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Summer Schedule
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Shabbat Service Schedule

Shabbat Window  
July 3: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family.  No Services at Or Chadash.

July 10: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family.  No Services at Or Chadash.

July 17: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family.  No Services at Or Chadash.

July 24: 7 PM - Shabbat Experience at Deer Path Park. Bring a Brown Bag Dinner and outdoor games.

July 31: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family.  No Services at Or Chadash.


In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to...
Susan Blaicher 
Barbara Sansevere
Dorothy Saks
Beverly Kornstein
Geralyn Ritter

Mazel Tov to...
Debbie Weiss on being named "Member of the Year" by the BWNICE of Hunterdon County Chapter

Harvey Gold on the birth of his grandson, Jamison Lee Gold, born on June 16. Big Brothers Paxton & Declan love holding and watching him.

Sergey & Honeylet Wortman-Vayn on their new home. 

Amara Willey on her new home.

Kate Metelitsa on her new home.

In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with Rabbi Forman
Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.


yahrzeit photo


May the memories of the following individuals be a blessing:

July 3: 

(To be read on July 24)

Boris Rabiner

Betzy Zalaznick's Beloved Grandfather

Leonard Weil

Paul Weil's Beloved Grandfather

Irving Senator

Laura Senator's Beloved Grandfather


July 10:

(To be read on July 24)
Lorryne Lane

Jacquelyn Freedman's Beloved Mother

Harold Smith

Connie Smith's Beloved Husband

Paul Adelman

Laura Senator's Beloved Grandfather

Wayne Wolfson

Craig Wolfson's Beloved Brother

Marcus Leon

Betsy Zalaznick's Beloved Grandfather


July 17:

(To be read on July 24)
Diane Sigel

Meridith Sigel-Willey's Beloved Mother

Sarah Winter Lerman

Isabel Mahalick's Beloved Grandmother

Joe Zalaznick

Bruce Zalaznick's Beloved Grandfather

llmari Bernard Erkkila

Craig Erkkila's Beloved Father

Morton Garb

Lori Blutfield's Beloved Father


July 24:

Ida Wolfson

Craig Wolfson's Beloved Mother

Israel Louis Levin

Ellen Pytlar's Beloved Father

July 31:
(To be read on August 7)
Ida Ettinger
Shelly Weller's Loved One
Henrietta Weinstein
Susan Albert's Beloved Grandmother
Simi Rotter
Naomi Zwerling's Beloved Mother
Dick Coriell
Brian Coriell's Beloved Father

Thank you to all who contributed as of June 30th, 2015:

Mishloach Manot:

     John & Rebecca Hennings

     David & Robin Lewy


7th Grade BM Gift:

     Adam & Audrey Belkin

     Paul & Elyse Belkin

     Scott & Maryann Breslow

     Alan Hecht & Maria Jose          De La Hoz

     Perry & Cindy Lehrer

     Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin        Schutz

     David & Allison Shreiber


General Contribution:

     David & Isabel Mahalick

     Don & Sara Schenker:              Stained Glass Window


G. Kulp Music Fund:

     Perry & Cindy Lehrer: In          Honor of Kathy Gohr

     Milton & Harriet Schwartz:      In Honor of Kathy Gohr


Education Enrichment Fund:

     Jeff & Christine Berg: In          Honor of Liz Tracey

     Harvey Gold: In Honor of          Liz Tracey

     Chris & Leslie Hann: In            Honor of Liz Tracey


Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:

     Perry & Cindy Lehrer: In          Honor of Rabbi Joe Forman

     David & Katherine                    Moutner: In Honor of              Sarah Moutner & Michael        Marcucci's Marriage

     Milton & Harriet Schwartz:      In Honor of Rabbi Joe              Forman

     Gerard & Liz Tracey


Chesed Caring Fund:

     James & Judy Besunder:          In Memory of Morty Lehrer



Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services 

JFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.  


The Shimon & Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center


The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center, is a non-sectarian social service agency located on 14 acres on Talamini Road in Bridgewater.  The JCC opened its doors to the community in December 1999 after years of planning and fundraising by a passionate group of local families that were driven to bring a JCC to our tri-county area. 


Please use this link to find out what is happening at the JCC.

Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in our area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908)284-0735 to offer your time or for more information (and/or check out our website at mowih.org). Help us, help others. Many thanks. 
Rabbi's Message



In recent weeks I have received emails from family informing me of my nieces' mailing address for the summer - camp addresses. I can tell you from my own adventures at two Union for Reform Judaism camps (then Union of American Hebrew Congregations) - Kutz in Warwick, NY and Harlam in Kunkletown, PA -- that my Jewish identity was infinitely enriched with enduring friendships, fun and learning. I'm sure many of you know that Spike Jones had a good time at Camp Grenada, despite the rain, the hail, the poison ivy, malaria, ptomaine poisoning and alligators. I don't think the bear ever materialized. His first day there seemed to have nearly everything packed into it. Everything, that is, except a superb Jewish experience.

So what makes Jewish summer camp such a transformative event? I remember studying Talmud and Torah Commentary with orthodox rabbi and professor Michael Chernick and the Biblical Five Megillot with UAHC leader Rabbi Bernie Zlotowitz. I remember playing in the camp orchestra and building a water tower for our "Kibbutz". There were days spent in the studio printmaking with Israeli artists. And there were those crazy early morning swimming lessons in the near-freezing temperatures of the outdoor pool, Color War, song sessions after every meal, late nights at the bonfires, and standing in line for the phone booth to use the payphone on Shabbat to call home. I remember Seth Green's mom, whose was on staff, telling us her young son was going to be an actor! Seven weeks with hundreds of other Jewish teenagers from across the country and letter writing to stay in touch when we all returned home in August - that was all part of the camp experience.

As Kutz Camp celebrated its 50th anniversary last week by inviting alumni to return for a weekend of reminiscing, I was reminded that what makes Jewish summer camp so remarkable is the nurturing community that grows from it. At Or Chadash we strive to create a taste of that all year long.

I hope your summer is filled with opportunities for learning, song, fun and adventure and that you will join us for some of our OC Summer Fun outings. And I promise: no alligators.



Rabbi Joe Forman



Yes -- there I am in the front row!! 




President's Message


Or Chadash has a special aura for me. I get a special feeling as I turn off Foothill Road and come up the driveway. Whether I am attending a service, dropping my boys off for religious school or coming in for a meeting, I instantly feel a sense of belonging, a sense of pride and a sense of magic. As the new President I have now had the opportunity to come up our driveway during a long hot summer day, and I have to admit the feeling is still there. While the halls and classrooms may be temporarily empty, they echo with my thoughts of children learning and adults connecting.


One of the many things I am learning as I rapidly come up to speed in my new role is the amount of work and activity that goes on in our community during the summer. Plans are being made for the High Holy Days, Religious School teachers are being recruited, and the hard-working Board continues to have committee meetings and helps us steer our course for the upcoming year. Or Chadash is a magical place, but the magic comes from us. We each bring something special and something unique to our little temple in the woods. The magic I feel when I walk through the doors isn't about the building, or even the setting, as bucolic as it is, but is about us coming together. Our connectivity is what makes Or Chadash such a special place.


I would like to use this, my first message in the Newsletter, to ask you to think about your connectivity to our temple. What is magical to you about Or Chadash? What can you do to help make Or Chadash even more magical? How can I help you to feel the magic that is Or Chadash? I am using this summer to learn what makes us great and what we need to do to be even greater. I look forward to hearing what magic you see in Or Chadash and how you can connect to Or Chadash to keep that magic alive.  Send me your thoughts; I'd love to hear from you.



Religious School Director's Message

BZ Head Shot

Long before "selfie" was an accepted word in the scrabble dictionary, publishers and companies have always known that people love to feature themselves and familiar characters in unfamiliar environments. Even The White House now permits selfies! Who doesn't like to take tons of photos when on vacation? The publishers of the series Where's Waldo, Carmen Sandiego and Flat Stanley morphed characters into altered states to create a fun and amusing game for all ages---literally taking the characters out of their books to participate in our "real" lives.


With Religious School concluded for the year, and our summer service schedule very quiet, how do we consider our Jewish selves in other environments? How can we experience our summer selves through a Jewish lens? What connects you to your Jewish self when you are not physically at 149 Foothill Road?


Years ago, my cousin would enter a hotel room and immediately look through the telephone book (I said years ago!) to see if there were other people in the community with her same last name. I suspect that was her way of reaching out to connect in a foreign environment. Another friend always seeks out a synagogue- just to drive by-when she travels. I think it grounds her. For me, seeing a house with a mezuzah on its front door when I stroll in an unfamiliar community gives me a Jewish hug.


