo on Thursday, November 8th.  An afternoon workshop and evening concert are scheduled. Alasdair, Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie, sizzling cellist, display dazzling teamwork and a passion for improvising on the melody and groove of Scottish tunes. The duo frequently performs at the Iron Horse in Northampton.


WORKSHOP Thursday, November 8th: 2:00 - 3:20 PM 
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall
Tickets:  $20 per person, free to Hartsbrook students
Open to parents, friends and the general public.


CONCERT Thursday, November 8th: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall 
Tickets: $17.50 for adults, $15 for students and workshop participants. 


Please call the High School at 413-586-1908 for tickets. 

Kaspar Hauser: The Open Secret of the Foundling Prince! Glen Williamson and The Hadley Lyre Ensemble

Glen Williamson
Two hundred years ago, a child was born in Germany who would grow up to become one of 19th-century Europe's most enigmatic and compelling figures. At the age of 16, this strange boy appeared on the streets of Nuremburg, barely able to stand, walk or speak. In Kaspar Hauser: Who was he? And why does his story still affect us?
Through drama and masterful storytelling, award-winning New York actor Glen Williamson has created an epic fairytale with historical interludes, including esoteric interpretations as well as the latest scientific research about Kaspar Hauser. Live music provided by The Hadley Lyre Ensemble.
When: Saturday, October 27 at 7:00 PM
Where: The Hartsbrook School, Piening Hall
Tickets: $20 general / $15 students & seniors 65+. Tickets at the door or Online 
Questions? The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, pvmusegroup@gmail.com or phone 413-549-0997.


Workshop: The Body and Soul of Nourishment


Saturday, October 27,  9 AM to 1 PM 
Hartsbrook Hall


We will explore deeply and broadly how we nourish our children and ourselves. Join us for a talk by Alicia Landman-Reiner MD, a lesson in the art of cooking for our loved ones from Elizabeth Sustick RN, and a snack of delicious wholesome food shared with the whole group.


DR. ALICIA LANDMAN-REINER practices family and integrative medicine and has many years of experience caring for children and consulting in Waldorf settings. She is also the Education Director for the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine. She currently resides in Utah after having lived in the Pioneer Valley for many years.


ELIZABETH SUSTICK is an Anthroposophic Nurse educator and trained natural foods cook. She is co-owner of Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant, Northampton, a Hartsbrook co-founder and former Cricket on the Hearth teacher.


COST: $25 per person. For more information please call 413-584-3198 or www.hartsbrook.org   


Please RSVP by replying to admissions@hartsbrook.org
or by calling the Enrollment Office, 584-3198.


Community Bulletin Board 

HARTSBROOK STUDENTS IN WILLY WONKA: Wade (6th grade) and Hillary (5th) are in the cast of the Arena Civic Theater's upcoming performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Come enjoy this magical musical production with local performers of all ages. October weekends: Sat. 13th, Sun. 14th, Fri. 19th, Sat. 20th, Sun 21st. Day and evening performances. ticket information


FALL KOTO CONCERT - THIS WEEKEND: Oct. 19, 7:00 PM Japanese ancient instrument with 13 strings.Masayo Ishigure, koto, with James Schlefer, shakuhachi, Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Smith College. Free and open to the public.



INDOOR CAT NEEDS A HOME - Due to allergies, we need to find a loving home for our 13-yr-old, spayed, long-haired female cat. Kuan Yin is beautiful, healthy, affectionate and, at times, talkative. She's an indoor cat who's happier without other cats. Please call Eric or Heidi 413-625-2686. 


HANDCRAFTED SHOES made in USA.  Soft, flexible & durable. Exclusive coupon HARTSBROOK for 15% off classroom shoes thru October 31st. www.softstarshoes.com


WANTED: A previously loved Waldorf wooden play kitchen for my little ones. Please call or txt Marie 413 230 1121 or email: marielauderdale@mac.com 


SHARE A SHARE? Hartsbrook family looking for a family to share a Mountain View Farm CSA share next summer. Mountain View is a lovely farm on East Street in Easthampton. If interested or if you'd like to discuss the possibility, please call the Andresens: 413 534-3882.


TEEN YOGA CLASSYoga Sanctuary in Northampton is offering a Teen Yoga Series!  These classes will offer a combination of yoga poses, meditation, creative movement, art, and music.  Series runs from November 7th - December 19th, Wednesday afternoons 4 - 5:15pm (no class November 21st).  Pre-registration required - please call 413 585-9642 for more information!


LOCAL MEATs: Hilltown Grazers is looking to sell whole or half hogs. We pasture raise Hereford, Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs in the forests of Ashfield. Animals are fed a diet of ORGANIC non GMO granola, yogurt and organic produce- no commercial feeds! We have sausage, pork, bacon, ham available by cut. We also have naturally raised beef by the cut, 1/2s available soon. Email or call for a price sheet. Cosimo 413-268-3435   cosimo@madhouseminis.com


RIDE NEEDED TO NORTHAMPTON CENTER ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS Starting Oct. 24th, our second grade daughter Scout will need a ride to Northampton Center each Wednesday after school. If you are able to drive her on an ongoing basis, or even if you are willing to be a back-up driver occasionally, let me know!  I get out of an appointment at 3:20 each Wednesday and can be waiting for her at any convenient downtown spot. Thanks! Luna Greenwood, (339) 223-4562


ENJOY ROBUST HEALTH THIS YEAR with affordable healthcare from Asherah Allen, Lic. Ac,  Dipl. OM, L.M.T., offering Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Custom Blended Flower Essences.  Asherah offers family practice medicine and traditional and non-invasive acupuncture: laser and touch needle technique for kids and adults.  www.awakenedhearthealingarts.com  413-584-8484 294 Russell St., Hadley


The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE -  Sustaining Poise in a Stressful World. Back pain, neck pain, stress, tension? Please join me for this hands-on lecture-demonstration. Overcome obstacles that prevent you from fully engaging in your activities. Ruth Rootberg, alumna parent gives two free workshops Wednesday. October 24, noon - 1:30 and Thursday, November 8 at 7pm. Jones Library, Amherst. Information: RRootberg@comcast.net 413 687-7566



FULL SIZE CELLO for SALE: I bought a practice cello a year ago and used only one month.  We fixed a few things for better sounds.  It was $540, now $150 or BO.  Please contact at Chieko at cyamazaki2242@gmail.com




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