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October 24, 2012


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Make Up Class Photos 

Thurs. Oct. 24


OHC - Body and Soul Workshop

Sat. Oct. 27

9 AM - 1 PM


Parent Teacher Conferences

Thurs. Nov. 1

Fri. Nov. 2


St. Martins Pageant + Lantern Walk

Wed. Nov. 7


Visiting Day

Thurs. Nov. 8


Half Day - HF Prep!

Fri. Nov. 16


Holiday Fair

Sat. Nov. 16

Parent Evenings


4th Grade

Friday, 10/26

1PM - 2:30 PM


7th Grade

Monday, 10/29


8th Grade

 Monday, 10/29


5th Grade

Tuesday, 11/6


3rd Grade

Thursday, 11/8



Soccer Games 



Oct. 24
JVG home vs 4 Rivers
Oct. 25
VG Home vs. Charlemont
JB Boys @ Charlemont
VB @ Charlemont
Oct. 26
JVG @ Greenfield Center
Oct. 30
JVB @ Bement
Oct. 31
Nov. 2
Nov. 4


A Day to Remember

The weather had been glorious for days leading up to our Harvest Festival and Land Dedication, and yes, it did rain on our parade, but this in no way diminished our joy and enthusiasm! We are a school community who knows how to don rain gear and boots and head out into the elements, and we had fun!


We celebrated the harvest with songs and poetry. We celebrated our guests who had helped us through this complicated and amazing land acquisition. And, most importantly, we acknowledged Alexander and Olivia Dreier for this gift of land that will remain in our care for generations to come.


We shared soups prepared by all the classes, entertained children with harvest activities and stirred the bio-dynamic preparations to spray over the land - our first task to welcome this land into our stewardship.


And then, snaking over the fields in glorious colors of rain gear, with colorful banners held high, we followed our trusty bag pipers as we Beat the Bounds to the crest of Nibble Hill, gathering in a circle to speak our Foundation Stone verse.


Sometimes there are no words to really describe the enormity of an event in the life of this school....for me, this is one of them...let the pictures speak for themselves......with such gratitude for all who worked to make this event possible.

Nicki Robb,
Director, The Land Stewardship Program


 for more photos: Hartsbrook Photo Site






VOTE FOR HARTSBROOK in the FLORENCE SAVINGS BANK CUSTOMER CHOICE PROGRAM -  Last year the Hartsbrook School Scrip program received $1,000 from this program. This year the total being donated to local non-profits has been increased to $75,000 with each award based on the number of votes the organization receives. In order to vote you must have an account or loan with FSB - even a child can vote if his or her name is on an account. The  Scrip committee will also provide paper ballots at the Main Office and at Friday morning coffee. Please vote for the Hartsbrook School today! Thank you!  Louise Spear for the Scrip Committee


CLASS PHOTOS - Chip Weems will be taking photos tomorrow, October 25th for the 2nd Grade, Kindergartens and Nursery classes that were not photographed last week. Please dress your child as you would like to see him or her. Photos will be available on Hartsbrook's Photo Site.



 Sign up in the main office (grades 1 - 8), in the high school (grades 9 - 12), and in the nursery and kindergarten buildings for those classes. There will be childcare for school-age children available during the conferences- this will be outside so dress your children warmly! Please sign up for childcare in the main office. Thanks - Louise Spear



The Woodworking program needs a yard cart-type of vehicle to transport the vast quantity of shavings we generate every week. If anyone has something like this in any condition for loan or donation, we would be most grateful. Also, I am looking for a scorp or inshave to use in the stool project. If anyone has one we could borrow, it would be very useful.  Questions: 413 253-1310. Thank you. Miles Herter, Woodworking


Enjoy pick-your-own kale and swiss chard in our 3-Sisters Field Garden. This is the last of the harvest from our 7th Grade Kitchen Garden and the summer Homestead Community Farm Program. These plants continue to relish the warm wet conditions of our fall, and have never tasted better. Please wander down beyond the beehives and enjoy some fresh greens. - Nicki Robb

2012 Varsity Soccer Playoffs -

Come and Support our Teams!