So, how might you incorporate your Jewish self into a summer activity or vacation? It might be that the book you read has a Jewish theme or value, or it is sharing a challah at the beach, doing an act of tikkun o'lam (repairing the world), thinking about a someone who is ill and saying the mishebeirach, or thinking about the many blessings you have, being surrounded by family and friends.


May your summer give you the opportunity to have some new experiences along with some well deserved silent meditation - maybe even on a hammock.


Betsy Zalaznick


Summer Schedule at OC
It is Summer Time at Or Chadash.  Our services are now a bit earlier at 7PM on selected Friday evenings.  We have a host of fun summer events -- walks, hikes, bike rides, dinner at Deer Path Park, breakfast at the new Sky Cafe, and more.  Stay tuned for all the details!!
Chesed (Caring Committee)
Five years ago, Or Chadash established a Chesed Caring Community dedicated to helping members of Or Chadash through life's challenging times with acts of compassion.

We have provided food and visits to elderly homebound congregants and to families with new babies; attended shiva services after a death in the family; helped with grocery trips, doctor visits and farm chores; and written notes of sympathy and congratulations. Early on, we held a resume writing workshop run by experts in our congregation, and we brought in a social worker to provide practical suggestions for helping with aging parents. 

Rabbi Forman can be reached at Or Chadash or on his mobile phone: 908-894-9336 or e-mail: rabbi@orchadash-nj.org. You can also reach me at chesed@orchadash-nj.org.  We also encourage anyone interested in helping to let me know, and I will add you to our email list and make you aware of current needs.

You can volunteer as much or as little time as you are able, even just a few minutes to write a get-well or sympathy note or to make a comforting phone call. Very often, the people who help with Chesed activities get the same uplifting feeling as those who receive assistance. By helping others and allowing ourselves to receive help, we forge meaningful connections with other members of the OrChadash temple community.

Leslie Werstein Hann
Chair, Chesed Caring Community
2015/2016 Board of Trustees

From Left to Right:
Harvey Gold, Louis Speizer, Debbie Weiss (Vice President), Laura Senator, Jeff Berg (Treasurer), Kim Turner (President), Gerry Jones, Estelle Breines, Larry Abrams, Renee Trambert, Dan Freedman, Betsy Zalaznick, Adam Belkin, Caryn Tomljanovich (Immediate Past President).
Missing from the photo are: Audrey Belkin, Victor Sloan & Kristina Witzling (Secretary)
Mazel Tov to all our graduates:

We wish you well on all of your future endeavors.

We like sharing milestones and have tried to include everyone. 
If your name is missing, please let us know.

High School Graduates:

Brianna Charlotte Lifshitz - North Hunterdon High School 

Attending American University

Daughter of Edward & Cheryl Lifshitz


Isabel Stein - North Hunterdon High School 

Attending University of Michigan (School of Music, Theatre & Dance)

Daughter of Andrew & Jane Stein


Sam Rosenthal - Hunterdon Central Regional High School 

Attending Ursinus College 

Son of Rick & Jill Rosenthal


Rachel Nicole Albrecht - Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Attending RVCC

Daughter of Steven & Susan Albrecht


Jordan Cohn - Hunterdon Central Regional High School 

Attending Franklin and Marshall

Son of David & Cindy Cohn


Todd AltshulerHunterdon Central Regional High School 

Attending California Polytech 

Son of Neil & Nancy Altshuler


Sarah SokoloskiHunterdon Central Regional High School

Attending Penn State

Daughter of Glenn & Lydia Sokoloski


Tyler BeckmanHunterdon Central Regional High School

Attending Pennsylvania State University
Son of Alan & Sheila Beckman

College Graduates:

Rachel Sinoway - Rider University

Daughter of Beth Golden & Stephen Sinoway


Micah P. Sukol - Yale with Honors

Grandson of Ira & Estelle Breines


Leah Lewy - The College of New Jersey, Magna Cum Laude

Daughter of David & Robin Lewy


Zak Sokoloski - Penn State - Bachelor of Science in Statistics 

Son of Glenn & Lydia Sokoloski




EREV ROSH HASHANAH - Sunday, September 13


ROSH HASHANAH - Monday, September 14


KOL NIDRE - Tuesday, September 22


YOM KIPPUR - Wednesday, September 23


SUKKOT DINNER - Friday, October 2





Or Chadash is Going to Israel in November 2015

Legacy Circle 

For more information or further details, please click on this link.
What you might have missed:
Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Old York Cellars:

Stain Glass Window Dedication:

Honoring Liz Tracey: