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November 2014
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Shabbat Service Schedule

Shabbat Window  
Friday, November 7: 7:30 PM Shabbat Services
Friday, November 14: 7:00 PM Shabbat Family Services - 5, 6, & 7th Grade Siddur Program and Kristallnacht.
Friday, November 21: 7:30 PM Shabbat Torah Service
Friday, November 28: 7:30 PM Celebrate Shabbat at home with friends and family. No Services at Or Chadash
College Student Outreach
The purpose of this program is to maintain a Jewish connection for our students away from home at preparatory, college or graduate schools. Students will be mailed a treat symbolic for each of the following holidays: Hanukkah, Purim and Passover. The Rabbi includes a delightful letter reminding students of the significance of the occasion. Students tell us each year how much they look forward to these packages and how comforting it is to know that they are still important to our Or Chadash Family.

We create a new "Student Address List" each year, so all interested parents should send in their child's address for the coming year as soon as possible. You must submit this each year, even if there has not been a change. You will notice that there is space for an email address. 


Don't let your child miss out on the second mailing, which will be for Hanukkah!

Click here to complete the registration form. 

In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to... 
Eileen Berkelhammer
Susan Blaicher  
Fred Bernstein
Barbara Sansevere
Dorothy Saks
Virginia Murphy
Donald Kantor

In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with Rabbi Forman
Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.

yahrzeit photo

Upcoming Yahrzeits 

May the memories of the following individuals be for a blessing: 

November 7  

Jerome Marrus

Father of Alan Marrus

Greta Platt

Mother of Cheryl Platt

T. Tony Spitzberg

Grandfather of Jim Kassanoff

Louis Zalaznick

Father of Bruce Zalaznick


November 14

Mildred Marrus

Mother of Alan Marrus

David Topf

Father of Alice Schwade

Herman Weinstein

Grandfather of Susan Albert


November 21 

Charles Gelb 

Father of Shirl Levy 

Joseph Kass 

Grandfather of Leslie Hann 

Rose Leon 

Grandmother of Betsy Zalaznick 

Bernard Wolf 

Stepfather of Leslie Hann 


November 28 (Will be read on December 5)

Martin H. Albert 

Grandfather of Steve Albert 

Sheila Fisher-Cohen

Cousin of Gary Brodsky

 Gertrude Heller

Grandmother of Jim Lewy

Mother of Elizabeth Lewy

Grandmother of David & Robin Lewy

Bessie Kenyon

Grandmother of Susan Albert

Edward Kurlansik

Father of Jack Kurlansik

Shirley Levine

Mother of Dan Levine

Irving Safier

Father of Cindy Lehrer

Anna Robbin Smith

Mother of Harold Smith


Thanks to all who contributed as of October 31, 2014 


Educational Enrichment Fund:

Rochelle Bernstein: In             Honor of Betsy Zalaznick     - Thank You and Happy       New Year


General Contributions:

Jeff & Christine Berg  

Ronald & Judith Schlossberg


High Holy Day 5775 Donations:

Larry & Beatrice Abrams

Paul & Deborah Augustus 

Steve & Susan Albert

Steven & Susan Albrecht

Mark & Nancy Beckman  

Adam & Audrey Belkin 

Paul & Elyse Belkin  

Jeff & Christine Berg

Tim & Miriam Blanke

Jeff & Cyndy Bloch

Conrad & Arleen Cohen 

Ray Blumenfeld & Audrey          Hackel  

Jon & Lori Blutfield 

Ira & Estelle Breines 

Scott & Maryann Breslow

Craig Erkkila & Ruby Halper-Erkkila

Harvey Gold 

John Graybeal & Laura              Senator 

Alan Hecht & Maria Jose De      La Hoz   

Evelyn Hersch

Ken Hillman

Mark & Jessica Hodkinson 

Susan Ingram 

Gerald Jones & Karen Tovi-      Jones

Nancy Kanter

Craig & Sudha Kantor

Estelle Katcher 

Andy & Michele Korfin

Nelson & Beverly Kornstein 

Samantha Krongold

Robert & Shirl Levy

Sherrie Mazzocchi

Vadik & Kate Metelitsa

Bernard & Carol Miller

David & Katherine Moutner 

Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin          Schutz 

Tony & Barbara Persichetti

Chris & Melissa Pickell

Darren & Yulia Pincus  

Rick & Jill Rosenthal 

Joseph & Carolyn Sansevere John & Toby Sarinick 

Don & Sara Schenker 

Robert & Alice Schwade

Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden  

Victor Sloan & Sandra Gong

Louis & Caryn Speizer 

Andrew & Jane Stein  

Marc & Caryn Tomljanovich 

David & Kimberly Turner

Edward Tyler & Renee              Trambert 

Gary & Debbie Weiss 

Craig Wolfson & Vicki              Tuschak 

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick

Eric & Naomi Zwerling  


Oneg Fund:

Scott & Maryann Breslow: In Honor of Michael becoming a Bar Mitzvah



Yizkor 5775: 

Steve & Susan Albert

Steven & Susan Albrecht

Paul Beers 

Paul & Elyse Belkin 

Ray Blumenfeld & Audrey          Hackel 

Jon & Lori Blutfield 

Harvey Gold 

John Graybeal & Laura              Senator

Phil & Andrea Harvey 

Alan Hecht & Maria Jose De      La Hoz  

Susan Ingram

Nancy Kanter

Craig & Sudha Kantor

Andy & Michele Korfin  

John Langer & Annette Ivry

Robert & Shirl Levy 

Elizabeth Lewy 

Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin          Schutz 

Tony & Barbara Persichetti

Chris & Melissa Pickell

Darren & Yulia Pincus 

Don & Sara Schenker

Robert & Alice Schwade  

Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden

Victor Sloan & Sandra Gong 

Andrew & Jane Stein

Ken & Cindy Stoter 

Edward Tyler & Renee              Trambert 

Paul & Meredith Weil

Gary & Debbie Weiss

Richard Willey & Meridith Sigel-Willey 

Craig Wolfson & Vicki              Tuschak 

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services 




JFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.  


Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in our area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908)284-0735 to offer your time or for more information (and/or check out our website at mowih.org). Help us, help others. Many thanks. 
Rabbi's Message
TRabbiFormanhis month is a quieter month for Or Chadash due to the NJEA Convention which gives our students a school holiday and the Thanksgiving weekend which gives our families a time of celebration and relaxation.  In our President's message, the Cantor's message and particularly our Educator's message, the ideas of down-time and getting to be with family and getting to know them better are each addressed.
This past week I was able to spend some time with my father, sharing stories, remembering family events from decades ago and reminiscing about our family.  It was a visit that I was truly grateful for.  It is a gift and a blessing to be able to share time with my dad. 
As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, I hope that you can spend a few moments reflecting on the blessings that are part of your life -- whether its your family and friends, the gift of health or the pride you take in the accomplishments of others.
Our community at OC is a true blessing that we all share. I look forward to seeing you in these quieter days. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rabbi Joseph M. Forman
President's Message

The tempo of fall has been nonstop, and every year I get through the beginning of school, the Jewish holidays and all the other commitments that make up my life, I wonder what happened to the gorgeous months of September and October.  By the time I hit November, I am ready for the coziness of winter to set in.


This morning - as I write this - the time change has me up early. I realize I am actually looking forward to the shorter days. I know I'm in the minority here. A little less daylight gives me a chance to focus internally.  We are all at home a bit more, and the early darkness hopefully gives us a chance to spend some more time together (the image of a pioneer family huddled around the fire comes to mind here). I hope that these shorter days bring you some time to connect with your family, yourself, and your community  -- time that will refresh and renew you during the winter.