River Valley Athletic League - 2012 Varsity Soccer Playoffs


Quarterfinals, Wednesday October 31st 

Boy or Girls @ Hartsbrook 3 PM

Semifinals, Friday November 2nd

Girls play at 1:30 PM; Boys play at 11:30 PM

Championships, Sunday November 4th


 Stay tuned for more details regarding locations and times


Our Varsity Boys soccer team finished up regular season play with an impressive 10-0 record -

undefeated! This is their second undefeated season in a row, and they are looking strong, headed into the playoffs.


The Varsity Girls are currently holding third place in the girls' division with two more games to go in regular season play.


The top eight teams from each division will play in the quarterfinals on Wednesday. We will host either the boys or the girls quarterfinal game at Hartsbrook, starting at 3:00.


The other team will travel for their quarterfinal game. The top 4 teams from each division (winners of quarterfinal games) will advance to the semifinals on Friday. The highest ranking teams will host the semifinals games. On Sunday, November 4th the top two teams from each division will play championship games at the Stoneleigh Burnham school in Greenfield.


For more photos: Hartsbrook Photo Site

- Megan Owens
Athletics Director

Berkshire East - Discount Ski Helmets - ORDER NOW!

Ski and snowboard season is right around the corner!

Berkshire East is offering Smith Holt Ski helmets for a discounted price of $40.   Here is a link showing how to properly measure for helmet sizing. 


Orders for these helmets must be submitted to the main school office by Friday, Oct 26th. Include the participant's full name, a cm measurement of the head and a check for $40 made out to "Berkshire East".  Full payment is due at the time of order.


Stay tuned for Ski Club Sign Ups!

- Megan Owens
Athletics Director

Friday, 10/ 26 - Outerwear & Sports Gear TIOLI

Drop off your Gear Now!

"Take It or Leave It" and Bake Sale - Looking for the next size up? Have a garage full of gear? Bring us your children's outerwear and sports gear that they no longer use, and let others get good use out of them! While you're at it, buy some baked goods to help our eighth-graders raise money for their class trip!


When: Friday, October 26th at 12:30 and 3:15


What: Winter Coats, Rain Coats, Fleeces, Snow Pants, Rain Pants, Snow Boots, Rain Boots, Skis, Snow Shoes, Cleats, Ice Skates, and more!


DROP OFF: We will be accepting donations, under the canopy, Wednesday, the 24th, to Friday, the 26th.


- Rebecca Busansky

for the 8th Grade Class

Observing our Children

The Educational Support Group is excited to announce that Dr. Alicia Landman-Reiner is visiting our school this week, October 22nd to 26th, to help our faculty hone our skills of child observation. Dr. Landman-Reiner, who formerly lived and practiced anthroposophical family medicine in this area, was also a strong support for many years for our faculty's studies of child development, the anthroposophical understanding of the human being, and children's therapeutic and remedial needs. She now resides with her husband in Moab, Utah, and is the director of the anthroposophical doctor's training in this country.   Anthroposophical medicine is "an integrative form of medicine, derived from two sources - material scientific medicine with its methods and results, on the one hand, and spiritual scientific findings on the other...The anthroposophical physician extends traditionally taught medicine, based on a study of the human being as taught by Dr. Rudolf Steiner." (from the AnthroMed Library website)


This week Dr. Landman-Reiner is observing in the early childhood, elementary and high school classes, and working with the entire faculty as part of our ongoing professional development.


- Polly Saltet for the Educational Support Group 

Monkey Bar Business!

Thanks to a hearty group of volunteers, monkey bars (donated by Hartsbrook teachers and staff) were installed on the playground. Using balance, coordination, rhythm, strength, and perseverance, the children now run to play on them every chance they get. Volunteers dug holes, mixed and poured cement, wrestled large metal playground pieces into place and pruned the pin oaks back. Thanks Jacob and Cedric Ayvazian, the Scibelli family, Asherah Allen and daughter Rosalie Bridge. Thanks to Jay Cutler for loaning us his posthole digger.


The biggest thanks, however, goes to KEITH HEALY and his family and Lucchesi Landscaping of South Hadley, where Keith works. On his days off (very precious as he has two full time jobs, one as a fire fighter and the other as a landscaper) Keith borrowed a Bobcat, excavated the site, helped install the equipment, delivered a FREE load (15 cubic yards) of wood chips in an enormous dump truck, helped clean up, drank many cups of coffee, and watched the Notre Dame game!

 Thank you all!

Jeff Kalman, First Grade Teacher



Holiday Fair Highlights 

Families - By this time, you are beginning to hear about your class activities and shift filling needs. Thanks so much for your contributions!


Alumni, Grandparents, Friends - We hope you join your families and friends at the Holiday Fair and we invite you to participate!  Let us know if you have an idea to share or an interest in working a shift, sharing a skill or craft or contributing to the Gingerbread House Auction!


For questions, concerns or ideas, speak to your class Rep, call a Chair or stop in:

HF Committee Meetings: Fridays, at 8:45, Handwork Room or Stop at the Coffee Hour


2012 Fair Chairs, Reps and Responsibilities List 

CHECK OUT: 2011 Fair~ Hartsbrook Photo Site ~2011-12 Archive Galleries ~ Holiday Fair


A Call for Entertainers

Have you always secretly longed to be a Pocket Person? Are you and your banjo ready to emerge from the basement? Is there an untapped Town Crier deep inside of you? Well, pull up your socks, uncover your talents, and jump into the Holiday Fair.

We are Looking For:

~ Musicians of all stripes to lift spirits in the café, Lobby, and fire circle;
~ Pocket Persons, with the ability to stand being mobbed by hordes of adoring children;
~ King Winters, the coolest, chillest, sparkliest guys;
~ Fire tenders,  exuders of good cheer;
~Marionette Show ticket takers - able to combine welcoming smiles and firm denial of access to late-comers;
~ Town Criers: strong, enthusiastic voice a must;
~ Brass players for the Fair Fanfare;
~ Other skilled entertainers we haven't thought of yet.
Now's your chance! Beat the crowds and call me early! 

Polly Saltet for the Holiday Fair Committee, Home phone: 413 584-5256 psaltet@hartsbrook.org 


Supply Donations Needed

~ Fairy lights, LED candles, long lengths of pastel or white fabric, silks, hay bales, paper snowflakes for the Children's Bazaar (or Snow Fairy Cave).

~ For Jump Ropes - worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn (wool and cotton don't work).

~ For decorations- copious amounts of greenery and branches including 8-10' tall pine saplings, 6'-8' Birch branches, loads  of evergreen boughs, ivy, berries and seed pods.

~ Coffee cans- large with lids- for ticket collections.

~ Beads of All kinds and sizes for earrings and  necklaces 


Pred folded paper staraper Star Workshop
On Wednesdays, November 7 and 14 we will offer a Holiday Fair Craft Workshop to make the folded paper stars that so beautifully adorn the windows of our school during the Holiday Fair and afterwards. The workshop will be from 8:30 - 10:30 AM in the Handwork Room, which is located upstairs in Hartsbrook Hall. 7th grade parent Cindy Bright will be leading the workshop assisted by Faculty Chair Louise Spear. We will provide all supplies. This is a simple craft that anyone can learn and we welcome you all to come!



GingerbreadHoliday Fair Gingerbread Creations!

Calling Families, Grades, Grandparents and Alumni

Gingerbread houses are auctioned off to benefit the school, and the highest bidder has a beautiful centerpiece for the holiday season. There is a great gingerbread recipe in the Hartsbrook cookbook, Gnomes and Noshes. Copies of a Gingerbread Recipe are in the school offices or can be sent by email. Contact Samantha Wood - 413-883-2883

Click for Gingerbread House inspiration!!


Holiday Fair Baked Good Donations

Our hungry fair-goers look forward to all the treats and eats available to them! Whole pies, miniature bread loaves, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, corn bread, pumpkin loaves, ANYTHING is welcome and sought after to take home for the holidays or to enjoy on site! Happy Baking! Please remember NO PEANUTS or nut oils. Contact Tara Hoffman with questions, 413-423-4509


Thank You!

The Holiday Fair Committee


High School Seniors Visit Hermit Island, Maine

Lessons on Hermit Island with HS Seniors from several Waldorf schools

Last month my class went camping with eight other Waldorf senior classes on Hermit Island, a small peninsula on the coast of Maine. We studied invertebrate zoology and coastal ecology. We met every morning, sang together, had main lessons and even did some eurythmy! Yes, it was cold. One night I was sure the strong, stormy winds were going to whip my tent away into the darkness. The class bonded around campfires, arguing over who was to blame for burning the pasta. We crawled through mudflats looking for two-foot-long ribbon worms and befriended the many deer who visited our campsite. We contra-danced together with the other schools on the final night,  made new friendships for life and strengthened the friendships we already had.

- Jackie Ritchie-Dunham, 12th Grade Student



Excerpts from the Hermit Island "Sea Poetry" course:


 The white foam rushes up the damp sand,

As a new wave rolls around its concavity.

She sends a new barrage with the push of her hand,

And so it goes on systematically.

-- from "The Water"  by  Dunan Herman-Parks, 12th Grade Student


 Soft, dry sand

Envelops your toes;

Enjoying the delicate breeze

Wash over you,

Pouring gentle warmth

Into your body.

-- from "Open Skies" by Miles Wilhelms-Tricarico

Thank You Volunteers!

Thanks so much for giving of yourselves on behalf of our children. The Hartsbrook Heart beats stronger because of YOU!


The breeze, the trees, the honey bees - all volunteers! ~ Juliet Carinreap

Thank you to 8th, 5th and 2nd grade parent Rebecca Busansky and others for organizing the TIOLI outdoor gear and equipment swap as a service to the Hartsbrook community.

Thank you Eva Camacho-Sanchez for being an amazingly talented and organized Holiday Fair Rep! She created kits for the families to craft that are so lovely!

For the Harvest & Land Dedication Festival -

Thank you to Cindy Bright, without whom the Festival would not have happened. Thank you to Amber Dahlin (Land Stewardship Assistant), Miles Herter, Kristin Hall, Paul Horak, Norris Hall, Bruce MacPherson, Dennis Szuhay, Ben Noyes, Tom Coughlin (Tom, thank you for coming the next day to put the railing on the bridge) and ALL of the High School and parent volunteers who helped haul brush, cut branches, remove old tires and cement pilings and generally beautify everything.


Thank you to Rachel Kennedy and the EC Team for making sure the little ones were able to roll pumpkins, make garlands and dip leaves into wax!

Thank you to all the families who made such a variety of delicious soups and Tom Joyce and Jane Andresen for making sure the soups were warm! Thank you to Colleen Healy for set-up, Mandi Marley, Vesna Vasovic, Diane Chilson, Leslie Evans and Anna Grettenberg for clean-up. We would also like to thank the High School students, Mr. Cape, Ms. McWilliam and Ms. Latuner who helped with such enthusiasm and grace.


Thank you to the school's graphic designer, Lori Lynn Hoffer, for her endless dedication to making Hartsbrook look its best in all its publications, for your on-going focus on quality improvements and for all your fabulous photos. Finally one of you!  

We also thank Lori Lynn for the plants you've given to the school and for taking care of them!


We believe in appreciating you!  If there is someone you would like to thank, someone who you know did something or gave something that helped out, let me know: kbates@hartsbrook.org, leave a note with Vesna, or a message at 586-1908 x129.  Blessings on our school!

Hartsbrook Hawks Eye View

10/18/12 - Girls Varsity Soccer    Eagle Hill 0 / Hartsbrook 3
Hartsbrook traveled to Eagle Hill and fought hard for the win of 3-0.  The score was 0-0 at the half, both teams fought to get the first goal. Eliana put in the first goal about 7 minutes into the second half.  Next Sophie put in a reflected shot from Sunhild.  Sunhild put in the third goal from a cross by Elena. Lucy got her first shut out of the season and had a total of 9 saves. 

- Lainie Kennedy, Varsity Girls Coach


10/22/12 - Boys Varsity Soccer Hartsbrook 6 / PVPA 1
The Hartsbrook Boys played against a well organized defensive PVPA squad that was able to shut down our attack for most of the first half. After going down a goal, senior Vincent DeFelice scored a goal to tie up the match 1-1 at the half. In the second half, Hartsbrook broke free with some excellent wing play, courtesy again of DeFelice who recorded four second half goals for a total of five. Killian Kothschi and Jacob Garfinkel battled hard to win the balls and set up the goals for Hartsbrook, while goalkeeper Conor Ritchie-Dunham kept PVPA honest throughout, recording some key saves.


- David Bach, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

10/15/12 - Boys Varsity Soccer Hartsbrook 5 / Charlemont 0
An excellent team effort saw Hartsbrook keep a clean sheet against Charlemont. Three first half goals from senior captain Vincent DeFelice led the way, while freshman Dante Radysh-Bowman and junior Gabe Voisin added to the second half tally. Credit and man of the match honors goes to 8th grader Will O'Connor, playing his best game of the season at center-back. He consistently stepped up to win balls both in the air and on the ground, and led the defense along with sweeper Gavan Rice.


- David Bach, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

See the calendar for game and practice schedules.
Visit RVALonline.com to learn more about participating schools, sports, schedules, field maps for away games, and up-to-date match results for all league games

For more photos Hartsbrook Photo Site ~



Workshop: The Body and Soul of Nourishment


Saturday, October 27,  9 AM to 1 PM 
Hartsbrook Hall


We will explore deeply and broadly how we nourish our children and ourselves. Join us for a talk by Alicia Landman-Reiner MD, a lesson in the art of cooking for our loved ones from Elizabeth Sustick RN, and a snack of delicious wholesome food shared with the whole group.


DR. ALICIA LANDMAN-REINER practices family and integrative medicine and has many years of experience caring for children and consulting in Waldorf settings. She is also the Education Director for the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine. She currently resides in Utah after having lived in the Pioneer Valley for many years.


ELIZABETH SUSTICK is an Anthroposophic Nurse educator and trained natural foods cook. She is co-owner of Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant, Northampton, a Hartsbrook co-founder and former Cricket on the Hearth teacher.


COST: $25 per person. For more information please call 413-584-3198 or www.hartsbrook.org   


Please RSVP by replying to admissions@hartsbrook.org
or by calling the Enrollment Office, 584-3198.


THIS WEEKEND Kaspar Hauser:

The Open Secret of the Foundling Prince!

Glen Williamson
Two hundred years ago, a child was born in Germany who would grow up to become one of 19th-century Europe's most enigmatic and compelling figures. At the age of 16, this strange boy appeared on the streets of Nuremburg, barely able to stand, walk or speak. In Kaspar Hauser: Who was he? And why does his story still affect us?
Through drama and masterful storytelling, award-winning New York actor Glen Williamson has created an epic fairytale with historical interludes, including esoteric interpretations as well as the latest scientific research about Kaspar Hauser. Live music provided by The Hadley Lyre Ensemble.
When: Saturday, October 27 at 7:00 PM
Where: The Hartsbrook School, Piening Hall
Tickets: $20 general / $15 students & seniors 65+. Tickets at the door or Online 
Questions? The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, pvmusegroup@gmail.com or phone 413-549-0997.

Upcoming Event - Limited Space!

Fiddle and Cello Workshop and Concert at Hartsbrook

Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cellist Natalie Haas
Hartsbrook is pleased to be hosting this acclaimed international touring and recording duo on Thursday, November 8th.  An afternoon workshop and evening concert are scheduled. Alasdair, Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie, sizzling cellist, display dazzling teamwork and a passion for improvising on the melody and groove of Scottish tunes. The duo frequently performs at the Iron Horse in Northampton. Sponsored by Stamell String Instruments.  


WORKSHOP Thursday, November 8th: 2:00 - 3:20 PM 
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall
Tickets:  $20 per person, free to Hartsbrook students
Open to parents, friends and the general public.


CONCERT Thursday, November 8th: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall 
Tickets: $17.50 for adults, $15 for students and workshop participants. 


Please call the High School at 413-586-1908 for tickets. 

Community Bulletin Board 

ALUMNI at IRON HORSE - Emma June & Elihu Ayres,"June & The Bee", are opening for the blue grass group "The Gaslight Tinkers" at the Iron Horse Music Hall, on Nov. 2nd at 7 PM. Come support alumni and bring your dancing shoes!


ALUMNA SOIREE November, 10th, 5 PM. Enjoy Sierra 'Sisi" Gamble performing Broadway show tunes and stay for a refreshments and a silent auction. Proceeds will help Sisi with tuition to the American Music and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), where she was accepted this spring. Help make dreams come true! Contact: shannonrgamble@gmail.com or  413 367-2297


WANTED - A previously loved Waldorf wooden play kitchen for my little ones. Please call or txt Marie 413 230-1121 or email: marielauderdale@mac.com


FINE FIDDLES - We rent quality violins, all sizes, for reasonable rates! Fine Fiddles is in the Eastworks building in Easthampton and will deliver to Hartsbrook for your convenience. Call Alison: 413 230-8884, Karen: 413 320-9381 or Liz: 413 320-3370


SHARE A SHARE? Hartsbrook family looking for a family to share a Mountain View Farm CSA share next summer. Mountain View is a lovely farm on East Street in Easthampton. If interested or if you'd like to discuss the possibility, please call the Andresens: 413 534-3882.