I was out running errands recently, and the stores are already filled with Christmas cheer. I look forward to Hanukkah and the holiday season as much as anyone.  But we should all take the time to enjoy what lies in the weeks ahead. There are multiple events at Or Chadash including a Sisterhood Vendor Event on November 16th that will give you the chance to do some Hanukkah shopping with a portion of proceeds going back to Or Chadash. The event is open to the community so bring your friends!


That same morning, we also will be hosting cookbook author Cara Tannenbaum, author of In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds. We will be sharing recipes from the cookbook and a enjoying a talk from the author. I hope to see you at both of these great events!


Thank you to all who donated to our High Holy Day Appeal. We had very high levels of participation and have come very close to meeting our financial goal. I truly appreciate your contributions.


I look forward to seeing you all at our many events leading up to Hanukkah!





Educator's Message
Betsy NYC.jpg
As I mentioned in my September, 2014 newsletter article, this year in Religious School we are spending extra time "just" getting to know each other.  We are beginning many classes by using games such as  Thumball Who Are You?,   Pocket Ungames and other campy  "ice-breaker type" activities as avenues to share a bit more personal information with each other than in previous school years.  Our goal is to create a strong community of friends as well as to create a strong community of learners.  

A few weeks ago, Jenny Rosenstrach's "Dinner a Love Story" blog, featured Bruce Feiler's book "The Secrets of Happy Families."  Feiler's book is a fun read and interestingly confirmed that Or Chadash's new  "getting to know you" school goals can be transferred to your family dinner table with astounding results---the potential to create children with stronger emotional health and resiliency.   In Feiler's chapter titled, The Right Way to Have Family Dinner,  (subtitled Why What You Talk About is More Important Than What You Eat (or When You Eat It))  the author cites a study by Professors Marshall Duke, Duke's wife Sara and a colleague, Robyn Fivush.  This study employs the "Do You Know?" scale, a list of 20 questions (see below) to calculate a score.   Using the positive answers to the  "Do You Know?" scale the study has proven that the more children know about their family's history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem, and the more successfully their families functioned.

The study simply asked the children to answer these following twenty questions**:  

1. Do you know how your parents met?
2. Do you know where you mother grew up?
3. Do you know where your father grew up?
4. Do you know where some of your grandparents grew up?
5. Do you know where your grandparents met?
6. Do you know where your parents were married?
7. Do you know what when on when you were being born?
8. Do you know the source of your name?
9. Do you know some things about what happened when your brothers or sisters were being born?
10. Do you know which persons in the family you look most like?
11. Do you know which person in the family you act most like?
12. Do you know some of the illnesses and injuries that our parents experienced when they were younger
13. Do you know of an illness or something really terrible that happened in your family?
14. Do you know some things that happened to your mom or dad when they were in school?
15. Do you know the national background of your family (such as English, German, Russia, etc.)
16. Do you know some of the jobs that your parents had when they were young?
17. Do you know some awards that your parents received when they were young?
18. Do you know the names of the schools that your Mom went to?
19. Do you know the names of the schools that your Dad went to?
20. Do you know about a relative whose face "froze" in a grumpy position because he or she did not smile enough?

(**While these are the questions that were part of the study, they may not necessarily be most appropriate for your family. Consider using them as a guide to formulate your family's questions.)

Using the above twenty questions, Marshall and Fivush concluded that the more children knew about their family's history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned.  The "Do You Know?" scale turned out to the best single predictor of children's emotional health and happiness.  Marshall says that children who have the most balance and self-confidence in their lives do so because of what he and Robyn call a strong "inter-generational self."  They know that they belong to something bigger than themselves.  

The studies authors concluded that the family stories we tell should be filled with moments of struggle and resilience, so sharing them at a dinner table while doing something reassuring, like eating is a logical place to do it (hence the mention in the above blog.).  The researchers do emphasize that the important thing is that you share the stories, not where you share the stories.  It's all about the child's sense of being part of a larger family.  So although the dinner table is one obvious place to have these discussions, any number of occasions are opportunities to share and tell family stories including holidays, vacations and any ritualized activity that brings different generations together.  Even a carpool or ride to the mall are moments, he said.   

As we at Or Chadash continue to strive to deepen relationships in the classroom, I hope that you will be encouraged to consider discussing the questions that are appropriate for your individual family's circumstances, and that these opportunities strengthen your children's emotional resiliency.

Betsy Zalaznick
Cantor's Message
Kathy Gohr
Last Saturday, October 25, marked the Bar Mitzvah of Michael Breslow. He chanted beautifully, and we were all uplifted by the beauty of the service. But October 25 also signified another day. On the Hebrew calendar October 25 was also Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the first of the month. Those of us who serve as clergy probably have the deepest appreciation for this day. It signifies that the fall holidays are behind us for another year. We've worked hard to prepare for The High Holy Days, Sukkot and Simcha Torah, and now it's time for a well-deserved rest. So what is so special about the month of Cheshvan, you might ask? 

It is the one month in the Hebrew calendar that has NO holidays! It not only gives us a break from holiday programming and preparation, and even more importantly, we have a chance to pause and reflect on the holidays recently past and their significance in our own lives. This year I felt blessed beyond measure. Not only did I have a bevy of beautiful vocalists to support me in the musical portions, but there were young adults from the confirmation program who chanted with the skill and ease of an expert. It was an honor for me to stand beside you on the bima, and I look forward to working with you all again. Many thanks for all of your hard work in helping to make these High Holy Days a deeply moving experience for us all. To our Torah chanters Sarah Loew and Sam Weiss, chanters and vocalists Shay Beckman, Robyn Wasserman and Sydney Stoter, as well vocalists Ayla Schwartz and Kristina Witzling, Col Hacavod, the honor is all yours.

Many thanks,


The Cooking Corner - Cara Tannenbaum 
Sunday, November 16 at 10:00 AM
Or Chadash welcomes Cara Tannenbaum, the author of In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds.
The only cookbook of its kind,
In a Nutshell is a complete guide to cooking and baking with nuts and seeds, ranging from soups and sauces to pasta and dessert. Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian deliver the essential cookbook for Mother Nature's most versatile and nutritious ingredients. Publishers Weekly calls the book, "A smart blend of toothsome and approachable recipes, this volume gives readers plenty of options for all times of the day as well as appetites." With more than 250 recipes exploring the culinary and cultural history of nuts and seeds in foods from Hazelnut Roulade to Pumpkin Seed Guacamole, In a Nutshell unites the smooth, crunchy, savory, and sweet and proves that nuts are so much more than just a Happy Hour snack. 

Cara Tannenbaum is an award-winning chef, caterer, and Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education.

This event will be held at Or Chadash on Sunday, November 16 at 10:00 AM. Fee: $8/advance or $12/day of event. There is no charge if you bring a dish from the cookbook. Includes Bagel and a "smear."

Sisterhood Holiday Sales Event 
Sunday, November 16 at 11:30 AM

We are very excited to be planning our first Holiday Sales Event. It will be held at Or Chadash on Sunday,
November 16th from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. 

Over a dozen local vendors will be selling their products, from jewelry (Lia Sophia Jewelry) and skin care to food and toys, to the public.  The holidays are just around the corner, and this is a perfect opportunity to shop for your family and friends in a relaxed environment directly from the sellers.


We are still accepting vendors as well. If you have something to sell, the space is free.  We are looking for vendors who would like to have a table to sell their merchandise. We are asking in return that the vendor donate 10% of their sales to Or Chadash. 


Please email Debbie Weiss (deb1508@aol.com) if you are interested or have question.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Or Chadash Sisterhood
Rabbi Forman's High Holy Day Sermons
Falafel and Films Friday, December 5 at 6:30 PM
Each year we share the films created by the Film School in Israel.  A bite of falafel and the blessings welcoming Shabbat begin our evening.  We have intermission between each short film for a refill on dessert and coffee.  Please join us for one of our popular and beloved annual events.  The cost is $12 per person.  RSVP info coming soon.
Irma Horowitz Film Series Featuring Falafel & Films 

Sister of Mine
Like all young ultra-orthodox girls, Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the young man who has been chosen for her is not in any sense her equal. Ruchi's younger sister, who has Down's syndrome, asks searching and uncomfortable questions about the match, underlining for Ruchi the extreme limitations on her freedom.