HALLOWEEN YOGA for FAMILIES - Taught by Sara Rose and her young fairies at Yoga Sanctuary  Come fairies and elves, come tigers and pirates: twirl and roar, breathe and stretch- let's play and enjoy the fun of Halloween and yoga. Wear your costumes, we'll learn yoga poses and play games that bring the family together for a wholesome Halloween celebration.  Feel free to bring a yummy healthy treat to share after class.  October 28th from 3:30 - 4:30pm.  Call: 413 585-9642 or Yoga Sanctuary.

TEEN YOGA CLASS -  Yoga Sanctuary in Northampton is offering a Teen Yoga Series!  These classes will offer a combination of yoga poses, meditation, creative movement, art, and music.  Series runs from November 7th - December 19th, Wednesday afternoons 4 PM - 5:15 PM (no class November 21st).  Pre-registration required - please call 413 585-9642 for more information!


LOCAL MEATS -  Hilltown Grazers is looking to sell whole or half hogs. We pasture raise Hereford, Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs in the forests of Ashfield. Animals are fed a diet of ORGANIC non GMO granola, yogurt and organic produce- no commercial feeds! We have sausage, pork, bacon, ham available by cut. We also have naturally raised beef by the cut, 1/2s available soon. Email or call for a price sheet. Cosimo 413-268-3435   cosimo@madhouseminis.com


RIDE NEEDED TO NORTHAMPTON CENTER ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS Starting Oct. 24th, our second grade daughter Scout will need a ride to Northampton Center each Wednesday after school. If you are able to drive her on an ongoing basis, or even if you are willing to be a back-up driver occasionally, let me know!  I get out of an appointment at 3:20 each Wednesday and can be waiting for her at any convenient downtown spot. Thanks! Luna Greenwood, 339 223-4562


ENJOY ROBUST HEALTH THIS YEAR with affordable healthcare from Asherah Allen, Lic. Ac,  Dipl. OM, L.M.T., offering Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Custom Blended Flower Essences.  Asherah offers family practice medicine and traditional and non-invasive acupuncture: laser and touch needle technique for kids and adults.  www.awakenedhearthealingarts.com or 413-584-8484 294 Russell St., Hadley


HANDCRAFTED SHOES made in USA. Soft, flexible & durable. Exclusive coupon HARTSBROOK for 15% off classroom shoes thru October 31st. www.softstarshoes.com


The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE -  Sustaining Poise in a Stressful World. Back pain, neck pain, stress, tension? Please join me for this hands-on lecture-demonstration. Overcome obstacles that prevent you from fully engaging in your activities. Ruth Rootberg, alumna parent gives two free workshops Wednesday. October 24, noon - 1:30 and Thursday, November 8 at 7pm. Jones Library, Amherst. Information: RRootberg@comcast.net or 413 687-7566


FULL SIZE CELLO for SALE - I bought a practice cello a year ago and used it only one month.  We fixed a few things for better sounds.  It was $540, now $150 or BO.  Please contact at Chieko at cyamazaki2242@gmail.com


FALL FESTIVAL - Sunday, October 28th, 11-4, R.H. Conwell Community Education Center, Worthington. Craft and Food Vendors, Raffle, Bake sale, Kid's Made Table, Horse Drawn Hay Rides, Scarecrow Making, Pumpkin Decorating, Games and Crafts for Children, Obstacle Course, Face Painting, Storytelling, Music, and Songs! Enjoy fall, and support a grass-roots initiative elementary school in the Hilltowns!! Contact- Anastasia Blaisdell: 413 822-2405.


Pioneer Valley HABITAT FOR HUMANITY'S GINGERBREAD BUILD! Dec.8, 2012 at the Eastworks in Easthampton. Build a gingerbread house, individually or with a team. At 2:00 the building begins, at 4:00 the public is invited to bid and take them home. Call 413-586-5430 or 978-877-1818 to register, get sponsorship information, or ask questions. All proceeds go to the building of homes for working low-income families in the Valley! We look forward to Building homes, hope, & community with you!

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