The renovations of a 100-year-old Jerusalem synagogue on the occasion of its upcoming centennial celebrations ignite a conflict over old and new, identity and obliteration of memory, the living and the dead.


Persian Lullaby 
Dafna, the 40-year old single mother of a newborn boy, arrives at her parents' home a few days before her baby's brit (circumcision). Her father, an elderly Persian Jew, repeatedly snubs Dafna, noting coldly that "a baby needs a father." In the week leading up to the brit, past conflicts between Dafna and her father are revisited, and new tensions are heightened. Will Dafna's father agree to be the sandak (godfather) of his first grandson?


Israeli short films presented by Ma'aleh School of Television Film and the Arts in Jerusalem. Enjoy falafel while watching four subtitled films. A short discussion about each film follows.

One Minute With...
The Chizever Family

Jodee lives with her two children in Three Bridges. Seraphina is in the 2nd Grade and Gideon is in Kindergarten. Jodee is a Holistic Healer. The children are athletic--both do Karate, while Seraphina also does gymnastics and dance, and Gideon plays lots of sports at Healthquest. This summer they took a family cruise to the Bahamas. They love Passsover the best. They decided to join Or Chadash because the community and the rabbi were nice and friendly.

The Barna Family

Jill and Jeff have two children--Evan, who's in 3rd grade and Casey, who's in 1st. Jill is a lawyer. They went to Disney and Ocean City, Maryland this summer. They joined Or Chadash so that their children will learn about Jewish traditions and to speak Hebrew and because the community and rabbi were friendly.

The Kassanoff Family

James and Stephanie live in Washington with their children Teddy, who's in the 4th Grade, and Shane, who's in the 1st grade. Shane plays soccer, and Teddy plays tennis. Stephanie is a dietician. This summer, they traveled to the beach, the Poconos, Dorney Park, Land of Make Believe, New York, Philadelphia, and Montana! They joined Or Chadash because it is a friendly congregation on the smaller side. Stephanie hopes her sons will learn about Jewish values and Hebrew in Religious School.

Thanks to the Sunday Teaching Assistants who interviewed these families and complied the answers.
Maude Dahme, Thursday, October 2
On Thursday, October 2, Maude Dahme, a Holocaust survivor, met with the congregation during the 8, 9, and 10th Grade Religious School class time. 

In Case You Missed It: Consecration of New Members Friday, October 17
We Welcome Our New Members:

Or Chadash welcomed our new members and their children with a celebration on Friday, October 17.  

Jeffrey and Jill Barna join us from Branchburg with their children Evan and Casey. 

Douglas Beman and Kimberly Gold join us from Flemington with their daughter Katherine. 

Brian Chizever and Jodee Chizever join us from Three Bridges with their children Gideon and Seraphina. 

Brian and Faith Costello join us from Whitehouse Station with their children Brooke and Jack. 

Dan and Jacquelyn Freedman join us from Milford. 

Nancy Kanter joins us from New Hope. 

David and Michele Kinderman join us from Milford with their sons Simon and Calvin. 

Adam and Jana Levison join us from Whitehouse Station with their sons Ryan and Jack. 

Tony and Barbara Persichetti join us from Flemington.

We Welcome Back Our Returning Members:

Glenn and Lydia Sokoloski join us from Flemington with their children Zak and Sarah.

We Welcome Our 'Religious School Only' Families of 2013/14 ... As Members:

Pierce and Stacey Hubbard join us from Flemington with their children Braden and Alicia. 

Craig and Sudha Kantor join us from Asbury with their daughter Shayna. 

John Langer and Annette Ivry join us from Three Bridges with their son Harrison. 

Barry and Alison Levine join us from Flemington with their daughters Emma and Hannah. 

Darren and Yulia Pincus join us from Flemington with their children Daniel and Sierra.

Welcoming our new Religious School students! Evan Barna, Gideon and Seraphina Chizever, Brooke Costello, Levi Hodkinson, Simon Kinderman, Amanda Korfin, Hannah Levine, Jack and Ryan Levison, David Loew, Anna Metelitsa, and Eric Tiber join our Religious School for the first time this year.

In Case You Missed It: Simchat Torah Friday, October 17
Also on Friday, October 17, we celebrated Simchat Torah.

Temple Tots
Temple Tots met on Sunday, October 19.

The next Temple Tots is Sunday, November 23. Please remember to register your children here.
Sisterhood Event
The OC Sisterhood met on Sunday, October 19.

The next Sisterhood Event is Sunday, November 16. Please join us!! 
Sunday Supper - Fall Celebration
OC gathered on Sunday, November2, at the Schenker family farm.  A chilly afternoon was warmed by the fantastic crowd who celebrated the fall season together with with the gracious hospitality of Don, Sara, Jackie and Lizzie -- and the dogs and horses!!
Jewish LIFE: Learning Is For Everyone
Jewish Life
Jewish LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Upcoming Special Events include: 
Janna Gur, author of Jewish Soul Food, Wednesday, November 19, 12 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Luncheon: $18/person in advance or $22/person day of event)
Allen Salkin, author of From Scratch:  Inside the Food Network, Wednesday, December 3, 12 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Luncheon:  $18/person in advance or $22/person day of event)
Jewish Federation Women's Philanthropy Imagine Event, Wednesday, November 5, 6:30pm, Fiddler's Elbow Country Club, Bedminster (Fee:  $125/person)
Jewish Family Names with Dr. Nathan Reiss, Tuesday, December 9, 12:00 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes lite Bagel Lunch : $5/person); 
The Irma Horowitz Film Series Featuring Falafel and Israeli Short Films, Friday, December 5, 6:30pm at Or Chadash, Flemington and Thursday, December 11, 6:30pm at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Falafel Dinner: $12/person in advance or $15 day of event).  
To register for programs, please contact the Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC at 908-725-6994 x201 or register on line at www.ssbjcc.org.
Scrip News

Would you be willing to be part of a $12,000 fundraising initiative for Or Chadash that would cost you nothing? 

The scrip program is easy to use and reaps huge rewards.  Participating together. 

How does the scrip program work?

Scrip is the same as gift cards.  The Great Lakes Scrip Center sells scrip online. You sign up to make purchases and designate Or Chadash as the beneficiary. Each retailer offers a certain percentage back to Or Chadash.  You get what you pay for, and Or Chadash gets a percentage because you purchased scrip.  *Bonus:  you also get a scrip credit on dues, which means this program actually pays you to participate!


Choose one retailer and commit to buying scrip for that retailer every month.  Buy your groceries with scrip (ShopRite, Stop&Shop, A&P).  Buy your gas with scrip (Shell, BP, Exxon). Make all your Walmart or Target purchases with scrip.  There are hundreds of retailers from which to choose.  Find something you purchase every month, and do it with scrip.


How does my single purchase contribute to the $12,000 goal? Your purchase matters. For example, I buy $500 of ShopRite scrip every month.  That earns Or Chadash $20 in one month.  In one year, my ShopRite scrip purchases earn Or Chadash $240.  If you do that, too, Or Chadash gets $480.  If 50 families do it, too, then Or Chadash earns $12,000.


Please consider joining me and Jeff, and the 20 families signed up so far, and participating in the scrip program each month.  You can make a difference!  And together, we can make a very big difference!


Feel free to find me with any questions at all: cberg3@comcast.net.  The Scrip FAQs are also on the Or Chadash website and can be accessed here.


Thank you for your consideration!



Taste of Hunterdon

On November 13, Family Promise is holding its annual Taste of Hunterdon. To register for this event, please  visit this site.